Realty One

Friday, April 7, 2017


REGINA - A 53-save effort by Jordan Papirny and a 2-point night by Ryley Lindgren lifted the Swift Current Broncos to a 2-1 overtime victory over the Regina Pats Thursday evening in Game 1 of their WHL Eastern Conference Semifinal.

Riding the wave of a Game 7 win in Moose Jaw on Monday, the Broncos rolled into Regina and got stronger as the game wore on.

Austin Wagner opened the scoring on Thursday, giving the Pats a 1-0 lead at the 17:36 mark of the first period.

The teams kept it clean in the second frame, and the Pats' 1-0 lead held up into the third.

In fact it held up all the way until the final minute of regulation time when the Broncos pulled Papirny for an extra attacker. Lindgren stole a puck behind the Pats net and fed Lane Pederson who beat Regina goalie Tyler Brown high, knotting the game at 1-1 with 39 seconds remaining.

On they went to overtime where the Pats outshot the Broncos 12-8, but Lindgren took a pass from teammate Aleksi Heponiemi in the left circle and rifled it up top on Brown for the game-winner at the 15:12 mark.

Game over: Broncos 2 Pats 1

The Pats outshot the visitors 54-36 while going 0/1 on the powerplay and 6/6 on the penalty kill.

Full marks to the Broncos who completely took the Pats off their game. You could count the number of odd-man rushes the Pats had on one hand, and that's a huge part of their fast-paced style. And among the six powerplays they afforded the Broncos, two were for delay-of-game and one was a bench minor for Too Many Men.

It would seem the Pats didn't show Swift Current nearly enough respect in the series opener.

Meanwhile a sellout crowd of 6,484 watched as the Pats saw their 12-game win streak come to an end.

The teams get right back at it Friday night in Game 2 in a 7:00 faceoff in the Brandt Centre on 620 CKRM.



william weppler said...

A very good game for the fans.

If they are all like that will be another great series.
Thought the goaltenders stood out but actually thought Brown kept the Pats in it moreso than Pipirny kept the Broncos in it, especially in the 2nd & 3rd periods. A lot of Pats shots were from blue line and tonight they weren't able to screen Pipirny enough or get the deflection to the net. I'm thinking JP will have that corrected for tomorrow night.

Also thought both Teams looked bagged in 3rd period so the team that has the better conditioning may pull it off.

Broncos weathered the storm in the 1st and very well could have been down more than 1 but after that they stayed with Pats and outplayed them in 2nd for sure, with 3rd being a tie in my mind.

Anyways, make for lots of discussion and I'm still thinking the Pats will endure in 5 or 6 games.

Go Pats Go!

Leon G said...

Another win tomorrow night by Swift Current and the Book Of Excuses will fill this page. Great job Swifty now just show them that you really mean Business. Go Broncs Go. By the way ::: Who Really Cares About Shots On Goal? It's what Goes In The Goal Is All That Matters.

Anonymous said...

Broncos in 4!!

Andrew Wiens said...

I found it kind of funny that as the Broncos/Warriors series progressed comments kept popping up on this blog about how:"the Warriors aren't as good as everyone thought" or "it wasn't a mistake after all that the Warriors got nary a mention in the CHL top ten". Maybe it wasn't that Moose Jaw wasn't as good as everyone thought; but rather, that the Broncos are a lot better than most people gave them credit for (and this without a guy in Ryan Graham who likely would have been a huge difference maker for the Broncos in the playoffs). Oh well, I suppose it isn't the worst thing in the world to fly under the radar.

Anonymous said...

Bring on the trolls!!!!!!!

Russell Cone said...

Well, someone is finally pushing the pats. I'm really interested in how they respond tonight on national TV.

I think the Pats will win but it'll be close 4-3.

Russ from Saskatoon

Morgan said...

Broncos can't keep up their current style of play and expect to continue winning games. A very different outcome will be had on Friday night at the Brandt Center! Go Pats Go!!!

Anonymous said...

Different game tonight. The Pats are too good of a team and have worked too hard to let the outcome of one game define the series. I expect a new game plan, a faster team, a more accurate team and a lot more scoring by the Pats. Good for Swift Current for getting hot at the right time but the Pats are not going to make it easy for them to win games.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Swift Current

Anonymous said...

The Pats will be fine. Maybe a bit of a wake up call after breezing past Calgary. I knew Papirny would steal at least 1 game of this series. He likely will steal another but he won't steal the series!! Brown continues to impress this post season!

Tonight will be a totally different game. Great atmosphere!


Anonymous said...

Pats allowed the Broncos to dictate the pace of the game. C'mon Paddock let the boys play run and gun against Swift. Nothing wrong with winning 7-4.

Rocky said...

It's only 1 Game but a Win is a Win, especially in a hostile road environment to the Top Team in the Country. Broncos should be proud of the gutsy effort but quickly forget it as I would expect an extremely motivated Pats Team Tonight. Concur with the theory of Papirny stealing a game or 2 but the logic on stopping 60+ shots for 7 Games might not be worth betting on.
A very proud Bronco Fan here today that will turn into a nervously optimistic Fan Tonight.
Congrats to the Pats on another sellout crowd, you are setting the example for the League.

william weppler said...

Rocky - nice to hear from a non-Pats fan that doesn't boast and try to belittle the losing Team. You see the games as a lot of us die hard WHL fans do....a very good game and looking forward to a great series.
May the best Team win.
Go Pats Go!

Anonymous said...

C'mon swift hand it to the yappy entitled, fair weather pats fans

Anonymous said...

The Pats had a good game in the first period, but not so much in the second and third. They played better in overtime and were a post away from this series being 1-0 the other way. Papirny was stellar in goal for the Broncos, but I agree with the previous blogger Brown held the fort in the 2nd period and the Broncos could have and likely should have been up 3 or 4 to 1 after 2. The reffing was obtrosious, but Byblow and Vetter are two refs that have always had a hate on for Regina and that goes back to the Parker days 6-1 Powerplay advantage Swift Current come on Byblow Really? Really? With 54 shots on goal and 90% of the play in the Broncos end of the ice and the Broncos didn't cause any infractions?
The Broncos were very opportunistic and buried the chances they were given. In saying that though the game shouldn't have gone into overtime and if it wasn't for Brown it wouldn't have. Brown held the Pats in this game in the 2nd period and for a great portion of the 3rd, and now if the Pats don't wake up and pull out a victory tonight in game 2 this series will be over and fast.
The Pats didn't bother going into the tough areas of the ice for any rebounds and not sure why? If that trend of not being hungry enough to fight and battle continues the Pats season with all the points they finished with will mean nothing. Who cares how you did in the regular season once playoffs start it's a whole new beast and everybody starts with 0 points. Maybe the Pats want to finish this year off with 4 straight losses they lost 4 games before rattling off 12 straight victories? Paddock said last night "that the Pats played better tonight than they did against Calgary," and I agree, in the 1st period, but to be honest the Hitmen are not anywhere near the calibre of the Broncos and it wouldn't take much to play better than they did against Calgary. Even though they won 4 straight and cruised to an easy series win. The Pats weren't hungry in that series and they seemed hungry in the 1st and not so much until overtime. The Pats face a little adversity and that is likely a good thing no team in any league can cruise to a Championship without facing some.. GO PATS, you need to answer the bell and play the best hockey you have ever played tonight and for the rest of this series or as mentioned it's going to be over and fast.

Anonymous said...

Broncos are tougher and more determined and will go up 2-0 tonight

Anonymous said...

Regina PATS - enjoy this team while it's here, Teams built like this (#1 ranked in Canada) don't come around often with the potential to win (long haul path) the coveted Memorial Cup Championship. Pats will be just fine winning this series as they find the range to the back of the net.

PS, congrats out to Swift Current Broncos on your ot victory.

Anonymous said...

Last time I looked it was a Best of Seven series, not a best of One. There will be some back and forth and SC has earned respect and a worthy opponent. Looking for a nice rebound game tonight, let's go Pats.

willie said...

Rocky are you William Weppler's Son In Law ? Your being to nice on here is a Shock to the system. LOL . Just one thing Rocky , I don't believe you will see 60 or more shots by either team for the rest of this series. I really believe this could turn into a very tight series. May the best team win and move on to the next round. Two great teams two great Cities. Good Luck to both.

Anonymous said...

Haha...don't worry Pats, the Tigers will take care of business if you can't handle it.

Anonymous said...

Nice comments Rocky, opposing team fans lack your class and appreciation of two good teams battling. May the best team win.

Morgan said...

You broncos fans probably thought you had game 2 won didn't you? 2-1 lead after one period... unfortunately you and your crumby team there are 3 periods in the game of hockey! Pats came back and handed your boys the butt wooping of a life time! Go Pats Go!!!

Anonymous said...

Pats destroyed SC on national television Friday night. Should be up 2 games to zip, but 1-1 now. Pats in 5

Anonymous said...

No Brooks now the pats are done! Love it..