Realty One

Friday, July 7, 2017


Notes from Saskatchewan Roughriders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones' day-before news conference at Mosaic Stadium on Friday. The Riders host the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Saturday at 8:00 pm on TSN and the 620 CKRM Rider Radio Network.

1 - Everything's a learning experience. Winning and losing are closely related. Losing a game is usually due to mistakes, not because one team is vastly superior to the other. We just have to coach it better.

2 - Jonathan Newsome isn't even on our team anymore. We got a football game to play.  (No comment).

3 - There's no more importance on this game than the last. We just gotta keep on keepin' on. It's the next game. 1 of 18.

4 - Anytime you win, it's better for your psyche.

5 - I'm a competitive guy like anybody else. All the coaches in this league are. I don't care if it's pick-up basketball. You don't play to lose.

6 - We've got a young group who's one of the better ones I've ever been character-wise. I'm anxious to see how they rebound.

7 - Week 1 it was penalties and turnovers that cost us and last week it was mental busts and turnovers. We can't do that again.

8 - Hamilton's had a week to prepare and has two weeks of film on us. I'm sure they'll be a challenge.

9 - First of all it's my spot to say (their jobs are on the line), not John Murphy's. We don't threaten out players. It's not that kind of environment around here. If you don't play well, yeah, it's competitive football. It's not Little League. So if you don't play well, there's going to be somebody that's in your spot. That goes without saying. Everybody in the league's the same.

10 -  My wife and kids really like visiting here (from Tennessee)! They're softball players so we'll play a bit of pitch-and-catch out on the field when y'all are gone. They've been pretty much all across Canada before but they really like it here a lot.

11 - It's been very hot. We've talked to the players and our Strength Coach Clinton Spencer has sent them info on what to put in their bodies all week. Hydrating and diet are huge. It's very important to talk about that. It's been extremely, extremely hot here this week.



Anonymous said...

The recent complaints about the Riders choice to use the 3 man Rush is interesting. These aspiring coaches and General Managers need to back off a bit. I am no coach or general manager, maybe a little too analytical. My skills tell me the best an offense can do is keep at least 5 lineman back to protect the QB, so only 6 receivers, if you are rushing 3 that means 9 of your team is left to cover 6 receivers. In recent years our game has changed. The QB’s when sacked usually get a roughing the passer penalty, so the benefits of a sack are rarely seen. We also changed the way the defense can cover receivers, with the rule no contact after 5 yards you players to be faster, more athletic, more intelligent and bigger. Isn’t this the qualities of player Chris Jones is asking for? Weston Dressler did well because one player missed a read. I believe Chris Jones is positioning us to do well. Drink the Koolaid! We will be OK.

Anonymous said...

Then change your q.b. , no one wants to watch 5 yard passes all day, need more medium range plays 15 to 30 yard passes , takes to long , to many chances for mistakes nickel and diming your team all the way down the field. You should bring carm on as a special guest ,

3RD and 1 said...

>>First of all it's my spot to say (their jobs are on the line), not John Murphy's<<
As the late great Don Matheau use to say. We have a Dictatorhip around here and I'm the head Dick!
Don was a piece of work. A masterful piece of work. Chris Jones worked under Don in Montreal. So Chris has the same coaching mentality

Anonymous said...

I agree there is a reason for using a 3 man rush. (duh?) I 'suspect' it's a combination of db inexperience coupled with 'new no touch' football. And coupled with iPads watching for any 'touch' to get head office to give a first down. (The most frustrating and boring play in football)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod this is news worthy......two guys at Moonlake Golf and Country Club hit back to back "holes in one" on the same par 3 hole today, was around 130 yds. A guy jarred it, then his friend stepped up and jarred his shot on top of the first one. Talk about a couple guys having their balls touching. I was there on the adjacent hole and saw the whole deal. Its gone viral. There is an article about it in the Saskatoon SP and is also in The National Post.

Anonymous said...

After reading the first comment a couple of times,I had to go out to the garage and get the old Enigma I off the shelf to decipher the code.
_ -_ _ --_

Only rush 3,keep 9 back in zone coverage for the always used 6 receiver package.
No chance of confusion in the D backfield this way.

Don't run a pressure D because sacks have no benefits and we would get a roughing the passer anyway.

Play soft in the D backfield...check
Play soft on the D Line...check

This D is designed for:
A QB with a broken thumb on his throwing hand and receivers with oven mitts on.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice Durant struggling against a 2 man rush the other night. Yes, a 2 man rush.

Go ahead football geniuses, please discuss!