Realty One

Saturday, July 8, 2017


WHO: Hamilton (0-1) at Saskatchewan (0-2)
WHEN: Saturday July 8 2017, 8:00 pm ST
WHERE: Mosaic Stadium, Regina
FORECAST: 26 degrees Celsius, 50% chance of thundershowers
ODDS: Riders favoured by 2
REFEREE: Tim Kroeker

RIDERS: Home 0-1, Vs East, 0-1, Last Week: 43-40 2OT home loss to WPG
TICATS: Road 0-1, Vs West, 0-0, Last Week: Bye

QB Kevin Glenn is 3rd in CFL passing (675 yards, 5 TDs, 3 INTs) ... WR Nic Demski is 6th in CFL receiving (169 yards, 1 TD) ... RB Cameron Marshall is 5th in CFL rushing (95 yards, 0 TDs) ... Riders are 4th in points scored and 5th in sacks allowed.

QB Zach Collaros has thrown for 242 yards, 0 TDs and 1 INT ... WR Luke Tasker leads the club in receiving (77 yards, 0 TDs) ... RB C.J. Gable leads the team in rushing (9 yards, 0 TDs) ... Ticats are 9th in points scored and 7th in sacks allowed.

LB Sam Williams leads the Riders in tackles (12) ... DE Jonathon Newsome leads in INT (1) ... Willie Jefferson is the CFL leader in QB Pressures (6) ... Riders are 5th in points allowed and 5th in sacks.

W. Hill leads in tackles (7) ... Three players are tied for the team sack lead with (1) including John Chick ... Ticats are 6th in points allowed and 6th in sacks.

RIDERS SPEC TEAMS: K Tyler Crapigna is 7/9 on field goals (77%, 8th-best) ... P Josh Bartel is 5th in punting average (44.1) ... Nic Demski leads in PR yards while Greg Morris leads in KR yards ... Glenn Love is the CFL's Special Teams tackles leader (7).

TICATS SPEC TEAMS: K/P Sergio Castillo is 2/2 on field goals and 9th in punting average (40.3) ... Brandon Banks leads in PR and KR yards.

NOTES: Riders are a league worst -3 in the turnover ratio while Hamilton is 7th at -1 ... Hamilton is the least-penalized team while Saskatchewan is 5th ... The two teams will meet again on Friday, September 15 in Hamilton.



Willie said...

Riders will come out flying in this one and come away with a 39-17 WIN.

Anonymous said...

Did not expect to see the Riders favored.

This is a MUST win for Jones, all of the coaches and Craig R. I am getting sick and tired of losing and if things don't turn around we won't beat last year's record.

Why didn't Jones trade Newsome instead of just cutting him. Jones needs to get his ego in check. Craig R. needs to step in or the Board will be stepping in to talk to Craig R.


Newt from YQR

Anonymous said...

to trade someone, another team has to be willing to give up something for them.

No team was willing to trade an asset, player or pick, for Newsome.

Someone needs a Snickers

Anonymous said...

Technically they are not favoured. Oddmakers always give the home team 3 points and since they are only 2 point favorites, in essence ticats are one point favorites.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Willie!


The Poet said...

Here it is, another home game
A Saturday night, the fans won't be tame

We are counting on good old Kevin Glenn
and our defense to keep the Ti-Cats in a pen

Some out their claim Austin as their god
But to most of us he is just an angry old sod

Its going to be one heck of a show
Just think, in four months they could be playing in the snow

Enjoy the heat
and hope we don't get beat!
(A win would be a real nice treat)

Anonymous said...

lose tonight and the season is essentially over

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys on here are high I think!

It's a rebuild and we have played 20 games with this regime.

How many games do you honestly think is fair to win in a rebuild?

It's obvious that the talent has improved and the games have been exciting. Its clear we are headed in the right direction.

Some of you guys need to get off the glue and pay attention.

To say lose 1 more game and the season is over is dumb. But if we don't make the playoffs but have moved in the right direction setting us up for a strong year 3 and longer in the REBUILD, then so be it.

Mike D.

Anonymous said...

Your secondary is brutal and that could be bad news if Collaros gets in form...this is going to be a close game which could go either way. I understand certain rider fans can predict a blowout of 39 to 17 but your defence is far from good enough to do this.

Anonymous said...

Where is our old pal Oskee today? He is always good for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Ti-cats blow out the riders 37-18

Anonymous said...

To Mike D;

Patience, my ass! I want a winner!

Get off the glue and pay attention.


Anonymous said...

Yes I am pissed off. Why did Ottawa sign him so quickly then.

Newt From YQR

Anonymous said...

In an 18 game season? Really?

Anonymous said...

Good post.

EasternFootballisajoke said...

Just reverse the teams and change 18 to z20

Anonymous said...

I also agree with Willie, riders 37 ticats 20.

Anonymous said...

It takes only 1 season to rebuild in the cfl, I've seen that statement on here. And I believe it, Toronto looks to be doing ok , so far, and that's with no rebuild, just a good q.b. As long as they protect ray, these coaches could very well go a long way.