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Tuesday, August 22, 2017



1 - Bye, Bye, Love: It's been a wonderful two weeks of bliss around here as the Riders pounded BC 41-8 in Week 8, and then went on a bye. Fans are believing this team is coming around, and there has been no talk lately of Chris Jones having too many job titles.

Now, Saskatchewan heads to Edmonton this Friday to face an Eskimos team which is favoured by 6.5-points.

All the pressure is on the Esks!

2 - Appetite For Destruction: The Riders are practicing at Leibel Field at Douglas Park all week because New Mosaic Stadium is being madeover for Sunday's Guns 'N Roses concert.

This had better be a heckuva show if the Riders had to be booted out of their home for a week! As yet, we don't have tickets but I'd like to see the show if it's going to be this big.

The last team GNR was here, the Brandt Centre was big enough for them.

3 - Bada Bingham: Rookie DB Zavian Bingham was the star of Rider rookie camp but after making the team, he injured his knee and got cut. Now we learn he's getting a tryout with America's Team, the Dallas Cowboys.

What's more, Saskatchewan cut rookie DE Davis Tull after training camp but the Chattanooga product signed with the NFL's Los Angeles Rams this week. Guess what? There are players in the CFL who are better than some NFL players. No guff.

4 - East-West Is Best: Here are two reasons why the CFL playoff format will NEVER change: 1) Since the crossover was invoked 20 years ago, the 5th place team in one division has never finished higher than the 2nd place team in the other. Therefore this proposed alignment isn't needed. 2) The eastern owners will never vote for this change because they reside in the weaker division and their playoff odds would take a huge hit.

Let's forget this argument.

5 - Stand On Guard For Thee: The NFL season is just a few weeks away and it's a shame the #1 topic is players refusing to stand for the anthem. How nice it is that we haven't had that ugly issue pop up in the CFL! But it truly is an American thing, and a problem that, luckily, we don't have to deal with in Canada.

I stand for the anthem at all games to honour those who lost their lives fighting for the right these nincompoops have to protest. And whatever else it means to be FREE.

6 - OBJ: Of course New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. was injured in this week's Monday nighter against Cleveland which will be the new topic: Why play your stars in exhibition games? Well, for one, teams charge regular season prices for exhibition games. Plus the games are on national TV. There are still dozens of exhibition games to go, but you won't be seeing many big names from here on in.

7 - Hot Chick: Were you surprised when Hamilton traded John Chick to Edmonton? I wasn't. But nothing in pro sports surprises me anymore. It seems to be a cost-cutting move by the sinking Ticats but it's also bad news for Saskatchewan. John will be double-motivated when he faces the Roughriders on Friday night. He had two sacks and a forced fumble against the Riders on August 20 last year.

Incidentally Chick shares the same number as Edmonton icon Connor McDavid. John was unaware of that fact when he spoke to reporters on Monday.

8 - Plan Ahead: Don't be like those complaining about a lack of Pats playoff tickets, or water fountains at Mosaic Stadium. PLAN AHEAD for this Saturday's biggest fight in history between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor. The sports bars in this province will be JAMMED so call ahead or arrive well in advance. But for the love of God, please don't show up late and then complain.

9 - Eclipse: As was noted in this space a few weeks ago, the Solar Eclipse was much ado about nothing around here. Facebook was rife last night with people who were letdown after all the hype, when they could've just listened to me in the first place. Heck, if I wanted to be letdown I would've just watched the Blue Jays.

10 - VGK: The NHL season is still almost two months away but I'm already extremely excited for it. And, after much deliberation, I've chosen my new rooting interest: the Vegas Golden Knights! It was simple; it's a new start for them and a fresh start for me. Plus, the road trips to watch them will be better than most anywhere else.

Go Knights Go!

Y'er welcome,


Anonymous said...

Axl sounds like the pedophile old man on Family Guy when he tries to hit the high notes.

You can listen to Gun'n'roses at the Apollo on SiriusXM

Anonymous said...

It's funny how you had to go back to August 20th to reference John Chicks good game against a putrid Riders team with a QB that had given up.

The Chick led Tiger-Cats have played the Riders twice since that game. Where was he when his Cats went 0-2 against the "circus". Oh yeah, the Chick and Austin geniuses have guided that team to a solid 3-15 record in their last 18 games.

Now the rats are fleeing.

Anonymous said...

Will bars really be jammed for this fight? It seems more like a WWE event than a real fight. I believe Dana White has this scripted right down to the no decision.

Anonymous said...

Ad hominem insults towards players participating in anthem protests in the USA (you call them "nincompoops" just show that you don't genuinely respect free political expression, or empathize with folks for whom white supremacy and racist policing can be a life or death issue. You're entitled to your opinion, but when it's reactionary and kinda racist others are similarly entitled to suggest that this appears to be the case. The issue those players are protesting isn't one that affects you and your family, Rod, but many of the players you cover with the Riders likely have different experiences and views on it because they're not white Saskie sportscasters. Whatever taking the position you do in this column is, Rod, it sure ain't humble or indicative of an openness of spirit and empathy for those on the dangerous end of a situation that's life-threatening because of anti-black racism. You're free to pick sides as you see fit, of course.

Dan said...

The NFL anthem protest thing seems like a pretty harmless way to protest a very real issue. As an outsider to the USA it seems obvious that blacks are not as equal as whites and the gap is growing not shrinking. Calling them nincompoops for a peaceful protest that has brought significant attention to an issue doesn't seem fair. It would not be my choice for protest as I am very grateful for the freedoms we enjoy but I may have a different view if I was on the other side of the black white divide and lived in the USA.

Rod Pedersen said...

The phrase "nincompoop" was regarding protesters in general, not NFL players. White-supremacists have the right to protest too.

Anonymous said...

"Heck, if I wanted to be letdown I would've just watched the Blue Jays." - Yep you're DEAD ON.

Anonymous said...

But Rod, "nincompoop" is much to kind a word to describe those white supremacist protesters with all their Nazi/KKK regalia!

Anonymous said...

Riders should be able to handle Edmonton if they are on their game like the last one against BC. They have to get to Edmonton's QB early and often and bruise him up a bit . This guy gets far to much time to throw the bomb and he does it many times during a game. Go Riders.

Anonymous said...

Sure they do and some even have a blog.

Shadowtrain SR said...

The GNR tour was the second highest grossing music tour in the world in 2016, second only to Beyonce, which GNR will easily 'eclipse' in 2017. It's huge because it's the reunion of the mostly original 1987-1992 line-up...the "Appetite for Destruction", "Lies", "Use your Illusion I and II" "Spaghetti Incident" basically any GNR song the world knows, years.

The recent Brandt Centre GNR show was just 'AXL and the replacements'...hence the smaller show.

The recent Sirius XM show from the "Apollo THeater" which is being re-broadcasted frequently, was poorly mixed and has been re-mastered to better quality. I agree, AXL had an off-night. Hopefully he brings the energy he used during his stint in ACDC last year as the replacement for their singer (due to health issues). By all accounts Axl was spot on for the ACDC tour...broken leg and all! (That's another story...)

That's why I am the RocknRoll Trainer! What Riders?


Anonymous said...

Riders can't use practicing at Leibel Field as an excuse if they lose. Good teams work hard and find ways to deal with issues. Look at EDM with all their injuries, they went 7-0 and could be 8-0. BC played for 3 straight weeks out east and won them all. Excuses are for losers. Suck it up and deal with it. EDM will be well prepared so Jones better have this team ready. Or be prepared to get "crapped" on if they lay an egg like they did in Calgary and BC.

sabrina zarah said...

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Anonymous said...

Don't know why anthems are played before sports anyway.

Anonymous said...

Until this blog returns to its roots, ie, sports, I think I will get my sports info elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Agree with why anthems are are played at sports venues, makes no sense when they don't even play them at school anymore. I listened to a sports caster interviewing a Canadian vet injured by a terrorist bomb and he commented on the sitting out anthems. He said he and others fought so people could peacefully protest and he had no issues with that method. He said if it was done at the receptance of a medal in the olympics it would bother him because that was representative of the country more than the individual but no issues with what Kaepernick did.

Anonymous said...

" there has been no talk lately of Chris Jones having too many job titles."

People self-censure what they say to you Rod.

Anonymous said...

Edmonton has probably one of the best if not the best offensive lines in the CFL, your D line has some work on them.

Anonymous said...

The Riders don't own Mosaic Stadium. They are very major tenants who have contributed a large amount of money towards the stadium.

I think even they would agree using the stadium for large concerts and other major things is very benificial to all involved.

Anonymous said...

These clowns don't even know what they're protesting! Get off your SJW bandwagon!

Anonymous said...

Lock up your daughters!

CM said...

Trent Richardson on his way to Sask! Whose next? Get Kap's rights!

Anonymous said...

Wrong! That is not what Rod said! You need to get laid more! You'll feel better!

tskware said...

What was it about the eclipse that let you down Rod? Were you expecting fire to rain down from the heavens? Do you know what an eclipse is? It's the moon passing in front of the sun. If you're looking for more than that, then no surprise you're let down.

Rod Pedersen said...

See ya! ����


Anonymous said...

TSN reporting that Richardson won't sign now. As that would mean he couldn't return to NFL till 2019 as the Riders want 1 year plus option for 2nd. As long as the O-line does its job I think Marshall will be a great back for a few years.

Anonymous said...

Don't have a good feeling about this game on Friday, with chick and Sewell. Whew. Glen better run, or get rid of the ball 1 2. Gone. Or it could be along night.

Anonymous said...

Vince Young? Trent Richardson? Greg Hardy? Does the CFL have to step in to save Jones from himself? You're rebuilding a team - this is just delaying the process. Theses guys were never going to be here for the long term. Really, get serious.

Anonymous said...

Thata boy schad I'm sure most of these country bumpkins wouldn't be complaining if it was "cough" Garth and Trisha..AXL and SLASH sounds way funner to me. Give Pedersen credit for keeping an open mind to most music genres,even if he doesn't really have a clue. Do yourselves a favour people buy a ticket it's gonna be the best thing you witness in that stadium all year! There's a reason these guy's only play a show every two to three day's and not TWICE a night..THEY ROCK and leave it all out there. Gonna be like a three hour set so let's pace ourselves people,and show the boy's Regina's the Rockenist City in Canada! Then Maybe "on knees praying" just maybe They'll find a way to get Metallica back here!.. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

30 some comments on here and the majority are from gutless anonymous trolls. Go to Rod's Facebook Page and all comments have a name attached to them. Says a lot about people.

Have the stones to stand by your statements folks. Are you too afraid?


Anonymous said...

Don't be surprised that Rod holds this opinion. He's nothing but an ass kissing suck up when it comes to authority. Standing for anthems is Just What You Do, Period according to followers like Rod.

Anonymous said...

Your breakdown of the single division format issue is laughably incomplete. "Hur dee durr, no team finishing in 4th has ever finished with a record better than 2nd in the other division, so, CASE CLOSED, nothing to see here!"

Slow clap, Rod. Slow clap.

Now, what about 3rd place teams of one division finishing with a better record than the 2nd place team of the other division yet not getting a home playoff game & the easier opponent? What about 2nd place teams of one division having a better record than the 1st place team of the other division who don't get the first round bye??

Proper seeding isn't just about where the 4th place crossover team plays. It's about where ALL 6 playoff teams get seeded. So yes, a single division IS needed and you're just floundering.

Anonymous said...

The single division format is touted by the pie in the sky types. In theory it sounds fine. Best teams in the playoffs.Proper seeding? Who the hell cares?I don't care if my team made the playoffs and another divisions team that won a few more games did not, Who cares. My team made the playoffs and I have someone to cheers for.Leave the east/west format alone.

Lewis Grant said...

I wondered why we were cutting Tull when he was a pre-season beast and we lacked depth on D-line.

Needless to say, the news that he's good enough for Dallas doesn't cause me to wonder any less.