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Friday, May 5, 2017


Welcome to Friday! Here are the usual weekly thoughts running through my muddled mind, and as always they come in no particular order:

- At a time of year when a good many of us are waiting for the days until Riders training camp begins. the Regina Pats are ready to do something many haven't seen. They will see the Queen City Kids play for the WHL championship for the first time since 1984 while perhaps winning it for the first time since 1980.  Games 6 and 7 if they are needed will be played at the Brandt Centre. I think those games will be needed, and I am guessing not one fan will leave the place if Adam Brooks is presented with the Ed Chynoweth Cup. It won't be the celebration that happened on a warm November Sunday in 2013 at the old Mosaic Stadium, but there will be a celebration.

- I am shocked at how many people believe the T-Birds will win this series and win it with ease. Take nothing away from this Seattle team who are very good, but they are taking the number 1 team in Canada. The pressure remains squarely on Regina. They have met every challenge they have faced this year. Why shouldn't they win this series?

- Is the "Seattle will win" talk motivating the Pats? You bet it is.  As Adam Brooks told me on Thursday at the rink, whatever team wants it more will win the series. Experience means very little now.  Regina gets a huge advantage in Game 1 as the leading playoff scorer Keegan Kolesar is out due to a one game suspension and Ethan Bear remains a question mark.  Bear won't be 100 percent in this series due to a broken hand. That is a distinct negative for the T-Birds as the Oilers prospect and Ochapowace First Nation product is the WHL blueliner of the year,

It should be a fantastic best-of-seven series. Get your popcorn ready!

- This playoff run has made me notice one thing while walking around the Brandt Centre. While you see fans with jerseys with the names Brooks, Steel, Hobbs etc. etc on them, there are many who have reached into the closet and grabbed their jersey of old as they return to the orange-top. I've noticed a lot more "vintage" jerseys in the sell-out crowds.  Names like Eberle, Harding, Christopher, Stevenson, Teubert, Burroughs and Mitchell have been seen in the crowd amongst others.  It's great to see the past represented right now, Yes, these fans need new jerseys as well, but they have them and they are wearing them proudly to the rink.  Look for them tonight.

- If I look at, will I find an ad to apply for CFL commissioner? I realize the Stanley Cup playoffs are taking priority, but no one, and I mean NO ONE seems to care who is going to replace Jeffrey Orridge. If Roger Goodell stepped down as NFL boss tomorrow, the networks in the states would be filing story after story and compiling list after list.  The same thing would happen in Canada if Gary Bettman stepped down as the NHL's head honcho.  Broadcasters Duane Forde and Glen Suitor have indicated a desire for the top job.  The league could do better, the league could do worse, Both are worthy of an interview. I am guessing both have a vision for the league and they know the league inside and out along with the various teams and those who run them.

I wonder if the league would consider that as a negative or a positive.

- The CFL draft is Sunday! Did you know that? The league is guilty of not promoting it very well, but TSN has been downright awful.  Yes, I have been watching a lot of Sportsnet because of the Stanley Cup playoffs, but I have not seen one ad promoting the draft on the 3 letter nor one feature. With all the prospects here for the combine, I am hoping TSN had sit-downs with the likes of a Dariusz Bladek, a Mason Woods, a Mitch Picton, a Nate Behar and others. These guys are the future of the league. Let's create some excitement and get to know these guys,

- The league is also taking heat for having the draft on the same night that the Oilers and Ducks will play Game 6.  Yes, the CFL suits knew that when they were setting a date.  That is taking a needless potshot at the league. However, some are also wondering why the league moves the draft around. First, it was on a weekday afternoon, then it was on a weekday night, now it is on a Sunday evening.  The league needs to come out and set a date and not stray from it.  If they want it to be the first Sunday of May, leave it there and don't change it or the time,

- As the Edmonton Oilers move forward in the Stanley Cup playoffs, Jordan Eberle is getting a lot of heat.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you Eberle hasn't been bad in these playoffs because he has been.  After the way he ended the season, I thought he would light it up in the playoffs. That hasn't happened for whatever reason. He's not alone.  Ryan Nugent-Hopkins has been just as atrocious as Eberle in this blogger's mind.  The talk has started about trading #14.  Really?  A few weeks ago, he was being praised for becoming a solid two-way player, and now he is worthless. Some have suggested he could be left unprotected for Vegas to grab.

Doing that would be a huge mistake for the Oilers.  If you are going to trade him, what do you get in return? Is there another second-line winger that can get you 20-25 goals out there?  This year was not, and has not been a good season for Eberle. I still think he is a 60 point man in this league although admittedly his best days may be behind him.  If you don't get a 2nd line winger in return, are you moving Zack Kassian up, are you dropping Leon Draisiatl down from what is a great combination with Connor McDavid.  Are you putting Jesse Puljujarvi in that spot and hoping he blossoms in what will be his second year? I'm not suggesting he shouldn't be dealt, but I'm not suggesting he should be given up on either. It won't surprise me if he scores a big goal for this team before the playoffs are over. I'm stickin' by him!

- The Boston Red Sox should be embarassed of themselves.  It's bad enough some of their fans have the IQ of a sloth with their racial taunts of Adam Jones, but their "desire" to plunk Manny Machado have gone too far.

The Red Sox are mad because of a slide that injured 2nd baseman Dustin Pedroia earlier this year. It wasn't that bad of a slide. Jose Bautista's slide on Rougned Odor that landed Jose a punch in the mouth was much worse.

The Red Sox had a chance to exact "the code" on Machado, but pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez failed to hit him on three occasions when he had the chance. That's it. Strike 3. Move on! Oh no.  Chris Sale, arguably the game's best pitcher, then throws a 96 mile per hour heater behind his head the next night, Yeah, tell me that was accidental. Sale wasn't kicked out because he wasn't given a warning.  Why are pitchers given a warning anyhow. In football, d-backs don't get a warning for pass interference,  You don't get a warning if you cross-check a guy from behind into the boards in hockey.  When a pitcher throws at someone, he should be tossed and he should be suspended and suspended heavily.

It usually ends up being 4 or 5 games which means a start. Oh boy!  Machado said the other night if he goes out there with a bat and swings it at someone, he probably gets suspended for a year, Is there a difference? A 96 mile an hour fastball can also do significant damage,

Red Sox manager John Farrell indicated Thursday night the series is only half over between these teams. Is he suggesting more fireworks are coming? If he is, he is as big a clown as the fans who thought it was cool to deliver some racial taunts to Jones.

That's all I got. Have a great weekend! I'm sure I'll see many of you at the Brandt Centre. GO PATS!!


Anonymous said...

I'm tired of the "if this happened in the NFL or NHL" it would be huge news.
Let's face it, aside from Regina, the CFL isn't that popular.

Chris said...

I agree Mitch TSN has been downright awful at promoting and advertising the CFL draft. Honestly NHL hockey bores me and it has for quite some time. I have no time for watching these pre-Madonna millionaires who seldom if ever give back to their communities

Anonymous said...

Rod, isn't it amazing how people take potshots at the CFL, yet they don't have the stones to put their name (their real name) on said comment because they knew they will get skewered.

As for the CFL's popularity, that comes down to league marketing and other things. The CFL wants to be a legitimate league, but they don't act like it.

The NHL, NFL, NBA and other pro leagues market themselves and they get the press. The CFL simply likes to hide after the Grey Cup and then poke its head out a couple of times like its Groundhog Day.

The CFL needs a lot of help to be considered mainstream, but they don't want to get that help.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see a hitter go to the mound swinging his bat. I would also like to see pitchers hit in the American League. Sale, and other pitchers in the AL, wouldn't be as quick to throw at someone if they knew they had to dig in.

Anonymous said...

Scruff-no love for Regina Redsox dinner and your conversations with Cito??

Anonymous said...

I actually think the CFL stacks up quite well in it's peer group. It's just people want to compare the CFL to major pro sports. It's not. Compare it to a similar product...the AHL, Arena Football, minor league baseball etc.

It's like comparing a Mercedes to a Honda Civic. When you match the CFL up to "like" product it actually lines up quite well.

Anonymous said...

It's draining reading these wanna-be-Rod articles. Where ever Rod's opinions lie so do Mitch's. Except Mitch has little to know actual insight to any of his perceived issues.

If you have so much interest in CFL draft on Sunday look into it. Maybe TSN hasn't made a huge issue of it because it isn't a huge issue to them. Why waste marketing dollars up against NHL playoffs.

Your Oiler love is oblivious to the obvious. Jordan Eberle makes 6 million dollars! He will be unprotected, but not touched by Vegas. Why would they want that contract? He will be unloaded, not traded, to a team willing to take on the contract and gain a pick.

The thing still noticeable to me is there is still more Rider gear at Pats games than Pats gear.

Anonymous said...

How can you really blame TSN for any coverage or lack there of this year, considering what the CFL and 3Down dork Justin Dunk did last year . . and no we're sorry or it will never happen again. Seems the CFL is getting the coverage they deserve. Maybe be a better partner for the one and only Canadian network featuring the CFL.

Anonymous said...

Eberle isn't big enough for the playoff's. The hitting and crosschecking in the playoff's - well its another league. So a guy of Eberle's size doesn't shine in the playoff's where a big man like Getzlaf is great, especially since they don't call anything. Eberle during the regular season shines because their is less physical play.
My thoughts FWIW

Anonymous said...

Well this is where the referees take over and get rid of the Canadian teams. , just watch the weak penalties that get called against the Canadian teams

Anonymous said...

Well this is where the referees take over and get rid of the Canadian teams. , just watch the weak penalties that get called against the Canadian teams

Anonymous said...

I'll be watching the cfl draft on tsn. Marshall Ferguson at CFL .ca has done a pretty good job of covering the draft this year. It would be nice if at least tsn could get Duane Ford or someone to write a column, shoot a quick video, etc. Something anything. But for the record, I'm just happy they're televising the draft. I don't even mind that it's in a Sunday either.