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Thursday, August 31, 2017


Lovebirds Cory James and Lindsay Hamilton
Here's a story of how the Saskatchewan Roughriders truly bring their fans together!

Govan, Saskatchewan's Cory James and Lindsay Hamilton met at the 2013 Labour Day Classic game at old Taylor Field and now four years later, to the month, the two lifelong Rider fans are set to tie the knot.

But it sounds so much better to have Cory - a 34-year old electrician originally from Regina - tell the story himself:

"It was Labour day 2013 and I was enjoying some beverages with my cousin from Alberta and a few other friends from Regina," James wrote in an email to "When we got to our seats I noticed a darling of a lady sitting one row in front.

"Shortly after the game started, I decided I'd let her know that I noticed her. I tapped her on the shoulder and asked, 'Do you know that your underpants match your headband?'

Strangely, Lindsay didn't run away. Although the 29-year old personal trainer from White City, SK remembers their first meeting a little differently.

"I think it was about halfway through the first quarter when some guy in the row behind us taps on my shoulder and says 'Did you know your headband matches your underpants?'" Lindsay wrote via email. "I knew my headband was pink and I was pretty sure I had put on black underwear that morning so I pull down a little corner of my shorts to reveal the top corner of my underwear and sure enough there it was, a bright pink heart staring back at me. I looked back at him and he says 'told ya' and gives me this nod.

"Mortified and not saying a word I turn back to the game thinking, who the hell is this jerk, and what kind of guy comments on the underwear of a girl he doesn't even know? The game continues and he starts becoming more obnoxious but the funny kind of obnoxious clearly trying to get attention."

Undaunted, Cory continued his press coverage.

"Sometime during the 3rd quarter, I handed her my phone with my phone number on the screen," James said incredulously. "She took it from me and proceeded to create a contact for herself in my phone under the name 'PrettyInPink'.

The texting back and forth between the two continued for a few days until the pair agreed to go on their first date.

"We had our first date 3 days later, on September 4th, 2013," Lindsay recalled. "I remember walking through the door of the restaurant not knowing who he was given that he no longer had a bucket on his head and had shaved that morning. The first thing he says to me is 'You're taller than I remember' and I responded with 'You're less furry than I remember'.

"We continued to date and get to know each other. The Riders lost the next four games and I started reading the signs, thinking the relationship was a curse. But by the time the Riders won the Grey Cup, we were in love. ‎The rest is as they say history!"

The happy couple will tie the knot on September 23 at the Strasbourg Hall.

Congratulations Cory and Lindsay and thanks for your support of the Saskatchewan Roughriders!



Russell Cone said...

Great story Rod!

A truly Saskatchewan story where the guy with the bucket on his head gets the girl.

Have a good game this weekend.

Go Riders.

Russ from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

Nice story, and I have relatives in Govan!!

BP said...

Awww....very cute. Congratulations, and a toast to many more games together!! GO RIDERS...

Anonymous said...

It's that easy to pick up good looking women in Regina, wow he is lucky she didn't get security to run him out. Congrats to both of you.

Anonymous said...

What a great pick up line, lol.