Realty One

Sunday, June 11, 2017


REGINA - Despite wearing different coloured jerseys, Brandon Bridge and Dan Lefevour have a lot in common these days.

Bridge is vying for the back-up quarterback job with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, while Lefevour is battling for the same gig with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Both have CFL experience and both made strong cases on Saturday to solidify themselves within their respective depth charts after a 25-25 pre-season tie at new Mosaic Stadium.

"I wanted to show consistency and show that I know where to go with the ball and show that I'm ready to lead this offence,'' Bridge said after the game in which he completed 20-of-26 pass attempts for 201 yards and one touchdown.

Bridge spent time with the Riders in 2016 and received an opportunity late in the season to showcase his skillset. In the regular season finale against the B.C. Lions, Bridge threw for 120 yards and rushed for a touchdown in limited action.

He impressed the Riders' coaching staff then, and he did again on Saturday.

"You evaluate what you see at practice, but when the lights come on that's when the true evaluations are made,'' head coach Chris Jones said. "That's two times where Brandon Bridge has had an opportunity to play with our offence - last year in B.C. he played very well for a quarter. Brandon did a very good job and scored some touchdowns.

"Here was another opportunity on a big stage, opening the new stadium, where he played very well.''

It was Bridge who guided the Riders to a 13-3 lead the halftime. He connected with Duron Carter on a seven-yard touchdown for the first score at the new home of the Riders. But it was Bridge's counterpart, Lefevour who rallied the Blue Bombers in the fourth quarter.

In limited action, Lefevour completed 7-of-9 passes for 88 yards and pair of late touchdowns, the second of which pulled Winnipeg ahead 25-22 with less than two minutes remaining in the contest.

Lefevour connected with Ryan Lankford for his first major and later with Justice Liggins to push the Bombers ahead.

"Dan had a spark and he certainly moved the offence and created some points for us,'' said Winnipeg head coach Mike O'Shea.

"He's experienced. He goes in and he's calm and he runs the offence. We'll have to see if the execution is there, but I'm sure it was. He moves well in the pocket, too, and gives us a different dimension there as well.''

Lefevour is battling with Dominique Davis for the back-up job behind Matt Nichols, who played sparingly on Saturday. Nichols was 5 for 8 passing for 32 yards.

Meanwhile, Bridge is in a tight competition with Bryan Bennett and the Riders' marquee free-agent acquisition, Vince Young, for the back-up spot behind starter Kevin Glenn.

Neither Glenn nor Young played on Saturday. Young suffered a strained hamstring earlier in the week at practice.

Bennett, however, did play and was shaky. He completed 7-of-15 attempts for 82 yards, and fumbled three times.

"Today I thought he was a little bit shaky at times. His body language wasn't great,'' Jones said. "There will be another game next week that he'll get a chance to play in and we'll see if he maybe settles in.''

Young's injury will have him playing catchup when or if he returns to the practice field. The former NCAA and NFL star, who is 34, hasn't played professional football since 2011.

"It's tough to make the football team if you're hurt,'' Jones told the media earlier in the week. "It's tough to get evaluated if you're not playing. Vince is up against it. He has been around football before and he knows exactly what he has to do to get back out there and healthy and start to compete.''

The Riders' kicking game on Saturday was a perfect 6 for 6 in field-goal attempts. Quinn Van Gyslwyk kicked four field goals, with his fourth, a 38-yard boot, tying the score with three seconds remaining in the fourth quarter. Tyler Crapigna had two field goals.

The Bombers did not dress a number of their regulars, including running back Andrew Harris, receivers Weston Dressler and Darvin Adams and defensive end Jamaal Westerman.

The Riders will conclude the pre-season schedule next week when they visit the B.C. Lions. The Blue Bombers will host the Edmonton Eskimos.

(Canadian Press/Craig Slater)


Anonymous said...

Bridge reminds me alot of Colin Kapernick, especially on his 19 yard run. He could take us to a Grey Cup some day.

@mrt_man said...

Well... at least we didn't get crushed. The looong delay after the bomber fumble at the eight was a bit excessive. If they can't figure who has possession after all that... well good thing it wasn't on TV.

However, The disqualification was definitely warranted, so I was glad they called it. Not sure if there will be any footage of it, but the Winnipeg donkey on the bottom was twisting and reefing on a green leg/ankle. Like if you rip the guys leg off, it still isn't going to make up for the sad fumble. This was the most ridiculous attempt to injure I have seen on a very long time. And also waaaaay after the whistle and the play had finished.

Didn't really take in much of the stadium amenities, but warm water kinda freaked me out.

If the refuse to let anone park within 2 blocks of the stadium who doesn't want to pay, it would be nice if they built a Lil pedestrian bridge over the tracks at the southwest corner.

Anonymous said...

Didn't go to the game, but I listened to you and Luc. Nice job as always. If I can say one thing though, can Luc stop referring to the football as "the rock". It is a ball, not a rock! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I also really liked Luc on the broadcast , but thought he used that 'hold onto the rock' reference too much as well.

This Guy said...

Took out a loan to crush $9 beers and $8 burgers. Still waiting for two people to crush the 2ft hotdog by each starting on an end and meeting in the middle. Hopefully that makes the jumbo tron.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rod
Enjoyed the broadcast with you and Luc.

Did the Riders have any time count penalties? I don't recall if they did.
that is impressive in it self for the first preseason game.

Those Rider cats need to run the rock more,right Luc !

Turn half those field goals into touchdowns and the Bombers are blown out.

game shouldn't of been close or tied for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Tough one at the end for Rod! We were having a good laugh about the OT thing. Luc was solid, but Rod wayyy over the top excitement LOL

Anonymous said...

Still too many turnovers and the defence once again appears to be a major concern.

Chris said...

Was able to listen for the first half. Luc was good, but the rock reference to the ball was bad. Sounded like some Hollywood wanna-be on the radio. Change it up Luc, will sound more professional. Sometimes keeping it simple and not trying too had to impress is all that you need.

Anonymous said...

I listened the the 620 broadcast. Can someone give details on the Bryan Bennet fumbles? Was he under pressure? Was the football swatted away? Or did he just mishandle the snap?

Anonymous said...

Davis Tull looks like a keeper.

Love how physical Bladek was out there. Mind you he whiffed on a few blocks but that's to be expected with his first game.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the game and the new stadium. Some players impressed some played themselves off the team, that's preseason football. Still some kinks to work out in the stadium. Concession lineups extending out in to the concourse. Shuttle bus pick up a gong show again. Could they not use Elphinstone as the spot for picking up after the game? In 35 years as a season ticket holder I have purchased 4 beer. Bought one last last night $8.00 for half a glass of foam. I had amazing seats in the old stadium new seats are ok, have to adjust to the thin air and consider seat improvement next year. That's my rant, with REA running the facility it should be sorted out in 10-15 years.

Rider fan said...

I thought Brandon Bridge deserves to be our starter, played a perfect game I thought, Grant dropped 3 of his passes right in his hands. Kevin Glenn should be an insurance policy for the Riders. We need to take one of these young QBs and go with them. We have to start building for the future, and stop putting band aids on the QB situation, I suppose Bridge won't get the opportunity because he is Canadian, we could never have a CDNA at QB in the CFL, as far as the coaches are concerned. Congrats to Bridge on an excellent game.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rod, have a chat with Mullinder. He refers to the football as "the rock" and says it so much it is annoying. Tell him to cool his jets a bit and call it a football, he isn't sitting with his football pals have a few beers and nachos

Anonymous said...

Here is what I really like about the game experience now compared to before - the sound system! In the old stadium the sound and music was so loud you had to shout to talk to people around you and you could not listen to the radio play-by-play without damaging your hearing. NOW, you can talk and listen to others so it is more social and you can have one ear bud in and catch Rod and Luc on the radio.

CM said...

Listened to you guys on the net. Rod you call a good game and I thought Luc was good. He doesn't have to talk so much as there is only 20 seconds between plays, But I thought he was entertaining. Bennett will be cut. Jones put his neck out to recruit VY and hes got to give him time to get healthy and understand the game up here. Like Jones said he was 31-19 as a starter in the NFL. there are guys making $5M below .500. No way he gets cut unless he wants to quit. Pass on Bennett he almost lost the game through basic ball handling. Williams was more poised.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Bridge. Great to see the kid grab the ring and run. Since we apparently couldn't have Durant I have advocated for going all in to develop Bridge and he made a great case for himself.


Tim said...

Calling the football "the rock" makes much sense when it is really cold out.

My grandma tells me that back in the day the radio guy (she can't recall his name, maybe John Lynch, maybe not) would criticize George Reed for carrying the football "like a load of bread" after he fumbled "the ball".

My dad still calls the football a "pigskin" and I love it. "Son, lets go outside and toss your pigskin around, you be the receiver, I'm the quarterback. Start running, keep going, deeper yet". I urge Rod and Luc to use pigskin in their jargon instead of rock or ball.

My Grandpa, who lives in our basement, likes to call a football the "leather bladder", as in: "toss me the bladder boy" or "Timmy, where in the heck did not put my old JVC leather bladder?". He often tells me that "no one could throw the leather bladder better than Glen Dobbs". I think this an awesome term for a football! But with all the beer being drunk during the games its probably for the better that bladder is not mentioned on the radio.

Anonymous said...

Luc is in preseason just like the team, give him a break. It takes a great deal of poise to even take on a job that spreads your voice and your opinion to a province ful of listeners. He will improve every game but aI didn't find him that bad to be honest. Sounds like the stadium still has kinks to work out as well but again it will operate smoother as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

Did anyon see the flood upstairs.

Water coming from underneath a door and security opened it and it was coming out like crazy

Anonymous said...

Who are we evaluating? Players or broadcasters? Wow!

Anonymous said...

A little early for " the sky is falling" isn't it. I mean, C'mon man!!!

Anonymous said...

Who cares about the game? Its preseason. On to broadcasters.

I think the new age of broadcasting is evolving to the point where it is better to sound witty and cool versus actually providing eloquent depictions.

Case in point... in hockey...a player used to "make an outstanding play with his stick" now he just has a "good stick".

A player used to "make an amazing throw" or "rush the ball" now they "chuck the rock" or "tote the rock"

It is kind of sad that old time professionalism is giving way this new cool way. I think old time is looked at as boring. Although, it is kind of ironic that Vin Scully, Don Wittman, Bob Cole, George Kell, Pat Summerall and a million others are still looked up to as legends and their depictions are replayed over and over and yet they are hardly emulated.

Picture Don Wittman saying...Here's the snap, Ridgeway blasts the rock with his good shoe and splits the yellow "Y". Hmmm doesn't have the same ring.

Anonymous said...

Suggested nicknames for Rider players;

Davis Tull - Jethro Too Tall Tull
Brandon Bridge - The Wheat King
Royce Adams - Rolls
Bryan Bennett - Dunlop
Ed Gainey - No Gain Gainey
Dillon Guy - Marshall

3RD and 1 said...

Your comment about Brandon Bridge saying that he probably is not going to get an opportunity because he is Canadian is ridiculous in itself.
He was given the 1st half of the game and is getting every chance possible to make the team.
Brandon did not play against a Bombers 1st team defence. He did well but until he plays against other teams number 1 defence's. No one will know.
Brandon has a good skill set but at camp Kevin Glen out shone Bridge in every aspect of the QB position. The Riders need to win right now. The fan base is demanding it and Jones job requires it. Brandon will get his time to be a starter and be the #1 QB on this team. Just not this year. Hopefully he will be #2
Keep in mind that Darian was a 3rd string and studied under starters for 3 years. Not getting the starting role until he was 26. Brandon just turned 25 in March. So he has time.
We have seen it several times when a team rushes a young QB in before they are ready. They lose confidence and it can prematurely destroy their career. That was happening to Willy in Winnipeg. It almost destroyed him. Now he's studying under Ricky Ray and that's the best thing that could have happened.
Brandon's Canadian birth certificate will not impede or help him at the QB position. If his talent is equal to or better than the import QBs on the team. He will continue to get his opportunities.

Anonymous said...

VY will be cut by opening day, no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Best stadium in Canada no comparison, Investors Group Field in Winnipeg, awesome!

Anonymous said...

Ya that flood of backed up toilet was crazy

Anonymous said...

Above picture cap to this article showing alot of empty green seats.

Anonymous said...

Listened to the game on radio, Luc did an excellent job, Rod your awesome as usual.
Luc call the football whatever you want, i enjoyed your insight to the game.
Keep it coming...

@mrt_man said...


Anonymous said...

He gets that award for that guy (can't remember the name) who was very impressive in training camp but a absolute bust against real game time opponents.

Rod Pedersen said...

The Terrence Nunn Award.