Realty One

Sunday, June 25, 2017


The Saskatchewan Roughriders enter Week 2 of the 2017 CFL season at 0-1 following Thursday's 17-16 season-opening loss at Montreal.

It was a heartbreaking defeat, with Rider kicker Tyler Crapigna missing a 45-yard field goal with 0:00 on the clock. It came at the tail-end of a gummed up final drive which began at the Saskatchewan 26-yard line with 2:22 to play.

Quarterback Kevin Glenn effectively moved the offense down the field, converting on three 3rd down gambles. However with 21 seconds to go and facing 1st-and-10 at the Montreal 37-yard line, the Riders ran the clock down to 0:08 before calling a timeout. Head Coach Chris Jones said crowd noise led to miscommunication getting the play in.

The club ran one more play before Crapigna's missed field goal attempt which ultimately awarded Montreal the victory. While Crapigna admirably pointed the finger at himself, there was plenty of blame to go around.

Jones lamented penalties, turnovers and a rare Crapigna miss as the culprits for the meltdown and that sent the Riders back to the drawing board as they get ready for Saturday's home opener against Winnipeg at New Mosaic Stadium.

The Riders entered 2017 as the youngest team in the CFL for a second straight season, and their 29 returning players constitute about a 50% roster turnover.

Saskatchewan Assistant V.P. of Player Personnel John Murphy says this year's roster make-up is by design, and they don't plan to be stung by the same mishaps as a year ago at this time.

"The thing that we were able to do effectively is the guys we pinpointed at positions where it was obvious we needed to be improved upon, the guys we brought in don't need to be introduced to anyone in our locker room," Murphy said on Thursday's Rider broadcast on 620 CKRM. "The way they handle their jobs and the way they perform on the field speaks volumes. The other thing is a number of key players on offense have played with Kevin Glenn so there's no re-introduction needed there.

"In those defensive areas we needed to improve, we were looking for an extra pass-rusher and losing Jeff Knox and Otha Foster made us go out and do other things. Losing a DB right on top of our season this year created another void but it's opened up opportunities for other players. Adding a veteran like Jovon Johnson adds experience and, as well, helps as a communicator in there."

Murphy said they won't be caught with inexperience again early in 2017.

"That's where the breakdown occurred last year," Murphy continued. "In Game 1 against the Argos, it wasn't physical. It was mental and emotional breakdowns with the communication not happening in the secondary that allowed Toronto to make two big plays late and earn the victory. That was a very winnable game in Week 1.

"We also saw what happened at the start of last season with the injuries on the O-line and in the secondary. It created a lot of friction on a weekly basis in terms of having to change the ratio and change up your O-line and DB combos. That led to a lot of early losses if you looked at the two areas that could've been improved."

So this year, while the Riders drafted well with lineman Dariusz Bladek and started rookies Chris Lyles, Erick Dargan and Sam Williams against Montreal, they also deployed CFL vets like Peter Dyakowski, Mike Edem and Jovon Johnson.

"I think we've done a good job of ensuring the same thing doesn't happen again this year," Murphy concluded.

Rider fans I spoke with over the weekend seemed very enthused with the team's overall play, and are optimistic for the team's fortunes in the games which lie ahead.

The Roughriders return to the practice field on Tuesday and will host the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the home-opener on Canada Day at 7:00 pm on TSN and the 620 CKRM Rider Radio Network.



Anonymous said...

I would hope so.

Anonymous said...

You can see the progression and I am very hopeful for the second half of the season. It may happen sooner than that because we have some great talent here but they need to be solid every game now in order to compete with Calgary Edmonton and BC. We'll find out about Winnipeg in a few days.Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

You lost. Excuses flow like cheap beer.

Anonymous said...

No comments made regarding the QB switch at such an inopportune time in the Montreal game? No blame resting on coaching?

Anonymous said...

Wow....people. First this is the START of year 2 of a rebuild... Next we need to develope a QB. Bridge is not a green rookie, but you need to get him some experience in pressure situations. His mobility is a plus in the RED zone. If he made the completion there would not be any discussion

In the end the rebuild is in year 2. Ever here the term
"Patience Grasshopper"


Anonymous said...

After watching all the games, the riders will be in tough to win period, we'll just have to see what Winnipeg has first, if Glenn goes down we could be in trouble, unless bridge and Williams can execute

Anonymous said...

I want to jump over to the stamps/RBs game if I can for one comment. Its about Bo Levi Mitchell. he has turned into the biggest whiner in the league and now he shoots off his big mouth on twitter about a guy who got under his skin during the game. If he cant handle that, wait until the rematch, do you think they will lay off him now. BLM has no class and is the biggest finger pointer in the league at his own players. Perhaps look in the mirror there Bo, you are embarrassing yourself and the stamps.

Anonymous said...

Penslties, turnovers were factors, yes. Notably Jones didn't take responsibility for mismanaging the clock but blamed crowd noise. Should have a strategy for getting in plays with crowd noise, no? Fifteen seconds is all it took for Reilly to get Esks in FG range for win vs Riders last year -21 seconds is enoug time for 2 runs to get a few yards closer & put ball in the middle for kicker. Don't blame Crapigna - accept that you screwed up.

3RD and 1 said...

It wasn't Jones who screwed up with clock management at the end of the game. It was the O.C. Macadoo.
What do you mean by don't blame Crapigna? He's paid as a professional kicker. He comes on the field to kick the ball through the upright. Im sorry but a 45 yard field goal with barely any wind at all is not too much to ask for from your kicker. So blaming the loss on the 21 seconds is ludicrous. You can't bring up what ifs. There is no way to know if the Riders would have gained any more yards age on 2 run plays. No more than they could have fumbled away the ball. Kickers are paid to kick. He didn't kick a 45 yard field goal and because if that. The Riders lost the game.

Anonymous said...

There were lots of reasons the Riders lost. Glenn throwing an interception on the Als 12 right to Mincy. Marshall fumbling on the Als 32. As for clock management, it was lousy - sorry. So if you want to blame McAdoo - sure. You can also blame Glenn for underthrowing a wide open Carter or Carter for killing drives with his 7 drops. It wasn't just one thing. One offensive TD, a disputed one at that, & none of this falls on the coach who's got the final say on everything. OK he agrees with you. He's pointed the fingers elsewhere. Bottom line - he's the one making $700K a year. No excuses.

Anonymous said...

Ya right Murphy, "the roster make-up is by design"

You knew all along that Montreal was going to cut Jovon Johnson.

Anonymous said...

Blaming the kicker is just dumb. There is plenty of blame to go around in that game for the loss. Thanks anon for rebutting that nonsensical bologne.


Anonymous said...

`rebuild in the cfl only takes 1 year, they said so on here

Anonymous said...

Crowd noise can't be used as an excuse. In the last few minutes when moving the football, the OC should always have at least 3 plays mapped out and ready and be watching the clock. You go up to a ref and call a timeout! Poor excuse. Early in the season you can understand the offsides and illegal procedures but the roughing and horse collar tackles need to stop now. Overall I was encouraged with the effort and I think things will come together.

Anonymous said...

Bombers 33 sliders 16 BOOK IT

Anonymous said...

No more MMG?

Anonymous said...

Well I am glad to see that our highly paid, highly touted and experienced Rider Brass finally has the ability to admit that they were not worth what they figured they were in year one.

"will not be stung like last year with this years roster or the same mishaps" - ie lack of vet players, inexperience, injuries, Canadian Ratio struggles. (not to mention fines) One would of thought that all things that our elite management from years of experience and winning track records would of figured this out earlier and wouldn't have to learn from their mistakes....these are things all football teams deal with 24/7/365 for decades now.

Anyhow I hope that have it together now, team looks a lot better than last year's revolving circus. I really have missed being able to cheer for my team.

Lets go Riders!

Anonymous said...

O man I can't wait till the Bombers christen that fancy new stadium with a blowout win..The Riders have zero chance of winning that game zero! Glenn is washed and can't throw a ball with any zip over 30 yards and your guaranteed at least one bone head call a game with that guy as your head coach he did it in Edmonton and he's doing it in Sasky now too .. outsmarting himself with knucklehead's a little free advice from Bomberland "KEEP IT SIMPLE STOOPID"...P.S this is a 100 yard game for Dress no doubt..Yes we can call him Dress here in WINnipeg..nudge nudge..

Anonymous said...

So lack of vets cost us last year. Are there maybe 2 or 3 fans in Sask that couldn't have explained that to them? Sigh.