Realty One

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


The Roughriders got back to work on Tuesday and they were a jovial bunch despite their 27-10 loss in Calgary Saturday night, which dropped their record to 1-3.

There were plenty of lively quotes coming out of the session at Mosaic Stadium.

Roughriders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones was asked about Saturday's pregame dust-up between receiver Duron Carter and Stampeders safety Joshua Bell.

"First of all Duron and I've spoken on it," Jones explained. "You can't cross midfield (in warmups). He was totally in the wrong and I know Duron got fined, and rightfully so. None of that stuff ever makes you play better. It certainly didn't help us."

As far as he's concerned, Duron Carter wasn't aware of any fine and said the whole situation is much ado about nothing.

"I don't know if I got fined yet," Carter smiled.  "I was talking about (Bell's) make-up or his facepoint, or whatever, and I guess I crossed (midfield). He took offense to it but we're all grown men. You know what you can and can't do before a football game. It was just for entertainment. It wasn't anything for real."

The confrontation was captured by the TSN cameras and replayed during the game broadcast however Carter never saw the video.

"To tell you the truth, I don't watch too much TSN," Carter smiled. "I didn't really see anything after the fact. It happens, and I forget about it. I'm just focused on the next week, for real. No hard feelings, I guess, it's football. That's what we do out there.

"To me, if I can get under somebody's skin, it just seemed like I got in his skin and I wore it, like it was a bodysuit. It felt kind of good."

Meanwhile Rider quarterback Kevin Glenn talked about hitting the 50,000 yard career passing plateau in Saturday's game. He's only the 7th CFL'er in the league's history to hit that milestone.

Glenn was asked if he's had a Hall of Fame career in the CFL.

"Of course. No doubt," Glenn shrugged. "Is an elephant heavy? Next question."

Regarding the loss, Chris Jones said they've had plenty of time to pour over the film of the lopsided defeat.

"It didn't look any prettier the second, third, fourth time we watched it," Jones explained. "They were the better team, the more-prepared team. They played faster, they executed at a higher level and we've got work to do to get to that level."



Anonymous said...

Carter is a clown.

Anonymous said...

Kevin, I am sorry but no, you are not a hall of fame player. Longevity doesn't apply.

Anonymous said...

This guy is still acting like an idiot when is he going to grow up and play football?

Anonymous said...

How can you say Glenn is not a hall of fame. If Lancaster is there, Glenn should be too.Both will be there for longevity and the number of yards passed! Don't use the excuse that Ron won a Grey Cup and Glenn didn't.

Anonymous said...

Wake up you 2 , Duran won't have any game if the quarterback can't get him the ball, you just don't get it do you.

Anonymous said...

I don't know. Does an elephant have a losing record like Glenn?

Also, facepoint?

Anonymous said...

Don't knock it. That Carter situation was the most exciting thing the Riders did all game.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think the riders need a clown like Duran, he lightens the mood, as long as he plays ball.

Anonymous said...

Hello Duron. You got the attention you wanted & BOY, did you get under their skin. Do you like numbers? TWO catches on FIVE targets for TWELVE yards = ONE LOSS. But thanks, it may have been 50-10 if you didn't do your thing to help your club and "get under their skin".

Anonymous said...

I love it! Where has the Schultz stomp, the nate davis peeimg like a dog antics gone? Need a little fire in the games. Sometimes you meed to let the stallions buck and kick a little before you rein them in! I always thought Darrian played his best whem he got angry or pissed off at something.

GB said...

What a dick lol

Anonymous said...

Who is comparing Ron Lancaster to Kevin Glenn? K.G couldn't carry Ronnie's jock strap and that's no disrespect to K.G. - Lancaster got his yard in a 16 game season and won a Grey Cup. He had how many MVPs, and got his time I think to 5 Grey Cups total, and piles of Western Finals. Suffice to say Lancaster owned the CFL when he played. His comebacks with George were Elwayesque before Elway was even born.

Kevin Glen is a very good professional QB. He is a journeyman, .500 record, off/on and he will keep you competitive however you will not win a thing with that guy.

I am grateful he is on the team because well there is nobody else, he plugs a hole and he can stay there for the next 3 years until hopefully someone comes along.

So yes 50,000 yards is an accomplishment they were all between the 20s but no he is not a Hall of Famer not even close.

Phil said...

If I was Duron Carter... I would shut up this week and get to work. That drop that I have stayed away from mentioning... was a game killer. It was right in the numbers and would have given us a chance to win a game we didn't deserve to even be in.

Its time Duron... put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

Difference is those teams won something, this team hasn't won s__t, and looked brutal saturday.

Anonymous said...

Duran Carter didn't know you don't cross midfield during warm-up?
How many years has this imbecile been playing football?
It just shows he has no respect for the game.
But he's a Jones kinda guy.

Anonymous said...

He's funny!

Anonymous said...

Duron "BOZO" Carter: "It happens, and I forget about it. I'm just focused on the next week, for real. No hard feelings, I guess, it's football. That's what we do out there.". You should have been focused on the Calgary game, not next week's game.

As for "It was just for entertainment", you are in the wrong business if you want to be an entertainer.......

And I know this is hard for some blowhard people to fathom, but Kevin Glenn DEFINITELY belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Anonymous said...

Mr, Duron Carter a world class athlete, but Saskatchewan Roughriders fan base just to ignorant to recognize or appreiate him during his tenure here with the team. Go meet him personally you so called know it all fans, you couldn't meet a nicer happy engaging guy, truth!

Anonymous said...

He is not being paid to be a nice guy. There are a lot of nice guys around. He is paid to be a receiver and catch the ball. Most of us aren't paid to be nice, happy and engaging. We are paid to produce. If he is a world class athlete, he needs to walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Anonymous said...

Truth is outside the game he could be that happy fellow but when he gets a Jersey on he turns into a moron.