Realty One

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Keith Hershmiller Photography
The Regina Pats are now just two wins away from their first WHL championship since 1980.

Robbie Holmes' even strength goal at 4:49 of the second period was the winner Tuesday night as the Queen City Kids hung on for a 3-2 victory over the Seattle Thunderbirds in Game 3 of the WHL championship series.

The victory gave the Pats a 2-1 series lead in the Best-of-7 Ed Chynoweth Cup.

Before a soldout crowd of 6,178 in the ShoWare Centre in Kent, WA, there were goals a' plenty in the opening period. Regina's Connor Hobbs and Chase Harrison both struck on the powerplay with heavy shots from the point which beat rookie Seattle netminder Carl Stankowski.

The T-Birds responded with markers from Alexander True and Sami Moilanen, and the game was tied 2-2 after 20 minutes.

Holmes scored the eventual game-winner early in the second, rifling a shot from the left circle over Stankowski's shoulder which gave the visitors a 3-2 lead. The score held up into the third.

Pats star Sam Steel had a chance to notch the insurance marker on a penalty shot midway through the final frame, however he was stymied by Stankowski.

Regina held off a furious Seattle flurry in the final few minutes of the game, and emerged with the critical victory.

Pats goalie Tyler Brown was heroic in Game 3, making 35 saves and was named the game's #1 star for his efforts.

Regina was outshot 37-28 while going 2/4 on the powerplay and 3/4 on the penalty kill.

The Pats were again without the services of captain Adam Brooks, who was injured in Game 1.

Game 4 goes Wednesday at 8:00 pm Sask Time at the ShoWare Centre on 620 CKRM, Access 7 and Shaw.



Anonymous said...

Wow great game! Ya we scored a couple weak ones on pp but hey if you watched the game the breaks evened out and so did the play.. frankly the play of seatles big guns scared me the first half but save for some pressure near the end of the game the pats either neutralized it or they just ran out of gas .. I mean why does barzal play 45 mins a game??? they won without him all year allot.. Good job paddock and fantastic job Mr. Brown!!!!!! Great road win Pats! It's easy to see seatles strategy was to jump out front early and it backfired and they had nothing left at the end. Man they got some big bodies but we stood the test and I really really like how we match up the rest of the way with or without Adam (and jake). Stay out of the box boys and we'll be just fine. Go pats go!!!


Anonymous said...

What a win, Tyler Brown was unbelievable, what a stud! He won the game for the Pats. Bring on game 4, go Pats go!

Anonymous said...

What a game what a series!

william weppler said...

There weren't a lot of Pats fans at Showare Center tonight but we sure had some fun, and the Thunderbirds fans were great. We had so many of them come up to us pre-game and between periods when down on the concourse expressing their gratitude for coming to "Seattle", and support the Pats. I sure didn't expect that reception! I think Pats fans need to reciprocate if there is a Game 6. Our neighbours in the stands were just as accommodating and freindly. Kudus to the Tbirds and their fans!!

As far as the game what can I say except TYLER BROWN! He played solid solid solid and the guys kept the sight lines open so he was able to see everything. Lots of hard hits and I'm begining to think that these Teams don't like each other...ya think! Lots of jawing and a little stickwork after the whistle...both benchs chirping to watch.

Saw Adam dressed in civies after the game so hoping he can suit up tomorrow night.

The Pats 3rd line is certainly setting the pace when they are out there and getting the Game Winner was a bonus but very well deserved.

Can't wait until tomorrow night to see how the coaches get the Teams prepared... penalties costly tonight but in a Series this tough it's hard not to take the odd one as all players on both Teams are playing their hearts out!

Go Pats Go!

Anonymous said...

Hard fought game with Up Town T. Brown once again quieting any of his past critics. For the 1st time in my adult life I can actually say I'm truly proud of the Regina Pats. I remember the Clarke Gillis \ Dennis Sobchuck Memorial Cup team but I wasn't even pubescent back in the early 70's. Just a snot nosed kid. Kinda like the MooseJaw troll that stated the series was over in Seattle. With that 1 simple Victory the Pats are assured a trip home for at least one game and possibly 2 if needed.
It took a lot of grit to go into Seattles home town rink and pull out a win. Going into this game Seattle only had 2 loses so far in the playoffs. The Pats have now doubled that total in just 3 Games. I had stated Pats in 6 games before the series started. After games 1 and 2 I was ready to change my prediction to a (I hope) Pats in 7. I should know by now that even when things get tough. The Pats still come through in fine fashion. The late hit on the Pats Captain seemed like it was the disastrous recipe the Thunderbirbs had cooked up to win the series. After game 1 and at the end of regulation time in game 2 I would have agreed that Seattles plan was working well. Then Seattle ceremoniously kicked them self in the nuts. Or was it knee'd themself in the nuts. Or maybe kneeing the Pats in the nuts and having a reverse osmosis Harry Potter abracadabra mirror trick back fire into the T-Birds own groin.

Reginald of Regina
Go Pats Go

thestoneman said...

With no suspension - the league office is saying that kinda conduct is OK. Especially coming from a repeat offender.

Anonymous said...

HUGE game by Tyler Brown! He just continues to impress and silence the masses who wanted him traded. Proof that Paddock knows what he's doing.

Hard fought win. Seattle seemed to dominate the play in the 3rd to tie it but Brown saved the day!! A little less pressure on the Pats tonight but I hope they come out flying.

What an amazing series! Can't wait for tonight's game!


Anonymous said...

3 stars

1. Tyler Brown
2. Tyler Brown
3. Tyler Brown

Hardest working Pat - Tyler Brown
Hit of the Game - Tyler Brown (why not!)

Anonymous said...

Great win!

Pats will need Tyler Brown to steal two more wins this series as the forwards and D are looking very worn down.

Anonymous said...

Great game great win! Brownie playing other worldly! Must mention Wagner gutting it out with a banged up shoulder...wtg Austin!
3rd line owns Seattle!

Steve in YQR

Anonymous said...

You don't seriously expect Pats fans to be that gracious do you? Some of the most obnoxious in the league.

Anonymous said...

Wagner sure played inspired must be the new contract congrats to him..Brown was simply amazing he stole that game period..hopefully Barzal continues to float around and hang on to the puck cause if he ever decides to start shooting we could be in trouble. kinda hoping the birds can get 1 anyway so we can have another party at the Brandt, however wouldn't be too disapointed if they won it on the road..GO PATS GO!!

Cecil K. said...

Wasn't to long ago when I read on here that Brown was not good enough to move this team ahead. Now he wins a couple and he is Regina's NEW GOD ! Get over it because it won't last long . Seattle will take over from here on in and "Brownie" will get stoned and lifted and that folk's is "The Rest Of The Story" !

Anonymous said...

Pats need to shoot high on the Seattle goalie. Put it in the top shelf where Mama hides the cookies. They do this, they will score a lot and this series is over.

Anonymous said...

This is a note for the color guy that calls the games on the radio in Regina and keeps calling Tyler Brown "Ty Brown". His name is Tyler his buddies might call him Ty, Brownie, or TBrown.

Please don't use nicknames for players - you're not a buddy of his. Please be professional and call him by his name TYLER.

Anonymous said...

Regarding John Paddock there are no words!!!!!

Andrew Wiens said...

Cecil, Brown hasn't just won a 'couple of games'; he has won 14 this playoffs and a good number of them were tight games against stiff opposition. I wish he were playing for my team next year, but Paddock would have to be an idiot to trade him.

Anonymous said...

Talking about PATS fans. Really? The WORST fans in the league for hospitality are Broncos fans, hands down.
Obviously not EVERY fan is piled into the bucket, but the handful of everybody's fans, sure know how to stick it to the franchise.
They are the most ignorant fans I have ever witnessed as a visitor.

Morgan said...

What a win! Take notes moose jaw, swift current, brandon, etc. This is how you win a championship!

Anonymous said...

You havnt won squat yet