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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Adam Brooks and John Paddock
Tuesday was an emotional day down at the Brandt Centre as the Regina Pats said their good-byes and went their separate ways for the off-season.

The Pats saw their magical, record-setting season come to an end Sunday night with a 4-3 home loss to the Seattle Thunderbirds in Game 6 of the WHL Finals. It was the furthest the Pats franchise had advanced in the playoffs since 1984.

It was a particularly difficult day for graduating Pats captain Adam Brooks, who was packing his things and leaving Regina for the final time. The 20-year old Winnipegger has exhausted his junior elligibility and leaves Regina after five seasons with the club. Although he's property of the NHL's Toronto Maple Leafs, he admitted he has no idea where he'll play next season.

Brooks fought back tears, without much success, as he recounted Sunday's Game 6 loss, his time in Regina, and what his future may hold.

When asked what his first thought was when the team lost in OT to the Thunderbirds on Sunday, Brooks remarked, "That I'll never be able to skate on that ice again."

Brooks missed parts of the Swift Current and Seattle series with injuries but declined to go into the exact nature or extent of the ailments other than to say, "It was my head and my knee."

Each time when he returned to the lineup, he received a standing ovation from the Pats faithful.

"He evolved into something of an icon in this dressing room, this organization and in this city," remarked Pats Coach & GM John Paddock.

Regarding the season and the club's Round 4 loss, Paddock said they will eventually get over it but it's a slow process. He said right now the club has to be proud of their accomplishments (52 wins and a trip to the Finals) and be secure in the fact they made the right moves along the way.

He said next up for the club is the CHL Import Draft and NHL Entry Draft next month, and then preparations to host next year's Memorial Cup.

Later during an appearance on 620 CKRM's SportsCage, Paddock was asked about the status of 18-year old phenom Tyson Jost of the Colorado Avalanche, who's property of the Pats.

"He's elligible to come to Regina, I can assure you of that," Paddock said. "But right now we're still not clear on his elligibility to play in the AHL. We finally the have the time to look into that situation and find out for sure."

Will Paddock's Pats be as good or better than this year's club as it prepares to host the Memorial Cup? The two-time WHL Coach of the Year says it's too early to tell because he expects to make plenty of transactions leading up to next season's trade deadline.

And when the club dispersed from the Brandt Centre on Tuesday afternoon, that concluded another season of Regina Pats hockey.

This season just happened to be the best one since 1984.



Dex said...

Why are people still unsure about Jost?

He is not a CHL player and is eligible to play in AHL next year (see Brandon Pirri).

Not that it matters, he will be in NHL anyway.

Anonymous said...

The season was very good and the best since 1984 no doubt. However the result was still painfully the same. The team is much like Washington, San Jose and recent Montreal teams. Great regular season but below par in the playoffs. A lot of teams have good regular season but can't get it done in the playoffs and it appears that's the case here.

I watched the media scrum with Paddock and was that ever a love-in to be behold. Every question put up on a softball tee, and most showing how very little the reporters know or care about in-depth questions. Not one single question about the why this occurred, why the lack of discipline all year and playoffs, what he learned from this season, or what he plans to do to correct the deficiencies. As stated it was just a big love-in and shows why it's hard to get anything credible from local media types, and why blogs serve a significant purpose.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss watching Brooks play. He played hard every game and gave all he had to the team and the city. I wish him all the best in his hockey career and his life. Come back and visit Regina!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything Brooks. Good luck in Toronto...

william weppler said...

Brooks was great for sure and you could tell he was the Leader. If not for his injuries who knows what could have been? He now can look forward to a promising career with the Leafs organization who are on track to do well over the next few years with the Team being built through draft picks and patience. Will be watching his progress for sure.

Also best of luck to Chase and Dawson in future endeavours. I am sure Rangers will give Dawson a good look as he has the offensive skills and grit to be a role player on an NHL Team.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous critical of the media, maybe you should become a reporter and ask the tough questions. One problem you'd have to identify your self, unlikely you have the balls to do that. A few years back it was a common theme among the keyboard tough guys. Rod invited all of them to a practice where they would have access to coaches to ask "tough" questions. Zero showed up, your just another anonoymous clown.

Anonymous said...

It's not the fan's job to ask the tough questions of the coaches. It's the media's job. Maybe if the media provided something of substance they wouldn't all be losing their jobs.

Anonymous said...

They were two wins away from a WHL championship. Chill baby girl.

Stan J from Regina said...

Anon, Washington can't get past the second round and you compare them to a team that made the league final. riiiiiiiight.

Anonymous said...

Adam Brooks, you did what a captain is supposed to do, lead by example in your play in your maturity and in your commitment to your team. Wish you nothing but the best young man!