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Wednesday, August 16, 2017


10 Things I Think I Think

1 - Capital Gains: Roughriders DB Ed Gainey was named a CFL Player of the Week and is the toast of the town for the week after his four interception, pick six, and fumble recovery performance in Sunday's 41-8 blowout win over BC.

And after mugging for the TSN cameras with multiple shoutouts to Capital GMC during the telecast, Gainey drove off the Capital lot with a Cadillac XT5 on Tuesday.

As Capital salesman Don Narcisse winked, "Ed put me on the map!" with his personal plugs to a national TV audience.

2 - It begs the question: "Does every Roughrider get a free car if he mentions Capital Auto Mall on TSN?"

However Gainey's antics got the thumbs-down from In The Huddle co-host Marshall Hamilton who said on Tuesday's TV show that it was shameless self-promotion by Ed.

Marshall added though, "If you get four interceptions, sure you can get a car. It's only happened once in 100 years!"

3 - Will the real Roughriders please stand up? This is a mind-bogglingly unpredictable bunch. Their blowout win over the Lions didn't surprise me at all, because I've been waiting for it all season. However if they'd lost by 33 points, I wouldn't have been surprised by that either. We've been teased by this group a lot this season but if they upset the Eskimos in Edmonton on August 25, I'll be convinced that they've arrived.

4 - The trade for Montreal quarterback Vernon Adams on Tuesday wasn't a shock either, as the trade had been in the works for months. One rumour making the rounds was that the Alouettes badly wanted to acquire WR Rob Bagg but the Riders refused to part with the coveted vet.

What does the trade mean? Plenty of things, but we were assured by the Riders John Murphy on Tuesday's SportsCage that none of the current Rider QBs need to worry about their job.

5 - The beauty for the Roughriders is that they now have plenty of options for the future at the QB position and that includes all of Kevin Glenn, Brandon Bridge, Marquise Williams and now Adams. Of course Edmonton QB James Franklin is expected to be dangling in free agency and the popular rumour is that Saskatchewan will make a hard play for him this winter.

Don't forget Chris Jones brought Franklin into the CFL in 2015. Who knows who will lead the Riders in 2018? But that's way too far away to imagine. Things are just getting interesting now!

Incidentally all four quarterbacks on the Rider roster make a combined wage less than Darian Durant's salary in Montreal!

6 - Much has been made of Wally Buono's pregame speech to the disinterested Lions prior to Sunday's game. The CFL's all-time winningest coach just knew that his team wasn't going to show up to compete and he was right.

Now the hot rumour making the rounds is who will take over the Lions once the 67-year old Buono retires (expected after this season)? The usual suspects - Brendan Taman and Jim Barker - have had their names surface but perhaps the Lions will go completely off the board.

Some say the GM job will be given to Geroy Simon, while others say he's not ready. I'd hire him if I was the owner. I'm a big fan of throwing someone into the deep end and seeing if they sink or swim.

One thing seems clear: There will be a major changing-of-the-guard in BC in 2018.

7 - CFL Commissioner Randy G Ambrosie reminds me of Giancarlo Stanton at the MLB All-Star Game: just crushing one pitch after another out-of-the-park. His decision to unveil the CFL's Diversity Is Strength campaign early due to the recent racial unrest in the USA has garnered international headlines.

My American friends are filling my inbox wanting to get their hands on one of those T-Shirts. I'm not sure what it means for our league, but Americans are tuning into CFL games on ESPN in droves this year. Perhaps the league's popularity in the USA will finally make the CFL "cool" in Toronto.

How warped is that?

8 - What was greater than seeing Commissioner Ambrosie go for a spin on a combine during last weekend's visit to Regina? The Riders searched for a farm with Case machinery due to their Founding Partnership with Young's Equipment, and quickly found a farm just south of Regina. It was magnificent to see.

9 - Word came out this week that Ambrosie said he's "open" to discussions of CFL playoff realignment whereby the East-West format is scrapped in favour of a "Top 6" tournament. Personally I hope the Commissioner leaves it the way it is because this country is split into an East and a West and its football league should be too.

It seems to me that people around here are just trying to find a creative way to get the Roughriders into the playoffs.

10 - The Regina Pats unveiled their 100th Season logo on Monday and it gets two thumbs-up from me. At first I was underwhelmed but upon further inspection, I feel it's clean, classy and iconic. Just like the franchise itself.

Meanwhile I'd heard a rumour the Pats planned to overhaul 50% of their roster as they prepare to host the 2018 Memorial Cup but boss John Paddock told me at the Royal Regina Golf Club that he only figures to add "3 or 4" new players.

Hockey is in the air! And they've sold a club record 5,000 season tickets.

Y'er welcome,


Anonymous said...

I love your #7 and I wish somehow everybody in Toronto could read it.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Rod on point 9. I hate as much as anyone seeing a weak east division year after year after year. I particularly hated it when Montreal was still a good team and just cruised to Grey Cup appearances. Nevertheless, getting rid of the divisions is just tactical thinking by us Rider nation to get us in the playoffs this year. It's akin to 3rd and 4th tier political parties wanting to change the voting system to proportional representation. These are the rules, we have to deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Who is Marshall Hamilton?...answer!...somebody who's opinion means nothing!

Anonymous said...

If it was published in half a dozen foreign languages then maybe they could read it! But would they care or even understand the significance! I think not!

Anonymous said...

If Buono retires as expected next year, the front runners won't be Taman and Barker. Gerry Simon has long been rumoured as Wally's replacement & new ownership is likely going to give a guy like Hervey a call. The Esks are loaded, very deep. This is Hervey's team. The core is still there from 2013 when he was rebuilding the club & most of the new players are from the post Jones era. Jones has got most of the credit since coming to Regina for anybody that was brought in during 2014, 2015 as was Murphy in Calgary. It's the GM's not coaches who make the final decisions. Those 2 clubs have not exactly stopped finding talent since Jones & Murphy left. Hervey will be a top draw for any club seeking a GM & he'll want to stay out west where his roots are, I would imagine.

Anonymous said...

1. Marshall Hamilton is just jealous he never had a 4 int game.
2. If the Riders sign Franklin, 2 to 3 of the current QB's won't be around next year.
3. The big question is why has the East division been so weak over the past decade or longer? In any sport the top teams should be competing in the playoffs. I liked the old NHL format where the top 16 made the playoffs regardless of what division or conference you were in. The only reason they changed the format was it was easier on travel. Since football is a one game showdown for the playoffs travel isn't the issue, but making sure the best teams are competing for the Grey Cup should be the focus.

Anonymous said...

Pats are going to struggle out of the gate this year. I would think they'd be around .500 at Christmas time.
Leschyshyn and Henry are out until November. Steel and Mahura will most likely make the World Jr. team.
Who replaces Zborovskiy, Hobbs and Harrison on defense?
Leedahl and Brooks can't be replaced. Sloboshan (not offered a 20 year old spot) and Ahl were big pieces as well.
Matt Bradley is a huge add and will be in that 90/100 point area.
New imports Zamula and Oksanen should help but aren't in the category as the import players lost.
Yost is not coming.
Hearing there is a chance Wagner ends up back here as an overeager.

Anonymous said...

Whoa!! you get 4 interceptions, and then walk out with a free Cadillac?? Where do I sign up??

Anonymous said...

Right. Ed Hervey in BC. A market that needs to do everything to sell the game to their fans. The current or new owners will hire a guy notoriously known for shutting out media, running closed door and being distant from fans.

Go sell crazy somewhere else!

Anonymous said...

Everybody is saying Hervey but he would rely on Paul Jones very heavily so quit saying Hervey 100% did this...Paul Jones deserves a very big part of the credit and is still there and Sunderland has very solid roots to players now.

Anonymous said...

Talking about go sell crazy somewhere else,those are the thoughts of James franklin coming here NOT HAPPENING. So just give up the dreams riders fans as the Eskies will trade him out east before they will let him slide into the basement over here .

Anonymous said...

Interesting perverse logic.If the Americans tune into the CFL then the Void in the Universe fans would think the CFL is cool???It's the old if a Canadian entertainer makes it in the USA then Toronto embraces them. Toronto the most insecure city on the planet.
Nothing in the foreseeable future could make the CFL in Toronto cool. The Media in Toronto looks at the CFL like a high school league.How cool is it to be a fan of that? Not very.Rogers wanting an NFL team in TO doesn't help.
At least in the ROC we enjoy the game and don't need the approval of Americans.

Anonymous said...

First place east and west get a bye. The other four teams are seded as is the rest of the playoffs.
For the short term Calgary and Edmonton would be playing in most of the grey cups.

Anonymous said...

Still looking up at the big dogs in the west as per usual!

Anonymous said...

If you change the playoff format you also need to change the regular season schedule. The regular season would have to stop having a team playing three games against only teams in there own division. I know it won't work out perfectly because of the 9 teams, but I believe you can't change one without changing the other.

Anonymous said...

So, someone like you then.

Anonymous said...

Do fans want the playoff format changed because it would benefit the Riders? LOL

Also, do you want a format where two teams in the East could possibly be out of the race before the end of August? What would that do to a couple already struggling fan bases?

This is the 21st season the crossover rule has been in affect. Only 3 times has a West team made the East final.

The first time a team from the West crosses over and wins the East division, then we can have a serious chat about changes.

Just leave it alone.

Anonymous said...

Watching Ambrosie in action, you have to wonder who the heck decided to pick Orridge over him two years ago. And why. That's not a dig against Orridge, it's just that Ambrosie is that good. Keep up the good work sir.

Gunderson's Yorkton

Anonymous said...

Adams to riders
What happened to jones and murphys great scouting system - oh it does not exsist as all they can get is the other teams rejects and leftovers,

To bad the riders don't have a real souting system and some real conacts down south.

Anonymous said...

How many times has a west team crossed over?

Anonymous said...

Simon & Hervey as more likely than Taman or Barker?? Kinda obvious I would say. Simon is considered one of the brightest young guys around & the CFL teams aren't just recycling former GM's around anymore. Jones, Sunderland, Reed, Desjardins & Austin were all hired without previous GM experience. Like him or not, Hervey built a Grey Cup team in a couple of years. The biggest addition undoubtably was Reilly & that was pure Hervey. He had the benefit of a Paul Jones for sure, but Hervey completely re-organized the team scouting system. What BC needs more than anything is a winner, first & foremost. Simon too has had scouting experience, especially with National talent. I think the trend for bringing new blood into this position will continue. Throw O'Day in there as well but only if the Riders start winning. Taman & Barker are good men but I'd be shocked if they were the replacements for Wally. Front runners they're not.

Anonymous said...

Don't agree with changing the format but agree the schedule would have to change as well. The crossover is a good solution. If you can't do better than 5th in the West, you really don't deserve to be there any more than an Eastern club. Even if all the Eastern teams are at .500 or less, the bottom team in the West is probably going to be pretty bad. I think it would be hard to find too many cases where the 5th place West club was better than the 2nd place East club. I'm not sure there's been one but haven't looked it up. I would bet it's rare, if ever. Maybe it will happen this year because the Riders may end up being better than 2 Eastern clubs. Still if this happens this year, I don't see any compelling evidence to change the format. After all, no Western crossover team has ever made it to the Grey Cup. If we're so good, we should be able to do this.

Anonymous said...

Give your head a shake.. 5000 season tickets sold for the Pats. If people are wasting all their money for season tickets just so they get first shot at the Memorial Cup wait until they see the prices of those tickets. Some games will be lucky to draw 3500 because of the price so be ready and save up your Bucks for the big event.

Anonymous said...

You're old. The country is only split in to East and West in the minds of old people. Young people (who matter way more to the league and in general) don't care about that.

Basic fairness trumps tired and outdated traditions.

Bring on the single division.

Anonymous said...

The Eastern Division team has won a lot of games when a Western Division team has crossed over. That is true but what if the team that had the best record hosted that playoff game? I am sure there has been years that the Western team has gone into that East semi-final with a better record. If the better record hosted I really don't think the Eastern teams would be as dominate. I never did like the cross-over. Either get rid of it and stay with the East and West Divisions or get rid of the divisions and rank them from 1 to 9.

Anonymous said...

Edmonton will not be trading Franklin anywhere. You need two QB's heading into the postseason, especially with the recklessness that Reilly plays with.

He will be a free agent at the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

Reilly does not play reckless since Maas has been the coach and hadn't missed a game with that same statement...except resting a game before play-offs at most. Eskies can still let teams talk to him before free agency to work a new deal out and then go a GM's will do this, exactly how we landed the best Qb in the league in Mike Reilly

Anonymous said...

The season ends in November. Free agency starts in February. Franklin WILL be traded by Edmonton prior to free agency. What happened to Durant? Traded before free agency. Only difference - Franklin will have multiple bidders & the price will be high. Can't understand why Riders fan can't figure this out! The chances of him going to Riders is very low. Franklin's not pining for Jones. It will be 2 years since Jones left, teammates like Chambers, Lawrence, Getzlaf & Steinhauer can tell him how loyal Jones is & he's had a chance to see how free agents who came to Regina as well as Durant were talked about after leaving. Lastly he goes to Warren Moon, the ultimate Eskimo for advice.

Anonymous said...

The Riders won't be after franklin now that they have Vernon Adams. Franklin is as much of a wild card as Adams. The game tape on both of them is impressive, but limited. Are either of them even any good.

But in any case it's all good news for the Riders and bad news for the schmos. Unfortunately for the schmos they have to trade their future because he wants to play and you can't trade Reilly even though he only has a couple maybe theee years left until his play starts to fade.

It's also a plus for the Riders that the schmos will send him out east, if he turns out being as good as the schmos fans claim.

@mrt_man said...



Anonymous said...

Why wasn't Edmonton in the grey cup last year

Anonymous said...

Reilly's play starts to fade in 3 years...he is 32. Ray 38 holding yards in passing right now and Henry Burris 40 winning a grey cup, Burris retires and they are now 1-6-1 so tell me again how you figure this...oh it makes sense to a sask fan, I got ya but yet glenn is a star at 38 lol. With Reilly good for another 5 to 8 years we have more then enough time to find another guy and have one in our third stringer actually, very promising. Just because you guys are struggling for a Qb to take over yet is far off our problem and most likely one of the least we are concerned with at the moment. Keep Adams because you won't be seeing Franklin.

Anonymous said...

There is CFL coverage on Sportsnet every single day. Stop trolling.

Anonymous said...

"What happened to Jones' and Murphy's great scouting system - oh it does not exist as all they can get is the other teams rejects and leftovers,

To bad the riders don't have a real scouting system and some real contacts down south."

I love it when people say these things. Just goes to show how out of touch your are.
Did you know that 8/9 starting QB's played with other teams or another team had their rights? 15 other QB's on teams rosters are in the same boat?

Chill out with the hate guy.

Anonymous said...

I think he just sets up all those scouting session down south so he doesn't have to stay here all winter, didn't seem to get many players for all those camps,.

Anonymous said...

Rod, I totally agree with you in point 9...leave the East/Wset format alone! Interest in the East is at a low point in the cycle and there would be zero interest this year if all four of the eastern teams were not jockeying for a playoff position. As well, the schedule would need to be changed so teams didn't face the same team 3-4 times a season and some teams wouldn't be able to afford the additional travel expense.

Scruffy has his head in if he thinks that anyone outside of EDM/Calgary would care if those 2 teams met in the Grey Cup. I rarely agree with him and this time is no exception. What would he think if baseball created one division and one league?? Ambrosie has been doing a fine job so far so I hope he leaves the East/West divisional set up alone!!! The crossover works just fine!!

Anonymous said...

Couple things...
1). I absolutely love posting something random about the schmos and seeing their fans get all upset on here. That's good entertainment.

2). If u think Reilly will be better at 36 then he is right now in his prime your dreaming. You named me one QB who won a championship at the age of 40. Name me another in the last two decades. So funny.

Anonymous said...

Easterner who loves the CFL here (yes we do exist). We need to keep the divisions and playoff alignment the way it is. If you get rid of the divisions then the rivalry games at the end of the season mean nothing.