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Monday, April 3, 2017



1 - Move over football. The sport of hockey is going to take centre stage around here for the next little while with the Regina Pat Canadians off to the Telus Cup, the Regina Pats off to Round 2 of the WHL Playoffs and the Regina Capitals heading to the Junior B Keystone Cup.

The Pat Canadians captured the Regional title Sunday with a 4-2 win over the Thunder Bay Kings in Steinbach, MB while the Regina Capitals clinched the PJHL crown with a home Game 6 victory over the Saskatoon Quakers at the Al Ritchie.

This may be a football province, but our hockey prowess shouldn't be overlooked.

2 - As for the Pats, they've been cooling their heels after completing a first round sweep of the Calgary Hitmen on Thursday. I never said it publicly, but didn't think the affair would go past five games. Now, the Pats get the benefit of some much-needed rest and can reflect on their 12-game win streak.

3 - The Pats' second round opponent will be decided Monday night, and Moose Jaw's Mosaic Place is the place to be for area hockey fans. The Warriors will host the Swift Current Broncos in Game 7 of their first round series. Many predicted this series would go the limit, but few went out on a limb to guess who will come out on top.

Now it's down to a one-game showdown to earn a date with Regina.

4 - Who do the Pats want to win Monday night? You'd never get them to say but Regina seemed to have far more regular season success against Swift Current than Moose Jaw. However the playoffs are a different animal altogether and the Pats will face a stiff test no matter who emerges Monday night.

Who would you rather the Pats face in Round 2?

5 - No matter whom the Pats line up against in the Conference Semifinals, Regina will go in as the favourite (and not just based on points). An NHL scout said on the weekend, "The Pats were the #1 team in Canada almost all year long. Therefore they are the favourites to win the Memorial Cup."

That's not news, but it reaffirms the pressure the Pats face each time they lace up their skates. So far, they've been equal to the task so there's no reason to expect they'll lay down now.

The benefit for the Pats of the 7-game Moose Jaw-Swift Current series is that the two clubs are beating the crap out of each other.

6 - As far as Round 2 TV coverage goes, I'll be calling Game 1 on Thursday along with Darren Dupont on Access and Shaw before Sportsnet moves in to broadcast Games 2 and 3.

After that, I'm not sure what will take place. I'm headed to Las Vegas for a work trip next week and am hoping the playoff dates fall into place so that I can call as many games possible.

7 - People sent me photos of the Brandt Centre box office last week when Round 2 playoff tickets went on sale. Fans were lined up outside the front doors which made me glad I scooped up four playoff ticket packages weeks ago. Those tickets are quickly becoming a hot item, as we predicted they would.

"Don't these people know they can buy online?" one Pats fan from Estevan said on Sunday.

I don't know. I guess this is just the Regina way.

8 - Crazy WHL Playoff game in Victoria Sunday night as Everett topped the Royals 3-2 in a game which went to a fifth overtime. In total the game lasted 151:36:00 which makes it the longest game in WHL/CHL history.

Of course in 1996 the Regina Pats and Lethbridge Hurricanes went four overtimes before Josh Holden ended Game 1 on a redirection of a Gerad Adams point shot to end the madness. At the time, it was the longest game in WHL history but it's now slipped to third. It's not one I'd care to re-live again. Adding to the drama was the fact it was nationally-televised on TSN.

9 - Of course there is some football news. Many Rider fans have been asking if Chris Getzlaf will be back with the Edmonton Eskimos in 2017 but I waited until we were on stage together at Thursday's 51st Annual Regina Rams Sports Dinner at Queensbury Centre to pop the question.

On stage with Getzlaf on Thursday
The 34-year old Reginan divulged that he's currently not under contract with the Eskimos for this season and that he's talking with a handful of CFL teams.

"It's not about money," Getzlaf stated, which immediately made me think it must be nice to be in such a position.

The feeling I get is that if Getzlaf signs with a CFL team this spring, that'll be great but if he doesn't, he's prepared for that too.

Chris appeared in all 18 games for the Eskimos last year, catching 41 passes for 455 yards and 2 TDs. 2.2 receptions per game are decidely "un-Getzlaf-like" numbers but as CKRM's Luc Mullinder pointed out on Friday, almost all the balls in Edmonton were going to Adarius Bowman and Derrel Walker.

The last chapter in Getzlaf's football career remains to be written.

10 - Regarding his departure from the Roughriders last year at this time, Getzlaf said he's "over it-ish". He offered that unlike some of his teammates, Chris Jones and John Murphy were very upfront with him about their plans for him and that made it easier to take.

"But obviously I would've liked to finish my career in Saskatchewan," Getzlaf concluded.

11 - Thursday's program at the Rams Dinner also featured a Hot Stove Panel with Rams quarterback Noah Picton and Head Coach Steve Bryce, and me as moderator.

Picton - the reigning Hec Crighton Award winner as the top player in Canadian university football - said as far as the Canadian Quarterback Situation in the CFL goes, he'd prefer to earn a pro tryout based on his own merits rather than it being mandated by some silly Canadian version of the NFL's Rooney Rule.

Noah's got two more years of U-Sport elligibility remaining in order to make that happen.

12 - A busy week continued Saturday night in Assiniboia as I was MC/Guest Speaker at the Assiniboia Sports Celebrity Dinner & Auction. Joining me on stage were NHL career penalty-minute leader Tiger Williams and Miss Universe Canada Siera Bearchell of Moose Jaw.

Tiger on Saturday in Assiniboia
How about the outfit Tiger showed up in? Is that a Toronto tuxedo?

Tiger made the drive over from his home in Stewart Valley, SK and he came armed with stats. He told the crowd there have been a grand total of 5,700 players who've suited up for one game-or-more in NHL history. Of those, 10% are from Saskatchewan and 40% never appeared in a playoff game!

Of course Tiger kept the crowd in stitches with his stories of being charged with assault after the 1974 WHL playoff brawl in Exhibition Stadium, needing a police escort into Quebec after calling the Canadiens a derogatory term and how the infamous photo of him riding his hockey stick down the ice came about.

Siera Bearchell gave a profound address as well, and it gave a nice measure of diversity to the evening.

The great people of Assiniboia and area raised a whopping $150,000 for their new rink project Saturday night.

13 - There's still time to purchase tickets to Thursday's Cougar Mens Hockey Alumni fundraising dinner at the Travelodge featuring former NHL enforcer Marty McSorley.  For tickets, call Sharky at 306-539-4089.

14 - This Calgary arena story is getting delicious. After Gary Bettman repeated recently that the Saddledome is sub-standard, and Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi declared the Calgary NEXT project "dead", Flames President Ken King has now threatened to move the team, but says that's more "fact" than a threat.

King backed off on his comments somewhat this weekend.

Right! That's a tactic right out of the Handbook For Bullies.

Where are they going to go? Quebec City?

How about ... the Saskatoon Flames?  That would have made a good April Fool's joke.

15 - Speaking of, some people in Saskatoon got real hot under-the-collar with Saturday's April Fool's Day story of Saskatoon applying for a CFL franchise. A lot of the comments couldn't be published here.

Where's the sense of humour guys?


TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS: Rider Running Backs coach Craig Davoren, former Rider Chris Best (2007-2016) and CFL great Rocky Di Pietro.


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Anonymous said...

#14. Poor Calgary, yuk yuk.

Anonymous said...
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Morgan said...

Hahahahaha good old bitter Saskatonians! Can't take a joke that highlights their city's short comings... you boys from saskabush will always be second fiddle to Regina, the classiest city in Canada!

Craig said...

If Red Deer beats Lethbridge, would the Pats play Red Deer?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The only way the Pats would play Red Deer is if they meet in the Eastern Conference final. The WHL's playoff format mirrors the NHL.

Dan said...

One thing I will say on the Flames arena situation, the more Bettman is involved, the more the citizens on Calgary will dig in against the idea. Good thing they walked back the threat of moving, there is no way that was going to help their cause. Calgarians are smart enough to know there are few if any option cities for the team to relocate to.

I will never support the idea of $1 billion or more of taxpayer dollars for a new arena. It's just not worth it.

Morgan Jr. said...

Morgan::: If you think for one minute that Regina is classier than Saskatoon I would hate to see what kind of clothes you wear or who you hang out with because obviously your taste is far up your rectum.

Anonymous said...

The Flames could go to Seattle.

Anonymous said...

I had a chuckle when I read the above anon who mentioned the "bypass" as Ive been saying the same thing for a while. Now I live in regina and agree that over passes were desperately needed east of town (I grew up in pilot butte and saw too many deaths at that intersection) I always wondered why they couldn't have given it a sexy name that ended in road or trail or freeway .. nope Bypass !! As in go around this place!! Haha too funny man. Anyways Go pats Go!!

Anonymous said...

Regarding :: Saskatoon people being "Hot under the Collar " re: April Fools Joke. How do you know they were Saskatoon Folks? 90% were probably pretending to be from Saskatoon and were probably all from Regina only WISHING they were from the far more beautiful City of Saskatoon.

Anonymous said...

As you said, this is a football province, but the fact of the matter is that we are still a couple months away from any football being played so I am all on board with hockey. Go Pats! Go Leafs!

@mrt_man said...





Anonymous said...

Not only can saskatoon not build a winning hockey team they cant even spell the word "for" but that does not surprise me in the least, after all it is saskatoon that we are talking about here!Oh ya Saskatoon just want to remind you that REGINA is the capital city of Saskatchewan not saskatoon simply because they are not good enough to handle that title .

Anonymous said...

After watching the Oilers beat the Ducks Saturday night, it was hard not to marvel at the play of Connor McDavid and the fact that a small Canadian franchise enjoy the presence of two amazing superstars.

First there were the years of The Great Gretzky aka The Great One and now we are witnessing the start of the years of The Magnificent McDavid aka The Magnificent One.

Morgan said...

At least I can make a post on this blog with my identity attached to it. Regina is a beautiful city. I lived there for most of my life. Sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone...the same cannot be said about the crap hole that is saskatoon. Second fiddle looks good on you!

Leon said...

Morgan.. You should change your pills. Morgan Jr. knows what he is talking about and you need a change boy. Move to Saskatoon, City of Bridges, Beautiful arena that is filled with over 15,000 fans for every Rush game, NO ONE WAY STREETS, Delicious Saskatoon Berries and wonderful people that love to drive to Regina to see the SASKATCHEWAN Roughriders supported not just by Regina people but the whole Province. Come on Morgan come and see us we would love to change your attitude and we know it wouldn't take long.

JackD83 said...

FYI pat's tickets are about $3 more for each online. Regina people are cheap... But when buying lots it can add up.

Anonymous said...

you probably heard this before, Saskatchewan is a Rider province not a football province. how many people show up to the Rams, Thunder or Riot...

Anonymous said...

Wow. You all need to eat a snickers. Regina and Stoon are both fine cities with many good qualities. Nothing wrong with living in either one.

Melville, on the other hand, is just a horrible place.

Gunderson's Yorkton

Anonymous said...

When the Regina Bypass started, costs were estimated at around $400 million dollars. Over the next year, costs rose to $800 million, then $1.2 billion, and then just five months after that announcement the price rose again to $1.88 billion (as of Aug 2015). This cost does not include acquisition of land along the route and any inflationary costs since Aug 2015. This means total costs will way likely be over $2 billion!!!!! Part of Brad Wall and his band of bozo's plans to bankrupt this province. Regina's a pretty good craphole itself. and I can't wait to get out of here when I retire in a few years.......and guess where I'm going???? ALBERTA!! So suck on that.......

Anonymous said...

To anonymous "going to Alberta" we are not exactly living the life here at the moment. In case you were not listening we have had a huge oil downturn and our latest provincial election has a lot of people ready to swap for Brad Wall and give you future trade considerations. As for a bypass, the Anthony Henday in Edmonton has large sections of real crappy road even though brand new. Many parts redone already and after it was built . . oh darn we should have put in more overpasses! Well let's tear into some of this and add them now.
Oh well the grass is always greener!

Anonymous said...

Regina people don't do that. It's Saskatoon people that have this huge inferiority complex about Regina. YOU'RE the ones with a chip on your shoulders.

I could believe someone from Saskatoon pretending to be from Regina when posting something stupid; I DON'T believe Reginans pretend to be Saskatonians in order to make Saskatoon look bad simply because that's not our thing.

You're just all butthurt that Saskatoon is Shelbyville and your issues with Regina are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Easily 85% of the crowd at a Rider game comes from Regina. Where was the whole province in the 90's when the team was desperately struggling to compete with richer teams? Highways were pretty damn empty then.

Secondly I don't know why you think attendance at lacrosse games would matter that much? You inherited a championship caliber team and as it is a new sport to the City it is experiencing a honeymoon stage. Certainly the Rush won't always be a championship team and the chances of those crowds staying at that level are slim. And even if they stay at that level, so what? You're not going to make people jealous over the success of a niche sport when we have the Roughriders and the Pats.

Anonymous said...

What, you too dim to handle one way streets?

You think not having one way streets matter when Regina us laid out far more efficiently in general than Saskatoon?

What a small, childish viewpoint you have.

Anonymous said...

1.5 BILLION? bypass on its own ammended to 4.99+ BILLION when all is said and done.

Anonymous said...

you people on here are so childish,this is supposed to be aports blog not a battle of other ideas. so grow up.

Morgan said...

Thank you! Finally some common sense in this blog!

Anonymous said...

My sister in law (originally from Regina), has worked and lived in Saskatoon for 20+ years. When we go visit she sometimes invites friends over and if they don't know me, they ask where home is. When I tell them Regina, they always get in my face about "having" to live in Regina and how terrible that must be. I just smile and then they ask why I never say anything about Saskatoon the beautiful. I then tell them Regina people just don't care about Saskatoon, your not relevant and we just have other things to do with our lives. Shut's them up everytime.

lenny said...

Boy it sure is easy to get the "Thin Skinners" going in Patsy town. Go Moose Jaw Go !

Anonymous said...

Haha being from regina I do have to point out that ya it's easy because it's a small town but far from efficient. Regina is the only town I've visited that the addresses don't correspond to the streets or avenues it's confusing as hell even living here ..

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness, now the talking heads during intermission can talk about something else.

Western MB Riders said...

I find it interesting that the talk here often veers from sports to the Regina - Saskatoon rivalry of two decent sized cities, not much different than the Battle of Alberta with the two large metro areas of Calgary and Edmonton. In Manitoba though, the situation is much different. Winnipeg is around 700,000 people or over 800,000 if you count the nearby acreage on the outskirts and the next biggest city is little one Brandon at 50,000. Here, it is all of the rest of us against Winnipeg and complaints of "perimeteritis" with the the Perimeter Highway around Winnipeg rating right up there in the bland scale like the new Regina Bypass).

Anonymous said...

Well, to that point, everyone I know always says that Regina is just a little Winnipeg.

MC Matt said...

I hope Christ Getzlaf makes a decision he feels good about. Would be great if he played one more year. Maybe he shows up in Montreal? In any case, hope for the best for him. He will have a ton of opportunities!

MC Matt said...

Morgan... you are right about Regina. It is a classy, beautiful city. I miss it all the time. So much to do. For those who don't think there's much to do, I disagree. Professional and community theater, a vibrant concert calendar, comedy club, a number of elite level hockey teams, the Riders! -- of course.

Wascana park and green spaces are incredible. When I lived in Regina, I biked everywhere. Through the park was the best.

One of the things that I miss are the sports. Playing softball in the summer and then heading to a brew pub. There are rinks for rec hockey, curling clubs.. a lot to do.

You do none of those things in a giant city. At least not a regular basis.

Anyway, bottom line is that Regina is way better than Saskatoon!!!:)

Anonymous said...

All major cities have a river that runs through Regina, Wascana creek doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

Saskatoon isn't even a Canadian city anymore.