Realty One

Friday, June 23, 2017


Justin Tang/Canadian Press
OTTAWA - Neither team left the stadium feeling content on Friday night.

The Ottawa Redblacks and Calgary Stampeders settled for a 31-31 in the season opener for both teams - the second straight year the two clubs played to a tie in their first meeting of the season.

"It feels very, very eerie like last year,'' said Stampeders coach Dave Dickenson. "We came in here and fought back and both teams probably think they could have and should have won. Opportunities were there for both teams and then you finish with a tie, which probably doesn't taste well for anybody.

"Ties, no one's real happy with those.''

Overtime has been a common theme for the two teams recently.

The Redblacks and Stampeders played to a 26-26 tie last season in Ottawa's home opener. The Redblacks scored a 39-33 overtime victory against Calgary to clinch the Grey Cup.

The tie didn't sit well with the Redblacks for a number of reasons.

Ottawa led for the entire game, but kept giving Calgary enough chances to keep things close, took far too many penalties for its liking (13 for 126 yards) and struggled at times with the officiating.

"It's disappointing,'' said Ottawa quarterback Trevor Harris, who was 33 for 45 for 300 yards with three touchdowns and an interception. "It's hard to see the positives right now.''

"From our point of view we have a lot of stuff to work on as a football team,'' said Redblacks coach Rick Campbell. "We took too many penalties. There's things we need to get better at so the (officiating) is the least of our worries.''

Ottawa led 28-14 with just over six minutes remaining when Bo Levi Mitchell, who was 31 for 48 for 376 yards and two TD's, connected with Lemar Durant for a 24-yard touchdown.

Calgary was able to take advantage of a questionable call when Kamar Jorden appeared to fumble the ball. Ottawa challenged the play, but the call on the field stood to the dismay of the sellout crowd of 24,565, and the Stampeders went on to score four plays later when Jerome Messam ran in a three-yard TD. A convert tied things 28-28 with two minutes remaining.

In overtime the Stampeders could have won the game on a field goal, but it went wide forcing double OT. On Calgary's ensuing possession Rene Paredes was able to connect for a 14-yard field goal. Ottawa's Brett Maher made a 37-yard field goal of his own to tie it up again.

"The challenge thing's hard and I know everyone's trying to figure it out and get better at it from all fronts, the coaches, the replay guys and all that, but it's really unpredictable and it's hard to know how things are going to be ruled on a replay,'' said Campbell.

Players were leery to comment on the officiating for fear of being fined, but were clearly frustrated with the lack of consistency.

Tied 11-11 to start the second half Ottawa regained the lead midway through the third with a 27-yard Maher field goal, but the Stampeders answered right back with Paredes kicking a 20-yard field goal to make it 14-14.

Harris connected with Juron Criner for an 11-yard TD and followed it up with a 32-yard pass to Josh Stangby to take a 28-14 lead early in the fourth quarter.

"We were down by 14 with eight minutes to go so that's good fight,'' said Dickenson. "Wasn't our best game, we'd like to correct some things and we'll get that opportunity again in six days.''

The two teams meet again next Thursday in Calgary. The Redblacks are anxious to get right back at it.

"This is just round one and we got round two next week,'' said Ottawa's Taylor Reed. "It's nice to be able to go right back at them and not have to wait a few weeks. We had them by 14 points in the fourth quarter and we let them off the hook. Everybody's upset in here.''

Trailing 11-3 in the second quarter Calgary tied the game on another questionable play.

Mitchell found Jorden for a nine-yard TD pass, but the Redblacks thought he fumbled the ball prior to crossing the goal line and newcomer Khalil Bass ran it back for what was believed an Ottawa touchdown.

Officials on the field ruled it a Calgary touchdown and upon review the CFL command centre declared "the replay official did not see clear evidence the ball carrier lost possession prior to the ball breaking the plane of the goal line, ruling of a Calgary touchdown stands.''

Mitchell connected with Marquay McDaniel for the two-point conversion to knot things up with just over three minutes remaining in the half.

Ottawa jumped out to an 11-0 lead on a 40-yard field goal and a six-yard rushing TD by William Powell, but Calgary got on the board with an 11-yard field goal of its own to make it 11-3.

Notes: Prior to the start of the game the Redblacks held a brief ceremony with Henry Burris on hand to raise the Grey Cup commemorating last year's victory over the Stampeders.

(The Canadian Press)


Anonymous said...

Seriously ..... how can anyone watch soccer comparing it to the CFL inclusively this game.

Go Hard CFL

Speak up Canadians!


Anonymous said...

Saskatchewan Roughriders last regime had a legitimate sure chance to sign qb Trevor Harris, sadly they didn't. Now look at him.

Saskatchewan Roughriders last regime traded away a proven valuable must have asset at the running-back position, that player_ Mr. Jerome Messam. Now look at him.

Saskatchewan Roughriders last regime kicked CFL super-star qb Mr. Jonathon Jennings to the way-side. Now look at him.

Saskatchewan Roughriders last regime ... Now look at them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, has there ever been a better start to the CFL season - real barn-burner finishes! TSN has to be loving the close competition. Hope it keeps rolling with games down to the wire.

Anonymous said...

The TSN guys and so many others don't understand the CFL rules in terms of goal lines.

If the ball is still in the possession of the player when it breaks the plain, it is a TD. In both cases, the ball, although jarred lose and moving, was still in the players hand when he met the goal line, it was not in the air. The CFL needs to explain their rule book better to the media and some fans who do not understand the significance of a ball's position when at the goal line but still in the hand of a player vs a situation elsewhere on the field before a knee or elbow hits the ground.

Anonymous said...

Video replay is terrible.

Anonymous said...

did anyone read the comments on twitter by Bo Levi Big Mouth? He his chirping about one of the back up RBs linebackers shirping at him all game and told him on twitter to shut his mouth. WOW!! Bo is one to talk. Maybe he should shut his mouth and stop whining to the refs all game. All he does is think that every pass he throws incomplete is pass interference. If you call that a team player, then teams can do without that sort of team mate. The stamps can have him he is a cancer in the locker room for sure.

Anonymous said...

Cancer or not, all BLM does is win. With the latest loss, Glenn is 3-16 as a starter going into his last 3 seasons. BLM takes advantage of mistakes & kills you. Glenn makes mistakes late in games & kills you - the 4th Qtr INT to Mincy on the 12 yard line is a prime example. Fact is, the offence with Carter who dropped balls all night scored ONE TD on offence. We'll see how the season goes but the record shows Glenn is going to have to be a whole lot better. Also, as demonstrated by Derek Taylor during the telecast, Glenn does not throw an accurate or good deep ball. BLM, Reilly & Jennings are good at that. What's the point of having players like Carter & Roosevelt to stretch the field when Glenn is so-so at getting the ball there? Prime example, the long miss on Carter.

Anonymous said...

Bo Levi is the best player in the CFL, hands down. The TSN top 50 verified that Wednesday night.

Anonymous said...

What was the final score?