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Monday, April 24, 2017


(Edmonton) -- The Edmonton Eskimos have named Brock Sunderland General Manager and Vice President of Football Operations, effective immediately. 

"The Edmonton Eskimos are one of the most storied franchises in all of professional sports and I couldn't be more excited and honoured to be the new general manager of this great organization," says Sunderland.

For the past four seasons, Sunderland has served as assistant general manager for the Ottawa RedBlacks. 

His term includes two division final victories and back-to-back Grey Cup appearances, winning the championship in 2016 - after just three seasons as an expansion team. Sunderland's role included contract negotiations, assisting with salary cap management and overseeing the scouting department. 

The native of Great Falls, Montana entered the CFL in 2004 as a scout with the Montreal Alouettes where he quickly advanced to Director of Scouting.  

Now entering his 14th season in pro football, Sunderland spent six seasons (2007-12) with NFL's New York Jets in various scouting capacities. The team made back-to-back appearances in the AFC championship during his time with the team (2009, 2010).

Sunderland is a former wide receiver and punt returner for the University of Montana (1998-2000). 

After appearing in three conference championships, he entered the coaching ranks as a student assistant coach at his alma mater.


Anonymous said...

It weird reading that Sunderland has been with Ottawa the past 4 Seasons. It's a trick statement as we all know that Ottawa has only fielded a team of the other 9 CFL teams players for 2 years. However the year before Ottawa hit the field. A fair amount of management was in place or being put into place. Plus we are now into a new calendar season. That's a lot of credit for a little bit of time. Wining the Grey Cup in only Ottawas second year is the key here.
This league wants Parity to make it stronger and more exciting. Higher television traffic.
So the CFL should have a basement rule that any team that finishes the season with 3 or less wins. Can pilfer every team the following year for a maximum of 2 International and a 1 National player. Using the same rules a new franchise gets.
Sounds ridiculous... right!
If a new team that has done zero for the league gets that privilege. Why shouldn't an existing team get the same.
With that being said maybe a new team should start up earlier. Have several mini camps in the USA and go through free agency. Leave the other CFL teams alone.

Spock Logic.

John Knight said...

Strange we have so many naysayers from Alberta about the Riders but nothing yet about Esk signing