Realty One

Friday, July 28, 2017


WINNIPEG - Matt Nichols wasn't going to give up when a comeback looked improbable.

The Winnipeg quarterback ran 15 yards to help set up Andrew Harris's winning one-yard touchdown as time expired in a wild 41-40 Blue Bombers victory over the Montreal Alouettes on Thursday.

"I was going to do anything to win that game,'' Nichols said.

A Winnipeg comeback seemed unlikely when Stefan Logan scored a 31-yard touchdown run with 1:40 left in the game to make it 40-28 Alouettes, but that wasn't the case.

Nichols marched his team down the field on their next possession and hit Ryan Lankford for a four-yard TD with 48 seconds on the clock.

Justin Medlock was then successful with his onside kick, as linebacker Brandon Alexander recovered the ball, and the Bombers started on their own 52-yard line with 44 seconds to play.

After a combination of penalties taken by Montreal propelled Winnipeg into Alouettes' territory, Harris completed the comeback. The touchdown stood despite it appearing that Harris's knee was down before crossing the goal-line.

"Honestly, there was no nerves about the onside (kick),'' Nichols said. "I wasn't antsy about it. I just had a feeling they were going to get it and I knew that once we got the opportunity, in my mind the game was over. We were going to go down and score.''

Nichols completed 34-of-43 pass attempts for 358 yards with no interceptions and two TDs.

Montreal pivot Darian Durant was 27-of-35 for 348 yards, two TDs and an interception that led to Harris's first major off a two-yard run.

Logan said he felt his team was ripped off.

"We went with everything we had, man, all the way till the end of the game,'' the 36-year-old veteran said.

"And I don't like calling people out and stuff like that, but these refs, man, they gotta get better with this man. These refs is really blowing these games man.''

Logan was especially upset about linebacker Chris Ackie being called for roughing the passer on the Bombers' winning drive.

"That wasn't an illegal hit,'' Logan claimed. "Man, that was a regular hit of a shoulder pad to shoulder pad. It just looked violent 'cause (Ackie) didn't wrap. He just hit (Nichols) hard. But it's a part of football. It wasn't like he went across his face or nothing like that. It don't make no sense, man.

"We're playing against 15 people. We're playing against the other team and the refs, and that ain't fair man. I'm sorry, that ain't fair.''

Harris also had the game's first TD with a two-yard run.

"In the CFL, you're never out of it,'' said Harris, who had 12 carries for 41 yards and nine catches for 93 yards.

"It definitely showed true tonight. I think the biggest thing was the fact that we were down two scores and there was no quit in our team. It was a big win for us.''

The Bombers (3-2) had tied the game 27-27 in front of 25,931 fans at Investors Group Field off a Medlock 27-yard field goal with 33 seconds left in the third quarter, but a head's up play by Montreal receiver Eugene Lewis led to the Alouettes retaking the lead.

With the ball looking like it was flying out of bounds, Lewis _ making his CFL debut _ batted it back into play and teammate B.J. Cunningham grabbed it and ran down to Winnipeg's one-yard line.

The Alouettes (2-4) couldn't break Winnipeg's defensive stand, but regained a 30-27 lead with Boris Bede's nine-yard field goal at 1:42 of the fourth quarter.

Medlock went wide right on a 37-yard field-goal attempt and Winnipeg settled for a single.

Bede stretched the lead to 33-28 with a 34-yarder at 9:08 and Logan followed up with his scoring run.

Receivers Clarence Denmark and backup quarterback Dan LeFevour also had majors for Winnipeg. Medlock was good on four converts (he kneeled on the final one), hit a pair of field goals from 35 and 27 yards and missed two.

Fullback Jean-Christopher Beaulieu and receivers Cunningham and Ernest Jackson also scored touchdowns for Montreal, while Bede connected on field goals from nine, 28, 34 and 35 yards and made four converts.

The visitors led 14-7 after the first quarter and 24-14 at halftime.

(The Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

B.S. roughing the passer call guy sits back there and ducks his head as he's about to get hit, same as a guy turning his back with the puck when up against the boards.

Anonymous said...

Why, oh why do Defensive Coordinators go into 'prevent defense'?
Noel Thorpe gave that game to the Bombers 15 yards at a time along with one very questionable roughing the QB call.
Over the years I saw Richie Hall give away dozens of Rider games the same way so I guess it's time he got one back.
Giving up 15 yards per play would really work great if the field was a mile and a half long, but it's not.


Anonymous said...

Entertaining back and forth game like most seem to be this year. Once again disgusting Referee calls. CFL is literally being ruined by Bad Calls and Sickening Challenges.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what Durant thinks of the football gods now?


Randolph Charles said...

Wow! I quit watching with, as they reported, 1:40 left. I wish I would have kept watching. This is why we love the CFL!

Anonymous said...

I love watching Durant, er, Montreal lose.

Anonymous said...

Durant is probably loving the football gods knowing he is on a team that is challenging every team they play against and not on a team anymore that has a power trip excuse filled management coached team. Also his Montreal team is going to have a way better chance of play-offs then a certain green and white team also. Not a Durant fan but he played and excellent game last night...was gun slinging very well.

Anonymous said...

I kinda understand the sour grapes from Montreal about the hit on the quarterback, buuuut....did Nichols not scramble for about 20 yards after that hit...defense didn't stop them when they had to and I pretty sure we can relate to that...see 2009 GC

Anonymous said...

DD's the man! Alouettes will be in the playoffs, Riders will not. #truth.

Anonymous said...

I just love watching Durant play. So much more fun than watching Glenn.

Anonymous said...

Darian Durant throws his usual proverbial (league leading) interception early in the game resulting in a Winnipeg touchdown, game over. His foolish Imaginary football gods on his side again, Interception gods they are, lol... What a putski.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Matt Nichols the better gunslinger.

Anonymous said...

Bad roughing the passer call. But up by 13 with less than 2 minutes left, your defense has to step up and hold them. Playing too deep off the receivers and no pass rush. MTL should have been blitzing on every down on the final WPG drive. Always hated the prevent defense, you spend all game rushing 4 and blitzing, then sit back in the final minute? Never made sense to me.

Anonymous said...

it was a good game...until the refs took over ....disgusting officiating this year...get it together cfl!!!...P.S hope the game stars went to the officials last night....tsn turning point

Morgan said...

It's always a treat to see Montreal lose in devastating fashion! And this season when Montreal blows it we have the joy of seeing Durant cry like a baby as well!

Anonymous said...

Alouettes have a better chance of making the playoffs. Of course, they'll only have to win 7 games to make it in the East.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Durant knows how many man crushes he has in Saskatchewan. Lots of options apparently.

Anonymous said...

One CFL contest so far this week and one game decided by a bad call. Same old, same old, the officiating is wrecking this league.

Anonymous said...

DD will have MTL in the playoffs, dont you worry about him! He's still getting his bearings with his new team, but you can see that offence coming together each game they play!

Go ALS! My new fave team!

Anonymous said...

So tomorrow is when Sask loses to the Argos by 7...get the kleenex out green and white.

Anonymous said...

Game over? DD had his team up by 12 with under 2 minutes to go. Bad defence and special teams in the clutch cost MTL this one. I think I know who the putski is....

Anonymous said...

Alouettes of Montreal lose again, end of story!

Anonymous said...

Alot more than Glenn, that's for damn sure.