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Monday, July 31, 2017



Rider fans are riding high after a huge 38-27 victory over the visiting Toronto Argonauts on Saturday.

For all the good things that happened -- the Duron Carter catch, Kevin Glenn with a squeaky clean 340 yard passing/4TD performance and Cameron Marshall’s 110 yards on the ground - the biggest may be seeing the Green and White put away a team.

It was a tight game heading into the fourth quarter with Toronto leading 24-20. But it came down to a pair of crucial drives.

The first was watching a bend-but-not-break Rider defensive stand on a 10-play Toronto drive that stalled at the five and ended up in a field goal to cut it to a three-point Rider lead.

The ensuing Rider series was a thing of beauty. It was seven plays covering 75-yards that was topped with a 14-yard Caleb Holly touchdown catch followed by a Naaman Roosevelt two-point conversion.

The key play was a big break for the Riders; Cameron Marshall fumbled at the Argo 14-yard line, but Derek Dennis was fortunate to cover up the loose football. Next play…Touchdown Riders.

To finally see the Riders step on an opponent’s throat. and mean it, is a huge step in this football team’s process of climbing out of their current position at the bottom of the West Division.

A win sure feels good, but wouldn’t it be nice to have that feeling a lot more, or not to feel SO GOOD after a win? It’s been a long time coming, but the fans are itching to jump on something big and the next five games will dictate whether the Riders can make headway in a difficult west division, or just give us more of what we have seen the last year and five games.

It begins this Saturday in Vancouver with the front end of a home and home set with the B.C. Lions. The back end of that series is the only home game in August (Sunday, August 13th at 6:00pm -- which feels oddly late for a Sunday game).

The Riders will have their second bye-week before heading to Edmonton and then finish the summer with the Labour Day Classic and Banjo Bowl.

If Saskatchewan can go 3-and-2 over this stretch, a playoff spot will become a distinct possibility. Anything less, and the second half grind will become that much more difficult.


-  Hamilton is in rough shape. The game-winning drive last week by Mike Reilly and the Edmonton Eskimos took away any fire the Ti-Cats had left in them. It showed Saturday night in a crushing 60-1 defeat (doesn’t ‘1’ seem a lot worse than being shut out?) at McMahon Stadium in Calgary. The solitary Hamilton point coming off a punt single. Where do the Ti-Cats go from here? Who knows, but with their current residence being rock bottom it seems the only place to go is up.
What’s even scarier, Calgary is just starting to warm up.

- The “Game of the Week” saw Edmonton continue to overcome a spate of injuries and stay undefeated with their 37-26 home victory over a very game B.C. Lions. Edmonton’s walking wounded expanded, losing running back Travon Vann in the first quarter, punter/kicker Sean Whyte part way through the third quarter and then their long-snapper Ryan King in the fourth quarter. How much longer can Edmonton hold on to the top spot with so many injuries to key players?

-  Finally, it looks like Winnipeg learned from their collapse a week ago in Vancouver. To see them score twice in less than a minute to knock off Montreal was breath taking to behold. It felt like the CFL of the 1990’s when no lead was safe and scoring came in bunches. This is a good Blue Bomber team that is continuing to improve.


Scott MacAuley at Thunder Camp courtesy Wanda Harron Photography
It’s starting to feel more and more like football season. The Regina Thunder and Saskatoon Hilltops reported to camp this weekend in preparation for the 2017 PFC football season.

Getting any sort of publicity outside of these two power house programs has been a problem for the CJFL. They took a step in the right direction last year, with a nod to the NFL Network’s “Top 100” players program, the CJFL had their second “Top 50” players to watch for 2017.

Thunder and Hilltop players were dotted across the list:
Regina Thunder:
#4 (RB) Victor St. Pierre-Laviolette (Ranked 12th l/y)
#20 (OL) Logan Ferland
#22 (WR/K) Chris Calcutt (Ranked 19th l/y)
#49 (DB) Robbie Lowes
Saskatoon Hilltops:
#2 (RB) Logan Fischer (Ranked 10th l/y)
#4 (DL) Cam Schnitzler
#16 (WR) Sam Mike
#29 (WR) Jason Price

The Hilltops and Thunder will kick off the season under the lights on Saturday, August 12th at Mosaic Stadium.


Brayden Lenius – WR
University of Washington
6’5” 230lbs.
Hometown – North Vancouver, B.C.
Class – RS-Jr.

Brayden played in all 13 games in 2015 starting six of them for the Huskies and finishing the season with 26 catches for 363 yards and a touchdown. Because of a difficult 2016, Lenius ended up redshirting the full season and will begin his junior year fighting for a starting job catching balls from one of the top quarterbacks (in a QB heavy Pac-12), Jake Browning. His father, Troy Dickey played CFL and Arena League.


Enjoy the dog days of summer and hit the pool, patio, or cottage and read “Collision Low Crossers: Inside the Turbulent World of NFL Football” By Nicholas Dawidoff.

It’s a bit of a dense read but it’s an enjoyable one. Dawidoff spends the 2011 season with the New York Jets. He becomes such a welcomed part of the Jets, it almost felt like he was one of the staff members. The narrative is fast-paced, entertaining and gives incredible insight behind the scenes of a professional football team.

(By Staff)


Anonymous said...

Why is there a picture of the EEs? You have the wrong green picture showing!

3RD and 1 said...

Anon #1 ... I would suggest that Rod has probably pasted the picture of the EE on his article as they are presently the number 1 team in the West Division as well as the whole league. The way in which the Eskimos are so effectively using a plug and play system that remains undefeated is remarkable. The Riders are still trying to find their indentity and sit at 2-3. Where as the Eskimos have lost their top Linebackers, 2 X RB's. Long snapper as well as a slough of other players.
We all know how difficult it can be. To continue winning through all that adversity and winning against top teams is remarkable. So I think Rod is simply giving the infamous Evil Empire their just dues. Hopefully the Riders will pull out some Victories over the next 5 games.
Go Riders Go.

Anonymous said...

Call it sour grapes or whatever u want but gawd I hate the Eskimos . And their entitled fans. Please Riders improve soon so we can beat those guys and stop hearing how great they are . Ugggh

Anonymous said...

Same for Oiler fans, fresh off their '80s cups and thinking they're hot s__t.

MSinStoon said...

Image featured the Stampeders last week!

Anonymous said...

Not an Oilers fan but they had one of the greatest teams in the history of the NHL and as for the Eskimos I am one of those fans you call entitled but my question to you is what does that make you guys...very arrogant. Also I understand why you hate hearing how good our Esks are because it has been the case for about 90% of the CFL history we have been the better team and our 14 grey cups to your 4 say everything. Don't even talk about how back in the day doesn't count because history makes what today the way since 2005 we have the same amount of cups anyways and since 2000 we have more thanks to 2003.

Morgan said...

But yet your on a Saskatchewan Roughriders forum? What does that say about your franchise and its fans? Over 1 million people in your city and surrounding area and you can't even crack 40k fans with the first place team... It's just too easy to insult you. Go find your own forum and sing the blues to the 5 people on it!

3RD and 1 said...

Hey EE Anon... give it a rest. I just finished giving the Eskimos their just dues. So did Rod. Then you come on here with this crap. No wonder people can't stand the EE. It's their trolling fans that makes a guy wanna puke.
It you want to bring up dates on a calender dickweed. Then bring up 2007 as that's when the cap started in the CFL. All the so called championships before that date were purchased by the Eskimos and the Argos. Both cities had more money for their back ups then most of us had for starters. So go suck on that for a while.

Anonymous said...

Anon EE fan. Instead of going off on an opposing teams fan base put your energy into getting your team to change its racist name. Get with the modern world.

Anonymous said...

You tell me to suck it...the riders have whined about the salary cap until they got there now since you say all the grey cups were bought let's me say this, here is something you can suck on...the first year of the salary cap there was one team who decided to exceed it which in rights is cheating and won a grey cup by doing it...guess what team it was, the year it happened was 2007 so if you want to bring up things you feel are wrong then there is one of your big 4 championships that should be stripped. Also what we did before the salary cap was legal in every aspect of the rules of the CFL...not our problem your team couldn't afford to keep your players or hire certain players. The only reason I replied also was due to the one yapping off the rest was all good. Quit complaining about the past of Edmonton buying there teams because every team had the same opportunity to do so yours chose not to or couldn;t afford it, no ones problem but Sask's.

Anonymous said...

I am on the Eskies forum and Edmonton is under a million people also just so you know. Also to easy to insult us...hahaha please.

Morgan said...

The city of Edmonton is under one million... the greater Edmonton area is well over one million people. You are the epitome of an eskimos fan... you are a jealous cry baby who hates the riders and their fans more than you love your own team. I would be embarrasses if I were as petty as you.

Anonymous said...

OMG this eskie fan is still flapping away? Give it a rest man you must have been the kid that always cried but as soon as you were 30 feet away u flip the bird and call out expletives before running away. Good for you your stupid team is 5 0 . Bravo all I said was I hate them . And their entitled fans like you. There was no need to reply to defend them or pittiful self who feels the need to rub in bs facts on a rider blog. Get a grip man