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Sunday, April 23, 2017


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REGINA – Regina captain Adam Brooks scored at 17:10 of overtime Saturday night to lift the hometown Pats to a 3-2 victory over the Lethbridge Hurricanes, tieing the WHL's Eastern Conference Final at 1-1

Coming off a 3-1 home loss in Game 1 on Friday, Regina opened the scoring Saturday night, 9:44 into the first when Jeff de Wit tipped home his second of the playoffs.

It stayed that way until seven minutes into the third when Austin Wagner scored on a shorthanded breakaway, his 12th of the post-season, to make it a 2-0 game.

Two minutes later, the Hurricanes struck twice, just 23 seconds apart to tie the game 2-2 and eventually force overtime.

With 2:50 to go in the first OT, Brooks buried his fourth of the playoffs from the left circle to clinch the win.

Game over: Pats 3 Hurricanes 2

Regina outshot Lethbridge 51-31 in Game 2, while each team went 0/4 on the powerplay.

Tyler Brown made 29 saves for the Pats, Stuart Skinner 48 for the Hurricanes.

Quick Hits
- Austin Wagner extended his goal scoring streak to four games, has six goals in that stretch.
- Adam Brooks scored the game winner in his second game back from injury.
- Kjell Kjemhus recorded his first career WHL point with an assist in the first period.

What’s Next?
The Pats will visit Lethbridge in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Final on Tuesday at the Enmax Centre at 7 pm on 620 CKRM, WHL on Shaw and Access 7. Game 5 will be back at the Brandt Centre on Friday April 28, tickets will go on sale Monday at noon at, the Brandt Centre Box Office and Safeway.

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william weppler said...

An exciting game from the get go and good ole Brooksy came thru!!
Skinner should have been #1 star as he played super; Brown good as well.
Hobbs is still making the opposition keep their heads up - where was that all season? :))
Loud in the dome tonight and I am sure the players feel it...good on the Regiment!

Anonymous said...

Oh Captain, my Captain!!!! Buy Jerseys Regina, lets fill the Brandt for Game 5 with Jerseys and merchandise.

Andrew Wiens said...

That was a pretty exciting overtime period - thought it was over a half a dozen times both ways. It was nice to see the Canes match the physical play of Hobbs, Schioler, and Wagner with some big hits of their own, but can't help but wonder if they will have the legs to keep up with Regina if the series goes deep - they kind of looked gassed for much of regulation.

Anonymous said...

Our Captain scored in OT right in front of us, what a rush that was!

Anonymous said...

What a battle of attrition between two excellent hockey teams tonight. That was one of the best games that I have seen live at the Brandt Center in a very long time. The caliber of hockey is fantastic.

The Pats played well as a team. Players like Ahl, Sloboshan, de Wit etc.. have stepped up their game like they need to, so credit to them and credit to Tyler Brown for another solid performance. Austin Wagner is pretty much in a league of his own out there with his speed and endurance. I'd like to see the Steel, Leedahl and Henry line produce more, but they are facing off against a solid Hurricanes line and I'm sure in time things will come for their line. It was awesome to see Adam Brooks in the line up and of course scoring the OT winner.

Lethbridge played hard. Stuart Skinner was fantastic in goal for the Hurricanes tonight. A lot of Pats fans, including myself, gave him a standing ovation for his second star performance and deservedly so. This is a tough series and I don't expect that to change at all as it progresses.

Anonymous said...

That's what I want Lethbridge fans to understand. That real true Pats fans enjoy a talented and hard working competitor like the Hurricanes. Of course a fan is going to cheer loudly for their own team. However there is a time and a place to acknowledge true grit and talent. As was the case after the game during the 3 star announcement. Truthfully though it's a lot easier to cheer for competitive greatness when your team just won in OT. A little less easy when the outcome is reversed.
This will be another 7 Game series and amazing junior hockey is about to unfold.

Reginald of Regina

Anonymous said...

The Pats owned this game for about 58 minutes of regulation and most of the OT. The score probably flattered the Hurricanes and these games so far have primarily the Pats against Skinner. This is how the Pats play and if they continue to do this, the results should be good. With Brooks back and starting to hit his stride again there should be two lines that will be hard to match, and a lot more speed. Overall Brown has been very good although a little weak on the one goal. The Hurricanes rely on an opportunistic style and Skinner. The Pats need to be aware of this.

Again some really bad officiating. The amount of holding and interference that the Hurricanes are getting away with is just obscene. This is a two standard series and the Pats could never get away with that. Obviously if the Ptas prevail it will be in-spite of the poor officiating.

Anonymous said...

It was a great game if you're a Pats fan. The Pats dominated in every way until the two Canes goals, which were off obvious mistakes.

Sometimes the shot clock is deceiving but not yesterday. At one point the pat shots were 34-12. And that was a true reflection on the game.

We were worried that despite being completely outplayed, the Canes would tie it up with a tipped puck. Not quite what happened, but close! No one needs to tell the kids that they need to bury their chances. They know it. I still to say, hard to do. I personally don't think the Canes goalie was that great. We missed chances

Best I've seen the Pats play in years!!

Anonymous said...

Another team win last night. Both teams playing hard and getting good goaltending to keep fans on the edge of there seats. Brooks seems to be getting his game back and the overtime winner was a beauty. Pat's win Habs lose life is good.
Go Pats

Anonymous said...

I loved how loud the crowd got during Brooks starting lineup announcement and even more so with the OT winner! It's so good to see him back in the lineup!

Huge win to even that series before going to Lethbridge. Good luck on the road Pats!!!


Anonymous said...

The Leafs could have used Brooks the other night!

Andrew Wiens said...

You know Mr Weppler, I think that Hobbs is making both teams keep their heads up. Inevitably, when Hobbs starts throwing his weight around the other team tries to respond in kind - just ask Sloboshan how that strategy is working out.

Anonymous said...

Skinner very easily could have been the first star in this one but the importance of having Adam Brooks back and to score the winner gave him the nod. Fantastic game to watch!

This Guy said...

Skinner did play fantastic but a lot of rubber was hitting the middle of his chest last night.

Anonymous said...

I clapped when Skinner came out for the 2nd star, he did play insanely good in the loss.

Anonymous said...

Skinner is playing well but he did kick out a lot of juicy rebounds and that will cost him down the road. The steel line is playing unbelievable their shutting down the #1 line and still creating their own chances.

Anonymous said...

Like, instead of fans?

Anonymous said...

Steel has been average at best so far

WesternMBRiders said...

Another good playoff game. The Pats needed to win as going on the road down two would have been troubling. What I am finding interesting though is that as strong as Regina is, and has been all year, they are once again in a nail biter of a series. It was Swift who took them to the brink and now Lethbridge is playing right with the Pats. If they win the East, it will not be by dominance. If they want to win it all, they have to acquire a killer instinct. Consistentcy is a must or they will have a hard time getting by the winner of the West. It just seems like there is something missing or a little off, and it may be what was talked about here before, and that is the trade deadline deals which effected and depleted their character depth players somewhat. Simply put, the Pats are very good, but cannot hold a candle to the excellent teams from Brandon and Kelowna over the past few years. Leon Draistyl was and Nolan Patrick is better than Steel and Brooks, and Ivan Provorov was and is better than Hobbs or Mahura. Nonetheless, enjoy the rest of the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of holding candles, on what planet is Nolan Patrick better than Sam Steel or Adam Brooks right now? Perhaps he may be one day, but not this year.

I agree with most of the rest of your post though. The Pats need to be fierce finishers and capitalize more often on their opportunities and put more pucks in the net. Also, the decimation of the team depth at the trade deadline for young defensemen, on some or multiple levels, has to affect the team in some way. Most players have stepped up big-time, but one has to wonder if some of the depth lost at the trade deadline could be useful right now.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the 2nd round comeback from a 3-1 deficit proves that they have more than enough character to get through these playoffs. I thought they traded away a lot of character in January but they proved otherwise.

Go Pats!

Anonymous said...

"Simply put, the Pats are very good, but cannot hold a candle to the excellent teams from Brandon and Kelowna over the past few years" - Cannot hold a candle to those teams, haha...please?? You're entitled to your opinion but it's a tad asinine...

william weppler said...

Tyler Brown - WHL Goaltender of the Week for 2nd week in row - 1.53 GAA and .937 SV% !!

I have supported our goaltending all year even though some naysayers think that Paddock didn't know what he was doing at the deadline. Take note that all the "great" tenders that Paddock should have traded for are playing golf now (e.g. Ingram; Hart; etc)
Why? ...because a Goaltender is only 1 member of the TEAM, and it takes a TEAM to win.
Brown is playing better than he did in last years playoffs and he was great then, but unfortunatley the Team in from of him could not score more than 1 goal in that Game 7 against Red Deer.
I assume some of you are eating "crow" on a regular basis these days.