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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Matt Smith/
The Saskatchewan Roughriders are currently in a bye week following Saturday's 37-20 home victory over Hamilton which moved them out of the league basement at 1-2. Here are some numbers from CFL Statistics after three weeks of the 2017 campaign.

1 - PASSING #23: 38-year old quarterback Kevin Glenn is 3rd in CFL passing with 1,055 yards and he's now only 681 yards behind Ron Lancaster for #6 all-time. We figured in training camp that it would take until mid-to-late August for Glenn to reach that milestone however with the way he's going, he'll pass the Little General by August Long Weekend. The bad news is K.G. leads the CFL in interceptions with 4.

2 - CAN'T THROW THE DEEP PASS?: Kevin Glenn is 44.8% on passes 16+ yards, which is 4th-best. Ricky Ray is by far #1 at 60.0% on passes in that range while Zach Collaros is a league-worst 33.3%.

3 - DROPS: After careful consideration, the CFL has elected not to track or publicize dropped passes in 2017 after initially declaring their attention to do so last month. Why? Because "this statistic brings such high potential for criticism to the players" as it was explained to me this morning by the CFL office.

Plus, drops are "extraordinarily challenging" for stats crews across the country to define as they occur. Besides, teams are keeping track of this stat on their own anyway.

However we've been informed that Calgary leads the league in drops, followed by Edmonton and Saskatchewan!

4 - BIG MAC ATTACK: Roughriders Offensive Coordinator Stephen McAdoo oversees an offense which is #1 in offensive points scored (90) and #1 in Time of Possession (33:20).

5 - WHERE'S THE LOVE?: Unheralded free agent signing Glenn Love leads the CFL in Special Teams Tackles through three weeks with 8.

6 - TANDEMS: The most popular Quarterback-Receiver tandem in the CFL this year resides in Ottawa between Trevor Harris and Brad Ellingson. The second-most common hook up is here in Saskatchewan with Kevin Glenn and Naaman Roosevelt.

7 - PRESIDENT JEFFERSON: CKRM's Defensive Game Star in the win over Hamilton, DE Willie Jefferson (4 tackles, 1 sack) leads the CFL in Quarterback Pressures with 9.

8 - ANOTHER LEAGUE LEADER: 3rd-year kicker returner Greg Morris leads the CFL in kick return yards. He fumbled a kickoff on Canada Day which led to a Winnipeg touchdown, but Chris Jones stuck with the kid and his stats show why ... Meanwhile running back Cameron Marshall is 4th in CFL rushing (166 yards) but he's the only running back in the Top 5 without a touchdown.

9 - TURNOVER RATIO: Saturday's win over Hamilton was the first time the Riders didn't lose the turnover battle in a game and, not surprisingly, they won. They've moved out of the basement in the takeaway-giveaway department and are now 7th at -2. Calgary is #1 (+6) while Ottawa is 9th (-4).

10 - GIVING CREDIT WHERE IT'S DUE: CKRM football analyst Mike Abou-Mechrek rated CFL officiating at 10/10 on Monday's SportsCage through the opening three weeks. How about a round of applause for CFL V.P. of Football Glen Johnson and his officials, along with the fact this has been the most entertaining stretch of CFL games in years?



John Meissner said...

#10 sounds great and is pretty impressive.

Unknown said...

Improve the turnover ratio and game outcomes will be much more solid.

Russell Cone said...

I love the Presidents Nickname for Carter and Roosevelt. But you can add Grant to that moniker as well!

Anonymous said...

Kevin Glenn is taking charge of his team and he deserves to have a great year. Saskatchewan Roughriders have a great video on twitter and facebook of Kevin tossing the football to his son after his touchdown run. Awesome stuff! Also the video of Duron Carter and Gainer delivering for Skip the Dishes is pretty awesome as well. It's great to see the excitement returning to this team! Stats are always going to be important in order to grade players and teams but I just want to watch games or listen to games that hold my interest for three hours and make me proud of the team I cheer for. The first three have done that for sure.

Anonymous said...

You could also add President Jefferson lol.

Hey Rod...any word on the status of the injuries to Cameron Judge and Mrabure from Saturday night?

Anonymous said...

Rider fans are starting to appreciate what an enormous talent Roosevelt has become in the CFL. Some great years ahead!

The Professor said...

Although he is on defense, perhaps we should include Jefferson as part of our Rider Presidents who are Making Riders Great Again!

By the way, the first President Roosevelt had ties to the Rough Riders in the Spanish-American War.

Anonymous said...

Glenn plays until early-mid October, then when the Riders are eliminated from playoff contention, then we can end the charade and start evaluating Bridge and Williams.

Willaims comes out of the year as the backup, and pushes Glenn out next year. Esks move on from Riley due to injuries and age and retain Franklin.

U read it here first.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the Riders can swing a deal with the Bombers for L'Damien Washington to beef up the roster of presidents. See a defense line up to battle Roosevelt, Carter, Grant and Washington!

Keith Pottruff said...

2016 in 15 games Darian Durant threw for 14 TD's. So far in 2017 Kevin Glenn has thrown for 7 so on pace for 42 (which would be amazing though unlikely).

Maybe this Chris Jones guy knows what he's doing after all?

Anonymous said...

You can also add Johnson. You may also add Jackson, if you include coaches. Why not trade for both Washington & Adams? Grab Hoover from the Esks while you're at it.

Anonymous said...

Nice try! If Darian Durant had the oline and recieving core that Kevin Glenn has this year, those numbers would have been very different. Apples and oranges.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't get to worked up over this 1 win, remember it was Hamilton, we'll see how it goes over the next 3 games, then we'll know a little more where they are as a team

Anonymous said...

You guys beat Hamilton and all of a sudden the riders are turning great again?...beat Calgary, B.C or the Eskimos or even Ottawa and then you can start believing this, beating the bottom teams proves your the best of the bottom and that gets you no where.

Caesar said...

Officiating a 10/10? wow, I put it at MAYBE a 2/10.
Inconsistent is the reason. Add in the lack of attention to the review process, where is LITERALLY is a coin toss.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE - "Nice try! If Darian Durant had the oline and recieving core that Kevin Glenn has this year, those numbers would have been very different. Apples and oranges."

HMMM ..... Montreal hasn't given up a sack this year so there's that.

Stop being a Durant apologist. Why can't the truth be that he's playing exactly how he did here for the last two years. Is anyone surprised by whats happening in Montreal? I'm not.

Also, he has one of the best RB's in the CFL. He hasn't experienced that since 2013.

The receiving core in Montreal is just fine.
Ernest Jackson was the East MVP last year. Top 3 receiver in the league.
Nic Lewis, say what you want but he continues to produce. Over 1100 yards last season and over 100 catches.
Cunningham is a great receiver and Underwood isn't far behind.

Stop making excuses for him. DD was a great QB from '09 - '14. Since his injury in September 2014, he's been on a slow decline. That's the reality. Some QB's can play until they're 40 but not ones who have the "miles" on their body like DD.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, it's as if durant was set up to fail , no protection, left JONES with a 5-13 season.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Durant was set up to fail. We used about a dozen o-linemen last year because of injuries. Only Coleman played the whole year. Receiving core was decimated with injuries. We were 5-13 for a reason. Durant owns part of that but not all.

We moved on. its over.

Anonymous said...

Rod, I hear a lot of fans, even callers on your show, saying That Jones decimated the team with all the cuts when he was hired. Should have kept guys, veteran players, to help with the transition. Well here they are. Interesting that only 5 guys even played in the CFL again and only a couple (only two years later) are still in the CFL.

SSK DEL INT Sage HAROLD (DE) James Madison
SSK DEL INT Stephen HOUSTON (RB) Indiana
SSK DEL INT Tyron BRACKENRIDGE (DB) Washington State
SSK DEL INT Weldon BROWN (DB) Louisiana Tech
SSK DEL INT Marshay GREEN (DB) Mississippi
SSK DEL INT Terrell MAZE (DB) San Diego State
SSK DEL NAT Scott MCHENRY (SB) Saskatchewan
SSK DEL INT Junior MERTILE (DB) Florida International
SSK DEL NAT Kyle NORRIS (LB) Saint Mary’s
SSK DEL INT Jamel RICHARDSON (SB) Victor Valley College
SSK DEL INT Blake SIMS (QB) Alabama
SSK DEL INT Chad SPANN (RB) Northern Illinois
SSK DEL INT Alex SUBER (DB) Middle Tennessee State
SSK DEL INT Derek WALKER (DL) Illinois
SSK DEL NAT Keenan MACDOUGALL (DB) Saskatchewan
SSK DEL INT Nicholas TAYLOR (DB) Florida International
SSK DEL NAT Matthew REA (FB) Michigan State
SSK DEL NAT Melvin ABANKWAH (RB) Saint Mary’s
SSK DEL INT Denicos ALLEN (LB) Michigan State
SSK DEL INT Quinterrius EATMON (OL) South Florida
SSK DEL INT Ryan JONES (DL) Montana Tech
SSK DEL INT DJ LYNCH (LB) Bowling Green State
SSK DEL INT Robert SANDS (DB) West Virginia

*SSK DEL INT Victor HARRIS (CB) Virginia Tech
*SSK DEL INT Anthony ALLEN (RB) Georgia Tech
*SSK DEL INT Tristan JACKSON (DB) Central Arkansas

**SSK DEL INT Weston DRESSLER (WR) North Dakota
**SSK DEL INT John CHICK (DL) Utah StateBC
**SSK DEL INT Jermarcus HARDRICK (OL) Nebraska

I think it's good perspective to actually see the talent or lack of talent Jones was dealing with when he took over in December of 2015. Staggeringly brutal actually. Some people forget that Jones took over a 3-15 team. 5-22 in their previous 29 games.

Anonymous said...

Hey - thats exactly it - MTL's recieving core is "fine". Once they've got 5-6 games together DD'll have them producing.

A big part of why their oline hasnt given up a sack is DD's ability to avoid them. Ive watched all 3 of their games and their pass protection is suspect at best.

As much as I dislike Jones, its plain to see the rider offense this year is much more complete as a unit. If you had Durant running it, the Riders are probably 3-0 right now.

How, you ask? Glenn has played great, you say? Sure, no argent there. The argument is that Durant has always shown that if you give him the tools - he wins. Glenn is solid, always has been, but his killer instinct isnt what Durant's is.

Glenn is simply Jones's stop gap until the Riders are eliminated from the playoffs. Ill be very surprised if he's still here next year.

Anonymous said...

He played very well last year considering the offence Jones fielded. He did not play in 2015. In 2014 he had the riders at 8 wins and vying for first place at labour day before the hit on his arm knocked him out. In 2013 I think he may have won a trophy of some kind.

That's why it can' t be the truth...because its not. Never was. He's been pretty much the same guy since his elbow injury - his surroundings are what havs changed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks cfl for giving the Riders an easy schedule to start the seasson and lots of days between games . Its been great!!

Anonymous said...

You can't have it both ways. You say DD has a great receiving team in MTL - Lewis had 1100 yards, Cunningham is a great receiver. He also has Jackson. I agree 100%. Glenn had Lewis, Cunningham & Carter last year. Pretty much the same talent, right? Yet Glenn, with those receivers you say are very good, was 3-6. Take it one step further & with Carter, Roosevelt & Grant Glenn is only 1-2, same as DD. Too early to say who's going to be better. Yes, Glenn has played very well but no better in the standings than Durant. Let's wait & see.