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Monday, May 22, 2017



1 - THE COUNTDOWN IS ON: Seven days until the start of 2017 Saskatchewan Roughriders Training Camp Presented by Coors Light at Griffiths Stadium in Saskatoon. Sure, the winter vacations are nice and so is the extra time to myself in the mornings but enough's enough!

My bread and butter is the Saskatchewan Roughriders and in less than a week's time, the chase begins again.

Until then, I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting to head north to the Bridge City. In the meantime, we're planning podcasts, livestreams, etc for the season.

2 - OTHER RIDER NOTES: We'll have 21 monotonous days to pick apart the positional battles and who's ahead of whom at training camp. Until then, there are a lot of other things related to the Riders that we can pass on. For one, former Roughrider receiver Rob Bresciani has been voted in as the President of the Saskatchewan Roughriders Alumni Association. The former Roughrider and Stampeder receiver succeeds Terry Bulych.

Vice Presidents are Greg Fieger, Belton Johnson and Rob Pyne. The Rider Alumni is holding a golf tournament in Saskatoon in June and the SportsCage will be broadcasting live from the event. Contact your local Rider alumni for details or to enter a team.

3 - RIDER FAMILY LOSES ANOTHER: 92-year old Rider fan Paul Ronald Hebert passed away last week in Regina. Ron worked at the Co-op Refinery for 45 years and was a Roughrider season ticket holder for 67 years.  SIXTY-SEVEN YEARS!  He also enjoyed lawn bowling and playing bridge. Mr. Hebert's Funeral Mass was held on Wednesday.

There's a man who truly saw it all when it comes to the Green & White. This franchise has been through FARRRRR worse times than it's currently in and Ron Hebert saw it all. (And still bought his season tickets).

4 - GREEN IS THE COLOUR: In 2017 the Saskatchewan Roughriders Pep Band is celebrating 25 years. (I could've sworn they've been around longer). Anyway, the Pep Band is having a celebration on July 7 at the Eagles Club and it should be a raucous affair. The band has had 257 members over its 25 years! For tickets, email  The Pep Band will also be honoured by the Riders at halftime of the July 8 game.

5 - WHAT ABOUT ANDY?: On Thursday the Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced they've hired Andy Fantuz to a front office position entitled "Player Development". That all seemed cool except for the fact the Ticats and Fantuz expect to see him back on the field once his injured knee is healed. Until then, his salary from the front office won't go towards the team's salary cap.

This has fans and other teams crying afoul and it was the hottest topic in the CFL late last week. However to me, it needn't be. Even if Fantuz was on the 6-game Injured List, his salary would've been exempt from the cap.

This way, he can now legally practice with the Ticats as a "staff member" but he would've been barred from practicing with the club while on the Injured List.

CKRM football analyst Luc Mullinder called the move by the Ticats, "Genuis!"

Others in the CFL are saying, "What's from stopping us from hiring 30 player development coordinators rather than stashing players on the Injured List?"

Go ahead and try it. The Ticats only did it with one player, and he's a future Hall of Famer.

And as CFL's Senior V.P. of Football Glen Johnson said on Friday's SportsCage, "Everything the Ticats did here is legal. No rules have been broken. And, they've taken care of a player who's been a big name is this league and served the CFL well."

Case closed.

6 - ROASTED TBIRDS: The Windsor Spitfires tied a Memorial Cup record by scoring three goals in 38 seconds in a 7-1 romp over the Seattle Thunderbirds on Sunday. My only question for Seattle is, "How does it feel?"

The TBirds had a penchant for doing the exact same thing to the Regina Pats in the WHL Finals.

And because of Windsor's performance - and Seattle's loss to the Erie Otters on Saturday - I have a tough time believing the Regina Pats would've put up any more fight than the Thunderbirds have at the 2017 Memorial Cup.

One more loss in Windsor, and the Thunderbirds can go home.

It tells me the Regina Pats need to be much more fortified as the host team for the 2018 Memorial Cup.

7 - PLAY IT AGAIN SAM: 18-year old forward Sam Steel has joined the Anaheim Ducks for the rest of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I'm told there's an outside chance that the Pats phenom may actually dress for one of these playoff games however, for now, he's simply traveling with the club and watching from the press box. He's likely practicing with him too.

What an experience for Sam!

8 - THE WONG MAN FOR THE JOB: Congratulations to former Lethbridge Hurricanes captain Tyler Wong for signing a contract with the AHL's Chicago Wolves last week. Nobody deserves it more than him! If you noticed during the Pats-Hurricanes second round WHL series, Wong was the smallest player on the ice but he worked the hardest and had the most heart.

What a lesson for any player who's been told he or she is too small. Wong may end up in the NHL one day.

9 - FACEBOOK POLL: I love these Facebook polls that are going around like: 9 concerts I've seen and 1 lie, or the latest, My Favourite Player In Each Sport.  Here are mine:

NFL - Troy Aikman
CFL - Jeff Fairholm
NHL - Mike Modano
NBA - Dan Majerle
MLB - Roberto Alomar
Boxing - Mike Tyson
Wrestler - "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff
Golf - John Daly
Skiing - Steve Podborski
Olympics - Bruce Jenner
Motorsports - Ricky Bobby

What are yours?

Bill Burr or CFL blogger Kelly Bale?
10 - BURR UNDER THE SADDLE: One of my biggest pet peeves is people who say there's nothing to do in Regina. On Saturday night, comedian Bill Burr thrilled the audience of two shows at the Conexus Art Centre. For those who don't know, Burr was just named the 17th top comic on Rolling Stone's list of the Top 50 Comedians of all-time!

His one hour set was raunchy, but obviously very funny. I'm not sure it would rate him 17th all-time however I'm no stand-up expert.

All in all, it was a great way to spend a Saturday evening.

Tickets were reasonably priced but the theatre was only half full. There's world class entertainment coming through the Queen City but a lot of people don't want to take the time to enjoy it or even search it out.

Too bad. Their loss!

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Anonymous said...

Who on earth picks Paul Orndorff as their favourite wrestler?!?

Anonymous said...

"Genuis!"? How about cheaters? Now before many teams do the same the CFL rules nitwits need to clarify by indicating a player accepting such a position MUST be retired and cannot ever "un-retire" I for one am starting to believe the CFL is turning off fans with stupid rules and stupid ideas.

Not Impressed

3RD and 1 said...

I had to chuckle when you stated that it seems like the Riders Pep Band has been around a lot longer than their 25th Anniversary coming up. I've gone to a few Sunday games with somewhat of a thumping headache from Saturday nights indulgence. Being half blinded you don't notice the band walking around out front of the West side of the stadium in their green and white jerseys. Then KAPOW!!!!! They strike up the band and it nearly knocks you over. Nothing like a horn and percussion band to add blurred vision on top of that self inflicted thumping headache. So I agree that they seem like they have been there driving that spike into the side of my head much longer than 25 years. LOL

On Andy Fantuz ... The other thing the TiCats were able to bypass is; Not having to use their 1st half of the season (one only time) player released early from the 6 or 9 game injury list. So yes it is a genius move. The CFL is going to allow this to any team that has a star player. However I'm thinking that a no name player would probably be denied such a privilidged

Anonymous said...

CFL's Senior V.P. of Football Glen Johnson said on Friday's SportsCage, "Everything the Ticats did here is legal. No rules have been broken. And, they've taken care of a player who's been a big name is this league and served the CFL well."

Case closed.

and Glen Johnson just got 1 vote from the the Hamilton Ti-cats to be the next Commissioner of the CFL.

Anonymous said...

The Pats would have been handed their lunch by both Erie and Windsor. Seattle was pushed around and knocked down by both teams. If Pats want to compete next year they better get in the weight room.

How tough is the OHL when Windsor was out in the first round of playoffs.

Anonymous said...

What would the leagues response have been had the Riders done what the Ti-Kittys did? I expect they would have had issues with this move. So teams can now have a player development position where this person can practice with the team and play when required! This effectively makes a joke of the salary cap!

Anonymous said...

The first Bill Burr show was plenty sold the second show was added after the fact and I think prematurely given our size. The show was great though people missed out big time.


Anonymous said...

The Pats would have fared much better than Seattle in Windsor, there's no doubt. Pats are the better team, with skill and speed. Sometimes the least skilled team wins, yes that's Seattle. Pats would have beaten Windsor easily, the 100th Cup will be great!

Anonymous said...

* John Daly

Don Mitchell said...

Were you at the second show Rod? The first one was sold out and was fantastic!
Bill hit the Farmers and the Navy pretty hard and even though I come from both communities the jokes were hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Paul Mr Wonderful Orndorff was a very big name he co-headlined the first Wrestlemania and was actually just in Regina as a special guest for a new small wrestling company which did a show at The Exchange. The steroids and cancer have ravaged him but he was very gracious and a class act.

NFL - Lawrence Taylor
CFL - Bobby Jurasin
NHL - Wendel Clark
NBA - Bill Lambeir
MLB - Pete Rose
Boxing - Mike Tyson
Wrestler - Roddy Piper
Golf - Nick Faldo
Skiing - Eddie the Eagle
Olympics - Donovan Bailey
Motorsports - N/I

Anonymous said...

Luc Mullinder and the CFL show just how far this league has to come to be respectable. It's a 'genius' move because Fantuz and Mullinder are friends and because Andy is a future hall of famer?

It is proof right there that the league makes it up as they go along. And rod by you supporting you are no different. But hey, rant about the league office when it suits your agenda.

Anonymous said...

Justin Dunk would have been all over it with a scathing report on how Jones is a disgrace to the league and the Riders. No doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Nfl Aaron Rodgers
Cfl. Joey Walters
Nba Charles Barkley
Pga tiger woods
Boxing. Tyson
Olympics Ben Johnson
Wrestling sweet daddy siki
Mlb. Kelly gruber
Nhl Gretzky

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Was at both games. Sorry but pat's would not have fared better. Erie and windsor are big and fast and skilled!

Anonymous said...

The only person glad to see the back of Carm is one John Gormley. SAD!

Anonymous said...

Carm called it like it was, no pom pom waving green colored glasses on puppet, boring to listen to. At least it's not Abou.

Anonymous said...

The only knock against Carm and Luc is that they both donned the jerseys of the hated Ti-Cats after leaving the Riders.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Above article read,
Here are mine in each sport ...

CFL/NFL both football. Why enter two names for one sport?

Mr Nitpicker
Yellow Grass Sk.

The Poet said...

The Farewell Season was surely all that
complete with a sad goodbye to Carm, one cool cat

Time now for a new colour commentator by an x-Rider youth
We trust that Luc will do fine in that brand new booth

For some old Carmello grew a tad too mellow
Though all his friends agree, he is one heck of a fellow

Carm Carteri will now join John Frenzy in Rider broadcast lore
For 2017 & a new stadium was cause to show a familiar voice the door

Like Joe Farmer in the field, or young Billy on his trike
Memories of Carm will live on forever of his voice at the mic

Anonymous said...

The cfl is corrupt if jones tried to pull that move he would have been fined. I'm sorry this is the same bend of the rules the riders did and were fined. I hope the ticats win only 4 games

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Carm in your Retirement, thanks for the memories.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Nfl Aaron Rodgers
Cfl. Ron Lancaster/George Reed
Nba who cares
Pga tiger woods
Boxing. Muhammad Ali
Olympics Canadian Hockey Men & Women
Wrestling dave Ruhr
Mlb. Edwin Encarcion
Nhl Jean Beliveau

Anonymous said...

We want Cam. Bone head move

Anonymous said...

There's a difference between BREAKING the rules & taking advantage of loopholes i.e.. no rules broken. Jones has been fined for breaking rules that existed, The Ti-Cats did no such thing. We have to get over our collective inferiority complex & looking at everything as everyone is out to get the Riders. Jones' problem is he either doesn't know the rules, doesn't care or thinks he's clever enough to get away with breaking them. Even Reynolds has tired of his act. It was the same thing in Edmonton - not getting his team out on the field prior to the National anthem, not allowing his players to attend a charity for sick kids, not shaking hands with coaches after games. What's the point of all that? You look stupid. Everyone outside Regina just laughs at the Riders & until we actually win games, the laughs continue. For now & until we show different in the season, we're a loser team defending a coach we hope will rise above the stupidity he's shown to date. Oh yes, we're rich so everyone envies us - rriggghtt!!! Ask the season ticket holders how they like the new prices - this from a club who has endless wads of cash. Hmm, didn't we lose over 4 MM in 2015? Cue the laughter. Big talk, no substance.

Anonymous said...

I'm O.K. with Carm leaving, but c'mon Luc Mullinder, the man with marbles in his mouth. Poor choice.

Anonymous said...

Dave Ruhr? The pig farmer? :)

Anonymous said...

Should Point #2 not be Rob Pyne?

Anonymous said...

Mullinder will be alright, but carm was a classic, rember listening to games with him and currier when you didn't get to see every game on tv.

Anonymous said...

Carm was great. I'll miss him. But mullider? Hopefully he becomes an actual professional and gets rid of the annoying "you know" habits. I am very surprised mgmt sees luc as an upgrade. Hopefully he will grow with the job.

@mrt_man said...

Wrestler - THE HITMAN
Olympics - ADAM KREEK

Anonymous said...

Glen Johnson lol. He was a ref. Can you see a ref having any say in how the NFL runs? Johnson should stick to reviewing challenges on gameday. Classic case of trying the rise above his level of competence.

Anonymous said...

Who considers wrestling a sport?

Anonymous said...

I think Luc musta went to a "you know what I mean" course, cause He's been saying it a lot less lately.. I take it he graduated and the RM brass feels he's ready to take over the big chair beside Pedersen. A bit sad tho the bushy chested Italian will be missed!

Anonymous said...

Carm was great! Will miss him. Not sure mumbles Mullinder is the answer!

Anonymous said...

Carm played on the defensive side of the ball, so one would have to assume that this is the first time he got sacked!

NaRong said...

Genuis!"? How about cheaters? Now before many teams do the same the CFL rules nitwits need to clarify by indicating a player accepting such a position MUST be retired and cannot ever "un-retire" I for one am starting to believe the CFL is turning off fans with stupid rules and stupid ideas.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Dave Ruhl the pig farmer. He had many battles with Sweet Daddy Siki back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Bring Graham Kelly on more often ...weekly. He is a great source of CFL knowledge. The leader of Rider Pride in the Hat

Anonymous said...

OH I do remember! Archie the stomper, the Butcher, pretty George, etc. Wednesday nights snd Saturday afternoons! That was fun wrestling!