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Thursday, August 10, 2017


Not surprisingly Kevin Glenn will start at quarterback for Saskatchewan on Sunday when the Roughriders host the BC Lions in the back-end of a home-and-home series (6:00 pm, TSN, 620 CKRM Rider Radio Network).

That's not news to anyone, although there was a mild controversy raging after Saturday's 30-15 Rider loss in BC, a game in which Glenn was pulled in the fourth quarter with his Riders trailing 30-0. Back-up pivot Brandon Bridge launched a pair of touchdowns in the game's final minutes to make the score respectable.

The showing by Bridge had some corners of the Rider Nation screaming for Bridge to start the return engagement in Week 8.

That did not fluster the typically unflappable Glenn, who knows how things go in Riderville.

"It's not even just Saskatchewan," Glenn smiled. "That's professional sports. That's just what it is. I think the more you understand and kid around with it, sometimes people think it's entertainment. We'll treat it as entertainment for this moment."

That's why Glenn smiled at the TSN cameras during Saturday's fourth quarter and mentioned a potential QB controversy himself.

"It's all fun and games," Glenn laughed. "I think I was laughing when I did it. I know some of those guys on the TSN panel and sometimes I know what they're about to talk about. That's me foreshadowing that I could be on that panel one day because I already know what they're going to talk about before they even talk about it."

As far as the Brandon Bridge Campaign in Saskatchewan goes, Glenn said quarterback controversies aren't indigenous to Saskatchewan and he's used to it after 17 seasons in the CFL.

"I think (it's) everywhere," said the CFL's oldest player at 38. "I was the back-up once. The back-up QB is the most popular guy because he sits there on the sideline when things go wrong and the fans yell 'Put that guy in!' It's just like the relief pitcher in baseball is always the most popular guy. It's not the starter. It's the guy who comes in and saves the day."

So the fans calling for Bridge didn't bother Glenn nor, apparently, does anything else.

"Nah. Losing is probably the worst," Glenn shrugged. "Other than that, nothing really gets to me. Only losses cause me to not sleep, and stay up. But not peoples' opinions."

As the Roughriders look to get back into the win column, Glenn knows the team has to start better. They've trailed in each of their past three games and the slow starts have been somewhat mystifying for the Green & White.

"I don't know. I'm stunned, as far as addressing it," Glenn offered. "You just gotta continue to keep harping on the fact we can't keep doing it, and keep trying different things in order to come out fast. Whether it's throwing more on first down, running more, or whatever it is. It's a trial and error thing. You gotta do it in order to get used to it, and successful at it."

The Riders' practice on Thursday was closed however they'll hold an open practice on Day 3 of their work week on Friday at 11:30 am.



Anonymous said...

KG is a 38 year old QB who is not the future of this franchise but I'm still on the fence with putting Bridge in just yet. Brett Smith was thrown in too early and I don't think he's now in football so I think Bridge could really develop into something special if he's given some time and mentored by KG.

Having said that, KG needs to step up and play a whole lot better that last week and also show some leadership by not yukking it up on the sidelines while the Riders are still getting their asses kicked. His day might've been over but he needed to keep his head in the game instead of up his butt.

Scott Thompson said...

Kevin Glenn will play better if the o-line playing in front of him plays better. Kevin Glenn will play better if the offensive scheme involves running the football. Kevin Glenn will play better if the defense will actually stop somebody and get the ball into the hands of Kevin Glenn. When the entire teams plays better you will see better qb play, is this clear enough folks?

Anonymous said...

On the subject of faster starts:

I think we've already established that eight yard passes don't work. I'm willing to bet that's how McAdoo starts things unless he has a 'trick play' up his sleeve and tries a seven yard pass.

Anonymous said...

What's he waiting for, playing Glen and hoping for a miracle until FRANKLIN may show up here. They need to develope someone, or is it that they just have no confidence in the guys they have here ?????

Anonymous said...

No one's head was "in the game" at that point given the score at the time. The exception may have been Brandon Bridge. Ragging on KG for making light of a moot point is silly.

The entire team needs a wake up call top to bottom. The sooner they all get on the same page, the sooner the struggles will cease to exist.

Anonymous said...

Eureka..I have it. How about taking the ball...gulp... first when you win the toss. Maybe then the Riders wouldn't start their offense down a TD. Am I the only one who thinks deferring is a bad idea unless the wind is howling and would be in the other teams face to start???
Glenn does reasonably well considering the D know he is an immobile QB with a conservative OC who doesn't like to run the ball or throw long. At least Bridge has mobility and a rocket for an arm. Why not let him start the second half as a surprise to BC???

Your local armchair QB,OC and wannabe GM.LOL

Anonymous said...

Lullaby has confusion issues, that's why Jennings is back in, I'm pretty sure of that .

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, they don't want him running. Why. Reilly ran his ass off in Edmonton. Your not going win with a statue , my lord this jones for real.

John Knight said...

The only ones talking controversy is the reporters. Bridge will be in soon enough

Anonymous said...

Riders are out of it, you guys are dreaming, play the other guys

Anonymous said...

Marshal Hamilton is bang on, I've been watching in the huddle forever, Get lynch on more, I remember lynch when he announced for ckck 620. For the riders, he's a gem.

Anonymous said...

Changing the quarterback can make the defence pick up their game to, I.e. Winnipeg, Maybe the team has no faith in Glen, have you asked anyone on the team. ??

Ron Taylor said...


Anonymous said...

I really don't know how he played 17 seasons who in the right mind would give him a chance.

After the cocky bs stuff on tsn the other night I am over this guy. Time to move on. I guess the plan was Vince and it didn't work out. But at least bridge has some upside and that's an arm. It's to bad he has a Canadian passport. And that's the damm truth.

Secondly, i am sick of glens boring interviews on rider ap. Like let's get some guys who are making plays and are younger and more entertaining. Carter Denis Clark....

Empty Seats are coming.... once everyone sees the stadium Reynolds will be pinching pennies and jones will have to sell his crotch rocket.

Anonymous said...

Glenn is not capable of taking the team on his back like (dare I say it) durant has done and for sure not like Reilly. When the rest of the system falls apart Reilly makes things happen and now the D has another option to watch out for. As for starting with the O as mentioned above, seemed to work pretty good for the EE today. Don't get me wrong I am not an eskimo cheer leader. I just like watching good football. Riders are not doing soo good in that department lately.

Anonymous said...

Brett smith sucked. Period.

Anonymous said...

What happens if Franklin doesn't come here? Why would he want to? There will be other teams bidding for him. Can Bridges lead this team? Is Williams the next franchise QB for this team? Will he be ready next year year? Are we stuck with Glenn for another year or two? Can the defence improve enough to give the offence a chance? How many of the players that are here now will still be here in twelve months time? Way too many questions for year two of a rebuild. Today's fans do not have the patience for a three or four year rebuild. Answers have to come soon.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I will say it again. I love cheering for the Riders. Hate being a Rider fan and grouped in with some of the dumbest suggestions or ideas of this fan base. How stupid can you be. Do you honestly think this is Glens fault? Do you really? If you do then you have zero football knowledge. ZERO!
These are the same stupid postings that would attack Darian after a loss.
A QB is only as good as the people around him. Did you guys not watch the game? Didn't you see how great the Lions D shut down the Rider receivers. How much more prepared and how much better BCs game plan was. You could have had The best CFL QB in that game for the Riders and they still wouldn't have been able to accomplish anything. Bridge scored on back up defensive players who were no longer playing aggressive. If Wally would have allowed the DC to suck the dogs on the Riders OC at that point. Bridge would have been running for his life. Pay attention and quit being so stupid. It's gotten to the point of being sickening.

Rider Prider

Anonymous said...

Only 1 year and six games into rebuild. Be patient freinds. In pro football the backups go in when the starter gets injured or in garbage time. Yes Scott Thompson it is clear enouph:)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Rider Prider. It is probably good that Durant is gone because everything would have been his fault again. As is, both the offensive and defensive schemes should be looked at. There also needs to be an upgrade in talent at certain positions.