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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


This column originally appeared on my Facebook page on July 17.

From Canada's Football Capital:

1 - The "Karen Play" might be the biggest blown call in CFL history. While most everyone agrees the wrong call was made, Commissioner Randy Ambrosie said the call could've gone either way while the referees say the onus was on the Argonauts to throw the challenge flag. For their part, the Argos didn't say anything.

The fact of the matter is, if not for Karen's blown million dollars, would anyone be talking about this play at all?

2 - CFL officiating has NOT gotten worse over the past couple of years. The addition of more TV cameras, more angles, more slo-mo and High Definition has made for a lot more "Living Room Officiating" in this country. That's all.

3 - The most staggering fact to come out of the #WhatAboutKaren controversy is a Global Winnipeg story which revealed Karen Kuldys and her family won $675,000 in a Manitoba lottery in 2007!

4 - The top gripe around here in the past week is that craft beers won't be made available at Mosaic Stadium in 2017. Really? Did anyone stop to think this is why Molson spent millions, and I mean MILLIONS, for exclusive beer-pouring rights for Rider games? Sheesh. Enough with the belly-aching! Molson is the Riders' oldest sponsor and loyalty still means something in Saskatchewan.

5 - The Ottawa RedBlacks are 0-3-1 and that has many wondering if it's a Grey Cup hangover. Possibly, but remember after Saskatchewan's last two Grey Cup wins they started 6-0 in 2008 and 8-2 in 2014. Perhaps Ottawa simply lost too many key players from that 2016 championship squad. Who gets win #1 first: Ottawa or Hamilton?

6 - Some are wondering if the RedBlacks will make a call to Henry Burris to see if the 42-year old would consider coming out of retirement. However they can likely save their breath. Smilin' Hank has smoothly transitioned into a broadcasting and ambassador role and is realizing Life After Football isn't too bad. He can eat what he wants!

7 - The marquee game in Week 5 has to be Saskatchewan at Calgary on Saturday night (7 pm, TSN, CKRM). Can you believe the Stampeders have been installed as 11.5-point favourites? That seems like a whopping number to me, even with the two teams' histories.

- The forecast calls for sunshine and 26 degrees Celsius at McMahon Stadium on Saturday evening. Our request is that the Rider Nation pack the place, but be respectful, sportsmanlike football fans. We don't need any ugliness between the two fanbases which historically don't like each other.

- Saturday's game is pivotal for Chris Jones' Roughriders. The Week 3 romp over Hamilton was a wonderful slump-buster but it won't mean a ton if they don't put up a great fight in the Foothills. A victory would be a telltale signal that the Roughriders are BACK.

10 - Say what you will about Calgary QB Bo-Levi Mitchell but he's a legitimate superstar in this league. And his penchant for speaking his mind on Twitter should be embraced, rather than discouraged. However until the league's Social Media policy is changed, we simply CAN'T have players criticizing officials on Twitter.

Meanwhile 38-year old QB Kevin Glenn is the Riders' feel-good story of the year so far. His QB rating is 3rd, only behind Travis Lulay and Mike Reilly, and he's played well enough for his team to be 3-0. I'd be comfortable with KG quarterbacking this team at least until he's 40.

That's all!
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Willie said...

So Rod, would you still be comfortable with 38 year old Glenn as our starting QB for the next 2 years if he throws a couple of interceptions and the Riders get squashed by Calgary. Glenn looked pretty good against Winnipeg and Hamilton but Calgary is a much superior team and could change the minds of thousands of Rider fans in about 2 quarters of play. I, of course would love to see them win but until Glenn and this team make a complete turn around and win some games I would not even think about the next 2 years ahead of us.

Rod Pedersen said...

It will take the top effort of 43 other guys Saturday in Calgary. Darian couldn't win on his own either.


Anonymous said...

Kevin Glenn produces and should be left alone until they find the next legitimate young starting QB.

Regarding craft beer aside from the amount Molson pays to sponsor and over the years what they've put into the community I will say this. There is absolutely no way any craft brewery could keep up to the demand on a Rider game and as for Molson being a conglomerate - those local breweries would sell out to the big guys at a drop of a hat so they can spare the local ties argument. Molson as a separate company was huge until they were bought up I believe by Coors Brewing.

Anonymous said...

...and here's another thought. Try going to a football game and not drinking and just enjoy the environment and game. I do and I feel like a million dollars in the morning.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment about Rider fans being respectful in Calgary on Saturday night however it's a two way street. Calgary fans are just as much to blame for the fights and rowdiness at these games. Also let it be known that the Stamps charge more for Rider and Labour Day games. Nice to see that they are profiting extra off a team that they despise so much.

A Riders win this Saturday will be extra sweet! Go Riders Go!

Anonymous said...

If the level of the product being brought into our living room has improved with replay angles and everything else, than the level of officiating should improve as well.

If a business is suffering because they haven't adapted to using social media to promote their product, is that the busineses fault or the customers fault.

Bottom line is CFL officiating needs improvement and a lot of it. It is something the league knows and turns a blind eye to.

Anonymous said...

It takes 43 guys but one guy can make a huge difference. See 2013 west semi final vs. BC. Quarterbacks have more to do with the outcome than any other player most times. That is why teams with great quarterbacks win championships.

Dan said...

Nice post Rod! I never get tired of seeing pictures of the new stadium.

Anonymous said...

As a non-rider fan, I'd be comfortable with Glenn quarterbacking the riders until age 40 as well. lol

CM said...

the offence is definitely tailored for Glenn's skills. short, accurate passes. But 17 years of track record say it wont be that pleasant of an ending each season. should be a good game though.

Anonymous said...

#10 - Glenn does not make me feel good. He makes me feel bored.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon #1. To provide some accurate clarity on your comment. Molson wasn't bought up by Coors. It was a merger (not a purchase) and in fact Molson owns the controlling share votes as they deliver more profit to the company. There are (2) 7th Generation Molson Family Members who sit on the Board of Molson Coors Brewing Company. Cheers

Anonymous said...

“I feel sorry for people that don't drink, because when they wake up in the morning, that is the best they are going to feel all day-”

― Frank Sinatra

Rod Pedersen said...

Whatever works.

Candid Frank said...

Kevin Glenn has a team he can finally call his own. Let Glenn run with it till the Riders have an adequate replacement. Change for change Sake hardly ever works out.

Anonymous said...

Good article (or "post").
I have been wondering why people think Karen deserved that $1000000 since it is not like she earned it. But your revelation about the other lottery tells me maybe that's how she makes her income.

Anonymous said...

Everything in moderation 'cept cheering for the Riders is what my old gramps used to tell us younguns! And he lived to the ripe old age of 109.

Morgan said...

Glenn is still playing at a very high level. Until that changes, his age isn't even a discussion. Ray was the same way until this season. Now he's starting to slow down and his age is being mentioned. If Glenn starts to slow down then I'll start listening to the haters. Until then, please focus on something that's relevant such as the riders weak secondary or lack of discipline with penalties.

Anonymous said...

Glen is good enouph to win with this offense. Just like a couple years ago when he led chapdelains offense here. Bridge has also looked good. I am very optimistic about the riders obviously improved team overall. Of course i expected the riders to improve from the last awful 2 years. Glass half full here. GO RIDERS


Anonymous said...

I don't think the redblacks were ever that good they won the east and got a bye with a 8-9-1 record then just hung on to beat the Eskimos in the east final. Granted they beat a great stampeder team but I'm not shocked to see their early struggles, and Trevor Harris is not the problem.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Glenn "bless his heart" has made a career out of being a day late and a dollar short. He may be the guy to take you to the dance but he has never been the guy your leaving with. If your comfortable with him as your QB be comfortable with a .500 football team at best.

Anonymous said...

Please someone tell me has Safeway ever paid out one of these prizes? I believe Wendy's did once but the refs couldn't have the chance to throw a flag on a 50 yard FG. Bring back the kick for a million that was a way better promotion and at least it involved some skill, more so than picking up a frozen delissio!

Anonymous said...

I'm just happy to see a Pedersen penned column again on here..Don't let the haters silence you, The intelligent folk can usually weed through the fodder! O ya and the cream usually rises to the top,or something like that.

Anonymous said...

- In Glenn's first year in this offence he is vastly out performing Durant's first year in this offence last season. Just goes to show you Durant's skills as a running QB diminish quicker than Glenn's ability to be a pocket qb. Jones made the right decision in the offseason on this one.

- Molson's paid for the right to exclusively pour their beer during the games, heck they are even founding partners! Maybe the local craft brewers can get together and give the Riders millions of dollars to get exclusive pouring rights next time around.

- I'd like to hear what the offers from the craft brewers was to the Riders. From what I heard, I'd be embarrassed to state publicly what they DEMANDED from the Riders.

- No matter the record the Riders have at season's end, the Riders are light years ahead of last year. Being a Rider fan is going to be easy again in the not so distant future.

Anonymous said...

Saskatchewan Self Entitled Brewers Association should focus on poaching Great Western Breweries pouring rights at the Brandt and Sasktel Center.

Anonymous said...

Craft Brew is just that - it's craft brew and has a specialty market.

Anonymous said...

Craft beer? No such thing as craft beer, thats just a made up word. Beer brews itself, it's not crafted. The correct word for anyone who makes beer - brewmiester.