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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


REGINA - Under sunny skies and in 19 degree Celsius temperatures, the Saskatchewan Roughriders held their first official practice in New Mosaic Stadium on Monday.  Here are some notes:

- Head Coach & GM Chris Jones said it was "pretty cool" to hold that first workout, and that the club gained an extra half hour because players didn't have to drive to the old training facility at Albert & Dewdney for "a lift". Jones also said the players enjoyed the meeting space in the lavish new facility.

- Monday's practice wasn't padded, and was something of an elevated walk-through as the club prepares for Thursday's season-opener at Montreal (5:30 pm, TSN, CKRM Rider Radio Network).

- Left Guard Brendon Labatte returned to the field after missing much of the past two weeks with a lower body injury. However veteran returner Chad Owens was absent.

- Regarding facing Darian Durant and the Alouettes on Thursday, most everyone downplayed the drama surrounding the game. LB Henoc Muamba smiled, "I'm sure he's going to want to beat us!" 

QB Kevin Glenn said he really has no idea what Darian's thinking leading up to the game. Glenn's been on several teams but never harboured any resentments towards his former clubs.

Chris Jones wasn't interested in taking any bait, and said the Riders have moved on as a football club.


- In fact they've moved on so much that rookie LB Cameron Judge wore #4 in his first practice with the team on Monday but had no idea the significance of the number, nor of the player who wore it before him.  Chris Jones said right now it looks like Judge will make his CFL debut on Thursday.


- The Riders signed FA DB Jovon Johnson (#17) on Monday, a recent cut of the Alouettes. Johnson said he'll be getting some time with the offensive coaches this week and telling them everything he knows about the Montreal players and offense.

Jones said they signed Johnson because of the injuries in the secondary the team has suffered in training camp and preseason games.

- Johnson was also a member of the 2007 Grey Cup-winning Roughriders but he left over a dispute and wound up selling his Grey Cup ring. He said Monday that he regrets that move and would like to get it back.

- Chris Jones also referred to Vince Young as "retired", two days after the club released the 34-year old quarterback. Jones said Young is back in Texas rehabbing his torn hamstring but if he's interested in rejoining the Roughriders, Jones said the team would be open to that.

- The Riders practice Tuesday at 11:00 AM before leaving for Montreal in the afternoon.

- The Riders visit the Alouettes in the season-opener Thursday at 5:30 pm on TSN and 620 CKRM.

- Montreal is favoured by 6.5-points.

- The forecast for Thursday's game is sunny and 24 degrees celsius.



Anonymous said...

Did Jovon bring his '07 Grey Cup ring with him?

Anonymous said...

Who's been lining up at the "WILL" spot

Anonymous said...

Didn't Jovon sell that ring on eBay?

Anonymous said...

The Als will be lucky if Darian is able to finish the game on Thursday. The guy is a walking band aid and his best days are behind him.

Anonymous said...

Darian will play all 18 games this year. Book It Dano!

Anonymous said...

Pretty explicit - he says in the article he sold the ring! He does regret it. O course he would now that he is back.

Anonymous said...

Darian will be motivated. He may not say it but he'll want to stick it to Jones. Let's not turn on Darian - who says Glenn is an improvement? The game will be decided by the defences of these 2 clubs. Both have weapons on offence & both have questions on defence. This isn't last year's #2 defence - no Bear Woods, no Venable, no Cash. Those are 3 huge losses on defence. Jovon was a good signing. Our defensive backfield has issues. He could help this team.

Bo van Ulsen said...

Read the whole interview

Anonymous said...

Says in the article that he sold it.

Anonymous said...

Lets not turn on Durant???? WTF? He wears the opposing teams colours - he's the enemy!

I hope our defence treats Durant like a piƱata Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Jovon has tweeted to other players signing in Sask in the past that the city of Regina sucks. Nice that he's a quality character Rider now.

Anonymous said...

So glad they gave the #4 right away to our new Defensive player. Can't retire 4 now.

Just call me Ralph said...

Rod, good show as per usual.
Listening to the Cage, it's amazing to hear how uninformed many callers are (that includes you Abou) about the Rider players and their bios, as well as cuts and signings.

Here's something that can help get everybody up to speed:

On , daily player movements are posted for all teams, going way back.

On , you can get active roster and practise roster (plus suspended list). So far, teams may have submitted 6 game injured list to the league, but none are posted yet. Expect that in a day or two before league play starts.

Yer welcome.

ReginaRed said...

According to odds makers, Riders are voted most likely to lose. 6.5 point underdogs. Obviously they have not talked to RP, the riders cheerleader extroderoire!

Anonymous said...

"Let's not turn on Darian - who says Glenn is an improvement?"
Beat it Bub, Darian a old brittle Alouette. Glenn a Roughrider! Glenn the man!

Anonymous said...

Teams with minimum wage quarterbacks never win championships. Get ready to re-live the decades of mediocrity .

Anonymous said...

Als favored by 6.5. As Huf would say, "We have them right where we want them"!!


Randolph Charles said...

Ah c'mon you guys, I already took Vernon Adams in my pool since the over/under of DD going out with injury is likely the end of the first quarter. At which point the new swarming defense drives VA to distraction and hence the first Rider win of the season.

Anonymous said...

Six and a half points! Looks like Vegas is as impressed with Jones as I am.


Anonymous said...

Darian is right in his prime. I'm sure he will have a great season all the best to him just not on Thursday. Go Riders go.

Anonymous said...

Roddy, don't you love insults that contain such beauties as "extroderoire".

Rod Pedersen said...

Very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

Rod, people are wondering when the team leaves for Mtrl. You and Luc travel with the team, so please share it with us. Thanks.

PS, I hope the boys don't go crazy on Catherine St. before the game. What they do after is a different story.

Anonymous said...

Why would you expect him to get injured? He played virtually all season last year, while being constantly beat up because of the weak Oline jones had in place. DD is a beast!

Anonymous said...

# 4 in sports significant by association and exclusive only to Mr. Bobby Orr, former NHL player. Anyone else wearing that number, just a Joe Smoe player.

Anonymous said...

Picture caps_ Roughrider players/with new stadium as a backdrop very impressive, Saskatchewan has something to be proud of. Thanx for the report Mr. Pedersen.