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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


The Saskachewan Hockey Association has made an unfortunate decision to ban out of town female hockey players from playing in larger centres where "All Girl" teams are available.

They are essentially forcing many girls to quit hockey!

Older girls would be forced to play on boys' contact hockey teams, dress in a separate change room and be isolated from their teammates.

Parents who are willing to pay their fees are dedicated team members and are willing to drive their children to a larger centre. They should have the choice to do so.

This is a backwards step for female hockey and is very disappointing to parents, coaches and above all, players. Unfortunately many girls will no longer have a place to play hockey. They are losing out on the incredible benefits of sport.

Please sign the petition here to help Keep Girls On The Ice!


Anonymous said...

What kind of a Decision is that ? And who are the Boneheads that make such decisions? There are so many great female hockey players that watch Canada's team perform at World Championship games and that becomes their dream for some of them. So why interfere with their dream? Come on let's put a vote to this and see what the results are instead of unknown people sitting back and making such unfair decisions of their own.
And I am NOT a female writing this . I just believe in rights of others.

Anonymous said...

So what is the rationale for the decision? Im sure SHA wasn't sitting around at coffee and just decided to throw this out there!

I coached female hockey for years and my daughters played for years with out-of-town players on every team. There was never an issue. Not once in 10 years.

Now if the decision is because maybe, for example, Moose Jaw has a female team in place but a player would rather play in Regina, then maybe there is a slight basis for this rule. I'm pretty sure boys hockey has the same issues but I think there are procedures and appeals etc to allow it on occasion.

But if the above example is not the case, then wth is the reasoning for the rule?!!!Never mind growing the game, what about the gals that are being affected!

Anonymous said...

I could see this being a good idea if the number of girls playing in both cities and rural was much, much higher like the boys. They say that there are enough numbers in the rural areas to create teams, but you can't look at numbers alone. You need to look at talent levels to some degree. I have been involved in coaching youth sports for a number of years and if you have 1 or 2 players that dominate it is very hard to progress with the rest of the athletes. Stupid decision as far as I am concerned. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Was it broke?

Anonymous said...

At first glance this seems like a terrible decision. Knowing how hockey works there must be a political reason for it ....somebody or community has their nose out of joint. I would like to know the true reason for the decision.

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out what the big deal is about this. This is not a issue its about time this happened. First of all this is how the entire province works if you do not live close to Regina or Saskatoon, this will give Regina girls a better chance at making some of these teams that have spots taken up by rural kids, the SSFHL will get better because more teams will be created in the rural areas, most of the strong rural girls play boys till bantam as it is and if there was a better league there may be more girls want to make the switch from girls to boys sooner or from the beginning when they play hockey. I have a pee wee aged girl now and she still plays boys when we have a girls team in our area. Size is not a issue at this age as most girls are bigger at this age. This decision in long overdue.

Anonymous said...

This is long overdue. The biggest populations of girls hockey players are in Saskatoon and Regina, add the rural players into the mix and they have a huge advantage over communities like Weyburn, Estevan, Battlefords, Yorkton, etc. while playing in the same leagues. The Saskatoon Comet organization wins league and provincial titles regularly with many of their players from outside the city of the Saskatoon. This rule is a great opportunity for our rural communities to work together to create solid programs for girls (maybe even tiered programs)and maybe even help grow the female game in rural areas. Before people complain I believe they should see how it works, make adaptations, and create the best opportunities/options for our girls to play hockey. I think the reason for complaining is because it may in convenience some families. Using dramatic headlines that make people believe girls will not have any place to play or will quit hockey is certainly an over reatcion.

Anonymous said...

who is the female hockey player in the picture