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Friday, July 21, 2017


By: Mark Stephen
Voice of the Stampeders
Global Calgary

It’s time for a reality check.  I’d like to end one of the great myths in the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Every time the Saskatchewan Roughriders come to McMahon Stadium, I hear about how the Saskatchewan fans will outnumber Stampeders fans.  In fact, I am told, it will be just like a Saskatchewan home game. That is nonsense.

Saskatchewan fans are loyal to their club and will make themselves known at visiting stadiums. They will be outfitted in team gear, such as hats, jerseys and coats. Merchandise sales are a big part of Saskatchewan’s financial clout.

Saskatchewan fans are very good at making themselves visible. Looking into the crowd, it is easy to spot a Saskatchewan supporter.

By contrast, Stampeders fans may not always be decked out in team gear.  Plenty of people wear team jerseys to McMahon, but many others are comfortable just showing up in what they were wearing earlier in the day.

The contrast makes it appear there are more Saskatchewan fans.

Fans of the green gang will be boisterous in cheering on their hapless heroes.  But that din is nothing compared to the sounds of Stampeders fans cheering their team after a touchdown.

While Roughriders fans’ support for their squad is commendable, they don’t outnumber Stampeders fans. It’s time to bust that myth.


Anonymous said...

Mark, you have your head don't shine and you don't want to admit that Riders have much better fans!

Anonymous said...

Very true, not many Stamp jerseys sold.

Anonymous said...

denial is the greatest form of flattery

Anonymous said...

The Rider store does such a great job of finding new and improved 5th place jerseys to show off and riders fans just love rubbing it in to rest of the league that this maybe the third year in a row for these jerseys. . So why wouldn't they show these off no other team has chance for three peat

Anonymous said...

you have to be pretty insecure if you need to write an article about it

Anonymous said...

Calgary is a Flames town. Stamps are an after thought. We like it that way.
Go Flames.

Anonymous said...

Lol sour much. Translation "They don't literally out number us!" ... no shit.

Anonymous said...

And how does he know the ones not dressed in Red or Green are Stamps fans? Not every Rider fan dresses in a Rider jersey. Could they not be Rider Fans who didn't buy green jerseys and came to the game dressed how they were already dressed? Funny how media assumes they are so smart and so much more knowledgeable about everything than us low life types.

Anonymous said...

The final sentence makes me think the rest of this story is missing. Is it a call for more Stamps fans to show up, or does he plan to give us the details in a later column? I have to admire most writers and journalists (Rod included) who do their homework and back it up with facts. Nothing to see here.