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Saturday, July 8, 2017


REGINA - Kevin Glenn is looking forward to a quiet week away from football with his wife and two young kids. A visit to an amusement park might be the only excitement the 38-year-old quarterback sees during the Saskatchewan Roughriders' bye week.

He has earned every minute of the upcoming relaxation.

Glenn's veteran leadership willed the Riders to their first victory of the season on Saturday, a 37-20 triumph over the visiting Hamilton Tiger-Cats at Mosaic Stadium.

Glenn completed 32-of-43 pass attempts for 380 yards and two touchdowns. He also ran for two more as the Riders improved to 1-2, the last team in the competitive West Division to crack the win column. Hamilton dropped to 0-2.

Matt Smith/CFLca
"It feels great and a lot better than last week, I will tell you that much,'' Glenn said, flanked by his eight-year-old son and five-year-old daughter. "The type of win we had today after the loss we had last week is big and a shows a lot about the team and the guys in that locker room and the type of character guys that we have.''

Hamilton held an early 7-2 lead after a Glenn pass was intercepted by Justin Rogers and returned 110 yards for a touchdown.

But Glenn responded in a big way and Riders outscored Hamilton 17-3 to close the first half with a 19-10 advantage.

Glenn's six-yard touchdown run on the ensuing possession pushed the Riders in front 9-7. After the teams traded field goals, Glenn threw a 14-yard touchdown pass to Bakari Grant.

Halftime didn't slow Glenn and Riders offence. On their first possession in the third quarter, Glenn marched the team 86 yards and capped the eight-play drive with an eight-yard touchdown pass to Duron Carter that made it 26-10.

"I think everyone understands the dynamics of our receiving corps,'' Glenn said. "The way our offence works, it can be any different receiver any night.''

Glenn's favourite target on Saturday was Naaman Roosevelt. The second-year Rider hauled in 10 passes for 167 yards, both game-highs.

Glenn completed passes to seven different receivers.

"We have a great offence. And we have a great quarterback in KG (Glenn) and he finds all of us,'' Roosevelt said. "We just have to get open for him.''

Zach Collaros and the Hamilton offence wasn't nearly as efficient. Hamilton's offence has mustered just one touchdown in the team's first two games of 2017.

"We're just not executing to a high enough level and it starts with the quarterback,'' he said. "I'm not playing well enough for us to win.

"I missed some throws in key situations that could have kept us on the field. That's on me. I just have to get better.''

Kept out of the end zone in their Week 1 loss to Toronto, Collaros finally guided the Tiger-Cats offence into the end zone when he threw a 13-yard touchdown pass to Junior Collins late in the third quarter. That score brought Hamilton to within seven at 27-20.

Collaros completed 19-of-34 passes for 189 yards and one touchdown. Jalen Saunders led Hamilton with 78 receiving yards on six catches.

Again, Glenn had answers after Hamilton got close. The Riders outscored Hamilton 10-0 in the fourth quarter, with a field goal from Tyler Crapigna and Glenn's second rushing touchdown.

Hamilton defensive back Will Hill was ejected in the third quarter after he appeared to grab an official by his shirt. Hamilton was penalized 20 times for 187 yards.

Matt Smith/
Head coach Kent Austin said the undisciplined play wasn't his only concern from the loss.

"We have to re-evaluate everything, look at where we're playing guys, what we're doing, what we're asking them to do,'' Austin said. "It still comes down to players making plays on both sides of the ball, and we're not making good enough plays right now.''

The Riders have a bye in Week 4 before they travel to Calgary in Week 5. Hamilton, meanwhile, will host the B.C. Lions in Week 4.

(Canadian Press)


- When you do enough things right, you deserve to win. That's what's good. You walk off the field knowing you deserved to win the ball game.

- It's hard to win a pro football game and when you're struggling to get that win, to walk off the field with the win, it's a good feeling.

- I thought defensively we played pretty solid. I only called four different defenses and let them play fast and hard. It was a pretty easy game plan. The guys responded and played just a little bit smarter than we had been.

- Everybody that we send, it allowed Zach to single up on receivers so we put it on our front four to go get after the QB. We lost Mrabure so our tackles had to play the whole second half.

- Anytime you can get a first down rushing or get a manageable second down, it makes it a lot easier to call plays.

- It became musical chairs on the O-line with injuries and those guys did a good job but it was great to get Derek Dennis back in there.

- I'll grade the film on Sunday and probably take a few days off. I'll take my computer with me, but I'll go up to Northern Saskatchewan to see what's going on up there.

- There's no doubt, I felt the crowd tonight more than last week. It's kudos to the people that come out and support the football team. We've left them a little bit to be desired the past year and a bit so for them to keep showing up, it's a feather in our caps.

- Kevin Glenn's real quiet. Not a rah, rah guy. He's more like Calvillo and Ricky Ray. He won't say a ton, but he'll let his play do the talking.

- I'm happy for Tyler Crapigna, that he can come out and have a real solid game. With the exception of the two misses, he's kicked solid. Now he can go on the break and exhale.

- The players need to take a couple days off. We've been going at it pretty hard for 6, 8 weeks. Our strength coach has sent them info on everything they need to do while they're away. They're a character group and they know what they need to do

- We're just trying to score points, no matter how we get them. Duron Carter's shown that he can throw the football. He's shown it in practice, and we were just trying a different way to score points.



Anonymous said...

Hamilton is getting a lot of bad calls tonight

Anonymous said...

Anon #1

More like Hamilton is taking a lot of stupid penalties tonight.

Whiner Austin lost his god status when he removed the green. Now he's just a whiner with a bunch of players who take dumb penalties.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for blown coverage assignments, this is what the Winnipeg game would have looked like.

Anonymous said...

Oskee wee wee
Oskee wah wah
Holy Mackinaw
Riders eat them raw.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please replace Ballsy with Scruffy. Ballsy just drones on while the Scruffdog seemingly crushes some Red Bulls for his halftime show cuz he gets FIRED UP!!

Big win, great effort! Calgary, we're comin for ya!


Anonymous said...

even though we won...wheres all the haters tonite???

Anonymous said...

Listened to the first 4 calls on the post-game show including that moron Sheldon that thinks he's a lot more important than he is.

All of them had to bring up some kind of negative. Simply laughable, but expected I guess.

By the way Rod, don't know what it is, but the volume on the post-game show is terrible. Sounds like Best and Woldu are at the other end of the building.


Anonymous said...

Get rid of both of them ..Ballsy is an opinionated ,loud mouthed know-it all and Scruffy is lucky that Rod likes him, as hes a horrible wanna be announcer

Anonymous said...

Riders with they are invincible they are the greatest team on turf they will never ever lose again this team is so awesome so complete and has an amazing amazing head coach wow I cant believe how good we are

Anonymous said...

Yeah hear we go... oh oh we're world beaters now look out everybody we just beat a team that some cis schools could beat.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Rod

The pressure from the D Line was nice to see.
adding the running game opened up some nice plays for the O.

Was never sure that T Coleman was the man for the job,but it seems with Dyakowski in there he is playing much better.

That Hill guy #1 from the Tigercats made a couple of really bad decisions with the refs,will be interesting to see how shovel face handles it.

Anonymous said...

Great to get that first win.. We could very easy have 5 out of 6 points. Great time for a break and come out strong.. Go Riders Go

Anonymous said...

Where are all the Jones/Glenn haters? The Riders have been close on the previous 2 games.Should have one against Montreal but last night you could see the progress. If they can play another good game against Calgary hopefully we won't see anymore haters on this blog for a while.
Go Riders

Anonymous said...

Great game by the Riders. Is Zach Collaros the next Drew Willy? He just looks indecisive and uncomfortable since his big knee injury. Drew Willy was never the same after his. Is Kent Austin losing that locker room. You just get that feeling. Like the 2011 Riders with Greg Marshall.

Anonymous said...

The last time Kevin Glenn had 2 rushing touchdowns was in 2004. He was in awe when presented with that fact.

We played well tonight against a team that looked horrible. What is wrong with Kent Austin? He looks like he is sick as he has lost alot of weight.


Anonymous said...

You guys should be proud for beating one of the lower talented teams that also have 4 or so big injuries right now. Sometime soon we will see what you really have against the big 3 of the west...that is where it matters.

Anonymous said...

Riders won "That's Good" ! Referees called a million penalties. "That's Bad". Great crowd, great weather, now the Riders get a very long rest and have to face the tough Stamps in Calgary next. That's "UNPREDICTABLE" !.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious how the moronic haters switch gears after a win, targeting instead Ballsy and the old Scruffdawg.

Anonymous said...

You beat clap for you Sask lol. Can't believe I see statements like 'were coming for you Calgary' I said before you beat Hamilton, you play like this against Calgary, Edmonton or B.C. you are going to get beat very badly. Hamilton was very out of shape again and had probably 200 yards in penalties, I hope you win a game of that nature. If Calgary is watching I can bet they are thinking hmmm, they are coming for us...well that makes my day because we can't wait to get another win.

3RD and 1 said...

A victory is certainly a nice break and a long time coming. With that being said, Hamilton is a really bad team right now. Undisciplined as well as a Defensive coordinator that is in way over his head. Jeff Reinbold is an ok positional coach. His attempt at a Head Coach position in Winnipeg years ago was disastrous. I think his Defensive Coordinator position will be short lived. As well Hamilton's offence is no where near what we are use to seeing from a Kent Austin offensive system. Zach looks to be confused as well as his confidence looks shotty at best. Who know what's going on in Hamilton. All around it's just really, really bad!
Kevin Glen has the ability to win games. His 2 years in Calgary Kevin had 26 wins with 10 losses. We all know and have seen for years that Kevin Glen is going to force the ball once or twice in a game and bad things will happen. Fortunately this game it was at the very beginning instead of the end of the game. I doubt Glen will ever break that habit as its been an issue his whole career. There are many weaknesses on the side of the Riders and a Victory will mask a lot of that. As long as they continue to progress each game, win or lose. Calgary will show Chris Jones exactly where his team is at. Hopefully SK puts on a better show than what Winnipeg did. If we continue to play defensive schemes where the players are not confused and there are no break down in complete busts. We should be able to hang in there until mid way through the 4th Qtr.
We shall see.

Anonymous said...

Jones did what fans have been asking for since he got here - stop rushing 3 men. He should have figured it out long ago. Beating Hamilton with all their injuries & 187 yards in penalties should be a given. Still, good for the Riders for coming through. But they're 1-2. Hardly world beaters. What would you call the Stamps who haven't lost a game in the last 19?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The 'walks backwards' negatives have resorted to a strange form of positive sarcasm. At least everyone gets something from a game.

Anonymous said...

Well Hamilton without a doubt is the worst team in the CFL this year. The Riders won and they won big, as they should have! Oskee wee wee .

Anonymous said...

Great win but lets be friggin realistic here! Even the odds makers had us winning against Hamilton.

We did more things right than wrong and that was the difference. It was far closer than the score indicates.

We will need to be exponentially better if we hope to keep the score respectable against Calgary in 2 weeks

As someone said It hurts to think if our kicking game had been better what our record could have been.

Anonymous said...

The haters mantra we won but ...... insert stupidity here.
What do I call a Stampeder team that hasn't lost in 19 games? Chokers! or did you forget about the epic gag in the Grey Cup?

Anonymous said...

First time that I've commented here, but the crappiest 2 announcers on football broadcasts are Michael Ball and Mitchell Blair Clean up the broadcast and get rid of them..Make more folks want to tune in.I for one turn the volume down when Blair is on and I won't listen to Ball on the call in show

Chad Cronk said...

Rod, Luc, Scruffy, Ballsy, Paul and Chris - great broadcast (as always) last night. Folks need to get the carrots out of their ears. I listen to a tonne of CFL broadcasts on the radio (ok the internet) and the package and staff put together by 620CKRM blows all other broadcasts away by a country mile.

Bill Eng said...

I would like to compliment Mitch Blair and Michael Ball. They do a great job in their roles with CKRM. I enjoy listening to both of them and I enjoy reading Mitchell's blog daily.

The Riders have the best CFL broadcast team in the country. Keep the great work.

Anonymous said...

What's a GC dynasty in Regina? One straight. As for chokers, he whose GC record is 4 wins & 15 losses should talk. Is the 13th man banner in honor of the GC that got away?

Anonymous said...

For the comment about the epic gag in the Grey made the point clear, Calgary was in the GREY CUP...where were the riders. Also I hate the Stamps but they have not lost in the regular season for 19 straight...have fun with that riderville...20 point spread for Calgary all day long.

Anonymous said...

Clap golf?? Huh?

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the brilliance of the fan base calling for the rushing change. We don't need coaches. Lol.

Anonymous said...

Only thing better than this game was the 2 guys at Moonlake Golf Course on Friday that aced holes in one on the same hole back to back...yes, you heard it. One guy cans one, the other guys steps up and cans it on top of the first guy....their balls touched in the cup....I said PARDON.

Anonymous said...

Last weekend I felt like I was watching the crowd and the big screen and admiring the surroundings. Perhaps the team lost focus a few times as well, jumping up and down trying to get the crowd going and forgetting their assignments a few times. Maybe we were all awestruck. This week I felt like the crowd was more into the game and the players were much more focused. Great game to watch and though they are not playing error free football there is tons of potential for this team to succeed. Perhaps the most satisfying part of this game was finding a way to win not lose. Lots of great things still to come but there will be ups and downs along the way, there always are. In my opinion Chris Jones has just scratched the surface, looking forward to seeing this team play to their potential.

Happy Gainer said...

Hey Bo Levi,the NFL called. They don't know who you are.

3RD and 1 said...

I see.... The Stamps are chokers because they win and dominate all year. But lost the Grey Cup in OT. Your mentioning that others are posting stupidity.... you better read your post again! If that's what you call a choker. Then what the hell would you call the Riders.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. Clueless.

Anonymous said...

Why do you care?

Anonymous said...

Would be nice when at the game and one looks at that huge Jumbotron it would show a replay occasionally instead of endless pictures of fans. BORING !!!I guess I am used to TV where you actually see replays and close calls. Am I the only one who thinks this way or do Sask Rider fans love seeing pictures of people instead of plays????

Anonymous said...

Don't want to take away from Riders win, but I feel bad for Ticats fans. Downward spiral since Banks almost played GC hero in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Appears that a sore spot has been hit with Stamp fans. Throats still a little sore from choking?

Anonymous said...

I guess choking is probably taking it over and over and over hey sask haha.

Anonymous said...

I agree on the replays of the game/highlight plays being shown more often on the jumbotron. However, I like the expanded in-game stats package on both teams. Very informative.

Remember, the CFL doesn't want close plays shown. Suitor said the pass the Chris Jones challenged should have been incomplete. Command centre did not overturn it. Should we be surprised?!

Aaron Anderson

Anonymous said...

One area no one seems to mention is how well the Riders coverage teams played in containing Banks. Not sure if he really broke one of any consequence. Still early but coverage teams seem to have really improved from last year. Lets hope they keep it up. Agree with one comment that Glenn seems to force one or two per game with usually dire consequences. Think he forced a few more than that this game but managed to dodge a few bullets. One area of concern is end of game clock management. What's with the throwing of low percentage long passes. Sure, when they work they're great, like the one to Carter did, but when they go incomplete, the clock won't start till the snap. Why not try shorter less risky passes that do a better job of eating the clock?

Morgan said...

Haha. Salty cry baby. Take your tears elsewhere.

Morgan said...

Oskee wee wee, oskee wawa! Kent Austin eaten raw! The oskee wee wee are in trouble!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh you witty Albertan's lol

Anonymous said...

four-skin pete didn't cheer loud enough

Anonymous said...

We won, but I still dont like Chris Jones very much.

Morgan said...

I feel bad for stamps fans... Look how angry they are? A factual comment basically just lit up their world. I'm glad I'm from Saskatchewan and don't have rice paper thin skin like the boys from cow town do.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! Replays.....PLEASE!!!!

3RD and 1 said...

First of all I'm not s Stamps fan. In fact I don't like the franchise, I can't stand loud mouth, cry baby, self appointed guardian of the league Bo Levi Mitchell. He's good but the tools Huff has put all around him gives him much better opportunities to be successful. Plus I'm not a fan of Calgary fans when you attend a game in their old worn out stadium. However the fact of the matter is the Stamps are a power house and they win games. If you try and be little their achievement by calling the team chokers and stuff like that. Then your disrespecting your own team even more. Whether you like it or not. Agree with it or not. The fact remains that the stamps are the power house of the league. Which makes our Riders bottom dwellers until they can prove otherwise. Use logic here not green koolaid.