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Saturday, August 5, 2017


Jason Franson/Canadian Press
EDMONTON - Mike Reilly scored a pair of touchdowns and passed for two more as the Edmonton Eskimos remained the only undefeated team in the CFL with a 33-28 victory over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Friday.

It is the first time the Eskimos have been 6-0 to start the season since 1961.

Hamilton has still yet to win a game during the current campaign, falling to 0-6.

Edmonton started the scoring midway through the first quarter after using its only challenge to successfully earn a pass interference call in the end zone, leading to a one-yard quarterback sneak touchdown by Reilly. The convert kick was wide.

Hamilton bounced back just over a minute later as QB Zack Collaros found receiver Damarr Aultman - playing his first CFL game - for a 46-yard passing TD. The Ticats added a two-point convert pass to Luke Tasker to take an 8-6 lead.

The Eskimos regained the lead with 23 seconds left in the opening frame, as Reilly completed a 36-yard TD pass to Bryant Mitchell.

(The Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Canada's REAL. Team the ESKIES. Are 6-0 even tho they are missing 18 starters and 2 more last night .

Anonymous said...

juss go undefeated rest of the way and win the grey cup and for sure your canada's real team

Anonymous said...

Canada's real team?

No one cares about the Eskimos outside the city of Edmonton. Go to any other stadium and you will see the odd few Eskimo fans, but yes barely beat up on the worst team in the league twice while they have injuries and problems and call yourselves Canada's real team.

Oilers have a good season and the air of smugness returns. The downtown of Edmonton has a constant sewer smell which I took as such, guess I was wrong. It's from everyone there exhaling from having their head up their ass for too long.

MSinStoon said...

Tactical error Kent! Should have gone for the 2 point conversion, would have been in a position to force OT if successful!

Anonymous said...

So far the eskies look far. Long way to go to.

Craig Gustafson said...

The Eskies are playing very well with all of the injuries they have. Reilly is the best qb/leader in the CFL at the moment. Maas continues to surprise me with his coaching ability. Paul Jones is very under rated as a personel guy.

Anonymous said...

I just passed through Edmonton and Calgary. Not one Eskimo jersey seen on anyone.

I saw people wearing Oilers t-shirts and Rider t-shirts.

Hardly even Alberta's team let alone Canada's Team lol

Anonymous said...

Stop blaming injuries for your team's success!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the injuries will catch up to Edmonton, they fall in the standings and crossover to the East and end up in the GC vs. Calgary. That's the only way we'll see the two best teams in the final.

Anonymous said...

Gawd I hate the Eskimos. . Wupty do you beat Hamilton throw a parade for their entitled fans and injured players yay

Anonymous said...

Edmonton sure took a hit when the Riders stole their coach. LOL

Anonymous said...

Great start Edmonton, but the rest of this league is playing for 2nd behind Calgary.

Anonymous said...

Watch out, the riders are coming.

Anonymous said...

The Edmonton Inuit are having a great season so far but the West division champ resides in Calgary. So will the Grey Cup championship.
Stamps rule!

Anonymous said...

I agree, the Edmonton Sovereign Inuit are playing second fiddle to Calgary.