Realty One

Sunday, August 13, 2017


B.C. (5-2) at SASKATCHEWAN (2-4)
WHEN: Sunday, August 13/2017, 6:00 pm
WHERE: Mosaic Stadium Regina
BROADCAST: TSN, 620 CKRM Network, ESPN2, Sirius/XM CH 167
FORECAST: Sunny, 27 degrees Celsius
THE LINE: BC favoured by 2.0
REFEREE: Tom Vallesi

RIDERS: Home 2-1, Vs West 0-3
LIONS: Road 3-1, Vs West 2-2

QB Kevin Glenn is 5th in CFL passing (1784 yards, 11 TD, 6 INTs) ... RB Cameron Marshall is 3rd in CFL rushing (344 yards, 1 TD) ... WR Naaman Roosevelt is 8th in receiving (458 yards, 3 TD) ... Riders are 6th in points scored and 4th in fewest sacks allowed.

QB Jonathan Jennings returns after missing last week (853 yards, 2 TDs, 2 INTs) ... RB Jeremiah Johnson is #2 in rushing (417 yards, 5 TDs) ... WR Brian Burnham is #3 in receiving (546 yards, 2 TDs) ... Lions are 3rd in points and 8th in sacks.

DE Willie Jefferson leads the Riders in sacks (4) and quarterback pressures (15) ... LB Henoc Muamba leads the team in tackles (25) ... CB Jovon Johnson leads in knockdowns (6) ... SASK is 5th in points allowed and 7th in sacks made.

LB Solomon Elimimian leads the CFL in tackles (52) ... DE Craig Roh leads the club in QP (9) ... DBs Ronnie Yell and TJ Lee lead in INT (2) ... Lions are 4th in points allowed and 5th in sacks.

RIDERS SPECIAL TEAMS: K Tyler Crapigna is 4th in field goal percentage (86.7%) ... P Josh Bartel is 7th in punting average (42.9) ... Nic Demski leads in PR yards (L23) .... Greg Morris leads in KR yards (L47) ... LB Glenn Love leads in STT (10).

LIONS SPECIAL TEAMS: K/P Ty Long is 5th in FG percentage (86.4%) and #1 in punting (46.7) ... Chris Rainey leads in KR yards (L64) and PR yards (L28) ... LB Jordan Herdman leads in ST tackles (9).

NOTES: BC is +3 in turnover ratio (2nd) while Saskatchewan is -3 (7th) ... Riders are #3 in fewest penalties taken while the Lions are 4th ... Today is the final game of the 2-game season series. BC won last week 30-15 in Vancouver ... Sunday is the Purolator Tackles Hunger Game. Bring a non-perishable food item and/or a donation for the Regina Food Bank. Last year the Riders finished 8th in the CFL in donations.



Anonymous said...

not interested anymore, good luck team

Anonymous said...

Any team that after 6 games has NOT picked up an interception has not got a hope in hell of beating the BC Lions or the Edmonton Eskimos.

Anonymous said...

Who's in charge of that defense that hasn't had a pick yet?

Anonymous said...

Why did you post then? We still got you hooked.

Anonymous said...

We win today, that's one. We win next week that's 2 in a row. We win the following week that's called a winning streak! Let's go streaking!

Anonymous said...

Through the Quad, KFC is on me!!

Anonymous said...

Bring Water!!!

Anonymous said...

Lose today and the following week is also considered steaking !!
I have a novel idea for the Riders today. If you win the coin toss TAKE THE BALL. If you manage to score some points on your first possession the other team has to play catch up. Maybe then you can run the ball and slow down their pass rush.
Finally I watched the game last night. When Winnipeg rushed 3 D-line Hamilton completed the pass. Rushed 5 and incomplete. Just saying.
Prediction: Chris Williams will blow by Johnson again for some big gains.If the Riders continue to rush 3, they will be behind after the first series.They can't continue to do the same things and expect a different outcome.

John Meissner said...

I was gonna say that! And also Go Riders!

The Poet said...

With anticipation
of good crowd participation
Our team must deliver victory today
to regain its esteem in a very real way
As the season grinds on
we need hope to be spawned
Ti-Cats, Redblacks are not ones to emulate
So Jones and company need to score right out the gate

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhh........a whining streak huh??? For your information, the riders do not play next week....they are on a bye

Anonymous said...

Your streaking is a dream, have fun with the Lions and then the Eskimos soon after...Riders in huge trouble and may be sitting with no chance of play-offs by 10 weeks into the schedule

Anonymous said...

Well maybe we should just hope that Kevin Glen can get us a point. Unlike last game.

We are already mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. No chance we can beat BC, Calgary or Edm.

Thanks Craig Reynolds.

Anonymous said...


Mosquitos in Regina are apparently carrying West Nile. Should I spray some OFF on me before the game or will the Riders and city be providing free towelettes as I walk in.

Joe Q Public

Anonymous said...

Hey mister streaker that's a knife that cuts both ways 3 wins is a winning steak but 3 losses is a streak also. Will any difficult questions be asked as everyone stands by and watches another season flushed away. Nope, all that will be talked about is how we're better than Hamilton. It is such narrow thinking to not see the warts of this regime because another team has more warts. Some will explain that its a rebuild (rebuilds should show some progress that last 2 losses have shown regression) Rebuilding around an old quarterback and no one in the wings is rebuilding on a rotten foundation. Winning may bandaid some of the warts but there is a pretty pussy and infected group under the gauze after 1& 1/4 seasons that alot of folks are choosing to ignore

Anonymous said...

The Riders do have an interception this year, maybe only one but they do have one Anon#2.

Today is the season. Win and hope is still alive. A loss and it is already next year country unless we can petition and be included in the East division for the rest of the year. We still be third in the East with a loss today and out of the playoffs.

3RD and 1 said...

I agree with the consequences of wining or losing this game. It may only be game 7 but it is the pivotal game of the 2017 Season. If the Riders come out fast and play hard all game & end up wining the game. The confidence boost will help them so much for the next few games against the West.
If the Riders crap the bed today and they are man handled once again. Then I would say that the season is more than likely a write off. Coach Jones said today; Enough talking about it. It's time to take all the talking to the field.
Another loss would put the Riders 3 games behind Winnipeg. The way both Winnipeg and SK are playing. There is no way the Riders will catch Winnipeg for the Cross over spot. Heck for that matter Winnipeg may take 3rd in the West and BC cross over.
If this league will not look at getting rid of the ridiculous East & West Conferences. Then they should make it way more interesting. This way teams will fight to the bitter end. If they implement that if the 4th place team has a better record than both the 3rd & 2nd Place team of the other conference. Then the home field advantage should go to the cross over team. It sucks when a team has a 7-11 record and gets home field advantage over a team with a 10-8 record.
As you can see I'm suggesting this because it's a good idea. Not because the Riders have a chance to be that team. Quite frankly I don't think the Riders have a hope in Hell of coming close to getting the cross over spot. If BC lost both QBs and Winnipeg lost their QB to injury right now. I still don't think the Riders have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Geeeze people. Some of you just need to mellow out and hell, dare I say it. Go streaking! Have some fun in your pathetic sounding lives.

Anonymous said...

You're not allowed to ask Rod any questions, remember?

Anonymous said...

They should've skipped out on putting washrooms in the stadium and used the money to put a roof on it instead.

Plan Ahead

Chad said...

No hope? 41-8 says differently and the 4 picks ( 1 for a TD ) Maybe next season?

Chad said...

They've had 2 By players that are no longer on the team, someone can't listen when they gave you that info.. The comment was No player on the roster has an interception ( Newsome and Sam Williams )