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Friday, June 9, 2017


Welcome to Friday! Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order:

- The CFL has done many things wrong over the years.  One of them was signing on with TSN as the exclusive broadcaster of the league. I think if those who negotiated a deal on behalf of the league could have looked in a crystal ball, they certainly wouldn't have signed the deal.

I love the "three letter", much like I love Sportsnet.  They both have their positives, and they both have their negatives. However, there is no excuse for TSN not showing CFL exhibition games this week.  Would they be a ratings bonanza? Nope! However, I am guessing more Canadians would be tuned into a CFL pre-season game than French Open tennis which inexplicably was on 4 channels with a repeat of the 2016 Grey Cup game being on the other.  Are you really going to tell me TSN couldn't have had a crew in Calgary for the Lions-Stamps game instead of having tennis on four of its channels?

On the surface, it would seem TSN just ignores its property until its convenient.  Why? Wouldn't they want to embrace the relationship? Wouldn't they want to help get Canadians get engaged with another season of the game they love by having it on? People ask why the NFL is so popular and let's just say when the NFL Network allows for all exhibition games to be televised, it gets fans on both sides of the border interested.

I can't blame the CFL on this one, but I can look squarely at the three letter network and say 'be better'. Your property deserves it!  That being said, you can't let the CFL off the hook. They certainly would have known what TSN was or wasn't planning to do. It is at that time you have to voice your displeasure with what is going on.  Our now lame-duck commissioner certainly isn't going to stand up for a league that he will soon depart so the board of governors needs to check in.  Perhaps they don't care either. If that is the case, it spells bad news.

On Wednesday night, TSN did show us the Ti-Cats/Ottawa game with Rod Smith doing p x p. Has TSN changed Rods?

- Is the Vince Young story over? It probably would be if it weren't for resume.  The hamstring injury suffered by VY on Tuesday at Rider camp snuffed out the thought of him playing Saturday night and may have snuffed out the comeback attempt.  I don't know if he would have made the team with a sub-par outing Saturday, and even if he is ready to go for the final pre-season game, I don't see him playing a lot. I also don't see him being a 3rd stringer or a practice roster player. Would he have ended up in that scenario if he played? The answer is likely yes, but he would have had a second shot in BC.

- CKRM's Luc Mullinder asked on the Sportscage this week why it is so much attention is being paid to Young and his injury when no one wants to know how other guys who are nicked up are doing.  With all due respect to Luc, no other player who signed in the off-season had a lavish press conference to announce his arrival.  Vince Young wants to be treated as one of the guys, but he's not and it will stay that way as long as he is here.

 - I don't know who the next CFL Commissioner will be, but it would be cool if he had the last name "Gordon". Think about it!

- I was directed to Wednesday where a poll is up about whether or not the Riders should keep "Last Saskatchewan Pirate" as its 3rd quarter stretch song. The poll has 70 percent of respondents saying "ditch the song". On this one, listen to the people!!

- The 1984-85 Oilers were selected by NHL fans as the greatest team ever.  That really isn't that surprising to this blogger. What surprised me is the fact the 76-77 Canadiens finished 3rd behind the 91-92 Pittsburgh Penguins. The 76-77 Habs were an outstanding squad, and some feel they should been number one. The skill and offence of Gretzky, Messier, Coffey and Anderson was too much though. While it will never happen, wouldn't you loved to have seen Bob Gainey and Doug Jarvis do their thing against Gretzky and Kurri.

- Has there been one good game in the Stanley Cup final. The first 5 have been duds. Chances are we could see 7 like this.

- That being said, the Stanley Cup final has been infinitely better than the NBA Finals.  The NBA has turned into a joke with the two power teams and everyone else.  As for whether or not the Golden State Warriors are the best team we've ever seen, I say nope!  The Warriors wouldn't have gotten past Jordan's Bulls, I don't know if they would have gotten past Magic's Lakers, and I would love to see today's Warriors get manhandled by Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn and the Detroit Pistons during the bad boys era.  Curry, Durant and company wouldn't be getting the easy layups they are getting against Cleveland against someone like Laimbeer and company.

- Brian Burke and Ken King deserve one another. Let it be said while I love the Seahawks, like the Mariners and want the Sonics to return to Seattle, I will NOT cheer for their hockey team if it moves to the Pacific Northwest.  Has Saskatoon started a "Bring The Flames Here" campaign?

- That's all I got. Enjoy the game and have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Please keep play the pirate song. I love listening to 30,000 sing about what a crap province they live in. yes, that is what the song is about.

Mick Panko said...

Rod Black was replaced for the night as his mother passed away...they sent out condolences during the broadcast.

Anonymous said...

SC final has been boring.

Watched CFL pre-season between two Eastern teams instead

Anonymous said...

Both of Canada's sports networks are a joke.

As Vanstone always says "WE WANT ESPN!"

Anonymous said...

I quit pulling for the Flames the day they hired Brian Burke.
How many lives does that jerk get?

Anonymous said... is still a thing?

What whackjobs rule the roost there now?

Anonymous said...

Good column (I agree on your TSN, VY and Last SK Pirate takes) but I do not believe you watched game 3 of the NBA Finals. Incredible game. The first two were snoozers but game 3 was intense.

The other big question I think when it comes to comparing the Warriors to great teams of old it what rules would they be playing under? If you were allowed to handcheck like back in the Bulls or Pistons heydays, then yeah maybe the old teams keep it close. I don't think those Bulls would have had the depth to keep up with the Warriors under these current rules and I say that as someone who in no way cheers for GSW but can appreciate how unreal that team is, especially with Durant. Their spacing, passing and defense are all top notch.

Anonymous said...

People in Toronto have left the building. The Argonauts on its last legs as nobody cares that this team and the CFL exists.

Rudyman said...

Rod Black's Mother passed away yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mitch about the Pirate song! Just like with Carm and other chestnuts from the Taylor Field era, it is time to move onto the NEW!

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to 1st round draft pick Cameron Judge. Will there soon be a headline in the LP: "Here Comes The Judge" ..?

Anonymous said...

I am a huge CFL fan but I don't care to watch the first pre-season game for any team on TV. The second game is much more interesting. Remember TSN is paying the CFL a lot of money so they call they shots.

Anonymous said...

As far as I remember TSN has always broadcast one preseason game for each team. I believe they are showing Sask's second game.

Anonymous said...

Let the Flames continue to threaten to move. There is no way the club would be more valuable in a market other than Calgary with or without a new arena. Bunch of whiners.

Anonymous said...

For everyone that wants The Last Saskatchewan Pirate removed, please suggest a new option. I'm curious to see the range of whackiness.

The only other one I remember them doing in the 3Q break was "Shout."

Do they need 1 song to play at every single game? Or 9 different songs for 9 home games? Maybe they change the whole tradition altogether and do something completely different.

Brian Burkee said...

The Stamps should threaten to move to Saskatoon if they do not get a new stadium. Saskatoon Stampeders has a nice ring to it! And a cool double $$ logo.

Anonymous said...

They are paying a fair amount based on ratings.

Bradford Kruger said...

To anonymous about Cam Judge: Has to be on site to complete his college finals. Will report once they are complete.

Anonymous said...

It's summer. Nobody in Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal for that matter is going to watch CFL pre-season games. The CFL got a good deal money wise from TSN. Reruns of old CFL games are a) less costly and b) more entertaining. All the games so far have been both close and not at all entertaining. The weather's nice and lots of better things to do on the long days of June. I can be out golfing till 10 at night - why watch a pre-season game? Another two weeks and I'll take the time to watch the real stuff.

Anonymous said...

A couple of comments:

1. I love the pirate song - never ever get rid of it]
2. I would loved to have seen the 76-77 Habs wipe out the 84-85 Oilers
3. I don't want to watch the 1st exhibition game of any league I don't usually attend the Riders exhibition games either but I wanted to see Vince Young this time - as according to Coach Scruffy he won't be here long.
4. Go Riders

Anonymous said...

The LSP has done its time. It is time for a new song. Plenty of ones out there to choose from. FWIW: I think the song is dumb as well.

Anonymous said...

It's exhibition season. First game is mostly rookies who won't be around in a few weeks. It was 28 degrees out in my hometown yesterday, even if it was the Riders on, I would have been outside doing yard work. Exhibition games in any league are for the coaches to evaluate players....that's the only reason they exist. If you ever watch NFL exhibition games it's even worse and half the stands are empty. I think football fans will survive if they didn't get to see Hamilton's 4th string QB vs Ottawa's 4th string QB, who will be back home in the USA in the next 10 days.

Anonymous said...

I love the pirate song. It makes fun of Saskatchewan farmers.

Anonymous said...

Scruffy, you complain about TSN not covering all the preseason games, but you obviously didn't watch the Ottawa/Hamilton game very closely or you would have known where Rod Black was. But I completely agree, TSN doesn't give the CFL the treatment the league and it's fans deserve.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ Then play the song on Evraz Place speakers when Farm Progress and Agribition are on, but keep it away from Rider games!

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Tired of the Toronto networks.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knocks tsn. From my seat, this is a network trying to survive! They really have nothing anymore. I wish they'd kept hockey but they never.

TSN generates virtually zero revenue from an exhibition game but probably big production costs. Reporters have all the business and marketing answers. Of course tsn is full of stupid people!!!

I'm thinking, if it wasn't for tsn, this league is toast. Then what do we do with our shiney new stadium!! tSN probably regrets getting tied in with a league that self destructed with its insane video replays!

Quit knocking tsn, and be a better partner with them! No league means fewer sports reporters in this province!

Anonymous said...

TSN is not to blame on this one Scruff, but ex-Commissioner Cohon is. Name me another league where the games are all on one channel. MLB has several avenues as does the NFL, NBA and NHL.

The CFL anchored itself to TSN and while they did a good amount of money for it, was the cost really worth it?

TSN does ignore the CFL, but when it wants to, it does great work for the league and in truth has enhanced some programming. However, they can treat the league however it wants and the ones who end up paying for it are the fans and in most regards the league.

Hopefully the suits realize what a mistake was made and open up competition for Sportsnet and CBC. They may not want it after what has happened and if so, TSN will get the league at a bargain price and continue to abuse it.

Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA HA at the guy defending TSN. In the words of Bugs Bunny, "WHAT A MAROON"!

Anonymous said...

So the media marketing genius Scruffy and Duffus from the Green Zone are all over TSN for not televising CFL Exhibition games. Ok genius what are the options? Sports Net, CFL isn't American enough for them. They hate the CFL, ever listen to Arash Madani? CBC? they have no budget, when they did have a budget they would broadcast maybe 1-2 games a week. Riders were lucky to have 2 away games televised each season. Most of the CBC sports budget went to the Blue Jays because that was the big time American sport. Global? they have less money than CBC! It's always easy to spend other peoples money. Thank god for TSN.

Anonymous said...

All NFL exhibition games can be seen whether it be the first one or the last one. It engages the fanbase, it gets people excited about the product.

Just another reason why the CFL is second-rate and will always be second-rate.

Keep playing those Sunday games after the NFL season when no-one is watching either.


Anonymous said...

To the guy (or gal) a couple of comments above this one, I ask you this

If the official broadcaster of the CFL has five channels, yes count them 5, why was it French Open Tennis was on four of them and a repeat of last year's Grey Cup was on the other.

SNET has the Jays and the NHL contract, but they find a way through their many channels to get both on thus there are no complaints.

CBC, that is just a joke! We all know that don't we?

At the end of the day, TSN does a poor job in serving the CFL. Oh by the way, did you see how they just became the exclusive home of the NFL. I don't think I have to explain that one to you do I? Then again, you are quite stupid by the sounds of it. Perhaps you are one of the whackjobs on

Have a great broadcast tonight Rod!

Anonymous said...

Like I said what are the options? Again you slam TSN but offer no options. Must be a card carrying union or NDP member, lots of criticism but no viable options because you have none. Go ahead call me stupid again, it's more of a refection of who you are internet tough guy.

Anonymous said...

My thought is people in Sask want to see the Riders even in an exhibition game because it is the first in the new stadium. TSN could care less. It is about best bang for the buck. No profit.No TSN No TSN then no CFL on TV either. This meaningless tilt holds no special interest for me and I have been a Rider fan all my life.
Final comment....article in Winnipeg paper last week stated there has been an alarming drop in attendance at their new stadium.Not sure if it is because the Bombers have been poor for so long or because the fans "hate" their new stadium because of structural design problems and terrible access due to location.

Anonymous said...

I would bet the French open costs far less to televise than a production of cfl game

TSN will leave the cfl in the gutter and then all the marketing gurus will tell us why everyone is stupid for not picking up the cfl games. Meanwhile, the league will be dead.

Reporters and trolls think everyone not doing what they think is best are stupid. Pretty arrogant to think you know more than the people that own the business.

If it wasn't for tsn the leauge would be toast. If TSN drops out, will the cfl need to pay to have games televised? How will that work out?

Marketing gurus on the internet. Guaranteed none of them own a real business.