Realty One

Sunday, May 7, 2017


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REGINA - Hopefully, for Keegan Kolesar's sake, it was worth it.

Josh Mahura scored his second goal of the night on the powerplay in overtime as the Regina Pats edged the Seattle Thunderbirds 4-3 on Saturday in Game 2 of the Western Hockey League final series.

Regina's man advantage situation came about after Kolesar kneed Pats defenceman Connor Hobbs in the groin after the play, which was caught on video and replayed over and over before the sellout crowd of 6484 in the Brandt Centre. The Thunderbirds Assistant Captain received a 2-minute minor for kneeing in OT.

It was, I think, the most selfish, untimely thing I've ever seen in a lifetime of hockey.

And then it took Mahura and the Pats powerplay just 23 seconds to make Kolesar and the Thunderbirds pay for an unbelievably costly decision and now the Best-of-7 series is all knotted up at 1-1 going to Seattle for the next three games.

The Pats led 1-0 after 20 minutes in Game 2 after Sam Steel opened the scoring just 50 seconds into the contest. However three Seattle goals in less than a minute in the middle frame gave the Thunderbirds a 3-1 lead after 40 minutes and things looked grim.

But we've learned never to count these Pats out and they found that "next gear" in the third period that Head Coach & GM John Paddock has been looking for. Josh Mahura and Filip Ahl scored to tie the game and force overtime for a second straight game in the series.

And then at 5:22 of OT, Mahura ripped a point shot low glove side on Seattle goalie Carl Stankowski to send the Regina fans into hysterics.

Regina was outshot 30-26 in the contest while going 2/7 on the powerplay and 2/3 on the penalty kill.

Pats goalie Tyler Brown collected the win after making 27 saves.

Regina was playing without captain Adam Brooks who was injured in Friday's Game 1.

Game 3 goes Tuesday night at 8:00 pm in Kent, WA on 620 CKRM, Access 7 and Shaw.

(With files from The Canadian Press)


Andrew Wiens said...

This has to be an extremely disappointing game for Seattle fans. The T-birds basically dominated the Pats for large portions of that game (especially the first half of the second period), but simply shot themselves in the foot. Regina's first and third goals were basically just gifts off brutally bad turnovers and their other two goals were both products of poor discipline. One has to give credit to Regina though for being extremely opportunistic with their chances and also give an enormous amount of credit to Brown who once again made some timely saves to prevent the game from possibly getting out of reach. For some reason this game reminded me of another game I watched the Pats play in about three weeks ago - ouch!

Anonymous said...

Great come-from-behind team win!

But a lot of pucks missed the net tonight. My only advice for the Pats heading into Seattle is to keep playing hard, but hit the net!

WesternMBRiders said...

Another entertaining game! The Pats goal before the end of the second, at least to me, was a turning point; it showed they still had some fight left in them, because understandably after getting scored on three times in less than one minute, they were reeling and coming unhinged. Seattle had even more chances in the second, but it seemed as if they started to take their foot off the gas pedal just a bit and look for the pretty play in the offensive zone, because Regina scoring before the end of the second to cut the gap down to one as opposed to going down three into the final period created some momentum. At times during the first period and certainly the initial portion of the third, the speed and skill of Regina was demonstrated, but the majority of the second and final minutes of the third was dominated by Seattle. Matt Barzall is sure something else, like a magician with the puck. He has wheels, and can weave through his end and the centre ice area, and then set up shop in the other team's end, not just displaying some unreal stickhandling, but as well,showing some strong pick control along the boards. However, his linemate Keegan Kolesar's unnecessary penalty for kneeing Connor Hobbs when the two of them were in the grasp of the referees sure cost them in OT. The Pats ultimately were able to get some traffic around the net and in front of the young Thunderbirds goalie, who played very well again. Brown was very good too. Heading west tied 1-1 should comfort the Pats, as if they had lost, I am thinking that would have been the final game of the year at the Brandt Centre. As it is, I suspect it will be 3-2 the series for Seattle when the series returns to the Regina, as long as the Pats best players play their best and not go invisible for a period here and there as has been the case thus far. At the end of the day, maybe that would be fitting, coming back to Regina down 3-2 in the series, as all playoffs long, the Pats have not done it the easy way, and to win, there would have to be one more comeback in the tank. Or maybe they just decide to win three in a row and be done with it. Nice thinking but not likely and it is just too much fun for this series not to go near to or three full seven games.

Anonymous said...

Kiolesar knees a guy to the jewels and gets 2 minutes??? That's a thug play not a hockey play, and if it was done on the street you would get charged criminally. This guy just got back from a suspension and he's back kneeing and playing thug hockey.. If this doesn't draw a two game suspension then the WHL even further proves what a joke it is. You can be sure that if Vetter had seen this he would have called a good hockey play. Additionally if it were Hobbs who had done it, there is no doubt that the league would be suspending him. Double and triple standards against the Pats. Dorkson, Robison and crew run a shabby ship and these kids deserve better. So do the fans.

The Pats played a great game with out Brooks, which is a travesty in itself and nothing the WHL should be proud of. We all hope he's back soon well that is everyone except the WHL.

The Pats owned the game with the exception of a bad couple minutes. It shouldn't have been as close as it was. The Pats needs to watch the points better since most of Seattle's offence come from their points.

Larry said...

What an atmosphere last night and a fantastic result.
At times Seattle ( especially Barzal ) just floated around the Pat's but then the Pat's turn it up and get right back into the game.
The kneeing penalty by Kolesar should result in another suspension. He is an aggressive player and the Pat's seemed timid at times against him.
Pat's finally started taking more shots and quicker shots on goal.
Ahl's goal turned the game around and he was the massive moving screen on Mahura's OT winning shot from the point.
Hope to see Brooks back for the rest of the series.

Anonymous said...

Apparently those big guys don't like it when anyone stands up to them , funny. The bigger they are the harder they fall.

Anonymous said...

It felt like the Pats were ready for this game, lots of energy in the first period. Those three quick Seattle goals put a scare into the Pats but their play in the third was outstanding. The Seattle penalty in overtime was incredibly stupid and a very selfish thing to do but the Pats made him pay. Very important win before going on the road for three games.

Anonymous said...

With Seattle doing as well as they did here in Regina, SK. Canada. I sure hope the Pats keep it just as tight over the next 3 games in Washington, USA. and pull out a victory or two. Otherwise we may not see another home game this year.

william weppler said...

Mahura paying dividends big time...guess the trade wasn't so bad after all...maybe JP knows what he is doing after all hey Skeptics?
The comeback kids never give up it seems.
Cant wait til Tuesday/Wednesday at the Showcase Center in Kent...will be there in Blue and White cheering them on!
Go Pats!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard if there will be tv coverage of the WHL final games in Seattle?

Anonymous said...

Great Game!!! Much needed win before heading to Seattle! OT hasn't been our friend these playoffs so kudos to Kolesar for the dumb kneeing penalty!!

They'll be fine on the road! Can't wait to watch Tuesday night!!!


Anonymous said...

No matter how the next five games play out, if Seattle doesn't win Kolesar will be the root of the shortcoming. He added nothing to the 'birds lineup and took two selfish penalties and both cost his team.

Seattle wins game 2 this series is all but over. Thanks Keegan!

Dustin said...

Whole series is on a access/shaw

Anonymous said...

The Pats were the better team in the first game but lost on a fluke goal. With the exception of a couple minutes in the second the Pats were again the better team. They are starting to get better and better, and will soon hit their stride. They were something like 29-5 on the road this year, so playing on the road won't affect them. The pressure is now all on Seattle and they haven't come close to seeing the Pats at their best. They have no idea how tough and resilient this Pats team really. Cheap shot our best player and we can still win. When he's back look out.

Jake P. said...

Oh Good ! Weppler will be there Cheering Them On! That must mean a sure win. NOT! Seattle will win the next 3 in Seattle and that will be it for the Patsies this year.. Go Birds Go !.

Anonymous said...

I'm flying out to Seattle Monday for all 3 games Tues, Wed and Fri. Hope the Pats can win 1 or 2 there.

Anonymous said...

You have seen the last of the pats this year

Rod Pedersen said...

^^^^ You mean they'll win the next three in Seattle and go straight to Windsor?

3RD and 1 said...

Only Rod knows for sure if ""you've seen the last of the Pats"" is a MooseJaw fan. However I would put a MooseJaw first, if not then a Lethbridge fan or a Swift fan. Yet I really doubt that as those fans have dignity and class. Unlike the MooseJaw troll that has been on here since the Warriors were sent packing back in the 1st round.

Anonymous said...

...might be Brandon fans, too. They seem to think they are still better even though they were a mess this season and possibly for more to come. And yes, 'MESS' is a very accurate description.


Anonymous said...

With the Riders, Pats and Rams. There has never been the possibility of all 3 Regina teams doing well in a season. Not that we are anywhere near that happening this year. I wonder what it would feel like to have a trifecta of pure sports happiness in one season. The Pats for so many years were mediocre at best under the Parker ownership. New ownership has improved the Pats each year and here we are with a team that should sustain itself for a few years to come. The Rams went from worst to almost first in one season. There should be some sustainability there as well. Now if Jones can only dig down deep into his bag of tricks and pull out some doozies that the League won't cap his ass on. Remove all the individual play and get the players coming together as a team. As well as a QB who isn't Darian's older brothers age. Maybe, just maybe the Riders will become a seriously competitive team. Until the Jones administration can find a young QB with talent like a young Austin or Durant was to lead this team. Then we will probably see about the same production the Pats were under the Parker ownership.
Anyway that's all just a bunch of babble. Right now on this day at this moment. All that matters is ............ GO PATS GO

Reginald of Regina

Anonymous said...

What happened to

WesternMBRiders said...

The Brandon fans on here are actually pleased to see Regina do well, as fans of the game and supporters of the WHL.. It has been 33 years since the Pats have gotten to this point in the playoffs. Regina has not won the WHL Championship since 1980. But if you want to take a shot at teams like Brandon, who won the WHL last year, were in the WHL Final the year before and have the soon to be first overall pick in the NHL Draft in Nolan Patrick, then go ahead. The last time Regina won the WHL, Ronald Reagan was President of the US and Justin's Dad had just came back to power after a 9 month holiday thanks to Joe Clark. And unlike the smaller WHL centres such as Brandon, Moose Jaw, PA or Swift Current, Regina should have had sufficient fan base, financial support and resources to be a contender far more than they have been over the last 30 or so years, and especially during the Parker Era or more better described as the Parker "error". In contrast to someone like Brandon's Kelly McCrimmon and Red Deer's Brent Sutter, or Seattle's Russ Farwell and the Pats very own John Paddock, the Ma and Pa owners of the Pats installed their son as GM, and his inexperience and attitude played a huge part in the mediocrity experienced by Regina, for a long time, much like what has been the case with the Toronto Maple Leafs, who are finally showing promise and making some think the drought of 50 years winning the Cup may finally end). Folks in Regina and area are justified in their praise and excitement, but the Patsbhave not won anything yet, and the Thunderbird are with them every step of the way. It is not as if Seattle is just hanging in there, and the Pats can win but must play consistently, whichever is a theme with Brandon as we have been used to consistently good teams, and only missed the playoffs once in about the last 20 years. Enjoy Game 3.

william weppler said...

Is it a coincidence that 2 Teams have cheap shotted our Captain hoping that by taking him out it was going to drain the heart and soul of the Team and have the Pats roll over for an easy series win?
No coincidence.
If anything it has backfired bigly!
JP and staff, as well as the players, deserve a PAT on the back for their coaching and resiliency, respectively.
Like the old saying goes - "What doesnt kill you makes you stronger"... well the Pats aren't dead so look out Barzal, Bear and the rest of the Thunderbirds.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Anaheim tonight will happen to the Patsies in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

You know what, we cheered for Brandon last year after the Pats were out. I'm sure most real WHL fans will cheer for their conference team rep as well.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why the Thunderbirds and Pats flew Flair Air to Abbottsford BC today and not direct to Seattle?

Anonymous said...

Pats will win at least one in Seattle. Best team on the road during the regular season and have won 5 road games these playoffs. These teams could play neutral site games and it would likely be tied at one for the series. Both teams could say they could be up 2-0. These series appears to be heading to 6 or 7 games.

And Kolesar probably should be suspended but the Pats beat them with him in the lineup and he certainly was the difference last night.

And to all the haters out there, it is so nice to see how much you care and follow the Pats right now. Usually when your team is knocked out, no much attention is paid to the playoffs by other teams fans, so thanks for coming along for the championship ride.

Andrew Wiens said...

Mr Weppler,
I'm curious if you thought about the logic of your above 'cheap shot' statement. If taking Brooks out of the lineup so obviously backfired on the Broncos wouldn't the Thunderbirds want to avoid making the same mistake? Maybe Ottenbreit was just trying to lay a clean hard hit in the same manner that you claim that Hobbs and Leedahl have been laying hits for most of the playoffs. That seems to be the way that most unbiased parties viewed the hit including the WHL department of player safety, the Shaw post game panel (Odgers et all), and both refs who were standing there when the hit happened - heck, not even Paddock in the post game press conference called the hit cheap and the media certainly gave him every opportunity to do so.

william weppler said...

Maybe they aren't that smart Andrew. I heard JP's comments and while he said the hit wasn't necessarily that high it reminded him of the Scott Stevens hits over the years (where he caused several concussions). I believe he also said that if Scott Stevens were playing in the current era he would not be in the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame because of those hits. You can read into that what you want.