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Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Johnny Manziel worked out last week in Buffalo before a contingent of Hamilton Tiger-Cats coaches and front-office personnel, TSN has learned. Reporters David Naylor and Farhan Lalji broke the story on Wednesday.

But the former Heisman Trophy winner will not be coming north anytime soon.

The Ticats put Manziel through a series of physical and medical tests during their bye week on Aug. 23 and 24, coming away convinced he’s not ready to resume his professional career.

“Too many red flags,” said one source.

Hamilton's contingent in Buffalo included head coach June Jones, vice-president of football operations Kent Austin, general manager Eric Tillman, assistant general manager Shawn Burke and team president and CEO Scott Mitchell. The group left the session with the understanding that they would not be pursuing Manziel at this time.

The Cleveland Browns drafted Manziel 22nd overall in 2014, but released him after two seasons marked by poor play and distractions related to his partying and drinking, including a stint in rehab.

Manziel has been out of the football since the end of the 2015 season and failed in his attempts this to get into an NFL training camp this summer.


Anonymous said...

Can we close the book on this clown already....

Anonymous said...

Why do the GM's and possibly coaches look at re-tread NFL players RG111, Manziel, Vince Young? Jeez come on scouts. You can find potential stars for the CFL. DO YOUR JOB and stop considering these losers. Do you think anyone outside of Toronto gives a rats a$$ about signing these people? Toronto and Toronto media people are so insecure they feel only if a player played in the NFL that they could play here.Sign that big name and people will come out to the park or tune in to TV in droves.Remember Doug Flutie? Even when he was on fire for Toronto nobody attended Argos games. Those nose in the air types missed some very exciting football.Remember when Skydome hosted a preseason NFL game? Sold out. Standing ovations for a first down. LOL

Anonymous said...

Not a lot of Bo Levi types out there these days from some of the sad sack performances in the NFL pre-season.

Anonymous said...

The Ti-Cats are slowly eroding into the biggest joke in sports on either side of the border.

Anonymous said...

Toronto is not a sports city period.

Remember when Rogers Centre hosted a Buffalo Bills game and the stadium was only half filled with paying customers.


Anonymous said...

Yeah the Leafs only sell out every game and nobody pays attention to the jays...get a clue.

Anonymous said...

Leafs are everything Toronto and the Jays led the AL in attendance this year.