Realty One

Saturday, May 6, 2017


Saskatchewan Roughriders Head Coach & GM Chris Jones met with reporters at Mosaic Stadium on Friday morning to discuss this Sunday's CFL Draft as well as the fines the club received from the CFL one week ago.

Regarding the draft - in which the Riders hold nine picks including #2 overall - Jones said his personnel department has conducted 20-25 mock draft scenarios and they feel prepared going into the weekend.

Regarding having nine picks, Jones said he'd always prefer to load up on picks every year because based on sheer numbers, the more picks you have, the better the chances are of some panning out.

Regarding the state of the club's Canadian talent depth right now, Jones said the Riders are in a much better position now than they were a year ago.

The U of R Rams have two players hoping/expecting to hear their name called on Sunday: offensive lineman Jeremy Zver and receiver Mitchell Picton. Jones said he'd prefer to go local with their selections if those players are dead-even in talent level with other players available from across the country at the spot the Riders are picking.

At this point, Jones said they feel they know who they'll take with the #2 selection but obviously wasn't interested in showing his hand. They're also receiving several "good offers" from other teams interested in making a trade for the selection.

Jones also said the larger amount of Canadians getting NFL opportunities has made the CFL Draft very tricky to conduct, and predict what will happen year-to-year in the draft.

He feels the reason for the Canadian influx into the NFL is twofold: 1) Players are training year-round either indoors or moving to the Southern U.S. in the winter to conduct their workouts and 2) Canadians have had success in the NFL which has caused NFL teams to increase their efforts into scouting Canadian university football.

Regarding the fines the Riders were hit with by the CFL last Friday, Jones said that's history now.

"Unfortunately we ended up on the wrong side (of the rules)," Jones shrugged. "We accept where we are and we're going to move forward. I'm not going to sit here and bash the CFL. They've got a job to do. They deemed what we did was illegal and we paid the price for it. We'll move forward."

Jones was asked if these fines will affect how the Riders do business in 2017.

"Some rules are black and white and others are gray, and always have been gray," Jones explained. "I know that ours are black and white now. There's not going to be any leeway or thinking that we're judged the same as everyone else. We're going to be judged at the highest level and that's what we're going to hold ourselves to."

The Roughriders also officially announced 2017 Training Camp will be held at Griffiths Stadium in Saskatoon.



Anonymous said...

Jones' comments are the same as always. Considering such non-Rider haters as Vanstone & Lawless have been pretty blunt about the discretions, I don't think we can use Orridge as a scapegoat. Yet Jones keeps saying "we NOW know what the rules are" & "we will be judged on the highest standard" still alluding to the idea that somehow the Riders (& Jones) are picked on. This is last year's story all over again. Unfortunately Reynolds has to be the one to stand up & admit the wrongs because Jones continues to make excuses. For a coach who is all about accountability, he doesn't seem to believe that applies to him. It's a bad sign for a hope there is a change in the way he does business. His comments tell me he hasn't learnt anything yet. Sad.

Anonymous said...

A little bit of, 'they're picking on me' there.

Quote; "There's not going to be any leeway or thinking that we're judged the same as everyone else. We're going to be judged at the highest level and that's what we're going to hold ourselves to."

If it means no more fines, I good with it.

Anonymous said...

I just hope this smug SOB wins some games this year.


Dean said...

To me its a bit unsettling for me.

Coach Jones has been on multiple teams and has seen what the other Gm/head coaches do. I believe him when he says that everyone is doing these "gray area" rules. It seems everyone or someone is mad as hell at the Rider and/or Coach Jones.

I see no reason for Coach Jones to lie about this being done throughout the league.

So yeah Its unsettling to think that there are members who are running the league and have it out for the riders.

No cool at all!

Anyways go Pats!

Anonymous said...

Until there is a change, there will be no change.

jstrutt said...

It amazes me how all you "anonymous" posters are to ckicken to use you own name when you bash Jones or the Riders.

Anonymous said...

"In Jones We Trust"

Anonymous said...

I sure hope we can draft two quality OL with our 2nd and 11th overall picks. I'm a big Marshall Ferguson fan, but I really don't agree with selecting Eli Ankou 2nd overall when he's going to the Texans. And I don't think we need a DB with our 11th overall like he says in his mock draft. But who knows what Jones and his staff will do. Can't wait to watch the draft live on TSN.

Glenn Matich said...

.....if you or I made these kinds of mistakes on a consistent basis in our jobs, we would have been terminated a long time ago. This is all on Reynolds, and the cheating started there. So obvious that Reynolds was talking to Jones BEFORE the Grey Cup careful what you wish for!