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Sunday, June 4, 2017


SASKATOON - Bryan Bennett was the star of Saturday's Saskatchewan Roughriders annual Green & White scrimmage at SMF Field. The 25-year old quarterback from Tarzana, CA threw three touchdown passes in a fairly slick performance by the Riders before a packed crowd.

Bennett threw majors to Antwane Grant (15 yards), Naaman Roosevelt (25 yards) and Duron Carter (25 yards) on the day.
Bryan Bennett

There were 18 offensive series in all, with Kevin Glenn getting the first. He threw for first downs to Jenson Stoshak, Bakari Grant and Duron Carter however a fumble by running back Cameron Marshall at the +37-yard line ended the drive. That was also the end of Glenn's afternoon.

Vince Young quarterbacked the next two series, as part of his six drives on the day. His first possession was a 2-and-out and then he served up a deep interception to rookie Zavian Bingham on the second.

In his subsequent drives, Young was sacked by Willie Jefferson forcing a punt, Tyler Crapigna missed on a 44-yard field goal attempt, Young was picked by defensive lineman Ese Mrabure, and he finished with a 2-and-out.

Bryan Bennett was the pivot for five series, ending three with touchdown passes.

Brandon Bridge got four possessions, including one which ended with a 13-yard touchdown strike to Mitch Picton.

Rookie quarterback Marquise Williams - who was signed on Wednesday - got two possessions. On the first he was intercepted by DB Derrick Moncrief (who was signed on Saturday), and on the second Tyler Crapigna struck a 55-yard field goal to end the day for the Riders.

It was a good way for Crapigna to leave the field, as he missed a field goal and extra point earlier in the day.

The defensive star was veteran D-end Willie Jefferson who unofficially had two sacks and a tackle for a loss.

NOTES: Game stats will be published here when they are available ... Absent from the Mock Game were veterans Rob Bagg, Brendon Labatte and Caleb Holley. Head Coach Chris Jones said all are suffering from minor nicks which wouldn't keep them out of a regular season game ... P Josh Bartel and LS Jorgen Hus also did not participate. Quinn Van Gylswyk and Tyler Crapigna split the punting duties while rookie Alexandre Gagne did the deep-snapping ... The Riders have been given Sunday off and will return to the field Monday morning at 9:00 at Griffiths Stadium ... Saturday the Riders host the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in preseason action at 7:00 at new Mosaic Stadium on 620 CKRM.



Anonymous said...

Could Bryan Bennett (Double B) be the second coming of Kent Austin or perhaps the next Bo Levi Mitchell?

Anonymous said...

Would anyone be surprised if VY said that's it and left camp. He was not sharp today!

Jason G said...

My opinion Vince Young could/should be cut if he is not up-to CFL& Riders caliber. Keep Bridge and Bennett with Marquise being groomed for future. Kevin Glenn as starter can easily mentor young guns if he does not succeed. No reason to keep Vince just cause his past accomplishments. Wow last time I can remember we had this much potential at QB was early 2000 when we had Kevin, Nealon, Rocky and a 4th QB some no name Henry something lol. I wouldn't want be in Jones shoes or management hard decisions coming up.

Anonymous said...

I do hope Vince does stay for the pre-season games. TSN would be pleased, as would I. Everyone understood that the CFL presents a steep learning curve for QB's from the American game.

Anonymous said...

Vince Young clearly has a lot of work to do. Today was not a good day for him. It was a great day to watch some Rider football in Saskatoon. Cannot wait until next Saturday night. So excited now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report as always!

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on our defense?

Rod Pedersen said...

Six takeaways in 18 series isn't too shabby. Jones said in the Q&A with fans before the game they hope to have far more takeaways this season than they did last year. Saturday was a good start.

Adrian DeCorby said...

Vince Young is only sticking around by name right now... by performance he would be cut if he was anyone else. Tragic really. Double B (I like that) could be the next big star in this league... what wasn't mentioned is he was also an up back on punt coverage... and ran down field full speed on 6-8 punts during the scrimmage, sometimes coming out to QB the next series. He also served as the primary FG holder! So he showed the most energy and had a great showing, while being on the field more than most!!

Here's hoping for another showing next week, a year or part year of tutoring from KG and Jarious Jackson and he can start leading this next group.

Loved the leadership and vocals from Jefferson and AC Leonard on D, them along with Vets like KG, Bagg, Labatte on off and this group looks to have a solid foundation of leadership to build on.

Adrian in Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

Young is not making a strong case for him self... He has to really step it up this next week in camp

Anonymous said...

Easy to get 6 take aways with rookie Qb's in the is a inner squad game so relax people. Bennett had three td's in an inner squad game so now he is a Kent Austin or Bo Levi...get real already.

Canadian Football Coach said...

Coach Jones shook the trees last year & found a former Rugby Canada player. I think his name was Wilson Ross. Where is he now? CFL teams are really missing out on finding Canadian born & bread talent...why?!

Anonymous said...

I would be quite content to go with Glenn and work with the young guys instead of that Young Guy. That way we have a veteran to mentor and some potential for the future. If we release or do not bring along one of the young QB's we could be missing an opportunity. I do not expect a GC this year anyway but would sure like to see some potential for a future in one of the rookies. That would be exciting instead of waiting for an old hand to make good again.

CM said...

im pro VY and would give him time. He hasn't played for a few years he needs some time.

3RD and 1 said...

I understand the little bit of excitement about Double B. Not just because he out performed the other 2 QB's. ""Glen dosent count"" Its when you take his performance in the G&W Scrimmage and combine that with his performance at practise. As well as his ability to catch on to the current system as quickly as he has. As well Rod and Luke have had very positive things to say about Bryan Bennet. Plus the dude has a real intense look, giving him an air of confidence from teammates. He could easily stare down his huddle. The players react to that kind of thing. It gives them confidence as well.
Keep in mind Bryan Bennett has only spent time on a CFL team practise roster. So an American developing the nuances of a CFL QB as well and quickly as he has. Tells most people who understand the game and the QB position that he is going to be a gamer.
I hope he sticks and mentors under Glen.

Anonymous said...

Riders going to go 11-7 this year..great oline and receivers

Anonymous said...

11 and 7 might be a bit ambitious. After seeing them yesterday, I am revising my original estimate of wins from 6 to 8 but I don't see many more than that. We are basically starting with a whole new team once again. They still have to gel as a team and that is going to take some time.

Anonymous said...

Double B????? Forget that!!!!!!

3RD and 1 said...

Hey, don't think the name Double B as a sign of disrespect to a former or a new player. The dudes name is Bryan Bennett. It's a lot easier to say Double B. Plus if and when Bennett ever hears it he may enjoy the compliment.
Besides the term Doubles is not an exclusive right to our past leader Darian Durant. Darian is an awesome person and would find this somewhat humerous.
How many young men who spin vinyl at Hip Hops go by the name DJ Splat or DJ That or DJ Phat. You get where I'm coming from?
On the flip side of that.... If Bryan Bennett himself is posting or telling everyone to forget about the name Double B. Then so be it.
Yet when you think about it. A nick name is given to you from someone else. The only time you get to pick your own nick name is when you are trying to start up your own brand. Usually they take a Pro Active approach and print it on some kind of hand out.
I have a friend who's 1st name is Bryan and his last name starts with a J. Do you honestly think he picked his own nich name of BJ???? No self respecting man would give themself that kind of a handle. haha
Everyone here is just having fun. Go with it until Bennett asks for it to be shut down. Maybe Rod can tell Bennett that his play has garnished extra attention. Including the fans already giving him a term of endearment. That being DOUBLE B.
Definition of; Term of endearment; is a word or phrase used to address or describe a person, animal or inanimate object for which the speaker or speakers feels some sort of connection or affection.

Anonymous said...

Jenson Stoshak is looking like a solid pick up, should be a starter for sure.