Realty One

Monday, June 26, 2017


Dressed in a gray suit and a green and white dress shirt, Saskatchewan Roughriders President & CEO Craig Reynolds met with reporters Monday morning at New Mosaic Stadium. The topic? This Saturday's Saskatchewan Roughriders home-opener against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the grand opening of New Mosaic Stadium.

Here are some notes from the session:


CR: That's a hard question to answer because there's so many fantastic things! Honestly for me, it's the fan reaction to it. I was walking the concourse last game and had so many fans come up and they were loving it. I love the "social aspects" of the game in that they can watch the game however they want to watch it.

If they want to stand and watch the game, they can. If they want to mingle, they can do that with tons of social areas. The fan experience is top notch.


CR: Of course. When you do test events, the key aspect is to test the facility and you learn things. There were some operational things that are mostly behind the scenes that aren't necessarily fan-facing. There were transit issues. We promoted it, lots of people used it, but now we have to deliver on the transit side. But generally the feedback was really, really positive.


CR: Quite honestly it's one of the most important days in the history of this franchise. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity; to open a stadium in front of our fans. Our fans absolutely deserve this type of facility and it's an amazing tie-in with Canada 150.


CR: I would encourage fans to come early. There will be some pregame festivities and ceremonies and there will be a large scale halftime production with over 200 fans and performers associated with it. We're going to celebrate what we've accomplished collectively as a community and then we encourage everybody to see the fireworks postgame. I don't want to say too much more about the halftime. We've engaged the same group that does the Grey Cup halftime shows so we've been working with them for a long time. It's really going to be a celebration of this province's love for the team and what we've accomplished collectively building this facility.


CR: It's a range. It's tremendous pride, tremendous pride in our team in what we've accomplished. An incredible sense of satisfaction in working with the Province and the City to deliver this for our fans. This has always been about our fans. Our fans deserve this type of facility and so to be able to deliver on that, to see the fan response, and to see 33,000 Rider fans enjoying this facility, I say it's "pride".


CR: Absolutely. There's a wow factor when I see our football ops space so every time I see it, it's amazing. Players who've been elsewhere just rave about it. That helps and then just day-to-day, when you show up here and look out over the stadium, it's iconic. It's world-class. We should all be proud.


CR: We'd been in here since February but just to see it full of Rider fans, and to hear it, it was loud. We had a great crowd but it's going to be louder on Canada Day. For me it felt full of life for the first time. But how loud will this facility be for that first big play under that roof? It'll be exciting.


Anonymous said...

"There were transit issues." Really? Could it be because there is no parking at the new stadium and it will take a few more games to iron out problems? When I was younger, taking the bus was how we got to work. Buses ran every 7 minutes and were full. Then they changed routes, demanded exact change and ran much longer between buses. I , like many others, decided the inconvenience factor was too great so I started taking my car to work.Buses now run mostly infrequent and empty. Now I am forced back to the bus which I don't want. To me the lack of parking was a scheme to increase ridership on City Transit so it doesn't go the way of the dinosaur and STC. Will I continue to support the Riders? Yes. Will I continue to buy season tickets?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should have built the stadium around Davidson so there was room for 15000 space parking lot.

Anonymous said...

Transit just doesn't have the man power nor the busses to move everyone. Wait until a week day game, it will be a disaster.

Anonymous said...

On another site I heard that sets were not very comfortable. Is there any truth to that. I'm an out of province rider fan but still wish nothing but the best for the team and province.

Anonymous said...

More people living in Regina should be walking to the game for sure. I live way out in the south end. It only takes an hour and ten minutes tops to walk from home to the game. A good chance to exercise and listen to the pre-game blah blah show and then the post-game cry me the blues show. Unless it is a rain storm, most fans that do not suffer health conditions should be able to walk to the game in comfort.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but this is Saskatchewan one of the fattest provinces where when a carls jr or fuddruckers opens it is a highly anticipated event. Good luck getting people to waddle their behinds more than 3 blocks anywhere

Anonymous said...

When the location was announced I could not understand the parking concern. I thought we will now walk west from the parking lots instead of east. Hmmmm. Guess not.

Anonymous said...

Why , you have the whole parking lot at the Lawson and all over around the old stadium, no need to take the bus. I won't take the bus, not a chance , why would they build a stadium with no parking , very dumb. I think they will have to re-think this

Anonymous said...

No truth to that. Definitely the most comfortable seat that I have sat in, for any stadium or arena. Only issue is now that there are individual seats, if you are a really big person you may not fit

GWil26 said...

Ya they should rethink it, I say tear it down and build a dome.

Anonymous said...

Seats are pretty poor actually..I expected more ..cup holders are nice but I being 5'10 felt the leg room cramped if your over 200lbs or over 6 ft you will likely be uncomfortable..however there is lots of places to stand and get a good perspective. I like the lard ass comment it's very true had a buddy who lived a block from work and he still drove ..