Realty One

Thursday, July 6, 2017


TORONTO (July 5, 2017) – The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced on Wednesday:

Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver Duron Carter was fined for grabbing Winnipeg Blue Bombers linebacker Sam Hurl's facemask in a reckless and unsafe manner

As per league policy, the amount of the player fine was not disclosed.

"The league made a ruling and we stand by the decision," Rider receivers coach Markus Howell said on CKRM's Coaches Show on Wednesday. "Duron and I sat down and watched the film and made the necessary corrections. It wasn't intentional on his part. The ball was intercepted and Duron was trying and run down and make a tackle, and knock a guy out of the way. He caught his facemask instead of his shoulder pad. Duron accepts the fine and we're moving on."

Howell admitted that Duron Carter will always be making headlines, but not necessarily for all the right reasons. The 25-year old OSU product always makes his presence known.

"Duron has a bubbly personality, is great in the meeting rooms and every receiver brings his own traits to he room and to the field," Howell continued. "He's a dymanic playmaker and we're just coaching him to be a better leader. It's not always about what you do on the field, but what you do off of it and how you bring these young receivers along. That's because these young receivers look up to him.

"We've got a lot of other leaders in the room but Duron's just a little more boisterous. He likes to let people know that he can play! Whereas we have other guys like Naaman (Roosevelt) and Rob Bagg who are more quiet, workman-like and like to show through their example. But they all get the job done."



Anonymous said...

Just move on. Duron Carter has not caused any problems so far. A rough play fine can be called so many times, by many different teams, guess it was his turn.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Never Carter's fault is it?


Anonymous said...

I don't expect him to say anything different but there was no way that wasn't intentional. It was a dangerous rough play foul and he needs to have more respect for other players

Anonymous said...

Why is there an article about a face-mask penalty and fine? Good grief.

Anonymous said...

There were like nine players fined last week and barely a peep. Duron Carter gets fined and instantly its a story. Fans are up in arms about the dirty rough play yet Roosevelt was fined for a rough play in Montreal.


Anonymous said...

First game, an argument on the sidelines.
Second game, a fine.
What's the over/under on the length of Carter's Rider career?

Anonymous said...

Rod, can you maybe have a discussion with Luc today on the Sportcage in regards to all the young Canadian O-Linemen the Riders now have? Maybe dig into what you believe the future plan is?

Bladek, St.John, D.Guy, Zver, Meredith & Adusei

The reason I ask these guys aren't going to stick around here and sit on the bench. Zver didn't come here to go on our practise roster either. He will rotate each week between the 46 and 1-game injury list. Same for St.John.

Do you believe this is the last year for LaBatte, Clark and Peter D.? I fully expect Bladek to be starting by the end of this year or at the beginning of next season. St.John will be a starter as well but could also be used as a trade chip (Franklin).

Guy/Zver should be able to take a guard position I would hope. They are also 100k a year cheaper than Labatte who honestly, is no where near his all-star caliber seasons.

Also, i get it ...... you can never have enough Canadian o-linemen but at some point you have to make a move. Clark and LaBatte get a lot of cake but i don't see irreplaceable players here.

When is this next wave going to step in ..... ?

Anonymous said...

Good grief! It's football! It's a very tough and tumble sport. Next thing will be fining players for incidental "contact" when several end up in a pile. All kinds of rough stuff occurs there and it's just part of the game.

Anonymous said...

regarding the Roosevelt no-story - On 3d nation the article was captioned with a picture of Roosevelt but told the story of all the fines levied.

Unknown said...

Bruce Campbell is one the Pr too.

Anonymous said...

Caleb Holley took a dumb penalty in Montreal. Likely cost the team the game. Cut him and Carter.

Anonymous said...

Whoever you are, you must really have it out for Carter. That's the second time you've posted this. Get a life!

Anonymous said...

The league has to get money from somewhere, and sask is the only place with a full stadium, duh.

Anonymous said...

You don't just replace players like LaBatte & Clark with young guys who haven't played much. One of the BIG problems with the Riders is they have too MANY young players. Jones said he made a conscious effort to bring in guys like Bakari, Owens & so forth to add some veteran leadership to the team. You're going to look at putting in Guy, Zver & Bladek by the end of the year? What exactly has Zver done prior to coming to the Riders? Take a look at a veteran team like the Eskimos for example. Their starting group has played 4 years together except for Figueroa who has been a backup for 2 years after joining them from Hamilton where he was a starter the year before. He's replaced Batiste because he's 27 & Batiste is 35. Batiste is still good & on the practice roster. THEIR draft choices, Groulx & Beard have been learning on the team for 3 years & started a number of games. Groulx is 27, Beard 24 & are learning the system. When Rottier, 33, slows down they have 2 guys who can take up a starting role - he's the ONLY starter over 30. Their draft choice, Roy, will be learning the next 3 years. Lastly, they picked up 27 year old Kelly from the NFL after being a starter with Ottawa. He joins Batiste as backup at tackle. That's doing it the proper way. You don't just get rid of your experience on OL & rush these guys. We've done that before with Vonk, Picton & a pile of others. Wasn't Picton the stud at mini-camp last year? Where is he now?

Anonymous said...

Story on about Russell Wilson and Jake Heaps starting up a school for young QBs.

Anonymous said...

We didn't rush Vonk or Picton. They had one start between the two of them. I think Picton only even dressed a couple times. Rushing?

Also, i only said Bladek to start by the end of this year. We have had substandard O-Line play for 3 seasons now and Labatte and Clark haven't exactly been lights out. With Labatte making 210k and Clark making 165k, but are they really that much better than our young guys. Clark might be the worst C in the league. We let Watman walk and he immediately starts for another team.
BC & Calgary start a rookie(s) almost every year. Its not unheard of.

My point is, what's the plan? Why even draft an o-lineman in the first two rounds if you're never going to play them. Don't talk about future as it's been proven year after year that our o-line drafting is a crap shoot like any other position. Might as well draft one of the Canadian LB's or DL that are starting on other teams.
From Rider drafts ....... Only Heenan from 2012 and Watman from 2013 have got significant playing time in the last 10 years and neither are in Regina. Clark was a JR territorial exemption.
I guess it's not as tough as everyone thinks to find o-linemen.

Anonymous said...

Bruce Campbell is american.

Anonymous said...

You people are seriously putting that much research and thought into the riders back-up offensive lineman. good grief please Pedersen don't spend more than 5 minuites discussing this on the cage or your ratings will plummet and i'll fall into a deep sleep...I'd rather listen to stories of your past indiscretions at LA DEE DA'S or Checkers!