Realty One

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Photo courtesy Brian Liesse
The Western Hockey League championship series is now down to a Best-of-3 affair.

The Seattle Thunderbirds scored six unanswered goals Wednesday night on the way to a 6-1 romp over the Regina Pats in the ShoWare Center in Kent, WA, tying the WHL Finals at 2-2.

On the heels of a 3-2 triumph in Tuesday's Game 3, Regina came out flying to open Wednesday's contest with leading scorer Sam Steel opening the scoring on the powerplay at the 13:15 mark.

Unfortunately for the Pats, that's where their offense dried up.

The T-Birds erupted for three goals in a span of 3:22 before the period was out - from Ryan Gropp, Sami Moilanen and Nolan Volcan - for a 3-1 lead after 20 minutes.

The Pats were a completely different team from the one which stole Game 3, and put up little resistance as Seattle fired three more goals in the middle period - from Jarrett Tsyzka, Alexander True and Keegan Kolesar - for a 6-1 lead after two periods.

Back-up goaltender Jordan Hollett replaced Pats starter Tyler Brown for the third period, stopping all 12 shots he faced in the final frame.

Brown was left on his own far too many times on Wednesday, stopping 18 of 24 shots.

At the other end Seattle rookie netminder Carl Stankowski had a relatively easy night, turning aside 18 of 19 shots.

Regina was outshot 35-19 while going 1/3 on the powerplay and 5/7 killing penalties.

The Pats were again missing captain Adam Brooks who was injured in Game 1.

The attendance in Kent, WA on Wednesday was 4652.

As frustrating and disappointing as Wednesday's performance was, the Pats will quickly look to shake it off and prepare for Game 5 on Friday in Kent. For instance the Anaheim Ducks were routed 7-1 in Game 6 in Edmonton on Sunday but rebounded to capture Game 7 at home Wednesday night.

The Pats have plenty of room for improvement as they look to get back in the driver's seat of what's becoming a thrilling series.

Faceoff in Friday's Game 5 is slated for 8:30 pm Sask Time on 620 CKRM, Access 7 and Shaw.

We now know there will be a Game 6 back at Regina's Brandt Centre on Sunday at 6:00 pm.

Game 7, if necessary, will also go in Regina on Monday evening.



Leon K. said...

I said it would happen and Boy was I right tonight . And now Seattle will not look back . "Brownie" looked awful as predicted and the Pats looked like they were out sightseeing all day . Na Na Na Na.

Anonymous said...

The refs "screwed" the pats right?
Not handing them 7 or 8 powerplays tonight. And saw the deleted tweet

william weppler said...

Tough one for the boys tonight. Momentum change after the miscommunication between Hobbs and Brown giveaway goal and they couldn't recover. Got to rest some of the guys in 3rd and get some experience for the rookies on the bench tonight.

Sun will come up tomorrow and we are tied 2-2 with home ice advantage so all is not bad. I agree Brown not given that much help tonight but he sort of started the downswing with bad play behind his net. I am sure it will be chocked up to experience and now a best of 3 series.

Go Pats!

Anonymous said...

Good start but quickly went down hill. The boys will come back, now we get the morons giving there useless uninformed opinions. They've been waiting a few games for this.

Anonymous said...

An absolutely embarrassing effort make no mistake. The Pats failed to show up and the coaching staff did not have them prepared whatsoever. Guys like Hobbs, Ahl and Sloboshan were all −3 and Henry −4. They ate up our d-corps with very little if any push back. Sloboshan's line were on for two even strength goals late in the 1st period that changed the game. Hard times don't build character, they reveal it. There was a lot revealed about the Pats tonight. Hardly worth going to the Turvey Center.

Anonymous said...

The whole team was crappy including Brown, the defence and offence. Watching it and seeing so little emotion is concerning. Without Brooks they're in deep trouble as the depth isn't there. Where was Leedahl, Steel and Wagner all night? I guess Leedahl has decided to quit now that he has a contract. The other two were no shows as well. For Paddock to blame the call and tying goal as the reason for the collapse is a weak excuse. The biggest game of their season and the biggest loss. Most of that team had better reach down and find a pair. Horribly deflating and embarrassing to any Pats supporter.

Anonymous said...

Tough loss but I'm not worried. Best of 3 with a possible 2 games at home! They'll bounce back and will not go down without a fight.

Full moon last night and a pats loss, I can just imagine what this comment section will bring today.

GO Pats.

PS. Please come back Brooks, we need you!

Anonymous said...

Uh oh....

Anonymous said...

pats had one stinker game in Lethbridge and Swift current series too.

Jake O. said...

Not many comments on here when the Patsies get Spanked. Another "No Show" and this team will be polishing up the Golf Clubs. No desire last night and now will they be able to recover ? I don't think so . Seattle is much bigger and stronger and the Patsies have played enough games to show that they are wearing down. 2 more wins by Seattle and Bye Bye Pats.

Anonymous said...

The boys started out strong and then the wind came out of there sails no big deal just 1 game. Brown played well again and made some big saves. Series is 2-2 and a day off will help the boys. If we score on our early chances it will be a different ball game.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at the lack of comments. All the negative folks must have slept in.

One weak game does not mean they are done. I hope the team takes it as a wake up call that the goalie can't steal every game. They haven't done anything easy in these playoffs so why start now!!

Positive is that we'll get to see them play at least 1 more time in person. Win or lose, we'll be able to applaud them for an incredible season!! Preference of course is to see them win the WHL crown!!!


Andrew Wiens said...

Probably shouldn't be too demoralized if you are the Pats or too excited if you are the T-birds as 2-1 or 6-1 lead to the same result. A blowout in the playoffs has little predictive value - just ask the Oilers.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Pats lose big and some people want to jump on that, the series is over now. Look at the Oilers who won big in Game 6 and what did they do? Oh yeah, lose game 7. Each game is different and there seems to be little or no momentum carried over to the next game. Game 5 will be a different game again and likely a one goal game like the first 3 games. The games remaining should be great and hoping the Pats will be the victorious ones. Been a great series for the most part.

Anonymous said...

That was their dud game, every series seems to have one game where a team gets outplayed badly no matter what the sport. This Pats team is something special but so is the Seattle team. Let's see who has the drive and the focus to win two more games. I hope it's the Pats but won't be too disappointed if it's Seattle. Don't get too wrapped up in turning Seattle into villains and enjoy this great series for two maybe three more games. Great hockey to watch but when they take off their helmets these young men are exactly that, young men.

Anonymous said...

Shortest comments by Mr Weppler all year...hope he is OK

william weppler said...

Lol...not too much good to say about that game ☺

Anonymous said...

The pats didn't win because two things happened. Brown was less that he needed to be and gave away the puck on the winning goal. He wasn't sharp and the team folded. The second reason is that the Pats are often too lazy to commit to a tough grinding game. They didn't want any part of it and it showed. Even big guys on the team played like chicken s__ts. Little 5'8" guys like Mollenan and Eansor were eating them up. It wasn't a beating, it was a beat down. The Pats were completely disinterested in initiating any hits, cycling the puck or playing a smothering defence. Seattle was willing to do those things and hence the big win. If something doesn't change radically then everyone better come out Sunday to watch the Pats season come to an end mercifully. They played like they were interested in golfing. Not enough character, depth and commitment shown last night. Paddock is the architect.

Anonymous said...

Don't bother reading too much into last nights game. The Pats came out okay, but checked out of the game mentally after Brown was caught out of the net. For some reason this team plays better when their backs are against the wall. I expect a much better effort from the Pats for the rest of the series.

Hopefully Adam Brooks is back on Friday. If not, I have a good feeling that he will be playing on Sunday. Of course, I have no information on how he's doing. He was doing on-ice drills yesterday from what I understand. I don't know how he's feeling today. From what I understand, if he's feeling okay, he can then do contact drills and if he's feeling okay after that, he can be cleared to play. So if we hear about him doing full contact drills at some point in the near future and feeling good afterwards, that's a very good sign.

Anonymous said...

They'll need more than just Brooks coming back to win this series .

Anonymous said...

WE win tonight 3-1 with an empty netter. GUARANTEED. I'll have the boys goin.

Pon Jaddock.

Anonymous said...

The Pats don't have any stones! Ottenbriet attacked one our stars and there was no response from anyone. SC sent a 4th liner out to attack Brooks at the knees and there was no response. Steel got drilled from behind by Ottenbreit in game three and again no response from anyone.

If your lineup is so full of chicken s—ts that nobody will stand up to guys abusing your stars, then you will likely lose. Paddock traded away all our grit and toughness and has nobody to respond when crap happens. Instead we got Smart who isn't good enough to dress or play. He wants his guys to play this passive BS hockey and win by skill. How's that working for you John? Your stars get knocked out of series and you have no response. Ottawa wouldn't be moving on if it wasn't for James Neal sending a message to Glass. Every player on the Sens commended Neal. Maybe that's a good indication why Paddock isn't coaching in the NHL. Seattle is pounding the Pats into submission but Paddock doesn't want anyone to retaliate. How's that working for you John?

If the Pats don't get engaged they will soon be golfing.