Realty One



Tuesday, April 11, 2017

SWIFT CURRENT - Swift Current Broncos defenceman Colby Sissons slapped home the game-winning goal at 1:46 of overtime Monday night to send the crowd of 2,890 at the Innovation Credit Union I-plex into an absolute mad house of excitement as the Broncos downed the Regina Pats 2-1.

The victory gave the Broncos a 2-1 lead in their best-of-seven Eastern Conference Semifinal with Regina.

The opening frame Monday night had everything hockey fans could ask for including scoring chances, physical play and terrific saves as the Pats and Broncos demonstrated what it takes to play at this level. Shots on goal were 14-12 in favour of Regina but both the Broncos Jordan Papirny and the Pats Tyler Brown were brick walls in their respective creases.

Period number two saw the clubs trade goals just 2:07 apart. First, it was Dawson Leedahl that potted in a sweeping rebound off an offensive zone faceoff to give the Pats a 1-0 lead.

Conner Chaulk quickly responded for the Broncos to immediately tie this game up at 1-1. The product of Regina, SK skated hard to the net and got a shot off by the Pats Brown while getting hooked at the same time, drawing a penalty as the Broncos were already on a man advantage.

In the third period, the Broncos had two more power play chances as Connor Hobbs and Austin Wagner each drew minor penalties but Swift Current could not capitalize. The game was very much evenly played and overtime was needed to determine a winner in what became a classic hockey game.

In overtime, New Jersey Devils prospect Colby Sissons went end-to-end and fired a hard slap shot from the blue line through the five hole of Brown to send the Broncos to the incredible 2-1 win.

Papirny was spectacular once again, backstopping 33 shots while Brown played well with 31 saves for the Pats.

The Pats were playing without captain Adam Brooks who was injured in Friday's Game 2 and has yet to return to the series.

Shots on goal were 34-33 in favour of Regina. Swift Current capitalized once on four power play tries while fending off Regina on both of their man advantages.

Game 4 is slated for Tuesday, April 11th at the Innovation Credit Union i-Plex. Puck drop is set for 7:00pm MT on 620 CKRM and Access 7/Shaw.

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Anonymous said...

Papirny was "spectacular" once again, backstopping 33 shots while Brown "played well" with 31 saves for the Pats.

Anonymous said...

Cheap cheap soft easy goal on brown no way he is not the goalie to take us all the way

Anonymous said...

Let the whining about the refs begin from the Regina fans. lol.

Anonymous said...

Canadian & World Champion Regina Patsies are in Big Trouble. Swift came to play in the 3rd. Regina did not. That was the Difference.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping Brooks and Ahl are both back soon, they looked a bit depleted last night...

John Knight said...

Wow, what has happened to thee Pats?

thestoneman said...

Brown will never be able to carry this team to a championship.

Anonymous said...

Papirny wins again. Champs?

Anonymous said...

scoring 1 goal with the talent they have there isn't good enough to get er done. where's Steel? a long distance goal between the 5 hole c'mon.. team was unprepared for these situations and caught with too little depth up front..time to get their heads out of their donkeys...

Anonymous said...

Pats will bounce back I have no doubt!! Get better fast Brooks!!!

GO Pats!!!

william weppler said...

I knew it would be the day of "told you so's"

Anonymous said...

Have some faith people. Let's rally behind these boys. They're lineup has taken a hit with their leader out so they need fan support now more than ever!!!

The goalie critics will be out strong today. I'm sure no one feels worse than Brown this morning.

All the credit to the Broncos. They've come to play and the Pats juggled lines need to start clicking fast!!!


Anonymous said...

This team has got to learn to win the close games. This was the worry of this team, the ability not to win the close low scoring games. They need to turn that around.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it Mr. Weppler, the anonymous "Told you so" crowd are so confident in there predictions they sign there names.

william weppler said...

It must make the players feel shameful when so-called "fans" blame the goalie for a 2-1 loss and on the other hand say "Pipirny wins". Thought it was a Team game guys?

Anyways, on all accounts that was a great playoff game with lots of action, great saves and some pretty good physical play.

Pats knew the Broncos were going to be tough after they dug deep to win over the Warriors. Going to have to muck it up in front of Papirny tonight like they did in game 2. He is seeing too many pucks although not sure I would want to be in front when Hobbs tees it up either :))

In some cases Pats still trying to be too fancy around the to shoot more and go for a rebound when in close...sooner or later it will pay off (i.e. Game 2).

Should be another barn-burner tonight!

Go Pats Go!

Leon D. said...

Pats lose tonight and the Mountain may be even higher than they can handle. I pick Swift to win again tonight by a 4-3 score. Pats play like they did in the 3rd and it could even get worse. You can't play in spurges, you have to give it all during a period and the Pats did not do that.

Russell Cone said...

This is series is far from over.

Swift Current played a great "road game" at home. :)

I'm sure Brown would love to have the winner back but I thought he was solid throughout.

I think the loss of Adam Brooks has thrown the team for a loop. I would expect a better offensive effort tonight.

4-2 Pats.

But I think this series is going 7 for sure.

I'm not a fan of either team just call it like I see it.

Russ from Saskatoon

Anonymous said...

We have seen this movie before .. the underdog prevails over impossible odds! Broncos in 7!

Anonymous said...

Should have done a drinking game with the number of times the Sportsnet announcers said Brooks was injured. Wouldn't have been able to get out of bed this morning. Talk about one sided

Anonymous said...

Pats and Rider fans are the exact same, win a couple games everyone in the city has been a fan from day 1. Lose a couple and the season tickets are for sale .

Anonymous said...

As long as Patscan score 5 or 6 goals we will be fine...Brown will let his normal soft ones in but we still can win

Anonymous said...

Give some credit to Swift here guys...they held the Regiment to one goal, it takes a solid team effort to do that as an "underdog"

Rumor has it Brooks has a broken leg, so that will be tough to come back from.

Stupid penalty by Wagner didn't hurt, but seriously, come on now, use your head.

Should be a great game 4.

Pats win 4-2.

Anonymous said...

One goalie let in one goal and was spectacular, the other goalie let in two goalis and was just ok??? Sounds like both goalies did a great job of keeping the game tight and to blame the goalie is wrong. I have absolutely no doubt the Pats win tonight, count on it.

Anonymous said...

Brown has shown over the years that he is not a championship calibre goaltender that will take his team past what once again looks to be a second round early exit.
It looks like allot of people may have been right and Paddock likely made a horrible mistake. When Paddock said he was not trading for a goaltender? Since the deadline when asked the question about goaltending, he has always looked offended at the question and has responded that Brown was the goalie and there was never an interest in looking for, and or the desire to trade and obtain a goaltender. He always responded that Brown has his confidence and the confidence of his coaches and the entire team, and it looks now like that confidence will be tested.
It looks right now, however that Swift Current may have made the best trade at the deadline by securing a goalie of Papirny's calibre. Right now it looks like all the pundents were and are possibly correct when they said the Pats only question mark may be in goal. Don't get me wrong for the most part Brown has played extremely well, but over the years there has been a ton of hockey played in the CHL and in allot of divisions and in no way should a goaltender ever get beaten especially in overtime from a 50 foot five hole slap shot. Especially when there was no deflection, and the goalie was not screened.
Last nights defeat, however was not solely on Brown and his overtime performance. The Pats once again looked scared, and timid to go into the tough areas of the ice and want to work hard enough to produce high calibre chances. The Pats last night at times looked lost and confused, and maybe it was because they were missing their Captain and the likes of Ahl? For the most part they certainly didn't look hungry, or willing to pay a price to earn their team a W.
Could it be as a team that they were thinking why pay the price that it takes to get into Papirny's office and work to get past this second round?
Could it be their thought process as a team is hay guys next year we have an automatic birth in the Memorial Cup, and we don't have to do anything but show up.
I know that the Pats may have had that philosophy years ago, the last time they hosted, but unfortunately it looks after games 1 & 3 in this series that this philosophy may not have changed.
The Pats as a team now get to find out what kind of resiliency they have? Adversity isn't always a bad thing if it makes a team stronger, hungrier, and more determined. In games 1 & 3 the Pats effort however to pay the price just wasn't there, I certainly hope it will be there for the rest of this series. One thing is for sure scoring one goal as in games 1 & 3 has shown, and has proven that it will not be enough to get this series past Friday night.

donna Campbell said...

Swift in 6 book it.

Andrew Wiens said...

How much do you want to bet that if Khaira had laid the same kind of hit on Steele as Hobbs did on him we would have seen 5 and a game and a dozen people on this blog calling for a suspension. I guess neither Vetter nor Lawrence have heard that there is a penalty in hockey called 'charging'

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the 2nd win Swift Current, it will be your last. Swift misses post season the next 3 years, why did they load up this year, big mistake.

Anonymous said...

Yes Brown knows he should have had that one but like someone else stated they aren't even in that game if it wasn't for him. What about the numerous times that the defenceman are backing right in on top of Brown and not pressuring the guy at the blueline. Maybe coach Struch should help these guys with that and quit worrying about hollering "Body" every shift, its getting a little old. Someone should also let Zborovskiy know that he wont score with the shots head height, who would want to stand in front of the net.
Here is hoping they get it going tonight! Go Pats Go!

Anonymous said...

Great to see the Pats lose even if the league and officials are trying everything to try and help them win.

Anonymous said...

Arrrrrg.. I stayed up to.listen to this what a let down this is becoming for my favorite junior team pats. I didn't watch but I did not hear much from Hobbs whilst year looked lie a man playing against boys . Injuries are no excuse this deep had to dog deep and didn't with all the talent they have .. congrats broncos .. serirs is pretty much over if they coukdnt dig thst one out of the mud .. leedahl did all he coukd obviously. Brown sounded solid . I'm just beside myself I thought I was watching history in this team my pats. . Ugggh

Guess we're too soft .. hope the sun comes up tomorrow