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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Saskatchewan Roughriders Assistant VP of Player Personnel John Murphy appeared on 620 CKRM's SportsCage on Tuesday to provide an update on the club heading into training camp in Saskatoon beginning Sunday.

- There will be no rookie camp for the Saskatchewan Roughriders this week, unlike other CFL teams. Murphy said the QBs the club has under contract will take part in classroom sessions in the coming days. He said they made their decisions on rookie players at the Florida minicamp, and that's who will move on to main camp. He also said it's too much of a logistical problem to move all of their equipment to Saskatoon if it was still needed in Regina for a rookie camp.

- There will be five quarterbacks in training camp in Saskatoon: Kevin Glenn, Vince Young, Brandon Bridge, Bryan Bennett and Maty Mauk. Mauk, a Missouri alum, held a pro day this spring which Chris Jones attended.  Mok is expected to sign with the Riders within the next few days.

- Regarding their contract negotiations with their 2017 draft class, Murphy disputed an online report that said talks aren't going well. He said the Riders are on pace with other CFL teams regarding signing their draftees. Murphy said he's unsure how the report got out regarding the negotiations, since he's only spoken with the players' agents and no one else.

- Murphy said it's "a coincidence" that last year's #1 overall pick Josaih St. John held out of last year's training camp, and this year's top two picks still haven't signed. He said it's different players, different agents, and different figures being bantied about.

- The Riders will hit the field at Griffiths Stadium in Saskatoon daily at 9:00 am for 2017 Training Camp presented by Coors Light.



Anonymous said...

Murphy said he's unsure how the report got out regarding the negotiations, since he's only spoken with the players' agents and no one else.

I can figure out the coincidence:

Its that half truth/half national enquirer site called 3 down nation

Anonymous said...

Mr Murphy, please package wrap both Demski and St John off to Buffalo (Winnipeg) for some more well needed veterans, or Edmonton for Franklin who can reunite with his old Missouri backup qb Mauk who's on his way to town.

Anonymous said...

Not impressed.

Anonymous said...

No rookie camp - riders are losing to much money courtesy of jones and so the cuts begin. There will be more financial cuts down the road as the riders lose more money.

Anonymous said...

Not impressed? What do you want?

John Knight said...

What is the concern about no rookie camp? They have already seen the players and when they are only competing against other rookies they are not really showing anything. It was a waste of time and money plus there is a greater chance of a silly injury

Tim from Kansas said...

Maty Mauk definitely had his moments at Missouri, when he was good he was really good. Better than James Franklin. Way way better than Jake Heaps. I thought he might get drafted. Unfortunately, off the field he was a train wreck and was always in the news for stupid stuff, eventually getting dismissed.

If you believe in second chances, he has potential to be a really good quarterback in the CFL, he's scrappy and he's big enough.

If I was Chris Jones, I'd make him pee in a plastic bottle once a day, and I'd have somebody bed check him once an hour after 10 pm. If Coach can get him to behave, this could work out, because he has to know that if he flames out in Sask there's no where else for him to go.

Anonymous said...

Everyone involved in negotiations knows what the market value of these players is. Offering much short of that value does not strike me as "team building." BTW a linebacker first round? Jones certainly seems to want to build a defense of mostly linebackers.

Anonymous said...

riders had their rookie camp, they are cutting nothing. It just happened to be in florida and they got out of it what they wanted so no need to have another one with the same guys.

Anonymous said...

Get those draft picks signed. The market has been established. Now is not the time for head games.

Not Impressed

Anonymous said...

Let's celebrate, this season is looking great so far!

stephen preston said...

Great post!

stephen preston said...

Please look at the linebacker U that is UCLA in the last few years. Not only was Judge a player but he was a captain. Great pick at #2 and well worth the risk,

John Knight said...

Hey, why the gloom and doom. We are still undefeated for 2017