Realty One

Saturday, August 12, 2017


MONTREAL - Montreal Alouettes head coach Jacques Chapdelaine doesn't want to give up top spot in the CFL East.

Darian Durant threw touchdown passes to Ernest Jackson and George Johnson as the Alouettes downed the visiting Toronto Argonauts 21-9 on Friday to snap their two-game losing skid and take first place in the division. Montreal improved to 3-4 while Toronto fell to 3-5. Both teams play each other next week in Toronto.

"We want to keep moving forward and we want to hold on to first place now,'' said Chapdelaine. "It's up to us now to keep our intensity and keep executing. Today we made plays when we needed them the most. That's the sign of a winning team.

"This was a hugely important game for us and we're going to keep pressing forward.''

Boris Bede kicked three field goals for the Alouettes, while Argos kicker Lirim Hajrullahu kicked three field goals for the visitors' only points.

"We just didn't get it done,'' said Toronto receiver S.J. Green, who was traded from Montreal to Toronto in the off-season. "It's a tough loss against a decent opponent and we could have been two games up on first place. It's a tough one to swallow.

"The good thing is we get this team again next week to redeem ourselves.''

Former coach Marc Trestman's return to Montreal was spoiled as the Argonauts extended their losing streak to three games.

With starting quarterback Ricky Ray injured, Trestman gave the ball to 25-year-old Jeff Matthews. But Matthews threw for just 67 yards in the first half. Cody Fajardo, who replaced him at halftime, went 10 for 16 and 75 yards.

"We had opportunities with Jeff but we certainly didn't give him enough time,'' said Trestman. "I wanted to take a look at both quarterbacks. We didn't go into the game that way but I wanted to see Cody play as well.''

Durant, who went 18-for-27 passing for 237 yards, got the Alouettes on the board in the first quarter with a 41-yard touchdown toss to Jackson, his third TD catch of the season.

Bede added a point to Montreal's lead at the start of the second quarter after he missed a 31-yard field goal.

Durant made it 15-0 for the home side when he connected with Johnson from 16 yards out at 7:27 of the second quarter.

Before the end of the half, Durant became the 14th best all-time passer in CFL history when he reached 30,407 throwing yards, passing Sam Etcheverry.

Hajrullahu and Bede traded two field goals apiece to give Montreal the 21-6 lead.

"We didn't keep them out of the end zone early and we had some penalties again,'' said former Alouettes linebacker Bear Woods, who was released by Montreal in the off-season. "I don't even know if we had a takeaway defensively. I see 21 points on the board, and that's too many points.''

The Alouettes took that 15-point lead into the fourth quarter looking to prevent a collapse like their last time out. Montreal blew a 12-point lead in the final two minutes in Winnipeg two weeks ago.

Hajrullahu cut the deficit to 21-9 with his third field goal of the game with 8:36 remaining in the match.

The Argos looked to have scored a touchdown with less than two minutes on the clock but the play was called back for an illegal block.

"Our defence played a tremendous game,'' said Trestman. "We held them to three points in the second half. We had two opportunities to score touchdowns in that fourth quarter. We had penalties on both. Penalties are really what disrupted our flow tonight.''

Toronto finished with 119 yards of penalties. Montreal had 110.

Notes: Trestman won back-to-back Grey Cups with the Alouettes in 2009 and 2010. His final game as an Alouette was on Oct. 28, 2012. ... Attendance at Percival Molson Stadium was 19,712.

(Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Atta boy doubles! Lovin those Als, my new fave team!

Anonymous said...

The evidence from tonight's game supports the notion that Hebert is out to deliberately injure players with head shots. The CFL needs to send him a message that another Jon Cornish type incident will not be tolerated and a suspension for the rest of the season is the verdict.

Anonymous said...

Ya sure, atta boy Durant. Way to get a $400K salary and have your team at 3-4. That's a masterful way to do it. Get paid like a stud and play below average. Plus get that pay even if your sitting on the side lines. Kinda like the $900K the Riders had to pay for his bench services for seasons 2014 and 2015.
Sorry but if Jones has only got one thing right so far. It was that Durant was and is way over paid for his play. His play in the 2013 Grey Cup game was saved by Corey Sheets. Running for 197 yards. Including grabbing one of Durante 3 fumbles that popped up in the air after running with the football like a loaf of bread.
Montreal's offence dosent even look as good as the sorry looking Riders offence. At least Glen scored big points against Toronto's defence. Plus SK beat them with Ricky Ray behind center. Montreal just beat a 2nd and 3rd string QB.
I hope Ricky is back next week to show the ALS that you may hold 1st place with a 3-4 record but the fact of the matter is your still a crappy team. Just like we the Argo's are as well as Hamilton, SK and Ottawa are.
This year the CFL has 3 Levels of talent. The bottom level being the teams mentioned above. The top level being BC, EDM, Calgary and the Bombers in the middle. Soon to join the top or bottom of the league.

Rider Reality Check

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Somebody's very defensive this morning.

Go Als! Onto first in the East and off to the playoffs! Riders wont win enough games to even have a chance at a crossover. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

We're happy for you and your man crush.

Anonymous said...

Rider Reality Check. Bang on comments. Durant is the most overpaid player in Rider history.

Anonymous said...

Settle down Montreal fans, he hasn't got hurt yet.

Anonymous said...

Durant played a good game, enough to earn his salary. That's what they get paid to do Good job

Anonymous said...

Not a Durant fan but you all praised Durant while in the Green and gone you talk like he isn't very good but right now they are first in the East and record doesn't matter because they are first on there side but another statement showing Durant is keeping up with the league is that with him there he has his team on the plus side for points for and points against...only four teams have this happening right now and they are one of them...Winnipeg at 5 and 2 aren't even on that side of things and remember they have played Calgary and Edmonton with doing this also so I really think the team maturity and confidence they are playing on has something to do with him unlike what they had going on last year but believe what you want. Also if you don't want to pay a big price tag to have a franchise type of QB then you end up with Kevin Glenn and Brandon Bridge...let's see where that gets you by the end of the year. Prediction is Ray is going to retire very soon and Trestman is going to bring over there new franchise QB with a nice contract...Franklin on the back of a Argo jersey should look pretty sharp.

Anonymous said...

Haters gonna hate.

Anonymous said...

And realists gonna realize.

Anonymous said...

Dam right....I hate Jones; always did and always will. He has done nothing to make me rethink that.

3RD and 1 said...

Hang on guys.... Calgary is paying Bo Mitchel $360K versus Durant getting $400K in Montreal and Durant was paid $450K a year for 2014 & 15. So I understand Rider Reality Checks comments. No one here is saying they don't want to pay a franchise QB. What I'm reading is that many feel Durant was over paid in SK and continuous to be over paid in Montreal. As much as I was a Durant fan when he was a Rider. I have to admit that knowing what I know now. Plus watching him play as a competitor and no longer being biased. Darian was and continuos to be over paid. You have to take what Bo Levi Mitchell is making and the Higher priced Reilly is getting in Edmonton. Truthfully Durant is not as good as either of those players right now. In fact not even close. I'm not talking about the team wins and loses. Just the QB play. Both Levi and Mike have a way to lift the players around them to play better. Both of those QBs lead by example. Both have a way better arm and accuracy in their passes. Sadly Durant has never had the ability to make those around him to be better. His notorious slow starts in 95% of his games. Shows his inability to lead by example. Yes Darian can pick it up by the 4th Qtr but when your paid line a CFL superstar you should play like one. If Durant would have accepted the $300K plus production bonuses to possibly get up to the $400K. He would still be a Rider. I don't think Darian believed enough in himself to take that offer and wanted the sure thing. Even wanting $400K if he gets hurt and sits the rest of the year.
I had to take 7 Months off from work in 2015 to undergo 33 radiation treatments and chemo therapy. Each Month I received 65% of my net income. Plus I had to pay Monthly to have that coverage. Why do guys like Darian feel they deserve the same money whether they are contributing or not?
If Bo is being paid $360K plus possible bonuses (I can't find the bonuses part anywhere on line) Then Darian should be paid substantially less. If Mike Reilly is being paid $450K and unless Mike wins another Grey Cup before his contract is up. No doubt that will come down some. If he wins this year. Expect it to go up to $500K
I'm sure hoping no one on here feels Darians play comes close to either of the 2 Alberta QBs.

Anonymous said...

DD is the man! Cant wait to see him take the Als into the playoffs!

Anonymous said...

Let's see some sources for your salary figures.