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Friday, May 19, 2017


Welcome to Friday! Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order:

- After the defeat of the Edmonton Oilers in Round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, and the Regina Pats in Game 6 of the WHL final, my hockey interest has gone out the window.  I can't be the only one who spent Monday night thinking I should be at the Brandt Centre.

- Was Islanders coach Doug Weight really at the Brandt Centre for Game 6?  I was told he was. I'm not buying it.  If he was, I missed Oilers royalty.  Number 39 was a favourite for this guy.

- Thank you Adam Brooks!  I can only wonder where this kid would be in all-time Pats lore if he had been allowed to get some solid ice time in his first few years as a Pat.  Chances are Brooks wouldn't have a shot at the NHL if it weren't for John Paddock who saw what coaches before him didn't.  It was tough watching that kid say good-bye on Tuesday as the Pats cleaned out the room.  The best Pats captain I have seen is Rick Rypien, but Brooks has to be near the top of that ladder.  If the Toronto Marlies aren't playing in the AHL playoffs next May, I am guessing number 77 will be back at the Brandt Centre watching his junior team compete for the Memorial Cup.  Some are wondering if Brooks is one of the all-time best Pats. Nothing against Adam, but I can't go that far.  You certainly can't take away what he did here though especially over he last two years.

- What will the Pats look like next year? Brooks, Dawson Leedahl and Chase Harrison are gone. Connor Hobbs, Austin Wagner and Filip Ahl may not be back. The same could be said for Sam Steel. Is Tyson Jost a possibility? That is a question no one seems to know the answer to.  John Paddock was on the Sportscage Tuesday and admitted he doesn't even know what the situation is as he has heard many different things about what happens to Jost if he fails to crack the Avalanche.  Joe Sakic could make it easy for everyone and keep him in Denver, but if he doesn't what happens? An answer on that is needed right away.   FWIW:  I think Wagner is back as a 20. I would be more confident in that if Darryl Sutter was still the coach in L-A as the Kings will shed some of their older players which could create room in the minors for Wagner, but I somehow think he will back. Time will tell!

- Home ice advantage? PFFFT.   The home team was 44-41 in the WHL Playoffs this year.

- This won't be a popular statement, but Yorkton's Turner Ottenbreit could play on my team anytime. The guy is an old-school defenceman who can hit and hit hard. You have to be accountable when on the ice and know where he is. Guys from Erie, Saint John and Windsor will find that out over the next week.  Imagine him as a 20 year old on the Pats next season!  I doubt that happens, but you never know.

- People think the Ottawa Senators are boring.  Go watch the NBA playoffs then if that is your take. They may not be high-flying like the Hawks, Oilers or Penguins, but it's working and they just might be in the Stanley Cup. Did you know Ottawa has made more appearances in a conference final over the last 20 years out of the Canadian teams. Absorb that for a few moments. Yes, those Ottawa Senators could be Canada's best team over the past two decades. Again, let that sink in for a bit.

- Jose Bautista, what are you thinking? Down 8-3 to Atlanta  in the 7th, Jose was Jose by doing another batflip,  Sorry, guys batting less than 200 on a team that is in last place in the division and is down 5 don't do batflips. I wouldn't even endorse that if it were a Cub doing it.

 At least he was somewhat apologetic after Wednesday's game.  It's no secret I have no time for this guy, and this is just another reason why.  His ego is just off the charts.  I really don't know why because he isn't and hasn't been one of the game's best.  No one wanted this guy in the off-season so the Jays took sympathy on him.  If he keeps playing the way is batting under 200, his Jays career will officially end come the beginning of October.

As for Kevin Pillar, that one shocked me. In the heat of the battle whether it be on the diamond, the court or the field, things are said that shouldn't be. 10-15 years ago no one would have batted an eyelash at what Pillar said to Motte, but in these times you can't say that anymore.  He has handled this in a very classy like fashion. As some have said though, how you act now isn't the key, it is how you react the next time. That is true.

- Riders training camp is now less than two weeks away.  Are you ready Saskatoon? Are you ready Rider Nation?  Of course you are. What is the expectation Rider Nation? Kevin Glenn told a conference call this week they are Grey Cup calibre. Some believe they aren't even a playoff team. I think they'll be better, but I don't know if they are a playoff team. At this juncture, they certainly aren't in the same stratosphere as the Lions and Stamps.  All CFL fans know though that you don't crown a champion in mid-May.

- Tom Brady really needs to tell his wife to zip it. Maybe Bill Belichick needs to tell Brady to tell Gisele to zip it. Why on earth would she say her husband played the season with a concussion. Does she not know what type of firestorm that would and has created.  Did Belichick extend and ignore the rules again? Does anyone in New England really care?  They would if the Patriots were 5-11.

- Six weeks into the baseball season and your division leaders are the Yankees, Minnesota and Houston in the American League and Washington, Milwaukee and Colorado in the National League,  ????? Houston and Washington might have been the only teams I would have put in there. If it's like this in August, there will be a lot of good teams having questions asked of them.

That's all I got. Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Extremely unlikely Wagner will be back, in fact that's a pipe dream. I don't see the Import draft being kind to them as they pick at the bottom of each round. Even European agents wont be able to manoeuvre their clients down to the #66 spot. They may have to look at 2 headed monsters like are available from several teams in the league. A couple current 19 year old aren't likely to be back simply because there are better options out there.

The key core of talented guys were cheated because they didn't have the required depth available. Size, skill and grit were gutted by the GM. This team was never the same after all the trades. To say it was for next year is a smoke screen. In Jr hockey you only have this year when you're a contender. This team was never the same after Smith, Zablocki and Hilsendager left. Those were guys that would have likely won the championship for us. If we had wanted the likes of Davidson or Smart, we could have got them in the off season. Paddock outsmarted himself if you will. This was disastrous end to a great season. Most paying fans are really disappointed. Poor player decisions cost us the championship. That is simply a fact. Paddock saying he tried to get depth at the deadline is ludicrous…newsflash…he had them and game them up for nothing that helped us. And maybe won't this year, after all the only lock of those obtained are likely Mahura and after that;'s it's thin based on performance and durability.

Before this team looks outward maybe they better look inward. Too many mistakes at the GM's chair this year. Nobody should be given a free pass when you had so much to work with and didn't get the job done.

Anonymous said...

I see what ya did there Scruff!

CM said...

Way off base on the Bautista comments. No one in baseball has hit more homers than him over last 6 years. Jays mgt isn't paying anyone $18.5M because they feel sorry for him. He has been an elite hitter, but you are right in that if he doesn't turn it around hes done. Looks like his stroke is back though. As for his ego, almost all MLB superstars have huge egos. Think ARod was a modest guy?

Anonymous said...

A bat flip down a bunch of runs is pretty rare. I am not totally sure he was actually bat flipping the homerun, I think it was in response to the Pillar situation. Kinda like plunking a guy. Jose was trying to say, bite it pitcher man. You don't have to like or agree with it.

Second, EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE get off your high horses with respect to Bautista. Everyone loves EE, what about the parrot? 99% of all pitchers give a fist pump with strikeouts, saves, wins etc, no one says anything. What's the diff? Don't ever hear anyone say, act like you've been there to a closer before.

Maybe hockey teams shouldn't cheer after a goal, or skate by their bench and goalie for high fives. This indignant anti Bautista trash.

Bat flip, fist pump, scream and yell. It's a frickin' game, enjoy yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Pats will have room for a Euro with Ahl not being back. A trade deadline deal with Swift Current to get 19s Steenbergen, Minulin and Khaira would prime the Pats for a solid run.

gman80 said...

I'll predict the Riders will be somewhere in the 8-10 win column this season and a chance at a playoff spot! Can't wait for training camp! GO RIDERS!

Anonymous said...

To the 1st comment:

It is obvious you're a well informed fan and follow the Pats close (not just during their playoff run). I do agree with you that the grit Smith, Zablocki and Hilsendager brought to the table was sorely missed... but it wasn't like the Pats were swept in the 1st round! They were an OT win and a winner takes all Game 7 (at home) away from winning a WHL Championship. They played a Seattle team that was very good (lots of returnees, lost in last years final).

Point is, it's hard to win Championships. All other teams are trying to do the same thing. Can we critique and debate moves made along the way? Absolutely, that's what makes being a fan fun. But to say the GM made too many mistakes is a stretch at best.


Anonymous said...


How much interest was there in Bautista at the end of the season when he left? The answer---NONE!

This guy is a joke. The sooner Toronto gets rid of him and his 220 batting average the better they will be.

Put your Jose jersey on now and try again.

Anonymous said...

Too many mistakes at the GM chair?

That might be the dumbest thing I've seen today!

Anonymous said...

I predict vince young will be gone after camp, kevin glenn will be the starter and have a predictably serviceable year.The Riders will improve marginally and maybe claw out of the basement.

Glenn is a stand up, likeable guy, who has good football utility - but he is boring and uninspiring. That is how I, and most fans I talk to,feel about Jones version of the Riders: uninspired.

Im basically only in it for the new stadium this year (Ive been a die hard nearly the entire 40 years Ive been alive). Jones has a long way to go to win me over.

Its not only what you do (which so far has been 5 wins and 13 losses), but how you do it (which so far has been clumsy and classless).

Anonymous said...

Hear Hear, that Blue jays GM very stupid. You got it right Mr Anonymous, too many mistakes at the GM chair.

Andrew Wiens said...

What exactly are the Pats going to give up for those three players?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous #1 is correct and you are entitled to your opinion, but it is not based of fact. My evidence? John Paddocks' own words. Paddock pretty much admitted as much when a) Shortly after the trade deadline ended, he said he was still trying to get at least one forward, but could not. b) Paddock stated in his post season interview that Brooks and being injured for most of 2 series and Leschyshyn being out for the entire playoffs wore Same Steel out (the lack of depth wore the entire team out to be honest). c) Paddock admitted in his post season interview that he is going to do things differently than this year. He is going to go with an older team, older depth etc..

In other words, Paddock himself indirectly admitted that anonymous #1 is spot on. The Pats had 4 solid lines before the trade deadline and ended up gassing out in the playoffs due to a lack of depth / very young depth etc.. This was all preventable and John Paddock was the architect, so John Paddock fittingly deserves to be the one to take responsibility for trading away too much team depth at the trade deadline.

Anonymous said...

I'm in that Wagner could be back camp. Another year in junior capped off with a Mem Cup appearance could be good for him. If he did come back, would he wear the "C"?

Anonymous said...

Whatever they have to. It's a Memorial Cup host year.

Anonymous said...

Yes Paddock won WHL Executive of the year, he sure sucked didn't he?

Anonymous said...

I'll be surprised if anyone other than Sam Steel wears the "C" next year.

Nobody said John Paddock sucks. He has done a great job, since joining the Regina Pats organization. However, he made some mistakes, which arguably cost the Pats an opportunity to play in the Memorial Cup this year.

Anonymous said...

Is there s rift between and 3down nation? Kinda sounds like it the last few weeks

Anonymous said...

Posted before. And after listening to Friday's sports cage.
CGY 13-5
BC 12-6
EDM 10-8
WPG 9-9 *cross over
SSK 7-11

OTT 10-8
HAM 9-9
MTL 6-12
TOR 4-14

Anonymous said...

There are virtually no Canadian teams in the memorial cup Windsor is east Detroit and Newfoundland should have never been let into confederation

Anonymous said...

Saint John New Brunswick not Saint Johns Nfld. Should have stayed in school.

Anonymous said...

I agree entirely with your standings. I have BC & Edm as a wash. They both have great offences & balanced attacks. BC might supplant Edmonton as top net offence this year. But their defence worries me. Lion scribe Ullrich thinks they may have 7 or more changes there. Bighill is gone, 3 of their starting DB's are gone & Bazzie is gone but may be back sometime this year. Look what happened with Edmonton when they lost 5 starters on the D last year. Still, I gotta go along with your predictions. I, too, see the Riders as a 7-11 squad. Too many changes, too many players with little or no background in the CFL will be starters this year & too many questions on those who have experience, like Glenn. Nice guy but over the course of his career has lost more than he's won. That's a pretty lengthy track record to base his performance on.

Anonymous said...


St. John's NFLD
Saint John NB

Pilot Guy.

Anonymous said...

Actually, St.John's Nfld and Labrador