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Thursday, August 3, 2017



1 - The 2-3 Roughriders leave on Thursday for a pivotal Week 7 game Saturday in BC against the 4-2 Lions. Pivotal because a win will have them swinging with the Big Boys in the CFL West, and would prove this team has grown up. BC is favoured by 5.5-points and the forecast calls for sunshine and 28 degrees Celsius.

2 - The move by Commissioner-elect Randy Ambrosie to limit coaches' replay challenges per game from two down to one is commendable, but not ground-breaking or innovative. For instance we could still have the same situation where both coaches challenge the same play, causing an unsightly delay. BUT it's progress and the CFL is moving in the right direction under Ambrosie.

3 - WaterGate. Let me get this straight; the temperature was in the 40's at Saturday's home game against Toronto and people were upset there weren't enough water fountains dispensing FREE WATER at New Mosaic Stadium? This is somehow the Roughriders' fault? The last I checked, the bathroom sinks were working. The AC in the free Harvard Lounge was working if you needed to cool off. There weren't ANY water fountains in the old stadium. STOP COMPLAINING and use some common sense.

4 - After the Roughriders' 38-27 win over Toronto on Saturday, a Rider fan wrote me on Facebook and asked, "Why aren't we using Rob Bagg more?" I'll say it again: STOP COMPLAINING. The Riders won.

5 - The NFL's Arizona Cardinals reached an injury settlement with 2016 Roughriders draftee DB Elie Bouka this week. There's a lot of confusion around the U of C product's status (I've seen reports listing him as a free agent), but he's Saskatchewan property if he comes back to Canada. However, I'm told, he's injured and there are no plans for him to come to Riderville any time soon.

6 - Rider Hall of Famer Jeff Fairholm was on the SportsCage this week from the Rider Alumni Golf Classic and said the Riders could/should have four 1,000-yard receivers this year. That's never happened in Rider history although Fairholm, Ray Elgaard and Don Narcisse all achieved it in 1992. Lucius Floyd was next with 645 yards, and he was the tailback.

Right now it's: Naaman Roosevelt (393), Bakari Grant (349), Duron Carter (249), Nic Demski (184) and Caleb Holley (154).

7 - What has better atmosphere and is louder: Taylor Field or New Mosaic Stadium? At this point, I can't decide but I'm not in the best position to say. I'm in the enclosed broadcast booth. Right now I'd say it's different, but I can't tell if it's louder or not.

8 - With the Edmonton Eskimos at 5-0 and leading the CFL in attendance, they and their fans are crowing that they're the real CANADA'S TEAM.  Stop it! You're not even Edmonton's team. (The Oilers are). Next question.

9 - 2007 CFL Most Outstanding Player Kerry Joseph may one day find his way back to Riderville as a coach. Maybe even as a Head Coach. K-J just finished up a stint as a guest coach in training camp with the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers and is headed back to the NCAA as assistant coach.

10 - Rider fans are traveling all over the U.S. and are routinely asking me where they can find the TV broadcasts of the games in the States or where they can watch the game in Las Vegas. Hear This!: I am not TV Guide nor - as of 131 weeks ago - am I the party coordinator. Download the CKRM or Rider App and listen to the game there, or take your laptop and listen on

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