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Saturday, July 15, 2017


HAMILTON - It was a different night for Travis Lulay than the 33-year old back-up quarterback is used to.

Lulay came off the bench to lead the B.C. Lions to a 41-26 victory over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Saturday to close out Week 4 in the CFL.

The back-up quarterback was loose on the sidelines at the start of the game, when suddenly starter Jonathon Jennings was out with a suspected arm injury after the team's first play from scrimmage.

"It's funny, we were talking right before the game. Jon was like, 'Do you still get butterflies?' I was like, 'You know, it's different.' Only because I know I'm not playing on the first snap. But what are the odds you're playing on the second, right? You just never know. That's what you prepare for all the time, right?

"Tonight was the time the team needed me to step up and play. I'm happy to be a part of this win.''

The veteran pivot, who is a former CFL most outstanding player but lost his starting role last year due to ongoing injuries, threw three TD passes and rushed for another as the Lions (3-1) extended their win streak to three games.

Hamilton fell to 0-3 in front of a home-opening sell-out crowd of 24,135 at Tim Hortons Field.

Jennings reportedly injured his throwing arm on the Lions' first play from scrimmage - in which he threw an interception while under pressure - and was replaced for the rest of the game by Lulay, who completed 29-of-36 pass attempts for a career-best 436 yards. He also set the CFL record for most yards thrown by a quarterback in relief, surpassing Mike Kerrigan's 408 yards in 1987.

B.C. started out slow for most of the first half, but sprung to life scoring 15 points in 59 seconds near the end of the second quarter to take a 21-16 lead into halftime after being down 13-6.

"It's a rhythm thing, really being in the heat of the moment,'' Lulay said about taking some time to get going. "I took a couple hits. The first two plays I got hit pretty good. That kind of jarred my senses into the game.''

Lions head coach Wally Buono said they didn't need to make any adjustments on offence when Lulay went in.

"I think Travis has been around a long time and when you have a veteran quarterback he doesn't have to run every play at practice during the week,'' Buono said, adding the two quarterbacks usually split reps at practice 60-40.

Lulay also made a points-saving tackle on Hamilton defensive back Richard Leonard, who had just intercepted him on a two-point convert attempt and was streaking down field.

"I'm kind of looking around, do I have any help? And it really felt like I had no help back there. I just have to take a good enough angle that hopefully I can put my mitts on this guy, and he cut back on me and I was able to grab hold of him and take him down.''

Shaq Johnson, Nick Moore, Brian Burnham, and Jeremiah Johnson also scored touchdowns for B.C. Burnham's was a highlight-reel play as he reached around his defender to catch the ball with one hand while falling to the ground.

Jeremiah Masoli, Ross Scheuerman, and Jalen Saunders had TDs for Hamilton. Zach Collaros completed 30-of-48 pass attempts for 361 yards, one TD and one interception.

Lions kicker Ty Long was good on both field-goal attempts, from 14 and 50 yards, while Ticat kicker Sergio Castillo hit a 48-yard field-goal attempt.

Hamilton's Leonard had two interceptions and a fumble recovery.

The Ticats pulled to 34-24 with 11 minutes left in the game on a 25-yard TD strike from Collaros to Saunders and a successful two-point conversion. But Lulay and the Lions struck back immediately with a 66-yard drive leading to a four-yard TD run by Jeremiah Johnson and the 41-24 lead.

Hamilton head coach Kent Austin, who dismissed the rumour that him and Collaros have some tension between them by calling it "completely made up'', said he wants his team to stay focused this short week. The Tiger-Cats play Edmonton at home on Thursday.

"I told the guys it's going to get ugly around them with all the negativity and the chatter right now,'' Austin said. "What's under their control is taking care of their bodies first and foremost. I emphasized that right away, because they need to get their rest and keep fluids in them and be ready to prepare physically to play on a short week against another physical football team.''

The Ticats have lost the last nine of 10 games, including last year's East semifinal.

(The Canadian Press)


Morgan said...

Do the oskee wee wee know Owen?

Anonymous said...

Just can't see Kent Austin being there past Labour Day. Not sure who can jump in for him, but perhaps Taman as GM and one of the assistants moving up as head coach, with Bob Dyce taking over in 2018.

Anonymous said...

How bad is Hamilton with Ray and now Lulay having career passing days against their Defense? Starting to make the Rider win questionable since Hamilton Defense has given up 1,500 yards in 3 games.

Dboe said...

Would be kind of funny seeing Taman replace Tillman again. Looks good on them :)

Anonymous said...

Good grief. A win is a win. Give it a rest.

Anonymous said...

hamilton is horrible and very likely to be 0-8 with them playing edmonton, calgary, edmonton, winnipeg in their next four games. Looks so good on austin the grouch THE highest paid coach in the league.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with Ray and Lulay to the anon saying that hamilton D giving up big passing days against them...are you insinuating that they are older and not great QB"s because Ray is one of the best Qb's to ever play in the CFL and is still showing he is good with a decent offensive line and Lulay would be an easy top 4 Qb if he wasn't injury prone. You Rider fans can take shots like this at older Qb's that are still really good Qb's and have won GREY CUPS but defend a 38 year old Glenn that hasn't won any...shows you guys have no brains.

Anonymous said...

So beating Hamilton isn't really a win? The haters have to hate.

Chad Cronk said...

The Riders beat Hamilton; a team they were "supposed" to beat. For those with a short memory, the years when the Riders were completely abhorrent were when they couldn't beat the teams they were "supposed" to beat.

If the Riders stay competitive with Calgary on Saturday then I've gotta think we have a pretty good club this year!

Anonymous said...

You really just proved my point about my no brains comment stating that 'Hamilton isn't really a win'. I will make it easier for you so you don't hurt yourself trying to comprehend this...the comment clearly states about Ray and Lulay winning GREY CUPS and you rider fans defend an older Kevin Glenn that hasn't won any GREY CUPS, there is that easier for you. I was not talking about your win against Hamilton although it isn't much of a win either becasue it truthfully proves you beat a team lower in rank that is injured.

Anonymous said...

Is Hamilton the knew riders ?

Anonymous said...

They can't be the new riders their don't have two year collection of fifth place jerseys yet . Good news is only 4 teams in the east so probably won't be any for sale in Hamilton soon. So no they are not the new riders . Riders still unique