Realty One

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

LETHBRIDGE - The Regina Pats fell 3-1 in Game 3 of their WHL Eastern Conference Final with the Lethbridge Hurricanes on Tuesday night and trail now trail the best-of-seven series 2-1.

The Hurricanes struck early with a goal 16 seconds in and carried that lead into the second.

Regina got the tying goal from Dawson Leedahl, his 9th, and it was 1-1. Four minutes later, Jadon Joseph stepped out of the penalty box, took the puck and scored on a breakaway to give the Hurricanes the lead back at 2-1.

Lethbridge would add another in the third to make it 3-1 and that was the final score.

The Pats outshot the Hurricanes 29-27 in the loss, the powerplay was oh for three and the penalty kill three for three.

Quick Hits
- The Pats are nine for 10 on the penalty kill in the series with a shorthanded goal.
- Sam Steel picked up his first point of the series with an assist.
- The Pats outshot the Hurricanes for the third time in three games in the series.

What’s Next?
The Pats will visit the Hurricanes for game four of the series on Wednesday night at the Enmax Centre. Puck drop is at 7 p.m. on 620 CKRM, The WHL on Shaw and Access 7.

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Anonymous said...

Yet another game where the Pats failed to show up. Steels line, along with Hobbs, Mahura amd Harrison were awful again. Steel with one point all series? Brooks and his line had nothing. That won't win anything. Another key weak short sidePgoal by Brown and a big loss. Playing as weak as they are, the Pats season will be over very soon and likely Friday. Where is the want desire and motivation? Great job Paddock.!

Anonymous said...

This guy must just wait for every loss so he can vent his stupidity as he does time after time. Remember Bimbo, the Pats were down 3-1 against Swift Current and look what happened. It Ain't Over Til The Big Momma Sings. Go Pats.

Anonymous said...

The Pats are who we thought they were.

Anonymous said...

Pats came out flat last night, and it cost them. That being said all the bounces seemed to Lethbridge's way, must win tonight, I can't see us coming back from a 3-1 deficit to Lethbridge like we did Swifty. Hopefully Wagner isn't too hurt either...Go Pats!!

william weppler said...

Gut check time for us Fans and the Pats!

Although I still feel confident that the pucks will start going in, starting tonight, the Canes have all but shut down the shooting lanes to the point where crashing the net is the only way we are going to score...and that is a "good on them".

Unfortunate loss with Wagner getting the injury...sure didn't look good the way his arm was "hanging" as he went to the dressing room. The best to him in his recovery.

With 2 50 goal seasons under their belts the Steel vs Wong match up has been interesting in this series. Think Sam got his 1st point last night; and Wong got his 1st 2 points last night...with neither registering a goal yet. Sam has been doing all he can to set up his linemates but Henry seems to be snake-bit and just can't convert. My feeling is Sam has some type of UBI that we're not hearing about. Wong has been frustrated from game #1. I predict one or both will break out over the next few games and some fireworks should result. Hopefully Steel :))

While not a "do or die tonight" the Pats need to find some way to score. Skinner not really tested again last night similar to Game #1; Brownie can't do it all guys!

Go Pats!!

Anonymous said...

On to the Riders

Anonymous said...

Can we talk about the penalty that should have been called before Lethbridge's 3rd goal. I think it was Pouteau who dragged down a Pats player allowing the puck to go to Babenko who roofed it. The ref is standing right there. How is that not called? It ended any Regina chance of a comeback.

That was a penalty which simply had to be called.

Anonymous said...

The Pats aren't playing the Broncos this time around. The Broncos were good but Lethbridge is far better. The pats had some breaks they just didn't capitalize. We won't come back from 3-1 against these guys. Why be down 3-1 we should be up up 3-1 or going for the series win. Poorly constructed team lead by an emotionless HC who's team plays the same way. Getting out goaltended again. The effort last night was terrible.

Anonymous said...

What's the problem? Depth.
Why is there no depth? Traded it away.
Wouldnt Woods Smith Zablocki Pouteau Hillsendanger look good in the lineup right now?

Anonymous said...

No - i'll take Sloboshan, Mahura, DeWitt, Davidson over those guys any day. Great trades by JP.

"Getting out goaltended again" - hahaha - have you watched any of the playoffs at all? Brown was just named top goaltender for a 2nd straight week and is leading in every major statistical category - please explain how we are getting "Out Goaltended" again? Brown has won the last 2 series so I'd say we won the goaltender battle thus far. What a stupid comment.

Pats are fine - couple tough breaks last night. They will win tonight and come back to Regina all tied up at 2.

WesternMBRiders said...

Mounds of praise is heaped when they win but then loads of you know what are piled on thick when they lose, and interestingly, the excrement is from the same ones who were drinking the kool aid two nights before. For my two cents, another entertaining game at this time of the year, where Lethbridge got some good breaks, and more importantly, made the most of those breaks. On the other hand, Regina was at times dominant in the Canes end, but for all of the speed and skill and puck movement and time of possession, the Pats did not make the most of their chances. 0ne goal for the opportunities they had means they have to bear down just as much as Skinner was exceptional. Once again, I am seeing a team with a number of skilled players, who should get through Lethbridge, but are allowing another hard working team (similar to Speedy Creek) with a few good players in key spots to "hang around", or in this case, get up 2-1 in the series. Lack of killer instinct? Perhaps some injuries we do not knowing about? Brooks being back too soon even though he skated well? Lack of composure when frustrated does not help (De Wit and Hobbs taking poor penalties in the final 10 minutes of the third). It is far from over although I would not want to be faced with going down 3-1 and having to climb back in successive series. In one way, maybe Lethbridge has some pressure on them (not all on Regina to square the series) as if the Canes do not win, they will lose the home ice advantage and will have foregone a chance to put their boot on the throat of the Pats). In any event, should be another good game tonight. And by the way, Brown played very well. Scoring only 1 goal meas you are not going to win most nights regardless of how well your goalie played. He is not the problem or certainly not the major problem.

Anonymous said...

Way to be positive there, first anon, predicting the Pats will be done in game 5 when game 4 hasn’t even been played. They won’t go down 3-1 and the bounces will start to go their way tonight. Think positive and positive will happen!

Brown didn’t have his best game but a lot of players didn’t. Steel needs to break through in this series. It kind of reminds me of when Weal disappeared in the playoffs in 2012 after a stellar regular season (although that was a short playoff run that year).

I really hope Wagner will be ok . He’s been a treat to watch this series.

They need to set the tone right off the bat tonight like Lethbridge did last night. Get them on their heels early and the floodgates will open!

Good luck tonight Pats. I believe!

Rocker said...

Out of the five that are gone I would still like Zablocki, however the rest can be gone. These are the top 2 teams in the east, of course its going to be a stiffer test for the guys. For the idiot at the top of this post talking trash go back to the Parker days if you want trash. John Paddock has led this team the last three years to some entertaining hockey and win or lose I am proud of all of these young men. Remember that's what they are young men. Lets show them some support instead of always getting on them. We are down by one game right now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey Regina what do you say - the Pats are gonna win today!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Rocker

Anonymous said...

What series are you guys watching, steel has played good he has shut down Wong and created chances. Brown has stood on his head and Hobbs has been a beast. Hey at this stage of the playoffs your playing against a great team.

Anonymous said...

You know nothing Rocker…nothing!

For the past two years we didn't get past the second round. This year we've been in trouble every round. Good regular season but does nothing in the playoffs. That's what happened in Everett and now the coach is gone. That's what we have become here. We bit the bullet for three seasons and this was supposed to be the "big" season where they would be scary good. They had a gift given when Brooks returned and a decent regular season. The regular season means nothing whatsoever..nothing. Great organizations are defined by championships and our performance there is abysmal. This team was better before the trades than it is now. Hilsendagger is doing great as is Pouteau. Zablocki nearly beat Lethbridge by himself, Smith and Cole had grit. Grit is sorely missing. All he replaced with the 1st round draft picks given away are with duds. The only kool-aide anyone is drinking is the BS kool-aide that is being promoted as steak.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Rocker. Great comment. The new owners have put better product on the ice and have been competitive since they took over. They were so close to getting through to the third round last year.

People are talking as if they've already lost this round. I'm pretty sure the last time I checked a team has to lost 4 games to be done. If they have been so horrible in the playoffs why are they still in the east conference final???

To me the regular season means something..... it means a fantastic winter watching my favorite team win a ton of games! I'm not giving up on them. They showed heart and grit to battle back in round 2 and I have no doubt they will not go down without a fight in this series. If they do, then I'll start counting down to next season!


Andrew Wiens said...

Not sure what game the first poster was watching last night (as if any of those goals Brown let in were weak). Both goalies have played outstanding this series - a lot of fun to watch

Anonymous said...

Wow dude chill out!! Rocker is right, first of all this team is as resilient as they come. These kids play their arses off every game. The regular season does mean something, it's given the Pats home ice advantage throughout the playoffs (which I'm confident they will win back tonight) As far as the trades go, what's done is done man get over it. Fact is that these Pats are in the Conference Finals with the team they have! Your negativity is exhausting to even read I can't imagine how you feel, maybe you should get a hobby and check your blood pressure because you've got some anger issues man.

Andrew Wiens said...

You said the Pats have been "in trouble every round"?? Didn't they sweep their first series?

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the last anon. The Lethbridge Hurricanes beefed up at the trade deadline, while the Pats decimated their depth in order to build for the future, when this was the year to beef up and go for it all.

But the Pats get to host the Memorial Cup next year and have a two year cash grab winning zero Championships instead of going for it all this year.

I hope Wagner is okay because he has been the best player (skater aka non-goaltender) on the ice for either team.

Morgan said...

How bout those pats tonight? Suck it haters! Series is all tied up!!!