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Friday, August 4, 2017


Welcome to Friday!  Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order:

- All hail Randy Ambrosie! The new CFL commissioner is making an impact in his first month on the job.  Ambrosie has been touring the different cities checking out the games and talking with the fans. He realized what was wrong and he is fixing it.  Good on him!

Time will tell if allowing coaches just one challenge per game win or lose will be worth it, but on the surface it appears as if it would.

Yes, coaches are still allowed to challenge pass interference and illegal contact which I am against, but they can only do it once so do it wisely.  This should alleviate the BS we saw in the Riders-Calgary game earlier this season and the BC-Edmonton game last week.

Is it a perfect solution? No, it is not, but it is something which is workable until the end of the season.  Ambrosie should be credited for taking this move as should the nine teams who were in support of this unanimously. They realized what was going on, but they also realized they had a job to do in trying to win a football game thus they were using the rules to their advantage.  Coaches were throwing flags to get penalties, not to see if a player had caught the ball, had his foot in bounds or was down before fumbling. That was the intent of review; Getting a penalty called was not?

Ambrosie has said at the end of the season, there will be a complete review of video review and I am OK with that. I think there is a spot for it in the game much as there is in baseball, hockey, basketball, but you can overdo it and the CFL is guilty of that.

You don't have the ability to call balls and strikes in the majors. You don't have the ability to challenge a slashing call or a tripping call in hockey, and you should not have the ability to call for pass interference, illegal contact, roughing the passer etc. etc. in football.  Those in charge need to be allowed to do their job.

- What do the Riders and Lions have in store for us Saturday night? I think we could see a good old-fashioned shootout.  Both teams have great offenses so we could and should see 60 or more points get scored. There is no reason to think we couldn't have another CFL game go right down to the last seconds before being decided.

The win over Toronto has some in the Rider Nation feeling good about their football team again hoping they are on the right path.  That was the thought process after a win over Hamilton, but a bye week was followed by a horrible performance in Calgary.  That can't happen again in Vancouver.  Yes, the Riders can win in BC, but if they don't, they need to put in a solid performance and show they are capable of competing with their Western Division foes.

Bring it on!!

- The water episode at Mosaic was simply a head-shaker for yours truly and many others as well. The furour that broke out over the lack of water fountains was tremendously overblown in my opinion.  If it's the middle of December and its 30 below, you take the necessary precautions so why wouldn't you when its 30 above. You knew it was hot, and you knew you could get water from a vendor or the bathrooms as many did.  The entitlement today's society has is somewhat amazing.  Let's see what those lineups at the four water fountains are for those October/November games.  One week, you can't drink craft beer, the next week you can't get water. What's next? Yeesh!

- Sorry CFL lovers, but this blogger couldn't be happier with the fact NFL training camps are underway. Soon, football at all levels will be back whether it be Canadian university, junior, NCAA, NFL or CFL, the game will be found and will be available making Saturdays and Sundays much more pleasurable. I can have my CFL, but I can have my NFL too and act like a fan when it comes to the Seahawks.

- Did the Calgary Stampeders send a message over the last couple of days? One could very well say they have or one could say they beat two football teams that weren't very good.

- Why doesn't anyone talk about Colin Kaepernick continuing his football career in the CFL? Who has his rights? At one time, BC did, but I don't know if they still do or not.

- When did Marcus Stroman become a whiny you know what? First, he complained about the baseballs after a bad performance, then he said he should have been on the all-star team, then he got tossed for arguing balls and strikes and this week, he got into it with Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson.  Perhaps if he didn't try to quick-pitch some players there wouldn't have been a shouting match.  Stroman is competitive, I get that. I also get his act is wearing thin on a lot of people in baseball.  Some say teams didn't approach Toronto at the trade deadline for the pitcher because of his quick temper.  Perhaps he should wear 19 next year and keep the tradition going.

- Many asked me this week what I thought of Steve Bartman getting a World Series ring from the Cubs 14 years after that infamous night at Wrigley Field when he became famous for all the wrong reasons.  I think it is OK that Bartman is getting a ring as I know the Cubs have wanted closure on this incident. That closure won't come though until he shows up at Wrigley Field and throws out a first pitch or something.  Bill Buckner went back to Boston and was saluted by the fans after his famous gaffe in 1986. If he can do it, so can Bartman.

Not only does he need to be welcomed back to Wrigley Field, but he needs to tell the world what the last 14 years has been like.  What was it like for him to see the Cubs win? Where was he? Did he ever go watch the Cubs at Wrigley or somewhere else disguised.  Would we even know what he looked like now?  I gotta admit that while at Wrigley, there was a small part of me that wondered if he was there or if he has ever been back. Hell, he could have been standing right beside me in the beer line, the bathroom or entering or exiting the place. I wouldn't have known.

- Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar? Hell yeah! I would be way more excited for this fight than Mayweather-McGregor.  Could Jones really take down the beast? It would be fun to see him try!  I somehow get the feeling this will happen sometime late in 2018.

- A guy on Twitter was asking people for their 5 most memorable sporting moments good or bad.  I threw that out there on the Sportscage Thursday and got a lot of great answers.  For me, there are many, but to rank it to 5 would be

1.  Riders win 2013 Grey Cup
2.  Cubs win 2016 World Series in Game 7
3.  Oilers win first Stanley Cup with me at Northlands
4.  Seahawks win 1st Super Bowl
5.  First trip to Wrigley.

There are so many more though both good and bad like the 09 Grey Cup, the Bartman game, the Steve Smith game, the Pats losing in overtime to Val D'or at the Memorial Cup, the 07 Grey Cup, Golden Tate's catch in the endzone in the Monday nighter against Green Bay and the NFC Championship game comeback against Green Bay.  If you want to share yours, please do so.

That's all I got. Have a great long weekend! GO RIDERS!


Anonymous said...

My fav read of the week, scruffy's Friday spot.

Anonymous said...

I disagree that Stroman is a whiner. The Blue Jays never get the respect they deserve in the MLB. He simply doesn't tolerate the constant lack of respect from opponents and officials. I like that he plays with a chip on his shoulder and stands up for his team. All everyone does is cry about Bautista's bat flip from two years ago and the beer can toss. But if that happens in Chicago or Boston everyone just accepts it as part of the game.


Anonymous said...

Kapernick would be a great CFL quarterback IMO

Anonymous said...

2013 Grey Cup is the most memorable for me because it is my most personal investment in a sports team. To have it happen in our own stadium was fantastic and to be honest, the bitter cold days leading up to the game definitely put a Saskatchewan stamp on the week that was. If there is a down side to that memory it is the struggles of the team since then. Harsh reality set in when that great team was dismantled and we are only now starting to see the progression towards a better team.

CM said...

Agree with your viewpoint on replay. Glad Ambrosie reined in Glen Johnson. The challenge rules had official written all over it. It was nuts. Disagree on Stroman. Top 5 in WAR. Hes a stud and even his peers like Souza Jr. were saying he got stiffed by not being named to the All-Star team. He was MVP of the WBC as well. I know your not a Joey Bats fan, but give him his due, he was great but age has caught up to him.

Russell Cone said...

Top 5. 5. Riders win GC in 1989.
4. Bruins oilers in SCF in 1990, I was there for game 3 which bruins won.
3. 2006 Vanier cup in Saskatoon. The roar of 13,000 people when the huskies came out is something I'll never forget.
2. Blue jays win world series in 1993. JOE
1. Bruins win cup in 2011

Russ from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

Wait until the refs start missing calls on the riders and they can't challenge...they will still have something to cry about.

Anonymous said...

Well scruffy, your Cubs were interested enough to inquire about Stroman.

The only whiners on a quick pitch are the batters, when you are standing in the box you're supposed to be ready to swing the bat.

Anonymous said...

I think Stroman is Whiner and he also thinks that he should win every game. Just watch him when Gibbons pulls him and he doesn't want to leave. He reminds me of Brett Lowrie who was so competitive that it cost him a job in the Majors.

Anonymous said...

Kapernick, as heir to Ricky Ray, would be one way to draw some more football fans to the Argo games.

Robert said...

Here are my 5 top sporting events

5. Mario's game winning goal in game 3 of the 1987 Canada Cup
4. Sid's goal to win the gold in the 2014 Olympics
3. Joe Carter's HR to win the 1993 World Series for the Jay's
2. Ridgway's FG for the Riders to win the 89 Grey Cup. (It was the first Riders GC victory that I was able to witness)
1. In attendance to watch the 2013 Grey Cup victory

Dan said...

Ridgeway kicks winner in '89 Grey Cup has gotta be on the top 5 list for any Rider fan that is old enough.

Anonymous said...

Dwight, why didn't Stroman whine the last two years when the team was winning? Could it be he is just a poor sport?

As for Bartman, I'm glad to see him get a ring. While it doesn't matter to me what he has been doing for 14 years, I can see the interest in the questions you asked.

Red Sox-Weyburn has been a great series.


Anonymous said...

Kaepernick would be a huge positive for the Argos. How long would he stay though?

Anonymous said...

If it's a "furor, it's an issue. A brand new stadium that cost hundreds of millions & 4 water fountains. Great you have beer which, a) not everyone wants to pay for & b) isn't great when you're dehydrated. Hello, Regina, I am sure there are children going to games with mothers as well & they may want some water, not beer. And if it's 25 or 30 outside you should plan for that. The fact that there will be no line-up in October/November means what? You don't plan on having full stadiums in summer? Aren't the Riders always tooting their horns about the full stadiums. I mean, really, who builds a state of the art stadium & puts in 4 fountains? DUH!! I've heard Rider apologists complain anytime someone dares say something deemed negative but HELLO!!! Not everyone's a beer drinker - wake up.

Anonymous said...

Mine Locally

1. Grey Cup 2013
2. The sale of the pats
3. Highway Hockey League Finals 1986
4. Pats 74 win
5. Lebret Eagles 2nd round vrs Melville. Approx 2001

Worst memory - Pro Soccer at Mosaic

Anonymous said...

so the great Mitchell blair says rider fans are feeling way better about their team after beating the argos, and then one sentence later says that the stampeders should not feel good about destroying two weak teams. one of them is the argos. this my friends is sask in a nutshell. we dominated that game and are turning this pathetic franchise around. that team beats them and oh no big deal they are a bad team. its why the riders and their fans are the joke of the league. canada's team? you are probably right because in the NFL there is nothing worse than cowboy fans and they suck all the time too. good comparison. and no rider fan its not because we are jealous of all your success and championships.....oh wait 3 in 100 years. never mind

Anonymous said...

Top 5 Picks:

1. 1966 Rider Grey Cup Win
2. 1989 Rider Grey Cup Win
3. 2007 Rider Grey Cup Win
4. 2013 Rider Grey Cup Win
5. Any one of the 24 Canadien Stanley Cup wins

Anonymous said...

Someone would have to go wayyy up or wayyy down in weight for a state to accept a Jones vs Lesnar tilt

Anonymous said...

Bob McCown says the Argos are deader than a door nail in Toronto and there s nothing that can be done about it.

Anonymous said...

Since Melissa Fiacco was so adamant over the fact there should be more water fountains at the stadium, you should ask her if she would drink out of those fountains considering how "germy" they likely are.

God only knows what diseases are on those fountains.

Anonymous said...

Stroman. A second rate pitcher on a 3rd rate team.

The Cubs were smart not to get him Scruffy! Epstein is smart enough to see what a gong-show he is.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you are wrong about three Grey is four but on the rest of it you are one hundred percent right. The minute you state a fact bad about the riders in any fashion you are a troll and jealous of them but yet it's alright for them to bash everyones fans and teams no problem. Also on a side note...what is there to be jealous of...seriously?

Anonymous said...

...and in the winter fans will complain the lineups are too long for a coffee or hot chocolate. We now live in the world of the cry baby millenials who still want their mother's to wipe their nose for them.

Anonymous said...

Feel better?��

Anonymous said...


Bradford Kruger said...

Where is the furor over the obvious cover up of all the people who deathly ill after the 30+ degree games at Taylor Field, considering there were ZERO fountains in the old barn?

Anonymous said...

Your weekly entry complaining about the Blue Jays is tiresome. You like the Cubs, we get it. Whoopie for you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for cubs fan he sure yips about the bluejays alot for some reason

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't people be entitled to be upset about the water situation?? The city and the province got tax money to pay for a 300 million dollar stadium, ticket price increase, and other ways people are paying for this stadium and people are not allowowed to have some constructive criticism? I was not at the game but I heard the water that was being sold was warm to cause it could not be cooled off fast enough.

Anonymous said...

So Brad it's alright with you if there are Zero fountains in the new barn? Kids & mothers come to games & I'm pretty sure the kids don't drink beer, which doesn't help you hydrate either.

Anonymous said...


Keep doin what yer doin Scruffy!!

To the guy beakin at Brad, here's an idea. BUY SOME WATER CHEAPSKATE! If you can afford to go to the game, you should be able to open your wallet a little.

Anonymous said...

Kids might as well drink beer in the the fattest province and highest DUI rate.