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Tuesday, May 16, 2017



1 - ALL OVER BUT THE CRYING: I don't think any of us were quite ready for the hockey season to be over just yet. Whether it was a Game 7 of the WHL Finals which was scheduled for tonight, or the 10 day Memorial Cup which is to begin next Friday in Windsor, we'd all expected the Regina Pats to be there.

But not so. The Regina Pats let a late 3-1 lead in Game 6 slip Sunday night and wound up losing 4-3 in overtime to the Seattle Thunderbirds who claimed their first championship in franchise history.

And just like that - with that OT goal at 12:36 from Alexander True - the season was over in a snap of the fingers.

2 - HATS OFF TO SEATTLE: They may not have been the more talented of the two teams in the WHL Finals, but the Thunderbirds were the better team. I got in that argument with my brother on Saturday who said, "The trouble is, Seattle's just better than Regina." I hotly denied that, saying the Pats had more talent and he reluctantly agreed. But we both concurred Seattle was playing better and worked just enough harder.

Rider President Craig Reynolds at Game 6
That stings.

But as many of the NHL scouts surmised at Sunday's game in the Brandt Centre, the Thunderbirds were the benefactors of a fruitless trip to the WHL Finals last season where they lost a five game series to Brandon.

A year later, Seattle taught the Pats a lesson in this series. You can't let your guard down, you can't take your eye off the ball, you have to relentlessly keep coming in waves, you have to punish the opponent's star players, push the limits of what's legal, and you have to want it more.

The Thunderbirds did all of that and that's why they're off to the Memorial Cup.

The Pats will be better off for this but that's little consolation to 20-year olds Adam Brooks, Dawson Leedahl and Chase Harrison who are moving on.

Brooks departs this town with hero status. He's in the discussion with Dale Derkatch for Pats legends as far as I'm concerned.

3 - LOOKING AHEAD: Will the Pats be a better club in 2017-18 when they are the host team for the Memorial Cup? I really have no idea. They'll be good, but this Pats team just set a franchise record for wins at 52. They were a special group.
Drew Callander, Tim Hunter & Dryden Hunt at Game 6

Will the Washington Capitals and L.A. Kings send signed prospects Connor Hobbs and Austin Wagner (respectively) back to Regina for their 20-year old seasons?

Does goaltender Tyler Brown return as a 20-year old? (I sure hope so)

Will the Colorado Avalanche send 19-year old phenom Tyson Jost to the Pats? An NHL scout last night was adamant Jost can play in the AHL next year so that matter will need to be figured out pronto. Jost is a game-changer and can immediately plug the hole left by Brooks.

Will the Anaheim Ducks return Sam Steel as a 19-year old?

For now those are far too many questions with absolutely no answers.

It's time to breathe and reflect. Honestly, it's the best season of Regina Pats hockey I've ever witnessed and for that, I'm thankful.

Thank you Pats. All of John Paddock's mid-season trades paid off in spades and they should have no regrets, other than letting Sunday's late lead slip away.

4 - HOCKEY ISN'T OVER YET: The Memorial Cup's going to be fantastic and Seattle will be our rooting interest. I assume Junior A's Royal Bank Cup will be played some time, somewhere, but you don't hear a peep out of that loop anymore. (They could benefit from the P.R. seminar I'm throwing in two weeks in Moose Jaw.)

And of course the Stanley Cup Playoffs are barely halfway done and we're just nicely into the Conference Finals.

While President Donald Trump is scrapping tooth and nail for his life in the U.S., Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is holding news conferences in Canada asking hockey fans to pledge allegiance to the Ottawa Senators as "Canada's Team".

Do we really need to be told? And are Canadians going to jump on the Sens bandwagon anyway?

There's nothing lovable about them and let's be honest; with all due respect to Regina's Denise Batters, who really loves a Senator?

And the NHL scouts chuckled at the Brandt Centre last night that Gary Bettman's worst nightmare is lining up: Ottawa versus Nashville in the Stanley Cup Finals.

This will be fun to watch play out, however it's not like it used to be.

The first question at Pittsburgh coach Mike Sullivan's news conference after Game 1 was, "How did you feel about your zone entries against the 1-3-1?"

Moments before in the OT intermission, Ron and Don were discussing the "clunk" of the puck off posts versus the "ping".

OMG just shoot me!

As I said during football season, all you need to do is watch the games and formulate your own opinions from there.

The rest is straight garble and Fake News.

5 - IT'S FOOTBALL SEASON!: The countdown is on. 13 days until Saskatchewan Roughriders 2017 Training Camp presented by Coors Light in Saskatoon. People are getting excited. We'll be there for all three weeks and will have wall-to-wall coverage of the camp on this website, on 620 CKRM's SportsCage and Access 7's In The Huddle.

A smattering of comments from Rider fans over the past couple of days:
- What if Kevin Glenn gets hurt?
- Will Vince Young be content to be a back-up?
- What about our secondary? Who replaces Justin Cox?
- Will Justin Cox be back with the team when his legal matters are dealt with?
- Who's the running back going to be?
- How's our kicking situation?
- Is this the best receiver group in the CFL?
- Where will we start our Canadians?

These are all some questions we'll delve into on the SportsCage today and as an added bonus, football maven John Lynch will bless us with an appearance in Hour 3.

6 - BADA BING: Zavian Bingham - the star defensive back out of Jackson State who lit up the Riders' Florida minicamp - has hit town like a tornado. Bingham arrived in Regina over the weekend and has tracked all of his exploits over Snapchat, Twitter and whatever else he can find.

From weather reports to food reviews, Bingham seems to be someone you just can't take your eyes off of.

He's going to be fun to have around.

7 - THE COMMISSIONER SEARCH: Who knows whether it's true or not, but a few more names have trickled out in the race to replace Jeffrey L. Orridge as CFL Commissioner. Randy Ambrosie, a former CFL'er and CFLPA secretary has reportedly shown significant interest. Ambrosie also has a strong background in business, and was head of HSBC Securities Canada. Another name which has surfaced is former Raptors and Knicks GM Glen Grunwald, a lawyer who's currently serving as Athletics Director at McMaster University.

Either one of those guys seem like a good fit.

8 - OH YA, THE NBA: One check of the NBA Playoffs bracket is enough to make one roll his eyes. Golden State and San Antonio are meeting in the West Finals while the Cleveland Cavaliers are awaiting their opponent in the East Finals?

Wait, what year is it?

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver might want to due a little investigating into parity. This is like Groundhogs Day.

The Spurs have become the NBA's New England Patriots and I think we're all more than tired of them.

But, you have to be impressed by their dominance.

9 - AT THE MOVIES: With the Pats not taking up all of our time anymore, we'll find ourselves at the Cineplex Odeon a lot more and we've already caught the flick Going In Style featuring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin. It's about three seniors who lose their benefits package after years of service so they hatch a plan to rob a bank, with hilarious results.

It gets ONE thumb up from the MMG.

However any movie with Morgan Freeman is worth the price of admission.

10 - THE SKIDROW CEO: Sought -motivational speaker Joe Roberts, "The Skidrow CEO", is pushing a shopping cart across Canada to raise money for mental illness and awareness for the addiction crisis. The 51-year old Ontarian's story is a remarkable one. He was a heroin addict on East Hastings St. in Vancouver however one day he had the epiphany to turn his life around and get clean. Within a few short years, he was the CEO of a multimillion dollar company and was recognized as one of Canada's Top 40 Under 40.

The significance of his shopping cart is that he used to push one around on skidrow in Vancouver.

Joe Roberts will be coming through Regina this Friday and there will be a ceremony and walk beginning at the Street Culture Project at 1174 Albert St. N. at 10:00 am. I'll be the MC and hope to see you there!


BIRTHDAYS: Happy birthday today to Rider alumni Bob Poley and Aaron Picton!


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william weppler said...

Congrats to the Seattle Thunderbirds! Well deserved win and I will be cheering for them at the Memorial Cup for sure. Barzal and Bear will be fun to watch again.

Came down to special teams...we took way too many penalties. Hats off to Tyler Brown who in some games single handedly got us the playoff wins.

The best season I have ever seen the boys play...very exciting all year...all great playoff series' to watch.

Can't wait for next year and hosting the Cup.
Wonder what JP will have in store for building a contender...the playoffs certainly gave the youngsters a chance to play and I think most proved they could play at a pretty high level.

Congrats to the Pats on a great year!

Go Thunderbirds Go!!

Anonymous said...

They had a great season but played with fire too often & finally got burned. Both teams played well & it could have gone 7.

Anonymous said...

U can't ask for much more. I never had so much fun at the arena and knew I could get so attached. Very excited for the future. Thanks pats.

Anonymous said...

I hope Seattle thunderbird get buts kick big time they are a bunch of dirty players Konowalchuk is a idot

Anonymous said...

Seattle got the win, congrats but you might want to send a big thank you to Ingram tonite. He called every penalty against the Pats tonite and most were pretty weak borderline slashing calls but the the call on Harrison with 4 mins left in a 3-2 game was absolutely brutal! Vetter called a great game but this Ingram was a joke! The Dub should be embarrassed with their level of officiating. Seattle has a good team but they got some extra help from Ingram tonite who made it clear who he wanted to win.

Anonymous said...

I was so sure we would be going to a game 7 but it wasn't meant to be. The Pats have played some outstanding hockey this season. It has been a lot of fun going to games at the Brandt Centre. Sad that we will be losing some great players but I am sure Paddock will have another great team assembled for next season. It hurts right now but I am sure we all have some great memories that this team gave us. Thanks to Adam Brooks, Chase Harrison and Dawson Leedahl for everything they did for our team.

Andrew Wiens said...

This was quite the year for Tyler Adams. He went from sitting on the bench in Swift to playing a regular shift throughout the playoffs for the WHL champions. And to win the title in his hometown in front of family and friends has to be sweet - definitely happy for him.

Anonymous said...


WesternMBRiders said...

Class act comments from Mr. Weppler, a fan of the WHL and good hockey above all. It was an entertaining series. For Seattle, it must feel rewarding to win after losing three games by 3-2 in OT in their way to bowing out to Brandon. It was great hockey last spring but this time Seattle got some breaks. Physical and some skill from the likes of Barzal, Bear and Kolesar, with tenacity as shown by Easnor and True. A very good team. As to Regina, they too had a great year but someone did have to lose in this close series. Their penchant for going asleep and not putting their boot on the throat of the other team when they have the other team on the ropes reared its ugly head one too many times. When the 3-1 lead late in the third evaporated that quick, it created a situation where, unlike the other series, they could not pull it out. Regina was first overall in the WHL and CHL this year. They deserve accolades and this team has represented clear evidence that they are back and should be a good team for some time to come, as long as the deals to build a competitive team next year for the Memorial Cup do not cripple future teams. Case in point. Saskatoon. Ever check out all of the players which Brandon turned into key cogs for its dominant teams of the last three or four years? Papirny (who was a nemesis as an overages in Swift Current this year) and McGawley (MVP in 2014-2015). Temper the necessity of building a winner with keeping the cupboards stocked, so a team like this one can rise again. Congrats to both teams.

Anonymous said...

Can't cough up a 2 goal lead with 5 mins left hard to take, great season but still.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the pats , great season , great accomplishment. Just made a new season ticket holder .

Anonymous said...

For many years I hoped a Sask team would go to the memorial cup. I could not cheer for the Pats this year...the mocking of other teams they beat thru the year...the bragging...the cockiness by fans, media, all played a part in my cheering for Seattle. If the Pats would of had a little humility...the whole province would of been behind them! For now Regina mourns while the rest of the province feels vindicated....sad...

Anonymous said...

I think they thunderbirds are a very dirty team who thrives on cheap shots and got away with way to much crap and i really hope they get crushed in the memorial cup i WILL be cheering for anybody else but them Congrats to the PATS on a great season .

Jake L. said...

The Crying Towels are being delivered and it looks like there will have to be plenty handed out to the Regina Pat Fans who, all year bragged about being Canada's team to represent in the Memorial Cup. We read it here all winter how great they are and all the records they set being the #1 team in Canada all year and now... IT'S OVER.
And now Mr. Weppler has even turned to the USA side to do his cheering ?? True Canadian Fan "Eh" !.

Anonymous said...

Great season Pats, nothing to hang your heads about.
Funny to see losers on RiderFans like Bingo Arms balling over the refs, lol.

Anonymous said...

Love the whining coming from Regina....

Anonymous said...

Seattle was the better team the last 4 games and wanted it more. Enough said.

As for the RBC Cup it started out East in Cougbourg Ontario Saturday. Id say the Brooks Bandits are the favorites to win it all. Unreal how skilled and fast they are for a team that big.

Anonymous said...

This was a very fun and entertaining season. Thank you Pats for a great season. You made a fan out of my 11yr old daughter. Have a good summer and see you next year. All the best to Brooks, Leedahl and Harrison you played very well this year and was a joy to watch


Anonymous said...

There is nothing good about this result. Many media types are trying to put a spin on this that it was a great season and so much to be thankful for. Wrong! This team was supposedly started three years ago to be a champion in three years yet it is not. 50+ wins mean absolutely nothing. Why was this team caught off guard with so little veteran forward depth? Why did nobody respond to the dirty antics of some Seattle players? Maybe because all those had been traded away? Why did we ice such a small lineup with players who couldn't handle any of Seattle's big forwards? Why did management let this season slip away on them? Why does the WHL continually allow this poor level of officiating? The penalty on Harrison was a freaking joke after all the holding that was allowed all night. It wasn't even a scoring chance. Ingram has ben as brutal as Vetter every time he has been here, yet they trot them out regularly night after night.

No amount of spin can change that this was a disasterous end to the season for the organization and it's fans. We deserved more. The Pats weren't the better team and it's still in the air if they were the most talented. Barzal, Gropp, Kolesar, and Bear might have something to say about that. Management has to take responsibility and ownership of the fact that this team fell flat on it's face in the finals. Moral victories and feel good platitudes mean nothing at all and can be filed with 50+ wins. Erie got the job done, St John go the job done. The Pats did not. This team will be weaker next season and an automatic berth means nothing. I can accept less talented as long as they build a bigger squad with more want and grit. Also a team willing to stand up when their stars are being brutalized out there. Big players with some testosterone would be a good start.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Pats for a great season!

Anonymous said...

Ive had current players in the WHL tell me more than once that there is some cheapshot/dirty players on the Pats. Pat fans have no room to talk I suppose about Seattle being dirty.

Anonymous said...

Total heartbreak last night. They had that game 

But, the sun came up today and the fact that it’s May 15 and the Pats season just ended indicates that it was a great long playoff run and they have nothing to hang their heads about. This season ticket holder enjoyed every minute of the season. Congrats to the Pats! I’m very proud of this team.

Best of luck to the 3 over age players and huge thanks for what they contributed to this team. Especially Adam Brooks. Class act individual and one of the best I’ve ever seen in a Pats uniform. So proud to be a Leafs fan knowing he’s a now a part of that organization!

Kudos to Seattle on a great series.

Looking forward to next season already as the club celebrates 100 years and a Memorial Cup!!


Anonymous said...

It is easy to win 52 games and be rated first in WHL and CHL when 15 of those wins came from beating weak Blades and Raiders teams, Maybe over confident

Andrew Wiens said...

To the anonymous posters who think that the officiating was a joke: maybe your team should have scored on the 5 min major the refs handed out - especially with one of Seattle's best defenders done for the game.

Anonymous said...

I'm certainly pulling for the Senators, I'd love to see them beat the Penguins.
My quandary is the other series. I just can't cheer for a team that has Ryan Kesler or PK Subban on it. So, I hope they both lose but one or the other is going to win.

Anonymous said...

Like the one poster said and got it right; 52 wins with a ton of them coming from weak sisters in the east division. Their record was all smoke and mirrors. Had they played in the Western Conference they would have struggled to get 40 wins. It's not about the wins and the giddy rumpled scribe who got ecstatic over the goals they scored. It's about talent, grit, size, discipline, want and characterin the playoffs. The playoffs are for those who will do anything to win. The T-Birds were the better team in the finals and perhaps the better team overall. They played out west where each game was a war and struggle every night and it paid off for them. The Pats played soft and O-lay most nights and the coach never got discipline under control. Now they're going to the golf course. The Pats are becoming the Washington Capitals of the WHL. Can't get er done…Best of luck to the T-Birds as they will need it. The Sea Dogs look amazing.

Anonymous said...

WHL MVP , east peasey_ 16 turned 17 year old STANKOWSKI. He made goaltending look easy peasey.

St. John Sea Dogs win 2017 Memorial Cup, mark that down on your hockey calender, we did last fall 2016.


Anonymous said...

And now to our feature presentation for your programming entertainment; 2017 IIHF World Hockey Championships. Some good hockey, USA team looking great as usual. By the way, anyone know where I can buy a 1979 Skoda car? Good car. Getting all geared up for the Tour Dr France.

Anonymous said...

Who picks playoff MVP? I thought Bear, True and Stankowski were all better than Barzal. Seems to me that was a gifted selection just because of his name.

Tough lesson for the Pats, but they just didn't have killer instinct. I think they thought it was Game 7 time when Wagner scored.

Great season.

Anonymous said...

While Rod was saying this was the best Pat team ever back in Dec. the results prove otherwise. To be the best you have to be the best plain and simple. To many weak teams in the east to brag about 50 plus wins.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to cheer for the Pats, but the arrogance of their fan base and media made it impossible. People who have never set foot in the Brandt Centre/Agridome before this year chirping other fans, and not good natured chirping like you see at a rider game either.

Worst fans in the league. 10,000 tough guys when times are good, 3500 sitting on their hands when times aren't.

Hope that little hipster in his skinny jeans with his 'Broncos Blew a 3-1 Lead' sees the irony in what happened last night, but let's be honest, he's just one of thousands of part time fans who won't be at a game unless the Pats are winning.

Worst fans in the league. Suck it Regina.

Anonymous said...

To the poster that said we traded away our character. Would of Riley Woods fought Turner Ottenbriet?

Anonymous said...

Yep, always blame the refs. Losing 101. Always blame the refs.

3RD and 1 said...

Come on man! One dude speaks his biased mind and your calling out Regina? I would suggest that you in fact are the whiner. Your whining over 1 dumb comment. Let me guess.... MooseJaw fan; right?
I say that because of the 1960's socialist small town thinking. If 1 person is complaining. Then they all must be complaining.
Even reading further down. There are far more insightful comments than whining.
Time to grow up

Anonymous said...

You only felt disrespected when your team was sent packing. You do not speak for the whole Province. Who do you think you are. Cockiness goes both ways pal. During a series; competing teams fans will jump all over victories and post ridiculous cocky comments.
If you think this is cockiness so be it.... but you better get use to the Pats driving deep into the playoffs each and every year from this date forward.

Reginald of Regina

Anonymous said...

As a Pats season ticket holder who 100% agrees with you. Biggest band wagon know it all fan base I've ever seen. I go to watch good hockey and don't cheer for or against the Pats and good hockey it was all year.

The better team won.
It's not on the kids as they played their hearts out. They just got beat by a better team.
The pats will be a completely different team next year with the Memorial cup being here. Young players and draft picks will all be sold for highly touted 18 yr olds and stud 19 and 20's.
After next season Paddock leaves town and the cupboards are bare for the next 3 yrs. This was the year to win for the pats and they traded it away at the deadline for next year.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree with the notion the Pats were a more skilled team. Brooks, Steel, Wagner and Hobbs can cancel out Barzal, Kolesar, True, and Bear but after that Seattle was bigger, heavier and definitely deeper.

The Pats didn't play like we were used to seeing because the T-Birds wouldn't allow them to.

Big Pats fan but that's just truth.

I'm not sure how this is even still a commented discussion. Tyson Jost can absolutely play in AHL next season. But don't worry about finding out cause he will be with the Av's.

Anonymous said...

If not the refs, then who??

RFBRiders said...

Saint John

Anonymous said...

Seattle allowed the more talented team (Wheat Kings) to beat them last year but showed resilience against another more talented team (Pats).
Tyler Brown need not come back but is probably worth keeping around. They need to get Kurtis Chapman in there who backstopped a fifth place Terriers to an MJHL championship with a 1-0 shutout exclamation point against a much better team.
I don't care if Sens win except that they never have. I thought it was important to cheer for a Canadian team until I realized that many US teams have more native Canadians than most Canadian-based franchises do.

Anonymous said...

And Chapman has done squat every chance he has been given at the Major Junior level. Sorry it's the truth.

3RD and 1 said...

Nope, Pays were not over confident. Quite simply they met an previous year experienced 3rd round Playoff team. Seattle learned last year that you get to your best level and then turn it up another notch. The Pats couldn't get there and Seattle did.

Anonymous said...

Karma is a wonderful thing.Rmember watching Hobbs, during TV interviews on Shaw, calling other teams players irrelevant and that he and his teammates laugh at their weak efforts. Guess who got beat on the winning goal last night? None other than Hobbs.

Anonymous said...

I'd hate to see the world from your eyes. You come on here throwing daggers because some individual upset you. Then you call a whole fan base a name. Boo hoo. .. you think the ribbing at Riders games to and from competing fans is all in good nature. Try again!!! I've seen Bomber fans and Rider fans with fists a flyin after a Labor Day game. So hear this... It's twerps just like you that call all Rider fans idiots because of a few morons. No different than in Hockey. Every fan base has them. EVERY FAN BASE!!!

Reginald of Regina

Anonymous said...

What a stupid comment. No Riley Woods wouldn't have fought anyone but Luc Smith would have. Riley Woods would have filed in great for depth scoring that was sorEly missed. Slobosnian worked hard but should have had about 20 goals. Hard work is great but it doesn't put the puck in the net.

Anonymous said...

My two cents...

Great year. Record setting in a lot of cases. Does it feel like unfinished business? Sure? But these kids went to battle with each other this year and once the sting wears off, they will remember it forever.

The really amusing part is the chatter from other fanbases. A team that has the success the Pats did this year will have cockiness, fans and players alike. Just like ANY OTHER TEAM that has had that level of success. So save it. And it's certainly no worse than the sadsacks that come on hear spouting 'Patsies this, Patsies that'. That's just common jealousy, suck it up, cuz it looks pathetic on you.

Further to the haters, I can guarantee the Patsies are going to the Mem Cup next year. Enjoy that Saskatchewan, get your jerseys now.

As a fan who had season tix all through the previous regime, wow, what a treat this has been. Packed stadium. Obvious marketing abilities, and quality players actually want to play here. What a pleasant change.

Anonymous said...

Reginald and the entire pats nation got lit up!

Anonymous said...

Bingo Arms? That's Scruffy's nemesis!

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's why the Oilers are the most popular NHL team in Regina. Completely cocky fans even though they haven't won in years. How bout that guy giving Ottenbreit the double bird when he got tossed last night? Real classy guys. Not all Pats fans are like this, far from it. It's the cocky ones making all the noise that give everyone a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Reginald of Regina clearly has never been to a rink outside Regina. The Pats have some great fans, but no rink in the province has more bad ones. Empty rink for anything less than a top ranked team, full house of loudmouths for once in a generation when they're good.

I met some great fans when I was in Regina, but they're outnumbered by part time fans.

Anonymous said...

The score keeper.

Anonymous said...

Chapman? Did you forget we still have Hollett??

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Seattle! They are a good team and some good Saskatchewan kids to cheer for. My one problem with hockey in general is the injuries from the hits. What is the point of becoming a hockey player with tremendous skills and opportunities to play professional hockey if one "borderline" hit takes you out of the game? To me that's not enjoyable to watch but the tremendous athletic ability of these players was certainly entertaining..

Anonymous said...

Mahura gets feet kicked out on first goal : no call and they score on the play

Harrison hits a guy and gets a holding call with 6 and a half mins left: they score

This was an embarrassment to the league and an absolute joke of a job by the officiating crew. We were all robbed of a game 7 due to a HORRID job of one sided officiating that stole a series from the Regina Pats.

An absolute embarrassment for the league.

Jack Mehoff

Anonymous said...

Seattle won't win a game when the real officiating starts. Poor kids will be so used to hooking and holding as much as they want that they will be in the box all night and not know why.

Pretty embarrassing to watch as a neutral fan in this game.

Steve from Swift


Anonymous said...

The fans in Regina are great and always have been. In our down years we have 4500 fans and in our good years we have 6500 fans. Some of the moronic comments are just that. Been in just about every rink in the WHL. Lots more place with lots bigger loud mouths and that's a fact. The problem we have in the east is that the sad sack team in this province can't get competent enough to be taken seriously. Instead of trying to reach elite level they beef and try to bring down the one truly excellent organization in the province. They are the "LOSERS" Where was their team??

Paddock made a comment last night that next season he would be getting older, deeper and more experienced. That there would be few if any 16 and 17's. That's a plan for success but why didn't he do that this year? This was the year to win it all and they fizzled. To the uniformed don't think there will be a bunch of young guys making the team next year. He may keep a few until trade deadline so that he can audition some of them. He said they will be an older team after trade deadline. That will require moving picks and prospects. He was gifted Brooks this season but next will be tougher. They will be good but not elite like this year. I also agree that he will be gone after next season when the drought begins. He may also go to straight GM and hand the mess to Struch (providing someone doesn't grab him before the start of the new season)

The Pats were physically manhandled by a bigger, tougher team. Man what a difference Smith, Cole, Zablocki and Hilsendager would have made. The missing ingredient; size and grit. Seattle kicked sand in their face and took their lunch money. Paddock better get busy and address those shortfalls. Smurfs don't help against a team like Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Seattle is going to be in for a shock when they get to the Memorial Cup and don't have he officials on their side. But I really don't care. With the Pats loss, hockey is done for me. Now it's time to focus on football and whatever the Riders will deliver this year.

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure out how the guys in your photos (Callendar, Hunter, Reynolds) plus the huge contingent of Seattle fans all got tickets and those of us that went to Pats games all year did not get even close to getting tickets.

Andrew Wiens said...

Jack Mehoff, you wouldn't also be an Oilers fan would you? Better get a jumbo box of tissues from Costco - sounds like you have a lot of whining to do.

Anonymous said...

Any haters of the Pats are jealous. That's ok, all haters can spew their venom because the Pats will leave the East division in the dust for the next many decades. Other teams need to step up or bow to us in Regina. Probably easier to bow than compete. Go Pats Go, Canada's team, just ask Don Cherry!

Anonymous said...

Cole would have made ZERO diff. Slobosian was an UNBELIEVABLE TRADE by myself who did way more than Cole ever could have and was much grittier, thats why I added him. DeWit and Mahura, without them we don't get past the 2nd round or 3rd round, what a dumb comment to say trading Zablocki was wrong. I'll get him back but without that trade we aren't even here talking right now.

Man people are dumb, we lost due to officiating, not grit morons.

Pon Jaddock

Anonymous said...

The crying come out of Regina is hilarious. Leave them dust for yrs to come? lmao Your prospect pool is likely one of, if not the worst in the league.

Jake L. said...

What a bunch of whiners, thin skinned in breds must live in Regina. Reading the comments that some made on here today is PATHETIC. The best team won so get a life it's over. Good luck Seattle in the Big one.

Anonymous said...

the pats were beat by a better team, more physical, more hustle and desire and possibly some better coaching.too much dump and chase hockey from the pats. when you have control of the puck carry it in and try to make plays instead of just dumping in it. good luck seattle. win it for the whl.

Andrew Wiens said...

Mr Pon Jaddock, you said that '[without DeWit and Mahura the Pats don't get past the 2nd or 3rd rounds'] and that 'it is a dumb comment to say that trading Zablocki was wrong', so I think that you have a little explaining to do. I agree with you that Mahura was huge for your team all playoffs and that without him the Pats likely don't get past the second round, but I'm curious why De Wit was such a no show for much of the playoffs. He did have a big game against Lethbridge and a couple of goals against the T-birds but the rest of the time he barely even got off the bench. If you think that De Wit was so essential to your team why didn't you play him more?

How do you explain the disparity in stats between Zablocki and De Wit? De Wit, whom you claim was supposedly indispensable, had 7 points in 22 playoff games for the Pats whereas Zablocki put up 8 points in only 6 playoff games with the Rebels and the disparity in regular season stats is just as stark (Zablocki put up almost a point a game with both the Rebles and the Pats whereas De Wit barely factored on the score sheet in the regular season for either team). I'll bet you would have liked that extra point production at times in this year's playoffs.

Of course, it only gets worse for you when you consider the price that you paid for De Wit. It is somewhat tough to break up a package deal involving multiple assets but you basically gave up Zablocki (who is the same age as De Wit) and a first round draft pick (Unless you want to say that the price for Mahura was 3 first round draft picks). I'm not saying that De Wit is a bad player or that I wouldn't want him on my team, but the price you paid seems kind of ridiculous. Even a straight up trade for Zablocki seems kind of suspect, but add in the first rounder and yikes. I'll bet by trade deadline next year when you are trying to make some upgrades to your team you will wish you had that extra first rounder to barter with; after all, good players don't come cheap do they?

Anonymous said...

With Smith,Cole, Zablocki & Hilsendager, the Pats don't get by SC.

Anonymous said...

Great year and a ton of fun to watch. After having been there last year Seattle had a big advantage. That and the fact the Pats speed/skill game is not as suited to playoff hockey as the hard hitting teams meant they had a big hill to climb. No matter, thank you and congratulations to the Pats for a great season.

A couple points perhaps matter only to me. Hobbs game matured through the year to an amazing degree, fun to watch. Wagner certainly adds excitement to the game. Also Congrats to Leedahl for a much deserved contract, 100% effort 100% of the time. Good luck to all the kids. Excited to see next year's team.


Kellin Enslev said...

Drew Callander - employee of the Pats

Craig Reynolds - sitting in Club Seating with a Riders Sponsor

Tim Hunter - CHL Pass, can go in any arena he wants

Andrew Wiens said...

You don't think that the Pat's would have gotten by Swift with Smith, Cole, Zablocki, and Hilsendager in the lineup?? Their chances couldn't have been much worse than with the lineup they did ice; you know, with Zablocki playing golf in Red Deer, De Wit sitting on the bench, and Smart playing as a converted forward on the fourth line. Don't you think that Zablocki's added offense might have made a difference in a series in which the Pats suffered three overtime losses? At any rate, at least Zablocki would have played a regular shift which is a lot more than can be said for the contributions that De Wit made in that series.

Anonymous said...

Paddock talks of the value Sloboshan provided in Brooks absence but in all reality Sloboshan isn't a second line centre. Not even close. Sloboshan was valuable but only because Paddock had nothing else and had moved too many good forwards out and never replaced any worthwhile players coming back. He didn't anticipate a couple key injuries but isn't that his job? DeWitt was a defensive liability every game as was Sloboshan. There is good reason why Sutter gave up on DeWiitt. Saskatoon had no problem trading away their captain Sloboshan. We would have traded Brooks right.

Guys like Brooks, Wagner, Hobbs and others were let down by management who didn't acquire the required depth, or more likely traded away too much of it. The Pats should have kept more veteran depth around but he failed miserably there. I don't think Padddock or his staff realized how tough the WHL is and how tough it is to win a championship. It's not pro hockey where you can call up other pros from the ECHL to the AHL or AHL to the NHL. The WHL is a different animal and you need to build in a different way to be successful. Not having much experience in this league has hurt Paddock and he is still on a learning curve. He now knows how tough and demanding it is to win in this league and go deep. The sad part is he should have known. 52 wins in a weak division isn't a big building block.

The defensive strength the team alluded to was MIA. Zabrovskiy, Harrison and others were not good. The vaunted top four d-men in the league according to the coach did not play like top four. The depth in Davidson and Smart were either hurt or ineffective. The trades look horrible. The only player of any value is Mahura but the price was far and away too high. So much given away that acquiring players this year will be tough.

The 52 win season looks hollow and most long time fans with some knowledge, have a real bad taste in their mouth. The brain trust should have known what it would take to win in the playoffs. Far too many excuses being offered up by management right now. The coach talked about a puck hitting Mahura 's skate and going to Gropp on the second goal. What is omitted is that the T-Birds had the Pats hemmed in for the previous 30 seconds and nobody was physically able to do anything. The same culprits on the ice. The T-Birds were masterfully coached and had the better built team. what a waste of a season. To quote the great Ricky Bobby "If you're not first, you're last". The T-Birds are first in the league and nobody remembers anything else. The drought and frustration continue.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I hope Seattle thunderbird get buts kick big time they are a bunch of dirty players Konowalchuk is a idot

"Idot." Unintentional irony is the best.

Anonymous said...

Think he was referring to the young guys from this year being 1 year older next year there slick. Not trading the whole team.

Anonymous said...

There is more to a hockey team than scoring genius. Dewitt wasn't brought in for scoring. He is clearly a checker. You aren't going to go far with a team of only goal scorers. You obviously know nothing about hockey.

Andrew Wiens said...

How much time did De Wit log on the penalty kill? How many times did you see him out checking another team's best players? If Paddock paid a player and a first rounder to bring De Wit in as a checking forward don't you think he would have seen the ice in those situations? Did you even watch the Pat's playoff games?

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're not on the Senators bandwagon Rod. I don't know how you couldn't be as they're a solid well rounded team whose overcome a great deal of adversity.