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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Hamilton Spectator
The Canadian Football League (CFL) announced that it has imposed the following discipline arising out of play #89 in the third quarter of Game #21 on Saturday, July 8th, 2017, Hamilton at Saskatchewan:

Following a hearing, Hamilton Tiger-Cats defensive back Will Hill has been assessed a one-game suspension for grabbing the jersey of an Official. This behaviour is unacceptable and violated the standards of acceptable conduct within the CFL. In addition, Hill was ejected from the game and issued a fine for punching a Saskatchewan player in a separate incident on the same play.

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie added:

“It is a fundamental principle in all of sport: you cannot and must not lay your hands on an official. Just as officials are integral to the integrity of competition, respect for officials is essential to proper behaviour in the arena of competition. I acknowledge that in this case, the player involved appeared to quickly realize the inappropriateness of his actions, and released the official. But that does not erase the fact that the player crossed a line that should never be crossed in sport at any level, and which certainly should be respected in an elite professional league such as the Canadian Football League. Furthermore, by punching an opponent, this player has not only displayed the opposite of sportsmanship, he has undermined the commitment to player health and safety that must be shared by the league and its players alike. Just as Player Safety is critical to our game, so too is the safety of our officials. I’m committed to developing a policy in the very near term to improve and codify the safety standards to further protect our officials.”

The suspension is to be served immediately. The Tiger-Cats’ next game is this Saturday. Should the player choose to appeal the suspension, it would not be served unless and until it has been upheld by an independent arbitrator, in keeping with the terms of the current collective bargaining agreement between the CFL and the Canadian Football League Players Association. The fine is also imposed immediately.


mister winnipeg said...

Ejection + 1 game + fine is pretty light if you ask me. What kind of message does that send?

Anonymous said...

Yep, very light. Should've been a minimum 3 games up to as many as 6 games. Of course the argument that coaches are treated more favorably (KA)is now moot. Stronger suspensions and fines are required if either coaches or players touch a ref.

Anonymous said...

Hope the Referee's union was consulted!

Anonymous said...

One additional game.... Feels cautious.

Is there anything in the CBA (player's or ref's) that states a minimum; like the NHL's minimum 10 games?

Hound dog

Don Mitchell said...

I'm thinking that league feels that 1 game will hopefully stave off the inevitable appeal. Though I wish the league had the ability to nail this person with 3+ games.

Derek said...

I'm not saying it couldn't have been longer, but bear in mind that a one game suspension in the CFL is equivalent to roughly a five game suspension in the NHL.

CJ Evans said...

If you look at social media opinion and the clips going around, this looks like a very serious altercation. Watching the game and seeing the incident a couple of times, it doesn't look like that serious of an incident, in my opinion (despite, being in contact with the official). I would speculate that Hill grabbed the ref to demonstrate how he was held on the play... he didn't go to the ref to accost him about the non-call. However, Hill made a poor decision to grab the ref at all and this is the big no-no! I believe the league handed out the correct discipline. It is also nice to see the matter handled in a timely manner by the league office!

Anonymous said...

The message is;

Another lame ass CFL commisionair running the business setting his bar of almost zero displenary league action for future flagarent on field indiscretions. Go ahead, grab the refferees by the collor, choking them in the process, it's ok. Have a free for all.

Anonymous said...

With Ambrosie being involved with the players union, this was about as much as one could reasonably expect. That is of course as long as you aren't wearing green!

To a greater extent it does shine a very bad light on Hamilton and in particular Austin. Was he not fined (and should have been properly suspended) for getting into a physical altercation with an official last year? It does clearly seem to show that there is little respect by Hamilton management, coaches and players in regards to the the CFL, it's officials and of course the fans.