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Tuesday, May 9, 2017


EDMONTON - The Edmonton Eskimos posted a profit exceeding $1.4 million last season, the community-owned CFL club announced Tuesday in its annual general report.

According to treasurer Brad Sparrow's report, the Eskimos' net profit from operations was $2,138,450. But he concluded the club's consolidated net profit for 2016 was $1,417,795.

The Eskimos (10-8) finished fourth in the West Division last year, becoming a cross-over team in the playoffs. Edmonton beat the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 24-21 in the East Division semifinal before dropping a 35-23 decision in the conference final to the Grey Cup-champion Ottawa Redblacks.

Being the cross-over squad meant no home playoff games for the Eskimos.

The club's operating revenue for 2016 was $23.5 million, a decline of 5.4 per cent. That was mainly due to Edmonton hosting and winning the West Division final in 2015 en route to beating Ottawa in the Grey Cup.

By crossing over to the East, Edmonton secured playoff revenues of $30,000 compared to $1.7 million in 2015 for hosting the West final, then playing in and winning the Grey Cup.

The good news is the club's gate receipts increase $3.5 per cent, or $298,000. Corporate sponsorship revenues were also up by 8.3 per cent.

``Our primary focus is to attract new fans,'' president Len Rhodes said in his report. ``We are a gate-driven league and our largest single source of revenue is ticket sales.''

Edmonton's total operating expenses were $21.3 million, a decrease of $1.5 million or 6.5 per cent. The Eskimos also finished under the CFL's $5.1-million salary cap.

(Canadian Press)


3RD and 1 said...

1.4 Million Dollar Profit and they fire their GM.
I'm glad that they are more concerned with staying friendly with TSN and the local media. Then having a seriously competitive team with a GM that bled Green Gold. Keep up the good work Schmos, we need stupid In the front office of Western teams. As we are going through our own stupidity right now.

Anonymous said...

Total agreement 3RD and 1.


Anonymous said...

Hervey was a loss yes but Sunderland is a good replacement so I would worry about Jones and company bud

Anonymous said...

Yeah Sunderland is so bad...just signed a star Offensive lineman Colin Kelly and just picked up undrafted Augustine. Esks are in good shape, here comes the boom Sask.

Anonymous said...

It's nice that they had good profits last season because they're going to be in trouble this season after firing their gm. Replacing management is not cheap and they did so with a clueless airhead. Eskies are in big trouble!

Anonymous said...

Haha...your the airhead, Sunderland just won a grey cup and has more of a scouting back round then all coaches and management on the riders together

Anonymous said...

It looks like the replacement, Sunderland, has done pretty well. Brought in Colin Kelly this week, signed Augustine so ended up with 5 draft picks from the top 17. Hervey never was any good in the draft. If Esks are in trouble with Reilly, White & Bowman along with the same dominant OL back with 1 upgrade, dropping 34 yr old Batiste, where are we at? I like Kevin but he is paid as a 2nd stringer, has only won 3 games as starter the past 3 years playing behind the 2nd worst OL last year with 4 returning starters from 2016? We also have questions @ RB. Lots of work to be done for us to be competitive in the West.