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Thursday, May 4, 2017


Photo by Jeff Armstead

1 - It was a fantastic evening on Wednesday in Estevan at the Bruins Annual Sports Celebrity Dinner. This year's keynote speaker was Western Canadian tycoon Brett Wilson, the former star of CBC's Dragons Den, and all-around good guy.

While the invitation to Wilson may seem odd since the Bruins have traditionally hosted sports figures such as Ray Bourque, Brian Burke, Marty McSorley, Darian Durant, Chris Jones and Corey Chamblin over the years, it all made sense when Wilson launched into his experience in the Oil, Gas and Energy sectors during his 60-minute address. He was speaking to the right crowd in the Energy City.

And Bruins Head Coach & GM Chris Lewgood did a tremendous job pulling the night together.

Wilson also covered his brush with cancer in the early 2000's and says it actually saved his life. He told the sellout crowd he was working way too hard in the 90's and it cost him his marriage, hi relationship with his kids and his health. The cancer battle got him back on track in life.

And the sonofagun is incredibly photogenic.

2 - Two of my favourite Wilson quips were regarding his time on Dragons Den, and one of his other favourite topics: politics.

"Kevin O'Leary is a prick," Wilson twinkled. "But he's my favourite prick!"

And Wilson made a bold proclamation as well.

"If Brad Wall ever runs for Prime Minister of Canada representing the Conservative Party," Wilson predicted, "I will run for MP in Calgary. That's because he's the only one who can affect change in this country."

Does Brett Wilson take flak for his political affiliation? Yep. And he doesn't give a rat's ass what the left says.

Wilson also addressed the nearly-dead Calgary-NEXT project which is trying to garner funding for a new arena for the NHL's Flames. He called Calgary Mayor Nenshi's stance on the project, "narrow-minded and shortsighted", among other things which I won't repeat here.

3 - I wasn't aware until this week that Wilson holds a minority ownership stake in the NHL's Nashville Predators and of all the topics he's able to discuss, it was the Predators which holds his passion right now. The Preds are what he wanted to talk about the most.

It was an exciting evening because not only had I never seen Wilson speak before, I'd never met him either. However by all accounts of the people who have, he's a humble, down-to-earth Saskatchewan guy.

He didn't disappoint.

Oh, and he wasn't afraid to name-drop either. :)

"Ever hear of a guy named Bob Lowes?" Wilson asked over appetizers at Willy's Taphouse in Estevan before the banquet. "He's my first cousin."

4 - I did a 20-minute talk on the Roughriders Wednesday evening but when the floor was opened up to questions, the first one was about the Regina Pats.

You see - just like Kipling where I spoke a month ago - they're all watching the Pats games on Access  Television down there and the Pats brand is exploding with popularity all over the province.

"Will they be as good next year?" one guy asked. "And will Tyson Jost play here next year?"

I answered those questions as best I could, but preferred to focus on this year's Pats squad.

5 - And yes, the Pats are the talk of Southern Saskatchewan right now as they prepare to host the Seattle Thunderbirds in Game 1 of the Western Hockey League Championship Series on Friday night.

What shocked me the most this week is the amount of people in the province - presumably fans of other Saskatchewan WHL teams - who hope the Pats lose this series.

Talk about poor sportsmanship.

6 - As far as the series with Seattle goes, I'm taking the Pats in 7.

Why not?

7 - Television coverage of the WHL Final has not been well-publicized but from what I've gathered, the series will be shown on Access and Shaw across Western Canada. Peter Loubardias and Bill Wilms will have the call.

It's confusing because there was a tearful farewell by the Shaw crew after the Regina-Lethbridge series. (So I'm told, because I'd shut it off by then). So I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen on TV Friday night. All I know is I'll be there in the stands and you can ALWAYS listen on 620 CKRM.

8 - I've never heard more complaining about officiating - EVER - than in these Stanley Cup Playoffs. It's at the point of becoming nauseating.

Has it really been that bad? Or is it just sour grapes from the losing teams? I haven't watched enough games to form an opinion but it seems pretty standard from what I've seen.

Remember officials are human too (I know, hard to believe), and prone to error on occasion. If they're right 97% of the time, they're more than happy.

*I just watched all the highlights on Sportsnet 360. The Oilers weren't good enough to win Game 4. Blaming the linesmen is a weak excuse! Play to the whistle boys.

9 - On the Anaheim Ducks radio broadcast of last night's 4-3 overtime win at Edmonton, the announcers were crowing about Ducks first round pick Sam Steel of the Regina Pats. It came up since Steel was named WHL Player of the Year on Thursday and the announcers were comparing him to Patrick Kane and John Tavares.

Those are big skates to fill, but Sam is more than capable of becoming an NHL star.

10 - The last Regina Pat to be named WHL MVP was Jordan Eberle but, my goodness, does that seem like ages ago. Particularly since Eberle is the favourite whipping boy in Edmonton these days and was benched by the Oilers Wednesday night.

From what I could see on Twitter, Eberle wasn't talking to the media after the game about the benching.

He had the makings of being an NHL superstar. He's the greatest world junior player ever!

But no matter how these playoffs turn out for Edmonton, it's likely time for a change for Jordan.

Will the Oilers leave the one-time star unprotected for the expansion draft? You'd have to think he'd be a popular choice by the Golden Knights if that's the case.

11 - Speaking of the Golden Knights, it speaks volumes that their hiring of Gary Lawless away from TSN on Wednesday drew exponentially more more comments on this website than our CFL Draft stories.

The lack of interest in the CFL Draft should be viewed as a crisis, but not just for the CFL. It's a pandemic for TSN, Canadian university football and for fans of the game all across Canada.

Do you have any idea who the top prospects are for the draft?

And I don't blame you, the fans, one bit for the lack of interest.

12 - The news of the latest fines levied against the Saskatchewan Roughriders by the CFL has been a very hot topic in the 306 this week. So many times I've heard people say, "These latest fines are one last shot at the Riders by Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge before he leaves office."

To me, that's absolute hogwash. Orridge was never behind the original fines in the first place - even though he signed his name at the bottom of the page - and I'd be shocked if he had anything to do with last week's discipline. This is all back room stuff.

13 - The 2017 Roughriders Plaza of Honour inductees were announced on Tuesday and Wes Cates and Roger Brandvold make up a resplendent class.

All you need to know about Wes Cates is that he played the 2007 Grey Cup on a broken foot. "I don't care how broken it is," Wes told me before that game. "I'll throw it over my shoulder if I have to."

And Roger Brandvold exudes class, represented the Roughriders magnificently during his time on the Board of Directors, and was a driving force behind the construction of new Mosaic Stadium.

"It's the finest mid-sized open air stadium on the continent," Brandvold said on Tuesday.

Both men should take a bow, and be very proud of their accomplishments.


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@mrt_man said...



Anonymous said...

I certainly understand why casual CFL fans are not into the draft. It's all about Offensive Linemen which typically aren't spectator positions. What I find hard to understand is TSN's lack of CFL draft coverage. Go to now. There is no analysis on the CFL draft. Not a thing from Duane Ford. No one on TSN has done a mock draft, there is no talk of the prospects, no insights and analysis from anyone regarding the CFL draft. Nothing. And the draft is this SUNDAY on TSN. Unbelievable.

Pat Belitski said...

Roddy. Was at the Oilers game last night. While my kid and I might be 2 of the biggest Oiler fans around. It was the worst reffing I have seen at an NHL game. Kevin Pollack and Dan O' Hallaran actually looked like they were there to make sure the ducks won. Pollack especially. Calls made, non Calls, linesman missing the obvious, and the stuff away from the puck that we don't see on TV is unbelievable. Kessler and our own Ryan Getzlaf could be penalized every shift. Just watch every faceoff and it is right there. But no matter how much the fans yell there will be no call.
O'Hallaran actually started to look a little sheepish with his partners antics during the game, which tells me something is not right.
The Oil will just have to fight through it.
Oh and Ebs wasn't bench just put on the 4th line. But in the first period actually looked like he was starting to come around. Hopefully he gets it figured out

Anonymous said...

4. I hope the quality of WHL Final vastly improves on TV. The picture is so compressed and brutal (even on HD) it is almost unwatchable. Wish SportsNet picked them up.

5. Truth be told, I wouldn't cheer for Moose Jaw if they were in it.

6. I'll go out on a limb and say in the 2-3-2 format the Pats NEED to win game one to win series. I'll take the blue shirts in 6.

8. You only hear about the officials this year because Canadian teams are in the playoffs. As soon as I opened my twitter this morning I knew the Oilers lost cause of all the whining.

9. Sam Steel will make the Anaheim Ducks roster next year. He is the best player in the Western League so why wouldn't he?

10. Jordan Eberle has been surpassed on the Oilers. He used to be a good player on a really bad NHL team. He will be left unprotected in the expansion draft but for $6 million a year for two more years why would Vegas even look at him.

11. The CFL needs new leadership ASAP. Not just the commish but top to bottom.

12. If the Riders were 12-6 would fans still care about the fines?

-Secret Agent

Anonymous said...

Rod you're the best broadcaster in SK but you really need to get a better fashion consultant. No wonder you and Wilson hit it off, you both have the same crappy taste in shirts!

Also, I know Duke is your buddy but he made an absolute ass of himself by suggesting there should be two different sets of rules in the NHL for the stars and for everyone else. Great to hear Sharky squash that theory like a big yesterday. You put in rules that allow the stars to get away with crap and every opposing team's fans will hate those stars to no end. They won't sell jerseys and tickets like Duke thinks they do. Completely stupid idea.

Gunderson's Yorkton

Anonymous said...

So many times I've heard people say, "These latest fines are one last shot at the Riders by Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge before he leaves office."

You and I hear different things.

Rob Vanstone writes that Craig Reynolds is upset that Chris Jones has disgraced the brand.
Gary Lawless says that Chris Jones is on his last chance.

I don't know if it's you or the people you talk to that does the filtering but somebody does.


Rod Pedersen said...

Maybe you should leave Yorkton once in awhile to see how people dress around this continent.

Anonymous said...

The more Canadian teams in the playoffs the bigger the "whine" festival. This is why the fewer Canadian teams the better.

Rod Pedersen said...

Haha. That's awesome.

Anonymous said...

The CFL is terrible at marketing their brand. Why not hold the draft as soon as the NHL regular season is over, do it on the Monday night before the playoffs kick off. CFL always seems to do things after the NFL! Why are they doing it on a Sunday?? I've been saying for years and some disagree, but I will continue to say that for some reason come the playoffs the refs seems to put the whistles away, there is plenty that is not called that would have been called back in January. You see it every game.

Anonymous said...

Gunderson - football has two sets of rules for players. You cant tackle the quarterback same you tackle a running back. Seems to be working fine in the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Well Rod if that's what the white-collar, wine and cheese crowd that you hang out with thinks of as fashion then I'll pass. Thought you were a blue-collar man of the people damnit!

Gunderson's Yorkton

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly George Reed also finished a season with a broken bone in his foot. I wonder how many remember this?

CFL Fan said...

There is no apostrophe in "2000s" or "90s".

Jonny Morgan said...

Rod wears rider gear every time I see him. Nothing wrong with that! And as far a Yorkton goes, I'll pass on the boot cut jeans and flannel plaid shirts that line all your closets.

Anonymous said...

Rod...I can only imagine your whining if a player bumped Brown and they scored or an obvious offside and they scored...would you be saying just play to the whistle? BS

Anonymous said...

So, bib overalls and boots then? Welcome to Yorktown.

Russell Cone said...


I believe it's Peter and Kevin Sawyer with the call.

My dad mentioned the same thing about the big goodbye. I believe it was Bill saying his goodbye because he wasn't doing the finals.

I hope to see you tomorrow.

Russ from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

Great night of sports last night. Jays lost, Raptors lost, Oilers lost. Just a great night.

Anonymous said...

Wake up Gunderson and loosen yer ball cap! A blue-collar man of the peeps is not someone who chills with rich raff like Wilson.

Anonymous said...

Can we not all agree that Ryan Getzlaf is the current era's Gordie Howe? The Ducks will win the Cup and Getzlaf is easily the MVP.

Anonymous said...

So Brett thinks a guy that can't budget at all and thinks selling off all your assets to his corporate buddies would be good for the country? much koolaide were you fella's drinking that night?

Anonymous said...

"Great night of sports last night. Jays lost, Raptors lost, Oilers lost. Just a great night."

You must be so fun to work or hang out with.

Anonymous said...

Two Regina boys in Ducks/Oilers series.
Extreme opposites:
Getzlaf plays like he owns the rink.
Eberle plays like he wants to sit in the press box.

Anonymous said...

or rides around with Brad Wall and Stephen Harper. Yes Wilson gets his start in oil and gas gets exposure on public broadcasting to build his brand then goes and sits with like minded people and tells us Brad Wall will move things forward. If by making it so poor deaf kids can't get hearing aids or we're so broke that people on social assistance can't get buried then yes he's exactly what this country needs more of.

Anonymous said...

They didn't drink kool aid they think like that stone cold sober that's the scary thing.

Anonymous said...

Roddy, glad you finally recognized that someone just plain screwed up when they named it Plaza of HONOR"

13 - The 2017 Roughriders Plaza of Honour inductees....

Thanks for using the Canadian spelling.

mister winnipeg said...

Part of the reason nobody cares about the CFL draft is that hardly anyone follows CIS football. It's hard to get excited about a bunch of guys you've never heard of. And it's not just the CFL... when was the last time you or any of your friends watched the Major League Baseball draft?

The only reason the NHL, NFL and NBA drafts get attention is because people watch the World Juniors and NCAA football/basketball, and actually know who the top prospects are.

Anonymous said...

Shhh, don't talk like that. Badmouthing Eberle in Regina will get you tarred and feathered!

Anonymous said...

Eberle used to be a very good player but after he got the big contract all he does is float. He used to be one of my favorite players but now he seems to just be happy to get a big paycheck. This will end when he goes for a new contract

Anonymous said...

At least Brad Wall would have the guts to raise the GST from 5% to 6% to ensure lower taxes Corporate taxes!

Also don't forget, Alberta could have nice new hockey and football stadiums for the Flames and Stamps if they had our 6% PST.

Anonymous said...

oh yes Pederson leave torkton once in a while! not all of us r fortunate enuf to get free holidays purchased by Harvard,riders,etc....big talk from a jigoloooo!!

Anonymous said...

allright since rod published my "obstrusive" comment I feal obliged toset things rite! following 11 season rod
"promised" to spill beans regarding riders infollubles!...hence the conclusion of the season n rod denies....denies....denies..rod I truly do "appreciate" all ur photos n blog reports jus that sometimes u have to realize the "true hard workin man" may be a little "ENVIOUS"!! nice life bud...from a fellow "dirt farmer"!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes I am but sorry, calendar is full.
So sorry if my choice of teams offends you.

Anonymous said...

Only a few Calgarians want that. Oh, and the owners also. The rest of us Albertans and 95% of Calgarians, no chance.

Anonymous said...

I also am happy the Jays and Oilers lost. Don't care about the Raptor game. Go Ducks and Yankees.

This Guy said...

I have no stake in any team for the playoffs and I can say the reffing has been pretty bad. Being an official myself I shouldn't say that but it just seems this year has been worse than the past.

Anonymous said...

Salvation Army, anyone??

Anonymous said...

What did I tell you, this is where the ref's get rid of the Canadian teams, they helped make the NHL some money now it's time to push them out, my we couldn't have a Canadian team win the Stanley cup now could we