Realty One

Saturday, April 8, 2017


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Regina – The Regina Pats evened their second round series with the Swift Current Broncos at a game apiece on Friday night with a 6-2 win at the Brandt Centre.

Regina opened the scoring in the first on a goal by Jonathan Smart but the Broncos responded with two on the powerplay and led 2-1 after one. It was a rather unfortunate period for the Pats, who lost captain Adam Brooks with a knee injury. After the game, Pats coach John Paddock could provide no update on Brooks' status.

In the second, the Pats got goals from Connor Hobbs, Nick Henry and Austin Wagner and took the 4-2 lead to the third period.

In the final frame, Robbie Holmes scored his first and Wagner his second of the night to make it 6-2 and gave the Pats the win.

Regina outshot Swift Current 40-17 in Game 2.

Tyler Brown made 15 saves for the Pats, Jordan Papirny 34 for the Broncos.

Regina’s powerplay was 2/10 in the win and the penalty kill was 2/4

Quick Hits
- Robbie Holmes and Jonathan Smart scored their first career playoff goals.
- Austin Wagner scored twice and leads the club with six goals in the post-season.

What’s Next?
The Pats will visit the Broncos in game three on Monday night at the Credit Union Iplex at 7 p.m. Next home game is game five of the series on Friday April 14th at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at, the Brandt Centre Box Office and at any Regina Safeway Location.

MEDICINE HAT, Alta. - Michael Bullion stopped all 16 shots he faced and Steven Owre had a goal and two assists as the Tigers shut out Lethbridge 4-0 in Game 1 of their WHL Eastern Conference Semifinal.

Chad Butcher, John Dahlstrom and Zach Fischer also chipped in for Medicine Hat, which hosts Game 2 on Saturday.

Stuart Skinner kicked out 33 shots for the Hurricanes.
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Anonymous said...

Great rebound win for the Pats! The Brandt Center was rockin'! Hopefully Adam Brooks isn't out for the season with a serious knee injury.

Anonymous said...

This is the outcome that some have come to expect. After game 1 I wasn't sure as the Pats have met a team that is willing to pound it at on every whistle and every possible nano second of playing time. Maybe game 1 was a good wake up call after a long break.

Anonymous said...

That was a nasty knee on knee collision on Brooks and a headshot as well imo. No penalty?!!
Steve in YQR

william weppler said...

Yes it was a great (and much needed) win. The boys stepped up with their leader gone and that showed a lot of character by all. Robbie Holmes and Jeff DeWit had probably their best games as Pats and that bodes good for this series and the future.

I thought JP would change up the PP to get more traffic in front. Poor Leedahl must be black & blue today...he was getting pummelled in front of the net on all of them and was certainly instrumental on the 1 PP goal as Pipirny did not have a clue where the puck was.

Back to Swift now and Broncos are going to be tough with no doubt a sell out crowd supporting them although assume there will be some Pats fans making the trek down for the games.

Hopefully will get Ahl and Brooks back but if not we have to suck it up.

Go Pats Go!

Anonymous said...

Tigers are looking very strong...look out Pats.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of either team, doing laps and happened to find the game on Sportsnet.
Could not believe the soft calls against the Broncos, looked like the refs had it in for them.

Morgan said...

Pats dominated swift current once again on Saturday night and this time the scoreboard reflected that. Even with the officials trying to keep the Broncos in the game, the pats work them over with ease! Men against boys! Go Pats Go!!!

Jack F said...

Probably the worse Play By Play that I have ever heard. These guys yapped and joked more than they did the Play By Play. Other than that a well deserved win by the Pats. After watching last night I would be surprised to see the series go the full seven games, the Pats have to much scoring punch for the Broncos to overcome.

Anonymous said...

Pats fans really need a lesson on cheering playoff hockey..the little section of broncos fans were louder than the thousands of pat's fans in the first two periods.

Anonymous said...

Brooks is done and so are the patsies

Anonymous said...

I really hope Brooks will be ok. The Pats are far from being done (directing this to the patsie commenter). In case you didn't notice they still won 6-2 without Brooks for most of the game.


william weppler said...

Yea Pats home crowds are known to be less boisterous so We hear.
But being a fan myself I cheer for a good play, goals, hard checks, etc. Not sure what else there is...just to make noise for the sake of making noise is not for me. The "wave" is old school so hope that doesnt come back.
The players know we are behind them 100% even though quiet at times. That's what counts.
Go Pats Go!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see last night referees actually call the infractions that the Broncos were doing, but they were able to get away with in game 1. The Broncos should have had at least as many in game 1 as last night, but they were only called for 1. Byblow showed again that he has and likely always will have a hate on for the Pats. I have never witnessed such a dirty team as the Broncos they clutch, grab, hold, crosscheck IE Steel in game 1 that was blatant, but again not called. The Broncos did the same in their series against Moose Jaw, but again likely weren't called for as many infractions as they should have had. It's apparant that the Broncos can't keep up with the speed and transition game so they feel the need to play dirty.
To the Anonymous blogger whom said Brooks is done, I don't know how you know that? But Brooks left in the first period and the Pats dominated in the 2nd and 3rd, because they have depth and other players stepped up and showed the Broncos that speed kills. It forced the Broncos to play dirty it's just a good thing the refs caught every infraction that the Broncos tried to get away with and make last night.
Hopefully Brooks and Ahl are able to return and these two days will be enough to help them mend and be ready to go on Monday night. GO PATS GO...

Anonymous said...

Yeah all you need is the refs to hand you 9 power plays every game


The officiating was one-sided for the Pats as it was.........I sure hope game three is different!

Anonymous said...

Please be okay Brooks or the Pats are out fast to Med Hat 3rd round.

Morgan said...
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Anonymous said...

How could any reasonable person say the ref's were one sided unless they missed game one of the series. The Broncos were playing over the edge with the head shots and cross checks in game 1 and not getting called for them.

Hoping for a skills competition the rest of the way instead of a goon show.

Go Pats Go.

JC Pats Fan.

Anonymous said...

The Brandt centre has been a loud arena for these playoffs but it could be a lot louder. I will blame the Pats marketing dept for this as they have handed out playoff towels. It may look nice seeing the towels wave in the crowd but the waving doesn't manufacture noise. The crowd is waving their hands and not clapping them.

NOTE TO THE PATS P.R., hand out thundersticks to create some noise it that is the desired affect.

Anonymous said...

We need plastic clappers

Anonymous said...

Pats only went 2/10. Their powerplay did not win that game for them.

GO Pats!

Anonymous said...

Pats fans can be loud, I think a lot of fans are more timid/quiet because there seems to be small kids in every single section. Now I'm not saying that's a bad thing but there could be some thought put into this. Why not set aside a few more designated sections? Designated drinking sections, no-kids sections, or a section for parents with kids etc. This will get the rowdier fans closer together to feed off each other and not have to worry about offending someone who takes their 3 year old to the games. It's too wide spread at the games right now and some section wrangling might help...