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Sunday, May 7, 2017


Cameron Judge
The Saskatchewan Roughriders are pleased to announce they selected University of California-Los Angeles linebacker Cameron Judge with the second overall pick in the 2017 CFL Draft on Sunday.

Judge (6’2 – 235 lbs.) was selected by the Riders after spending four seasons at UCLA. The 22-year-old California resident played 47 collegiate games while with the Bruins, picking up 46 defensive tackles, 2.5 tackles for loss, one forced fumble and one interception.

The Montreal product was named team captain for his 2016 senior season.

In the second round the Riders selected Bethune-Cookman University offensive lineman Dariusz Bladek with the 11th overall pick in the 2017 CFL Draft. 

Bladek (6’4 – 300 lbs.) was selected by the Riders after spending four seasons at Bethune-Cookman University. The 23-year-old Florida resident, started 33 of 34 collegiate games while with the Wildcats. 

He was named to the 2015 SBN Black College All-America Team while also picking up the Larry Little Award as BCU’s offensive lineman of the year.

Saskatchewan never had a pick in Round 3 however they made pair a pair of selections in Round 4: TE Antony Auclair (Laval) with the 30th overall selection and OL Eddie Meredith (Western) at #32.

The Roughriders went local in the fifth round, selecting University of Rams receiver Mitchell Picton with the 37th overall selection.

"I couldn't be happier," Picton smiled at Mosaic Stadium. "I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Riders organization. I can't thank their coaching staff enough and I can't wait to get to work with my new teammates.

"Really going into tonight I had no idea (where he'd go), I came in with an open mind and didn't have any expectations so I couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome. I grew up cheering for the Riders so it's incredible to be here."

In Round 6, the Riders made OL Danny Sprukulis (U of Toronto) the 46th overall selection.

In the seventh round Saskatchewan selected LB Alexandre Chevrier (Sherbrooke) at #55 and two picks later they chose DT Emmanuel Adusei (Carleton).

In the eighth and final round, the Riders chose OL Marc Glaude (U of Montreal) at #64.

So in all, the Riders chose nine players (four offensive linemen, two linebackers, one defensive tackle, one receiver and a tightend).

"Our first guy was our top linebacker and certainly Bladek was our highest-rated guard that could come right now. We felt fortunate to get him in the 2nd round," Rider Head Coach & GM Chris Jones said after the draft. "We're hoping (they can play in 2017). Everybody hopes the guys you take in the first couple, three rounds are guys that can come in help you right away. Then in the later rounds you're looking for guys that can go back to school and maybe develop. 

"We felt like we were very solid in our draft and a lot of work went into it."


Anonymous said...

will regret not using that pick on Bethune-Cookman OL

Anonymous said...

No regrets,got him in round 2. In Jones you have to trust!

Anonymous said...

Now that is funny, I guess Jones needed your post to remind than about him! Why waste the first when you can get with the 2nd!

Anonymous said...

Or, not!

Anonymous said...

Do you still think that they'll regret their first round selection, genius?

Anonymous said...

Problem is he might be Garrett Waggoner 2.0 -- a freak athlete without a position _ there is your answer.

as to jones, whats his draft success last year " 0 " thats right zero.

@mrt_man said...


Anonymous said...

I think the Riders got two great players with their 2nd and 11th overall picks. Good job Chris Jones and Staff.

Anonymous said...

what the heck happened to Johhny Augustine, he was rated #17 in the draft and not even selected. Can anyone fill us in on that weird non draft??

Anonymous said...

Cameron Judge will attend rookie camp with the Houston Texans next weekend. But he seems very open to coming to the CFL if his NFL aspirations don't work out.

Anonymous said...

It's far too early to say that. Some of our late round picks were futures and Josiah St. John can still develop into an impact player. We also never had 2nd and 3rd round picks thanks to Taman's trades.

Anonymous said...

how many o-linemen went in the 1st round?

Well played

Anonymous said...

anonymous #1's post didn't age well

Anonymous said...

First overall pick has 46 tackles in 47 games....really. Time for Riders to find talent north of the border. USports has linebackers with that number of tackles in a single 8 game season.

Anonymous said...

How dumb can ya be!!

Anonymous said...

Just love what Chris Jones and Murphy have done! Four offensive linemen....just well planned. Losing Chris Best hurts like heck and I am worrying about Labatte but with 4 Canadians sitting in the wings we will be OK. Our D lineman is 357 lbs. Hope he has potential for growth but with Jones convincing Ese Mrabure-Ajufo to come here last year we are shaping up great. He has Linden Gaydosh developing and Dillon Guyalso. They were focused as front runners in there draft years. This fellow Cameron Judge just imagine him with Henoc Muamba we are getting set up for good things in 2017. The future looks bright in Riderland....and this does not count our free agent Canadians and St. John. Yes I am drinking the Kool-Aid.

Anonymous said...

Bladek will learn from and ultimately replace Brendan Labatte as the beast of the O-line when Big Blue retires. A great pick for sure.

Like the choice of Antony Auclair, could be the Rider's young Gronk! Could match well with another big athlete in Vince Young.

3RD and 1 said...

I really hope that Cameron judge works out well for SK. I did chuckle listening to the 1st phone call between Cameron and a Regina newspaper reporter. When asked what his thoughts were getting drafted by the Riders. Cameron's response... "Well it's a start"... Sure didn't sound very aspiring. It was really flat. No eagerly desirous words or tone in his voice. In fact a few colleagues of mine have stated he almost sounded disappointed. However that's L.P. reporter M. McCormick fault! He had everything to do with that. His questions and tone made for a very poor telephone interview.

What's really unique about Cameron Judge is his Canadian\American status. Even though his family had him living back and forth from the U.S. To Canada until the age of 12. At that point Cameron lived in the US of A until now. So really the riders have a fully trained American Football player with a Canadian Birth Certificate. NICE!!!
If Cameron dosent make the Texans through the rookie camp invite. It sure would be great if he catches on to the nuances of the CFL game. He states he went to BC Lions games until they moved to the U.S. For good when he was 12.
Having Muamba and Judge; 2 Canadian LB's is a huge benifit. Plus Judge at 6'1" and 220lbs he could play at DB if need be.

It could be a lot of fun with the 1960's\70's TV show "Laugh In" reference to ""here come da Judge"" The show back then was similar to a Sat Night alive now. Except back then everything was GROOVY. I remember here comes da judge and Sock it to me baby". They became very popular. if Cameron Judge becomes a main stay on the Riders defence. Every time he does something significant. The crowd could chant ""HERE COMES DA JUDGE"" over and over again as it was done on the show. Heck even Wikipedia does an article on Here comes da judge.

3RD and 1 said...

I forgot to mention about all of the discussions on Guelph Running Back Johnny Augustine right now. He ripped it up at combine in just about every category but Johnny did not get drafted. I'm thinking that only Calgary starts and rotates Canadians at the RB position. They are just fine with their starter and his rotational back up. So no one wanted to waste a draft pick for the wrong Nationality at the RB position.
With that being said I wouldn't be surprised if Augustine is signed as a free agent and he ends up on a team within a few days. His talent is too good not to be given a chance to be a proffesional. I can see a team changing his position. In 2011 Calgary took a Canadian College QB and shifted him to Slot. That would be Ottawa Gee Gee QB and now Ottawa RedBlack receiver Brad Sinopoli. Plus Calgary is in the process of doing the same thing once again.
QB to receiver is a good natural position change. I wonder what a natural position change from RB would be? I don't have any idea.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Linebacker perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Here comes da judge was part of Rowan and Martins Laugh In' schtick.

Anonymous said...

Love the enthusiasm but let's not get carried away. Last year St John was our starting tackle - he's probably a backup this year again. Three rookie of the year candidates in the East last year were OL - from the same class as our #1 who couldn't start on the 2nd worst OL in the league. As for the DL Minter & Steele were backups on other teams & Gaydosh till now has had a forgettable career. Yes it looks like a better draft but let's get real. We have a lot of holes. Read some sports news which isn't Rider-centric & get a balanced view (no offence to Rod).

chris said...

I like the Judge pick, media guys in the CFL said he never started at UCLA because the other linebackers there were all NFL draft picks. So he's been around a very high class of competion. Love the Picton pick he's a real talented player with big upside